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@doragonhinansho had a bad day today, so I thought I’d give them a little pick me up in the form of a kid!fic in which dragons are awesome!!!

Stiles ducks his head, trying not to cry. Jackson is so mean. Dragons are cool. His mom told him they were.

“You are such a loser,” one of Jackson’s friends laughs, throwing the dragon Stiles got for his birthday in the air, catching it expertly. He’ll probably join some kind of cool sports team in high school, Stiles thinks, trying not to feel bitter about it. Stiles has never been good at sports. He likes dragons and wolves and fighting mythical creatures with his friends online. His mom says he’s cool and Stiles wants to believe her, but it’s kind of hard when you go to school with Jackson- stupid-face-Whittemore.

“I am not,” Stiles says, not sure why he feels the need to talk back. His dad told him it will get him in trouble one day. Maybe he should stay quiet, but as he watches his new friend fall to the ground and get kicked about like a ball, it’s either talk back or cry.

“What do you think you’re doing?” a voice suddenly sounds from behind them, startling even Jackson who jumps.

Stiles turns, because he knows that voice, eyes widening as he watches Derek Hale approach them.

Derek is sixteen and the cooler than Batman and Stiles kind of wants to marry him one day. Because girls are more awesome than boys, but boys are prettier, everyone knows that. And Derek is the prettiest. Plus, girls have cooties. Scott says they don’t but Stiles isn’t so sure.

Blushing, Stiles scrambles up from the ground, making a dive for his dragon, but Jackson just pushes him away and laughs.

“I said-” Derek says, coming up to stand in front him. “What. Are. You. Doing?”

Jackson’s smile falters a little when Derek tilts his head to the side, like all the Hales do. Derek’s big sister Laura is the best at it. She made Jennifer Blake cry once for bullying Erica Reyes. Just by looking at her. Stiles is pretty sure she’s a superhero, just like Derek.

“Nothing,” Jackson shrugs, ducking his head suddenly and kicking at the ground. “Just tellin’ Stilinski he’ll never make friends if he keeps playing with toys.” He smirks, glancing at Stiles, and Stiles wants the ground to swallow him up.

Derek looks down then, frowning when he sees the dragon under Jackson’s foot. “Is that your’s?” he asks, turning to Stiles.

Stiles starts to say no, because he doesn’t want Derek to think he’s a loser too, but this might be his only chance to get Mr Firebreath back. “Yes,” he whispers.

“Right,” Derek says, stepping into Jackson’s space a little more until he gulps and moves back, off the toy. Bending down, Derek picks it up and dusts it off. “It’s not too bad,” he tells Stiles. “But your mom might want to wash it.” He holds it out for Stiles to take, a smile crossing his features, and Stiles doesn’t know why, but it makes him feel like one of those pink toasted marshmallows his mom buys inside.

Taking Mr Firebreath, Stiles resists the urge to apologise to him, because only really little kids think toys have feelings. Well, really little kids and Stiles.

When he looks back up, Jackson and his friends are already walking away, muttering bad words under their breath, as Derek continues to stare at them with a look Stiles knows is only for show. It’s his I-don’t-like-you look. Stiles is happy he’s never given it to him. Derek’s actually really sweet to Stiles. Most of the time. Even that one time Stiles accidentally dropped ice cream on Derek’s new sneakers at the annual Hale barbecue. Derek had let Stiles eat his whole tub of extra-large raspberry ripple with chocolate swirls while he had tried to clean them. He didn’t even tattle when his mom asked what happened.

That was the day Derek became Stiles’ hero.

“Sorry,” Stiles says, unable to meet Derek’s eyes.

“Why are you sorry?” Derek asks, crouching down so he’s shorter than him.

“I shouldn’t have brought him- it- to school,” Stiles says, waving Mr Firebreath a little.

Derek laughs. “It’s not your fault he got taken. Those boys weren’t very nice.”

Stiles shrugs, feeling his cheeks grow hot. Derek probably thinks he’s so dumb.  “Dragons are stupid,” he finds himself saying, hoping Mr Firebreath will forgive him later.

Derek laughs again and Stiles wants to run away. “Well, I think dragons are cool. If you don’t want him anymore, I’ll take him.”

Stiles’ head snaps up at that, disbelieving. “You like dragons?” He blinks. “But- but you play basketball!”

“It doesn’t mean I don’t think dragons are cool. I prefer werewolves though.”

Stiles’ eyes light up. “My mom let me watch a movie once!” he breathes excitedly, accidentally hitting Derek in the chest. Scott doesn’t like werewolves. Stiles has never met anyone who likes werewolves. “It was about a boy who plays basketball, like you!” He looks away briefly, embarrassed when Derek raises an eyebrow at him. “He could turn into a werewolf and it helped him win all the games,” he finished, shyly.

Derek grins. “Teen Wolf?” he asks. “You like that movie?”

Stiles nods, grinning. “Do you?”

Derek leans in, crooking his finger at Stiles and Stiles’ heart races. “If I tell you a secret will you keep it for me?” he asks. Stiles nods, eyes wide as he waits, and then suddenly Derek’s eyes are glowing and his teeth are turning into fangs. “What do you think?”

“I think that’s a really cool trick,” Stiles grins, wanting to touch Derek’s face because how did he do that?

Derek winks and the trick disappears.  “Tell you what,” he says. “How about I take you trick or treating this year. We can dress up.”

Stiles is going to die. “Really?” he asks. “I mean-” He looks down, shrugging, trying to be cool. “If you want, sure.”

Derek laughs again and ruffles Stiles’ hair. “Yeah, really. We’ll show those boys just how cool werewolves and dragons can be, okay?”

Derek stands up then and as he walks away Stiles knows that he is definitely the boy he is going to marry.


Ten years later, Derek proposes with a dragon egg replica from Game of Thrones and Stiles kisses him until his eyes glow, just like that first day.

Kaisoo spam pt 6

nini doesnt even need to think about it ~~

ksoo telling jongin where to put it ft chen for some weird reason

marriage material

sweet smles pt 1 

sweet smiles pt 2 

plus a little present for my new followers a Kaisoo Wedding spam ^^*

I think we all agree that Jongin would wear something like this …

For Kyungsoo I think we can all agree Black is stunning on him

Bringing roses for his jagi~~

Now this is the part that makes me cry!!!!!

Imagine Kyungsoo being walked down the aisle by his best men 

Literally everyone has come to this wedding and he’s all composed and chill

but then… a beautiful man stands infront of him and suddenly

but where is the rest of exo you ask?? pre warning ot12!!!! skip if you don’t want to cry

and last but not least the vows~~~

“Loving you was the best decision I made Jongin.”

“Hyung,” Jongin whispers into Kyungsoo’s ears amidst their wedding, as they watch in amusement Chanyeol trying to stuff as many shrimp rolls into his mouth,while Jongdae and Sehun laugh simultaneously at him as he begins to choke on one too many, and turns a sickly pale  blue colour, “It was never a decision for me…”

We have this whole vote thing where students are voting for their favorite teacher, right? And at first no one thought much of it and no one really cared. But then people got into it and now the teachers are sabotaging each other and gaining followers through posters that make themselves look good and other teachers look bad. But since there’s only two teachers we like, you’re now either a Phillips Fan or a Lori Loyalist. Personally, I’m a Lori Loyalist. She gave me a pack of M&M’s so I voted for her. Anyway, I’m pretty sure two kids got in an actual fight over all of it, and it just started on Monday. It’s only Wednesday now. But seriously, Mrs. Lori and Mr. Phillips have campaign managers now. Plus, we have this awful History teacher and some kids made him a poster. It says “he’ll make you laugh, he’ll make you cry, his class will make you want to die,” and “#sympathyvotes,” and a few other things. Plus it has this awful drawing of him on it, and just. Holy shit. Also my friend (who everyone except me and like two other people find annoying as hell) said she would duct tape her mouth shut for a whole day if Mrs. Lori wins. And just,, this whole thing has gone to shit and it’s probably my favorite thing that’s happened at our school in years.

i can hear the bells: round one

pairings: tom x (plus sized) female reader

word count: 2,743

warnings: there’s some swearing, and also, just an fyi i took out parts of the dialogue that i found a little dicey, since this IS a piece that takes place in the 1960s and i don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable or offended. for example, penny says some pretty ditzy and ignorant comments about POC so i just took them out all together and changed the dialogue a little bit. also, in the movie, seaweed calls link “cracker boy” but i changed it so that it is now “white boy.” i hope that’s okay!

author’s note: hi guys! this is finally part one of my link!tom fic. it’s based off of the song “i can hear the bells” from hairspray, but the the plot is pretty different from the movie, EXCEPT for this part (it’s almost entirely accurate with just some small adjustments) and this fic series will probably be three parts? idk wHO KNOWS. also this fic is SPECIFICALLY for all my curvy and plus sized girl in the fandom because we should be supporting every single body type; sometimes i feel like fics can be really centered around the stereotypically “pretty” or skinny girls, but i wanna change that. remember that every body is a beautiful body:) enjoy xoxo.

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okay but imagine tom winking at you like this bye

Round one: “He asks me on a date”

You sit in class with your chin rested on your hand, drumming your fingers on the desk. You look down at the huge block of tiny, black text in your book, the words looking like a big blob in front of your tired eyes. You can hear the sound of chalk screeching against the board as Mr. Flak muttered on and on about whatever you were supposed to be learning about. You sigh in boredom, wishing that you could be anywhere than stuck in history class, learning about old people that had absolutely no relevance in your life. You would pay attention, if Mr. Flak didn’t have the most monotone voice with no emotion. Amber’s annoyingly peppy voice screeching above the quiet whispers of the other students in the class also didn’t help. You rolled your eyes in annoyance; you didn’t care what she was saying, and at this point you were too tired to listen. You feel your eyelids going heavy, your blinking getting slower and slower. You feel yourself drifting off into a deep sleep when suddenly, you hear a hand slam on a desk. You open your eyes, blinking as if to rid the fatigue that was still very much present on your face (and to cover up the fact that you were completely snoozing off in class) and look up at Mr. Flak, his nostrils flared and his eyes filled with aggravation.

“Excuse me? What’s going on back there?” everyone turns around and looks at Amber in the corner, her eyes wide open and filled with shock. She then glances over in your direction and smirks, picking up a folded piece of paper and opening it, revealing a poorly drawn picture of your history teacher with saggy breasts.

“Y/N that’s horrible!” she exclaims, with an evil mischief in her eyes, “Mr. Flak does not have breasts!” giggles erupt among your classmates and you turn your head back towards Mr. Flak, his face red with rage.

“No! I would never-” you try to protest over the hollers of the other students. Amber just sits in the back of the room with a smile on her face and laughing under her breath with all her other obnoxiously perfect and pretty friends, clearly very content with herself. Mr. Flak says nothing, his face stone cold, as he rips out a pink detention slip from his big stack of them, scribbling down your name. You shrug and pick up all your books; you weren’t learning anything in this class anyways, so did it really matter in the long run? At least in detention you could do what you were truly passionate about: moving and grooving with Seaweed and the rest of his friends. You walk towards the front of the room and pull the slip out of your teacher’s hand, refusing to make eye contact with him; you couldn’t make this more awkward than it already was. You keep your eyes on the ground as you try to scurry out of the classroom as fast as you can. Suddenly, you hear the sound of an old chair squeaking against the linoleum floor. You turn around and see none other than Thomas Holland standing up in the back of the room, as everyone looks at him, including you, in utter confusion. His chocolate brown eyes stare at you with warmth and empathy; it felt like he was trying to apologize to you through his soft gaze. You felt your heart soar and your cheeks growing a light pink. “Oh and Mr. Holland?” Mr. Flak questions, “perhaps you’d like to share with the rest of the class Patrick Henry’s immortal last words?” Tom pulls his eyes away from you and looks at him directly in the eyes.

With a stone cold expression and a confident voice, almost triumphantly, he answers, “kiss my ass”, his voice rising at the end as if he was actually answering the question. Amber’s perfectly glossed lips form an o shape as she gasps and the rest of the class laughs quietly. You put a hand over your mouth, trying to prevent yourself from snorting and bursting out into laughter. He sends you a crooked smile, and subtly winks at you as Mr. Flak shakes his head and pulls out yet another detention slip. Tom shuts his textbook and jumps out of his seat, rushing towards the door with a skip in his step, snatching the slip out of your teacher’s hand as he makes his way towards you. You try to keep your cool but your grin refuses to fade.

“Ready to get out of here?” he asks chirpily with a perfect smile with his pearly whites shining as he nods towards the hallway.

“Ye-yea” you attempt to speak, but you can barely form words; you were stunned. “M’lady,” he says as he bows and offers his hand to you. You swoon internally and you feel like you’re going to drop dead right on the spot. You hesitantly grasp his hand, his fingers wrapping around yours as he pulls you out of the classroom, nearly pulling your arm out of its socket, leaving Amber fuming with her eyebrows furrowed and Mr. Flak rolling his eyes and muttering, “they don’t pay me enough for this”.

You sprint down the hallway, your laughter echoing against the lockers as Tom tugs at your arm. Your heart beats faster and faster with every stride you take; not just because you didn’t run, but the fact that Tom Holland said “kiss my ass” in front of your entire history class to go to detention with you. Tom was a little more physically inclined than you so he kept running ahead of you, but you tried to keep up, huffing and puffing. You eventually stop, releasing your hand, slippery with sweat, from his as your breathing grows heavy and sweat pouring down your forehead. “Slo-slow down, there,” you struggle to say as you lean over and put your hands on your knees, trying to steady your breathing. He stops running and turns back to you, his beautiful grin refusing to fade.

“Sorry,” he says happily, “I got a little excited.”

“It’s-it’s okay,” you look up at him with a weak smile, “let’s just go a little slower.” He nods understandingly. After a few moments, you take one deep breath and stand up, readjusting your many books in your arm that threatened to slip out of your hands and leaned them against your hip as you both begin to walk down the hallway.

“Need some help there, little darlin’?” he asks nonchalantly as he notices you struggling.

“N-no,” you stutter, “I’m alrig-”. Before you can finish saying anything, he scoops your many books into his arms like they weighed nothing. You say nothing as you both continue walking, not running, in a comfortable silence; since every class was in session, the hallway wasn’t filled with the usual chatter of girls gossiping or the shuffling of papers. It was only you and Tom, your arms casually brushing against each other. You finally spot the room up ahead, and you could almost feel the energy through the walls. you nearly sprint over to the door, your body jittering with excitement. You stand at front of the door and look over at Tom. He grasps the knob and opens it, the movement of all the students dancing fueling your desire to break out your moves. “After you,” he says with a smile, as he holds the door open for you. You send me a grin of gratitude and step inside, your body immediately relaxing to the casual environment.

“You know,” you said turning to him, his ears perking up as he turns to look at you, “you didn’t have to do that, Tom.”

He raises an eyebrow as he sets your textbooks down on an empty desk, smirking like the cocky guy he is, “carrying your textbooks isn’t much of a challenge for me, doll. It’s what gentlemen do.” You turn away for a moment, trying to prevent the redness from appearing on your cheeks.

You roll your eyes. “Well thanks for that too, but that’s not what I meant,” you say as his eyes dart from person to person, absorbing all of their new dance moves that he’s never seen before.

“Hey, it’s no prob,” he says as he rests his arm on your shoulder, “besides, it looks like a cool scene down here.”

“Right,” you say under your breath as one of your friends wraps their arms around you and attacks you with a big hug.

He throws his detention pass on the table as his eyes move towards a girl in a blue and green floral dress, doing some funky move with her hips. “Hey cool,” he says, observing the way that her arms rolled back and how her feet slide back and forth on the floor. You watch as he attempts to mimic her moves, but with a little too much enthusiasm. You try to stifle a laugh, but you just couldn’t help it; he looked like such a nerd, his brown, slicked back hair bopping against his forehead, his arms flailing around like a baby bird trying to fly and his mouth opening to reveal the biggest smile you’ve ever seen. The girl gives him a very strange look, as does everyone else in the room and they all go silent. He pulls down his blue sweater and pushes his hair back, trying to keep his suave attitude. “Not quite, uh?” he asks, the bell ringing at that exact moment. “Aw damn,” he exclaims, “I was getting it,” but everyone else in the room knew that he really wasn’t.

“Listen man, you ain’t gotta stop now, ” Seaweed proposes as he walks over to you and Tom, Penny trailing close behind, “my mom’s having a platter party tonight. Y’all wanna come check it out?” Tom looks down at his watch with a confused expression.  

“Now?” you ask.

“Would you mind if I too checked it out? I’ve never been to North Avenue before,” Penny pipes in, staring at Seaweed lovingly; you could tell from her gaze that your best friend was definitely in deep.

“Uh well, would it be safe? For you know, for us?” Tom asks uneasily.

Seaweed rolls his eyes and slaps Tom’s arm playfully. “Calm down, white boy. It’s cool.”

‘Wow this feels,” Penny begins to say as she walks towards you.

“So hip!” you squeal excitedly as you and Penny grab hands and do a little happy dance.

*insert seaweed’s epic and iconic dance number here*

You all giddily leave school and get on a bus to the party. Even as you started getting on the bus, Amber called after Tom desperately screaming “Tom! Tom Holland!”, but he just ignored her completely and continued to move along with Seaweed, much to your surprise. You guys never stop popping or locking on your way there and it seems as if you had no cares in the world, and that was all due to Seaweed; you couldn’t help but want to get up and dance with him. He was one of the best people to watch and he was truly your biggest inspirations; even his sister, Little Inez, was dancing prodigy. Seaweed engaged his audience so well that you could tell that he loved what he was doing, and his passion really came across in his dancing, which was something that you always wanted to portray in your motions; he even made Penny faint. Multiple times. If it wasn’t obvious before, her infatuation with him was definitely apparent now. Not to mention, this is one of the few times that you see Tom letting loose, his one, tiny little curl drooping onto his forehead. He looked so carefree; he didn’t seem to care about how he looked for a camera, or anybody else for that matter, and it only made your crush on him grow more and more. You finally arrive at the party, and Seaweed grabs your hand squeezing it reassuringly, and you smile gratefully as Tom and Amber follow closely behind; you felt so lucky that you had such a funny, but supportive friend to make sure that you weren’t feeling uneasy. You enter “Maybelle’s Motor Mouth Records” and you can’t believe your eyes; it’s like you’re in a whole new world filled with liveliness and energy. There are couples everywhere, dancing together with their arms wrapped around each other’s necks, guys dipping girls and giving them little pecks on the lips, smiling, laughing. They move so naturally and you felt mesmerized by all of them; if only you could move like that. Maybelle, Seaweed’s mother, is wearing a leopard print dress and she’s shimming while also belting out a jazzy song (yet another iconic musical number); you see where he got his groove from. There are various records hanging all over the store and you run your hand along some of the dusty disks as you walk towards the dance floor. You start moving your hips to the catchy tune, and you notice, out of the corner of your eye, Tom staring at you, a small smirk tugging at the edge of his lips. You make eye contact with Maybelle and she looks back at you, pleasantly surprised.

“Well,” she says as she walks over to your group, “who do we got here?”

Seaweed puts his arm around you. “Mama, I want you to meet my new friends.” He gestures over to your little group and says, “this is Tom,” who clinks his mouth and gives her his famous wink. “Y/N Y/L/N,” you give her an enthusiastic wave, trying to contain yourself, even though you were nearly bursting with excitement. “And this young lady right here,” he says while takes his arm off of you and touches Penny’s arm softly, “is Penny Pingleton.” She looks at Penny, then her son with a suspicious look on her face and raised eyebrows.

“I’mverypleasedtobehere,” she says quickly, the nervousness apparent in her voice. She gives you all a warm smile, but before she can say anything, she walks away, hollering “I told you, put that record down or you’re gonna scratch it.” You shrug and continue to watch the dancers. Tom starts snapping his fingers and moves in front of you.

“Shall we dance?” he offers, presenting you his hand. You grab it gratefully and he whisks you into the middle of the room. You both sway back and forth, never breaking eye contact with each other. You guys moved well together and nothing was forced; it was like you guys were naturally in sync.

“Tom,” you say over the loud music, “aren’t you going to get into awful trouble for this?” He moves closer to you, and you can smell his mint breath even more clearly now.

“I’m not planning on telling my dad,” he snickers as you continue to get closer and closer together as you move your feet to the beat in a circular motion.

“No,” you tell him as concern grows in your eyes, “I mean in trouble with someone else.”

He shrugs. “Maybe. But maybe, it’s worth it.” He looks down at your hands and takes them into his, rubbing circles on your hands soothingly. He pauses for a moment, and leans into your ear and whispers, the smile apparent on his face, “I think that knowing you is a pretty big adventure, and I’m ready to explore it all. With you.”

You’re too flustered to say anything so you pull away from him and continue to dance, shuffling your feet a little bit. “Wh-what do you m-mean?” you stutter quietly.

“Y/N,” he asks softly as he lifts your chin up, forcing you to stare into his eyes, “go on a date with me.”

You stop moving and let go of his hands. You look at him with utter shock and confusion. “Ar-are you serious?” you ask him and he shakes his head yes, “if Amber set you up to this-”

“No, no,” he assures you, his hand immediately reaching for your cheek, “it has nothing to do with Amber. I like you. A lot. And I want to take you out. Just say yes. Please.” You look at him skeptically, but you see the desperation behind his eyes, and you know that he’s telling the truth.


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can you do a lance relationship headcanons post? plus i love your blog!! ❤️❤️

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~ Oh boy, Lance is such a gentleman with his S/o. His S/o seems cold in the slightest? His jacket is off and now around his S/o, is that too heavy? He’s carrying it now. Lance compliments his S/o constantly, and loves making them blush.

~ He good at reading body language, so he instantly knows when his S/o is upset. Lance will listen too, any problems his S/o wants to talk, rant, cry about, he’s all ears. Giving his opinion and advice if asked for. He hates seeing his S/o upset so he’ll shower them in love, cuddles and kisses until they’re feeling better.

~ He remembers the little things. His S/o sees something they like but can’t afford, he’ll take note on it, and get it for them as a gift later on. Remembers small details about them, like how they’re constantly losing something, he knows where to find it, if they forget something small like a hair elastic or a napkin, he’s got it and is already handing it to his S/o

~ He loves to have his S/o do facial treatments with him. He’ll apply the mask for them and everything, and if his S/o hair is long enough he’ll throw it up into a pretty braid. Lance loves to do relaxing stuff like this with his S/o, he feels closer to them when they do.

RTTE Season 5 Appreciation Post


  • Gang’s remarks about Hiccup and Astrid
  • Hiccup and Astrid training
  • Hiccstrid fight (or at least, point of view confrontation)
  • Hiccstrid talking about their relationship
  • Forehead kiss
  • Casual Hiccstrid
  • Astrid crying
  • The chicken
  • Snotlout and the twins talking about the things they lost on the Edge : the “S” and the boar pit! (exactly like my one shot!)
  • Oswald story
  • Heather’s lens goal
  • Girl time
  • Krogan be named… Krogan xD
  • Tuffnut’s awkwardness
  • Alvin’s come back


  • Stoick’s reaction to Hiccstrid
  • Okay, more Hiccstrid kisses :p
  • An Hiccstrid “I love you”


  • Viggo’s fake death because it’s well explained and to be honest, I love this guy
  • Dragon Eye’s come back!
  • Hiccup making a Dragon Eye on his own!
  • Snotlout maturation
  • Hum… Maybe I don’t know? Betrothed Hiccup and Astrid??
  • Modern society, girl power, feminism…
  • Tone of flashbacks! Especially the HTTYD2 flashback about Drago and this fucking addition! I mean, OMT!


  • Thor Bonecrusher’s come back at the beginning but after I pretty loved how Fishlegs deals with it
  • The fact that Stormfly was not really dying… I mean, Astrid cried for nothing and I always thought that if we see her cry, it would be for a big reason in a real situation you know?


So people, please stop criticize the show because of Hiccstrid, we didn’t have so much moments and it was not forced at all as some persons said. I mean, they’re a couple now so that’s kind of normal that they want to spend more time together, do things like a goodnight kiss, forehead kiss or some hugs… Plus we had a whole episode about that and it ended with Hiccup who wants to regain the gang’s confidence! So stop making a polemic where there’s not. And if you think that’s the Betrothal that’s too much, I can understand it. But the point is –I think– it was tradition in Viking Age.

And if you still don’t like the show, stop watching it. It would be better for everyone.

Shameful Behavior pt. 2

Part One

AN: William decides to pick on someone his own size for once.
Pairings: William x reader
Characters: William Magnusson, Christoffer Schistad, Vilde Hellerud, Noora Saetre, Sana Bakkoush, Chris Berg, Eva Mohn
Spoilers: None
Warnings: None
Prompt: “Can you please do a William from Skam x reader where she’s his friend and they fall in love and stuff?”

Of course, William had hooked up with Vilde. You should’ve seen that coming, considering that she was exactly his type. It brought a bitter taste to your mouth whenever you thought about it, especially because you’d actually become quite close to Vilde and her friends, so you had to listen to her obsess over him almost every day. Conversely, William hadn’t even mentioned Vilde since they’d slept together and, somehow, that was painful too.

You were standing in front of your mirror, inspecting your outfit for the seventh time that day and wondering if you should change. You were hosting a party at your house and, by the sounds of it; most of the school was planning on attending, which meant that you had to look stunning, or at least interesting. The top you had on was more low-cut than was normal for you, and the skirt was something you’d never imagined yourself wearing, but put together, you were feeling good. A faint tapping on your window knocked you out of your daydreaming and you spun around, clutching at your chest.

William’s smiling face met yours and you breathed out a sigh of relief, unlatching the window and stepping back so that William could clamber into your room with all the grace of a baby gazelle. You giggled as he tripped and scrambled to right himself, fixing his hair as he did.

He gave you a fond smile that made your heart pinch and pulled you into a hug.

“You ready?” He asked, with his chin resting on your head. You nodded and he let you go, taking your hands in his, “Let me see you then,” he said, scanning your body with his eyes.

You blushed, but didn’t move away. A muscle in William’s jaw jumped and his eyes hardened. It was a look you’d seen him wear countless times and it always made you feel a little breathless.
When he looked like this, he was unknowable.
He opened his mouth, ready to speak, when you heard a knock at your front door.

“Coming!” You called, shooting William an apologetic look as you darted down the stairs.

You flung the door open and pulled Chris into a hug, before turning to face the pretty, dark haired girl on his arm.

“Hi, I’m Iben,” she smiled shyly, “I’m Chris’ girlfriend.”

“Naaw, that’s so great, welcome guys.” You gushed, ruffling Chris’ hair with your fingers, “I’m Y/N Y/L/N. Come in, come in; you’re the first to arrive.”

Chris frowned as they followed you into the large living room that looked out onto your back patio.

“Really? Isn’t William here? He left before we did.”

“Indeed I am here,” Will answered, striding into the room confidently. He looked like himself again, and you relaxed, “I just don’t think than Y/N/N really counts you and me as guests anymore.”

“Fair enough,” Chris laughed, “Iben, I’m sure you know William?”

The girl nodded and shook his hand, looking nervous. You couldn’t exactly blame her, she was standing in a room with three third years who went way back, and who were well-known throughout the school. That would intimidate any second year.

“Did you guys tell the other Penetrators to bring drinks?” You asked.

“Of course, who do you think we are? Julian is bringing enough alcohol to feed an army.” Chris answered.

William put his hand on your shoulder and gave it a gentle squeeze. He knew how nervous you got before hosting a party, especially one this size.

“Don’t stress, we’ve got everything under control.” He promised, “You just worry about having a good time alright? The boys and I will make sure everything goes smoothly.”

You leant your head against his hand and breathed out, making a concerted effort to calm yourself down. This was just a party, it was just like every other party you’d gone to and it would be fine. The doorbell rang again and, as you welcomed in the floods of guests that were arriving, you sent a silent prayer to whoever might be listening. Please let the night go well, you prayed, please don’t let there be any drama.


“No, but don’t you think that we, as women, have a responsibility to not perpetuate stereotypes?” Noora asked.

You thought for a minute. You’d had quite a bit to drink already, but you were still sober enough to make decisions for yourself, which is why you were curled up on the couch with Noora and not out doing something dumb, like dancing on the bar, or crying over William. Both of which were pretty normal for you during your second year at Nissen.

“I think that, as women, it’s not our place to tell one another what our responsibilities are, you know? I mean, there are tons of women out there who want to be housewives, or who like wearing make-up and cooking and cleaning, just ‘cause that’s who they are. I think it’s only a problem when it starts to be expected of us just because we are women.” You answered, “Plus, we’re all guilty of being a bit of a stereotype every now and again.”

Noora nodded in agreement as Sana collapsed onto the couch next to you, looking mad.

“What’s up?” you asked, nudging her with your arm.

Sana rolled her eyes, “Vilde. She’s chasing William down again, as if stalking him is going to make him like her.”

You swallowed hard, torn between pitying Vilde and being horribly jealous, “Where are they?”

Sana shrugged, “I tried to tell her that it was a bad idea, but of course she didn’t want to hear any of it. Couldn’t you talk to her Y/N? I’m sure she’ll listen to you.”

You snorted and refilled your glass from a half-empty bottle of champagne that was left on the coffee table, “I’ve tried, multiple times actually.”

“And she ignores you?” Noora asked.

“It’s more like, she knows that I’m trying to be nice, but she doesn’t think William would talk to me about girls anyway.” You explained, “Which is ridiculous, because girls are pretty much all that Chris and Will talk about.”

Okay so that wasn’t entirely true, but you were annoyed with William, so you didn’t really care, and what had started off as a light buzz had deepened into something dangerously close to full blown tipsiness.

Noora and Sana laughed, “Boys are ridiculous,” Sana declared, “all of them.”

You nodded in agreement, “Truly, they are. If you girls stay away from boys, you’ll stay away from drama. Mark my words, everything bad that happens during your high school career will somehow be related to a boy, they’re pests.”

“Oh come on Y/N, don’t you think you’re being a little harsh?” Chris asked, appearing out of nowhere.

You shot him a look, “Don’t act all innocent Christoffer Schistad, you know that I’m right.”

The boy relented and nodded, shooting you an apologetic smile before turning back to the first years, “Listen to this one, girls. She knows her way around the block.”

You smiled dopily and nuzzled into Chris’ side, resting your head on his shoulder as he draped an arm around you protectively. The drinks had finally caught up to you and it felt like you were floating on a cloud of calm. Your head was pleasantly light and your body felt warm and heavy. The noises of the party buzzed around your ears like flies and you nuzzled further into Chris to block them out. He smelt like soap and something else that you were too drunk to recognize and it was comforting how familiar it all was. You’d always been able to rely on Chris. He made a questioning noise in the back of his throat and gave you a gentle squeeze.

“You alright Princess?” He asked softly, “Do we need to send everyone away?”

You shook your head, “William is off somewhere with Vilde, did you know that?” You said, the words bubbling out of you without your consent.

Chris looked confused but answered slowly, “Um, yeah I think I saw them together a while ago, why?”

You sighed, your head spinning but your chest feeling lighter than it had in ages, “They’re probably having sex right now, in my house too. How messed up is that?”


“I mean, I know it’s William and I know he can’t help how many girls like him but, really? Can’t he just let me have this one party? Can’t I go one night without picturing him with another girl and just wanting to die? Is that too much to ask, Chris? Is it?” you asked as you sat up.

Chris’ eyebrows shot up and his mouth opened and closed a few times as he tried to order his thoughts.

“Y/N,” he started, slowly, as if he was carefully choosing his words, “do you…have feelings…for William?”

You frowned, “Of course, I thought everyone knew that. See? That’s why it’s so unfair of him, because he knows how I feel about him and he’s still off somewhere sleeping with my friend, in my house!”

Chris threw his head back and let out a bark of laughter, his chest vibrating as he chuckled.

“Trust me on this Y/N/N, William has no idea that you like him, like, none. If he knew-you know what? I think you should just go talk to him.” Chris suggested.

“You know what? I think I will. He can’t just keep doing this to me anymore, no sir!”

Something in the back of your mind screamed that that was a terrible idea, but the warm haze of alcohol told it to be quiet and you stood shakily, swaying on your feet as your head spun. Chris held your arm to steady you and pressed a soft kiss to your cheek.

“Just-just remember that he didn’t know, okay?” he reminded you, “He really didn’t know.”

You nodded and gave Chris a lazy grin as you turned to stumble your way towards the back of your house, where you knew people had gone to hook up. If you’d been more sober, maybe you wouldn’t have gone, but you were angry and hurt and you needed it to be over, once and for all.

What Makes You Beautiful

Title: What Makes You Beautiful

Paring: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,568

Warning: It might look like it’s going to get smutty but I SWEAR it’s all fluff

Request by @squirrelchester said: Girl, how about a DeanxPlus!Sized reader? That Cas anon had the right idea ;) I’m a sucker for reading a Dean and plus sized reader where he does his damndest to make her feel beautiful, because he thinks she so gorgeous. I would loveee that

A/N: Oh man, I made myself cry writing this you guys. I’ve struggled with body image issues since grade school. This was a hard topic to write about and face, but I am so glad that I did it.

All of you are beautiful just as you are. Even if you don’t like how you look. If you want to lose weight or look different, do it for yourself and because you want to be healthy. Don’t do it because you’re fitting into a size that society somehow has decided is “beautiful.”

Fuck society. Fuck the haters. You’re beautiful. End of discussion.

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Finishing setting up to watch your movie Dean came to your door. “What are you doing?”

“Watching Hairspray, wanna join?”

“Better than being alone,” Dean grumbled as he came in and sat next to you on your bed. “Aw crap, this is a musical isn’t it?” Dean whined as the opening credits played.

“Suck it up Winchester,” you said tossing some popcorn in your mouth.

“Fine” Dean muttered, crossing his arms over his chest.

Of course by the time the movie was about half of the way through Mr. Aw Crap It’s a Musical was tapping his foot and humming along. Adjusting yourself on your bed you scooted down, laying on your side with your arm tucked under your head. Not being totally comfortable you started to fidget.

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Together - Michael Mell x Reader (Be More Chill)

ok so hey i got this idea from @writingvibesimaginetimes on tumblr from this post and  i love michael mell let’s get into this

pls reblog it’d mean the word or gimme feedback because i live and breathe feedback, positive or negative i think i have my ask box on if u wanna be anon pls thank u

my masterlist!

word count: 3,083 

warnings: A LOT OF SWEARING, um also kind of sexual a lil tiny bit? like literally, ok not so much of a spoiler, the mom says “use protection” and that’s like it i swear, uhhhhh note from future el: this fic sucks……. its shit… it was my first one im soRRY HJHFHJFDFHDF but like im rereading it and im like hhhhfhfhgngfngngngggh

OH ALSO it’ll all be gender neutral w/ they/them pronouns! so any mention of someone saying “dude” or “bro” or whatever isn’t meant to be offensive. enjoy :D

“Michael Mell, you’ll be paired with y/n y/l/n,” Mr. Cano droned. You and Michael immediately made eye contact and smiled widely at one another. “Remember, students, pick your babies at the door!”

Home Ec was definitely your favorite class for one reason and one reason only; Michael also has that class. Not that you didn’t like Jeremy or Christine and all of them but in science, you could be selfish and have Michael all to yourself for one period. It annoys Jeremy when you say it, but Michael is your best friend, without a doubt.

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VIXX Reaction to Their S/O calling suddenly and crying because they miss them

~Bullet points~ ~Requested by anon~

Hey guys! I hope you enjoy this reaction and I only have three left to do so I may start up a drabbles for NCT! We won’t be able to open requests as of yet as admin J-Gull still has a lot on her plate so instead you can still request fake texts, edits and when I release the drabbles, that too!

Plus just wanted to say that it’s super hot in England as of lately, like I think the sun is lost because it’s not meant to be this hot jfc.

Anyways, we love you all and I hope you’re all staying safe <3

~Admin Stroni~

N (Hakyeon)

With every leader comes a natural mothering instinct so he would be pretty calm and collected when you call him and begin crying. He would be dying on the inside though because of the sounds of your cries but wouldn’t show it and would make sure he knows what exactly what’s wrong with you. When you tell him you miss him and can’t handle not seeing him for so long his calm self would break and it would be pretty obvious that he hates this whole situation and just wants to be with you right now.

‘Y/N tell me everything, did something happen at work maybe?’

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Leo would probably be flustered af and not really be too sure on what to do when you call him up crying, he usually doesn’t have to talk a lot and hasn’t ever witnessed you in such a state so wouldn’t know how to handle the situation. He would do the basics and ask you what was wrong and decided it was best to let you vent out how you were feeling before he would say anything else but he would find that impossible to do when you start to blabber on about how much you miss him. Would actually not know what to say now and would sit there emotionless and think about how much he’s been missing you too but couldn’t bring himself to say anything.

*Sits there speechless whilst you carry on talking*

Originally posted by vixxthememekings


Ken would be confused af when he saw your name on his phone screen and 100x more confused when he heard you sobbing. He would be very serious at first and would ask you what had happened, probably being very extra and thinking up of the worst case scenarios. When you finally get the chance to tell him you miss him and it’s really getting to you he lets out an inaudible sigh of relief. He would immediately start to lighten up that you could’ve never guessed he was serious literally 0.2 seconds ago. He would tease you lightly and make jokes out of the situation to 1) Help cheer you up and 2) To make you miss him a lil less as realistically he’s just trying to time waste so he gets to talk to you longer.

‘You miss me? That bad? Wow you truly are something jagi I’ve gotta give you that.’

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Okay so this kid would be a mixture of Leo and Ken, when you phoned him he didn’t expect to hear you crying on the other side of the phone. He wouldn’t know how to handle the situation and would instead sit there in silence waiting for you to say something because all he could think of is how much he hates you crying and would feel hurt af. When you say you miss him it takes him a while for him to actually clock on to what you said but when he does he instantly loosens up. He does on of those sexy chuckles and would definitely invite you out to do something when his schedule is free.

‘I miss you too Jagiya… yanno what you can come round Thursday and sleep round the dorms. Actually it might be better to stay at yours, we don’t want to keep the boys up at night.’ *smirks*

Originally posted by ottokaji-vixx


He’d be lowkey mothering like N, just not on such a larger scale. When he answered your call and heard you crying his heart shattered and wouldn’t be able to hide this fact that well. He’d ask you all the basic questions and wouldn’t overreact. When  he found out it was because you missed him his heart broke even more, he didn’t even think that was possible. He would be the type to blame himself for this, he should have asked for more free time, maybe then you wouldn’t have missed him that much. So he decides to take you out to your favourite restaurant and buy you anything you even glanced at.

‘I’m sorry Y/N I’m such a bad boyfriend, I should make more time for you.’

Originally posted by hongbin-gifs


Okay so he’d be 100% like Ken like. When you called him crying he got so flustered because he wasn’t used to this and he didn’t even know where tf to start like help this kid he needs assistance with how to deal with a crying girlfriend. He’d somehow manage to let out an ‘Are you okay?’ and thankfully that’s all he needed to say as you began to go on a long rant about how much you miss him. The lil shit would probably burst out laughing, I honestly won’t be surprised. He only laughed because he thought you were dying or some shit and it turns out not as serious as what he planned. He would tease you but it’d be playful so you don’t feel upset and would probably do aegyo for you if he did hurt you by accident.

‘Hey no don’t get upset~ it’s just you’re so cutee~’ 

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This is exactly what is wrong with the world. BTW I will post the rest of my receipts later but let’s just take a quick minute to talk about this. I have struggled with a weight problem for years! And I have finally worked up enough confidence to post pics of myself on social media. I posted the first pic on whisper and captioned it “party outfit” because I was going to a party with a bunch of close friends. Let me remind you that it has taken 12 YEARS for me to build up enough confidence to post pictures of myself ANYWHERE. Yes I am a bit overweight but I used to be a lot bigger and I am damn proud of how far I have come! It is ridiculous that older men feel the need to make teens and women of ALL ages feel bad for being plus sized. Just remember that God made all of us in his image. You are perfect. I have had days where I stay in bed and just cry because of my low self esteem and the fact that you want to tear me down is terrible. THE WORLD SAYS THAT YOU HAVE TO BE SLIM AND FIT TO BE PRETTY BUT THAT IS BULLSHIT! I am so done with being told that I am never going to have anybody love me bc I am a plus size girl. You are wrong for thinking that and you need to look in your heart and figure out why you feel the need to push others to the breaking point. I almost committed suicide last year because of all the hate I was getting. I am doing so much better now but shit like this makes me just want to hurt people. Reblog and share your opinions on the subject please I would love to hear them.

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Why is there such an issue on this site with masculinity? Like I have never seen so many people push men to be more feminine.
“Wear make up!”
“Wear dresses!”
“Fucking cry and be open about your emotions!”
“You are oppressed by patriarchy, be a fucking woman!”
Like… What’s wrong with a man wanting to be a man? What’s wrong with men not being open about how they feel? Men aren’t wired to understand their feelings as well as women, plus testosterone doesn’t help much.
Why are you all so dead set on feminizing men and crucifying the ones who want to happily stay masculine?
Why do you all fixate on “toxic masculinity” without approaching “toxic femininity”?
Let men be men. Let the ones who want to be more feminine be feminine. Let the men who wanna be masculine be masculine.
There is nothing wrong with being a guy who thinks about sex a lot, because women do it too. There is nothing wrong with men who enjoy sports and getting dirty. There’s nothing wrong with making offensive jokes, most jokes are founded ondark subjects anyway.
Let men be masculine if they want because I don’t wanna have a boyfriend who’s afraid to talk about his masculine interests, or a boyfriend who’s scared to ask if he can go to a game with me. I want masculine men to comfortable with themselves just as much as any feminine man.
Please. Be kind to masculine men.

Stressed Out || W2S

W2S :: Random

Title: Stressed out

Short Imagine.



I was ready to burst.

This week had been the worst I’ve ever had to deal with. Having to balance a YouTube channel, gym sessions, babysitting and also trying to make time for my boyfriend, everything seemed to be getting on top of me. It was 12 Am when I had gotten home from babysitting and to say I was tired is an understatement. The kids had misbehaved and wouldn’t follow simple instructions. As I tiredly unlocked the door to the flat we lived in, I saw all the lights still on. I knew the guys were still awake, most likely editing or playing Fifa.

I trudged towards my room that I shared with my boyfriend, Harry. I found him sat at his desk, engrossed in an intense game of FIFA 17. I gave him a tired smile as he briefly looked up from his game, the smile was returned and we exchanged our greetings. I walked towards the bathroom, I wiped my makeup off and shoved my hair into a messy bun before changing into a pair of shorts and one of Harry’s shirts.

As I re-entered our room, I noticed that Harry had turned the game off and was no longer in our room. Confused, I looked around. Harry usually only ends his games at like 3 Am. Thinking nothing of it, I climbed into bed. I inhaled the scent of his shirt and sighed, feeling a little less tense. Around 5 minutes later, Harry entered the room holding a bunch of snacks. Without saying a word, he set his laptop up and climbed into bed. He put a movie on and spread out the food. I kissed his cheek, thankful for what he had done.

“You wanna talk about your day?” He asked quietly, I sat silent for a few moments before taking a deep breath. Harry grabbed my hand and let me work up the courage to let out my emotions.

So, after a few moments of silence, I broke down in the arms of my boyfriend, explaining my horrific week. Starting with my late videos ending with the misbehaving children. By the end of my rant I was left breathless, tears had now made an appearance and I looked a wreck. Harry had stayed silent, listening to every word. He held me in his arms and let me cry.

“I-I just feel like I don’t spend enough time with you either,” I confessed.

Both being fairly known youtubers, it was hard to spend time with each other as all attention went on making videos. Plus, I had a busy schedule and all I wanted was to just spend my time with Harry, however, I was stuck babysitting for my sister most of the time.

Harry wiped my tears, “Calm down, y/n. You’ll cause yourself a panic attack.”

I tried to calm down, but I couldn’t. I had finally let everything get on top of me, I was over flowing with stress and worry. I had bottled so much up and I was now finally letting it out. Taking matters into his own hands, Harry grabbed my face and pulled me into a passionate kiss. After a few moments, I realised what was happening and returned it, finally calming down. When we pulled away, Harry planted a kiss on my forehead.

“You calm?”

I nodded.

“Good, now, the next time you start to feel stressed, don’t bottle it up. That makes things worse, talk to me. No matter what I’m doing,
Whether that’s editing, filming or even raging at a FIFA game, you must tell me how you’re feeling. If you keep bottling things up, you’ll make yourself ill and I don’t want that.”

I didn’t reply.

Instead, I wrapped my arms around him and say myself in his lap. I placed my head in the crook of his neck and breathed out happily. He knew just how to calm me down. I held him tighter, afraid that if I let him go, he would vanish into thin air. I felt him kiss my head.

“I love you, Harry.”

I felt him smile, “I love you more.”

“Guess who has two thumbs and is the greatest boyfriend ever? This guy!” You glanced over at Harry with a weak smile before burying yourself deeper under the covers while Harry continued babbling about how wonderful of a significant other he was. “Feelin’ any better?” He stopped his brag session to set the bag of supplies down on the foot of the bed and take his coat off. 

“I didn’t think it was possible, but I feel even worse.” You murmured, wincing when you felt your stomach cramp up again. Periods were the worst. It was a way for your body to basically tell you: ‘You’re 100% not pregnant! Ooh, and heads up, I'm going to fucking obliterate your insides for the next week now.’ Sometimes the pain was bearable, but this particular month’s cycle made it feel as if you were slowly deteriorating, mentally and physically. You didn’t want to move, you didn’t want to eat anything, you wanted to cry and laugh at the same time - the point was, periods were the worst. Although, from Harry’s perspective, he noticed your friskiness levels would shoot through the roof when you were on your period and he didn’t mind that at all. But he’d never tell you that for fear you’d rip his head off in anger during one of your mood swings. 

“Poor baby… I went to the grocery store on my way home from the gym cos I thought some treats would make you feel better! Plus, I picked up some more pads and tampons for you in case you needed them. I wasn’t sure whether you liked pads more or tampons more so I got a whole slew of them for yeh.” Harry shrugged, flipping the plastic bag over and letting a whole pile of supplies fall onto the bed. You smiled weakly and pushed yourself up so you were sitting with your back against the headboard, your eyes scanning over the bits and bobs Harry had bought for you. 

“That’s really sweet of you, H. You didn’t have to.” You chuckled lightly, reaching over to grab what looked like a package of pads. “I- Harry, these are adult diapers.” 

“…You said your flow was particularly heavy this month and-” 

“Do you… think I need adult diapers?!” Your eyes immediately began to water, your face scrunching up in a mixture of both anger and sadness. How humiliating! You were just on your period but Harry thought you were such a disaster that you needed an actual diaper?! The panic bells in Harry’s head immediately started ringing, Harry dropping the box of tampons he was holding on the bed and rushing over to your side of the bed. 

“No- No, no! I just thought- No, it was my bad, love. The packaging looked like they were pads, and I made a mistake. You do not need adult diapers, and you’re perfectly fine using normal pads.” Harry snatched the package away from you and threw it towards the bin. “No tears, there we go.” Harry cooed, reaching over and wiping a couple stray tears away. You sniffled and rubbed at your eyes, pulling the covers up a little. 

“What else did you buy?” 

“Ooh, I found this cute little joke book for when I was lining up to pay. I figured you needed a laugh so I picked it up.” Harry grinned excitedly. Truthfully, he bought it for himself, but after that adult diaper fiasco, he needed something to try and make you feel better. “Wanna hear a joke?” 


“Okay, here we go. Knock knock.” 

“Who’s there?”

“Little old lady.” 

“Harry, I’m really not in the mood to-”

“Nuh-uh, you’re supposed to say-” 

“Little old lady who?” 

“…I didn’t know you could yodel!” Harry snorted, chuckling to himself as he continued flipping through the book. “This stuff is genius, I tell yeh!” It was when he caught a glance at your clearly unimpressed expression that the smile dropped from his face. Uh-oh. He messed up with the adult diapers, and now he messed up with sharing what seemed to be a terrible joke to you. It was amazing in his eyes. 

“Harry, I-”

“Look, I have a whole bag of chocolates for you!” Harry cut you off, picking up the bag and showing it to you. “There are Twix bars, Snickers bars, M&M’s, Reese’s pieces…” He trailed off, reading the back of the package. These were all very unhealthy and he would much rather you nibble on those organic animal crackers you liked so much from Whole Foods. 

“Harry, I just want you to-”

“I even picked up some magazines for you! They’re mostly cooking ones because I’ve been looking to practice my cooking but- Well, you can still take a look at them!” Harry stammered, going through his pile, seemingly desperate to find something else to present to you. 

“Harry, just c’mere and snuggle!” You snapped, your brows knitting together in frustration. You patted his side of the bed, looking at him expectantly. 

“I- What?” Harry looked at you in a confused manner, tilting his head slightly. “You don’ want- You don’t want anything?” 

“I will definitely attack the bag of treats later, but for now I jus’ need a cuddle from my boyfriend. It’ll really make me feel better.” You pouted, smiling lightly when Harry complied and slipped into bed with you. He wrapped his arms around you as you shoved your face into the crook of his neck, your eyes fluttering shut. He rubbed comforting circles on your back before pressing a kiss on the top of your forehead. 

“You sure you won’t consider the adult diapers? I hear they’re super absorbent-”



gif isn’t mine! 

anonymous asked:

I see your posts for Boruto and I love them because I think they are so accurate. I am actively in the Naruto fan base, with Boruto though I am really starting to hate it. Your posts make it seem tolerable!

thanks so much, darling. honestly i’m not exactly in the fandom anymore myself with naruto. something i don’t tell people is that i stopped watching when tobi was introduced so you can imagine how far back that was. there were so many characters being introduced that i lost track of what the hell was going on, i remember the exact episode i said fuck it on too.
i played ninja storm naruto so i felt like i had a good handle on the storyline but i didn’t actively come back until the ending. which was utter trash. i’m not an advocate of boruto whatsoever, i expose it for what it is; also trash. it’s rehashed and copy/pasted bullshit, nothing original. i make fun of it because there are people who probably don’t understand how they are supposed to feel about it, so i ad-lib the series to make it something where they can at least laugh at it.
the sasusaku and naruhina fandoms are toxic. naruhina fans don’t pay attention to actual material and sasusaku makes up whatever the hell they want to.
the ONLY fandoms apart of naruto that actually have main positivity is sasukarin, narusasu and narusaku. if you go into those tags you won’t feel the animosity, i swear to you those tags are in their own worlds and it feels NATURAL. it doesn’t feel forced or toxic. if you wanna feel good about anything in naruto–search those tags and bask in the positivity.

want my advice though? there are other animes that are nowhere near as toxic/underdeveloped that i’ve recently become apart of. there aren’t any ship wars, there aren’t characters we have to say “pro them and anti them” it’s all..full of love.

hunter x hunter – naruto derived from hunter x hunter and if you want a series where they handle everything right, this is one to hop on the train for. this is one damn good series where the antagonists you actually feel empathy towards. not like apologetic but hunter x hunter exposes the fact that antagonists are not evil people, with evil morals. like it makes you sorta wanna be on their side, basically it makes it hard to dislike them. which is GOOD writing. their motives aren’t “save/destroy the world” either, the author actually made their motives and interests relatable/personal. which is something a LOT of authors don’t do well. he doesn’t alienate his audience.
also a side note is character development is magnificent. watch some youtube videos behind the theories of this anime, your mind will be blown out of the water. there are parallels i’ve NEVER noticed the first time watching between characters. also there isn’t a main protagonist.

my hero academia – this is basically naruto done RIGHT. you have your characters that the story starts with but doesn’t stay on. it expands, you get subtle background on characters but not so much where your attention shifts from other characters, it keeps you guessing and it keeps you engaged. battles aren’t dragged on for ten episodes or five damn years. there’s also something relatable about the series, with izuku being a true definition of underdog. also the characters actually TRAIN. that’s a massive plus, we don’t just see these power ups. i also love how the power ups also aren’t overly done or asspulls. the characters also have weaknesses!!! like they have LIMITS!! the main character LOSES battles!! the main character reflects on OTHERS!! on HIMSELF!!! it’s not all about HIM!!! this series will make you cry, will make you laugh and actually make you sit on the edge of your chair.
in the fandom itself we all have one main spoken rule; everybody fucking hates mineta.

assassination classroom – talk about underrated as hell. you want a true underdog? this entire series is about achieving the impossible and gaining true utter respect. it also has antagonists (aside from that ONE guy, y'all KNOW the one) who become likable. it’s not centered around romance because it doesn’t matter. what you THOUGHT you knew, you DON’T know, meaning this series ISN’T predictable. it keeps you engaged and i have to admit i’ve rewatched it numerous times and i cry, laugh and breakdown every time. there’s something about this series that brings you to life. these kids aren’t even the definition of “troubled” either, there’s a kid in that classroom who is literally there only because his family is poor and he was caught with a job making money, which is illegal for families to rise even slightly above the poverty line because it’s essentially stealing from the government i guess.
character development and plot twists GALORE!!!
the only spoken rule in this anime; korosensei is everybody’s daddy. (sexual or familial, all up to you, in most cases people wouldn’t mind either)

gintama – for a series with 80% of it making no sense, it actually makes more sense than naruto did as a whole and that says a lot because gintama doesn’t have a set and stone plot line. yet the characters are relatable. there was an episode about the man who didn’t say a word to anyone because he was too scared, he was relevant for one or two episodes and we got an ENTIRE character development. it was fascinating. we also have characters that looks can be deceiving with. Sougo who has a baby face, is a sadist yet the most loyal bad ass there is. Sarutobi is also a sadist yet she has incredible development on her own aside from trying to rape gintoki basically. Katsura is a damn idiot but he’s gorgeous as hell. Kamui talks like a child with a gentle smile and he’s actually brutal as hell – basically this series is everything you could ever not expect. And what’s even BETTER about gintama is there is absolutely no hatred for anyone or anything. search this fandom in the tags and you won’t find a single thing centered around hatred. this fandom is as healthy as it gets because there’s nothing but love.

this is just a few. i promise on my life to you that the naruto fandom isn’t all there is. and believe me – no other fandom is even nearly as toxic/unlikeable.


I wish you luck when you’re on your heat with this guy as your mate. First things first, he would obviously be careful and wouldn’t do a thing to you without knowing you’d be protected with a condom or anything similar, no matter how much it sexually frustrated him as well as you. He was well aware of the fact you’d get much hornier and much more fertile during your heat - though he wasn’t complaining about it.

But that fact just makes Wonshik go ten times harder when you’re under the sheets with him; he follows the prejudice that he’d have to leave you 110% destroyed and no longer capable of using your legs when he’s finished with you - just so that you could feel the full satisfaction of being fucked mercilessly. The hornier and more vocal you get, the bigger the sexual tension builds up in him.

Your massive boost in sex drive makes you all the more attractive; he wouldn’t hesitate to get you in his bed just because of the dangers of being on heat. One moan from your mouth in complaint and you’re already half naked with him taking you right there.

• • •

You had just moaned lightly to yourself as the effects of your heat started to fully kick in. Wonshik had been sitting next to you peacefully, supporting you as you tried to make it through the next couple of days swiftly. Unknowingly to you, however, your scent was almost calling him to take you right at that moment; the images of his mate screaming his name as he dominated you aroused him a lot, especially with you sitting right next to him, squirming for a sexual touch.

You, of course, noticed him steal a few hungry glances all over your shivering body. Though when he saw you, he simply smirked and looked away quickly. Somehow, he seemed to restrain himself.

But you didn’t know all it took was one small moan to slip out before your mate took it as a sign that now was the time to ‘completely knock the winds out of her’. You didn’t understand what was happening when your body was quickly hoisted onto Wonshik’s lap, an obvious and fully erect boner poking into your thigh.


He instantly silenced you by softly kissing your lips, moving down your face to end up caressing the skin clothing your neck. It was a sensual and soft moment that managed to mute the heating effect the season had in your chest.

Though, the feeling was quickly replaced when things escalated rapidly between the two of you; your mate was already laying you roughly onto the nearest flat surface and removing everything you wore, till you were stripped to the bone.

The sounds that came from your mouth urged him to continue, the silent kisses he glossed over your bare chest causing your moans to increase in volume. On hearing these moans grow, he smiled against your flushed skin - whispering quietly into your ear whilst he hoisted your legs around his waist.

“I know a way to make those hot moans of yours even louder jagi…”


Hongbin would likely have the same approach and mindset of Hakyeon, though his way of dealing with you would be much more heartwarming (?). He’d treat you like his life depended on it, even though it technically already did. He’d make caring for you during heat season much more gentle than when he’d treat you in everyday life. This would often suppress the worst of your heat for a bit as well.

On the contrary to that, I can see him totally forgetting that you were hitting your heat soon. So he would be completely dumbfounded when he watched you sprawled over the bed demanding him to take you right there. Concerning his self control, after remembering that it was your heat, he wouldn’t hesitate to comply with your begging as soon as he heard it.

It was your heat, and he thought his body was at your disposal whenever you needed it to relieve some pain.

• • •

Hongbin stared at you, both amused and surprised when he found your body laid on the silk bed sheets. You made strong eye contact with your mate who had just entered the room, sitting up slightly as you barely wore anything to conceal the parts of your body he loved the most.

You felt your chest heat up as he silently glared at your insufficiently clothed skin, your sultry laced lingerie peeking through the thin shirt and literally nothing covering your bottom half but a strip of underwear.

It was obvious what you wanted him to do, but he could only stand there as a lump formed in his throat. The view of you laying on his bed in such a vulnerable position lit a fire in him, and he visibly clenched a fist at the sight. Though, doing so with a sweet smile.

“W-What are you?…”

As he started speaking, you confidently made your way towards the confused and utterly shocked boy, making him groan as your arms went around his neck and your fingers messily caressed the back of his head.

“You should know it’s heat season, Hongbin…”

It made you smile as you watched him squirm, his eyes searching yours as arms quickly wrapped around your bare hips. He could practically smell the lust forming around you and the images of what could follow next. The burning inside your core ached as Hongbin closed the space between you, meaning you were literally inches away from kissing his softened skin.

He had a lighthearted smirk on his face, softly rubbing your sides as he placed his forehead on yours, making you inhale sharply and initiating a hot kiss between the both of you.

“Well, I guess I’m yours then…”


You being on heat gave this boy a huge opportunity to play around with you. He’d be an endless tease, giving you snippets of what you wanted but not all of it at the beginning. There would be absolutely no mercy when it came to your continuous moaning; he loved to see you plus hear you begging and crying out his name so loudly to the point of bursting.

He would torture you to till you reached your limit, and you’d basically be begging for him to actually lay a finger on your skin. Even though he would enjoy turning your frustrations into a game for his own pleasure, actually seeing you calling for him would mentally send him into a frenzy.

He knew the moment you hit the end line, he definitely wouldn’t hesitate to follow your wishes.

• • •

You burned on the inside when Hyuk gently kissed your exposed shoulder, his lips following the trail all the way to your lips. You held a breath as he kissed your pink lips fiercely, making you hope he would finally end his teasing act and give you the satisfaction of release.

Even though he full well knew it was heat season, he couldn’t help but shudder at your heated reaction. He teasingly pulled his mouth away from you, causing that hot burning effect to restart once again, but this time you realised it was much more intense than before.

He was teasing you to the point you’d break, and his fingers trailed along your exposed arm while you forcefully tried to bring him in closer.

“Hyuk, please. Just take me now, I can’t…”


He only hummed in response to your quiet plea, making you extremely irritated as he stood up to leave you with only a little teaser again. Though, this time, the eventual loss of physical contact with your mate suddenly made you call out, your body heating up and your skin becoming more flushed than ever.

Sanghyuk heard that your cry was different from the ones he heard before, the arousal in him growing fast from his distance; you had been pushed to the brink so much he could easily smell you from the other side of the room.

You noticed his pause, a hand carefully placed on your chest as you called out to him one final time.

“Hyuk, if you don’t take me now, I might…”

He had already turned around to face you, his eyes widened as he saw you shiver in frustration. Giving in to your now, irresistible scent and not wanting any other wolves nearby to smell you, due to how much it had been bottled in, he practically ran to you and kissed passionately - releasing all you had stored up over the past couple of days onto his soft lips.

The burning in your chest had subsided into a warming feeling as you knew, this time, your mate wouldn’t hold out on pleasing you throughly this time. Lifting you off your feet, he hid his face in your neck, his own sexual frustrations growing when he heard your loud moans echo around the wide room.

“I’ll be sure to take very good care of you now, jagiya…”

This went in a MUCH smuttier direction than what I initially planned; I’m smh so hard. (do you understand my name now? I need all the holy water I can get tbh)
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Don’t Settle For Mediocre

Request:  Hi! Can I request a Rapmon or Suga scenario where you’ve been dumped/ rejected by a guy you thought was really into you because he acted like he was, so you go to them for comfort, but they’re secretly in love with you? It’s up to you how they react, and how it all ends up. Love your writing!!

A/N: As you all know half of this was my life recently so this was great to write! hope you like it!

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There you sat, frozen. All your courage was gone after you saw his reaction to your confession on his face. You didn’t understand. For the past few months the two of you had spent hours upon hours together. He had called you pretty and told you he missed you after not seeing you for only a day. Late night talks you would have on the couch about life made you feel like he was on the same level as you. The way he told you that you and him suited each other perfectly. The times he would tell you he just wanted to drive with you all night for no reason. If he didn’t have intentions other than being a friend, then why would he do all of that?

“(Y/N)… I mean… At some point, I may have felt something but we’re just friends,” he chuckled awkwardly. Unable to look at him in the eyes anymore, you looked down at your hands that were clutching thee fabric of your pants. “Plus, there’s another girl I really like,” he added, only making you feel worse.

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valentine's day wincest and j2 playlist!

ten songs about wincest (or J2) that make me cry, so you should listen to them (and cry with me) !

If It’s the Beaches// The Avett Brothers - This song reminds me so much of pre Stanford. Like, Dean is watching Sam pack up his things, talking of what college will be like, and it’s breaking his heart and he wants to make Sam happy. Anything to make him stay.

If I’m to Die// Keaton Henson - This song is purely The Winchesters. There is so much sacrifice in this song, and that’s really what they’re all about. Right? “Oh I hope to be seeing you soon, don’t know what’s out there, more fear I assume.”

Poison Oak// Bright Eyes - This one, oh my god. I feel like this one is from John’s point of view. Maybe like after Sam left for Stanford. Plus the thought of Dean crying into John’s shirt because Sam won’t come home anymore breaks my heart. And I love it.

Home// Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros - This one, is so full of Sam and Dean and love. It reminds me of a hot summer that they spent alone together. Maybe Dean was 17 and Sam 13, and they were falling in love.

Favorite Record// Fall Out Boy - The song kind of speaks for itself, so you should really give it a listen. But honestly, it’s about riding in the car with someone you love so I mean… “And I confessed to you, riding shotgun underneath the purple skies.”

Green Eyes// Coldplay - Okay, the name kind of just lays it all out but, the lyrics make me picture the boys out on a long hunt where they have to do a lot of driving. Dean is mouthing along to a Metallica song and, this song is playing on repeat in Sam’s mind.

I wish I was// The Avett Brothers - Another day cooped up in a motel room, and Sam is laying on one of the old mattresses. Dean is out at the bar, and this is what’s on Sam’s mind. Or maybe it’s the other way around.

Two Again// Christian Burrows - OKAY. this song is so sweet and sad. Holy shit. It’s so spot on for Sam and Dean. Get ready to cry over the thought of them building Lego castles together to keep busy when John doesn’t come home for a week.

these last two are more J2, but I guess could be taken both ways!

Tall Cans Hold Hands// Told Slant - this song kind of speaks for itself. But I just gotta’ say. J2, taking a week off from filming to go to the lake and camp in a tent. “You’re my best friend and I need you. Do you know that?”

Nothing’s Gonna’ Hurt You Baby// Cigarettes After Sex - This song creates such an easy picture in my mind because I’m pretty sure it’s confirmed that J2 has done 90% of the stuff in this song.

I hope you all really like the songs chosen, fall in love with the artists, and more importantly fall further in love with wincest (and J2). Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

“I love Killing Stalking, it makes me cry sometimes and feel sick and makes me scream at yoonbum for being stupid and not trying to do everything in his power to make Sangwoo not mad at him. Plus because it makes me more emotional it’s like my release so I can get sad over this because I get emotionally abused obviously not this bad but it just sucks but I don’t want to cry about what I go through so I cry about this. I normally don’t cry often at all but this…”

- clownswithguns