plus i never gave up my last name i just turned it into a middle name


Prompt/Summary: You’ve given the rest of the team nicknames, but Bucky wonders why you’ve never given him one.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: fluff, fluff fluffity fluff fluff

Word Count: 1197

Author’s Note:  Sorry Bluebird isn’t done.  So you get this instead.  I had a dance performance on Sunday and all of my evenings have been taken up by dance practice.  All done now, so back to writing. 

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I Never Planned on You - Pietro Maximoff x Stark!(f)Reader

Words: 2569 (What the fuck this never happens)
Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x Stark!(f)Reader
Featuring: Tony Stark, Natasha Romanoff, a few random characters
Warnings: swearing, yelling, cheesey
Requested by anon
Can you please do one with Pietro to I Never Planned on You from Newsies? Thank you!
Authors Note: You guys have no idea how excited I was to do this and I’ve been working on it for so long i hope it makes up for the lack of imagines from the past week. very much so based off the newsies show. even parts that weren’t in the song. i was excited.

Also, little summary: you are Y/N Stark but use a different last name while working. You own your own magazine company and you and your assistant, Jeremy, are headed to New York for a few different reasons. A speedy silver-haired boy sees you, and who knows what happens from there?

Read on Ao3 if you please

Pietro Maserlist. Masterlist.

You liked to keep it a secret that you are a Stark. Tony, as the older sibling, would carry on the Stark name to make something of himself and honor your parents. But as the second born and younger sibling, you had more freedom. You did not want to be bound to the Stark name and seen as “Tony Stark’s sister” or “another Stark” because that isn’t who you are. You knew you were one-hundred-percent capable of making it on your own, hence why you used a different last name when working.

It wasn’t important that you were a Stark. It was nice not to get compared to Tony as being merely the younger sibling, and you had more recognition than you would have had if you kept the Stark name. But that didn’t change the love you had for your brother, as you and him at least text every day.

It was funny when they did compare you, though. Your company did not have the size the Stark did, but it was getting there.

“Jeremy,” You called out to your assistant, and he walked quickly inside your office.

“Yes?” He asked as he stood at your door.

“When do we leave for my jet?” You asked. Your name may not be as big as the Stark name, but the Stark name is a really big thing; so you were a decent size. And to many surprises, you are able to have your own plane.

“About two hours, Miss (Y/N),” Jeremy smiled after looking at his schedule.

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Bertie Bott’s Beans (Soulmate AU)


yay i love soulmate au’s okay

Imagine craving something that you don’t even like to eat. Suddenly you’re dying for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, even though you’re allergic to peanut butter. Or that you’ve never had chicken teriyaki but you want to eat it immediately. This is what it likes to have a soulmate-well not exactly. Everyone in the world is assigned a soulmate and the only way your connected to them is in the most cheesiest and dreadful way: you crave what they are currently eating. No matter what it is or how gross or delightful, you need to have it. 

It’s very hard to pinpoint who your soulmate may be. Besides the fact that it could literally be anyone, sitting at the Gryffindor table at Hogwarts where hundreds of students are eating the exact same thing, doesn’t make it any easier to pick out people. 

“Ugh James don’t hog the potatoes, they look so good!” You exclaimed as you reached over the table where James practically took captive the mashed potatoes. You gladly scooped some on your plate and ate it, keeping up conversations with you best friends.

“Hey (Y/N), what day should we go for our HoneyDukes Tradition?” Marlene said.

“What’s that?” Sirius practically yelled over the table with his mouth full of food. You gave him a disgusted look and than chuckled.

“I feel like you guys ask us this every year. Ever since our first year, the day before all of us leave for the summer, we go to Honeydukes and stash up on candy and just reminisce on the school year.” You explained while cutting up your steak. 

“Can we join?” James asked hopefully as the three other boys looked at you hopefully.

“Yeah ha-ha, in your dreams Potter.” Lily responded while she rolled her eyes with a smirk on her face. 

“Yeah sure, why not.” You responded. You heard a shrill like “What?” coming from the redhead next to you. “Oh come on! They’re our best friends, we should include them.”

You leaned closer over to her and whispered only so she could hear, “Plus, maybe they’ll pay for our candy.” Lily straightened herself out and looked at the boys.

“Yeah sure, you guys can tag along.” The four 5th year boys cheered and continued on with their dinner. 

(two days later)

“You know, I never realize how much I hate packing until the end of the year when I just want to throw everything into my suitcase and be done.” Alice exclaimed, sending a light kick to her suitcase. 

“The quicker you get it done, the earlier we can go to HoneyDukes before we run into the whole school there and fight for Fizzing Whizzbees or who should get the last Chocolate Wand.” You said. You had finished packing about twenty minutes ago and was looking through photos that were taken throughout the school year. 

“You know what, I don’t even care- I’ll worry about this tomorrow.” Alice said, throwing her last few shirts and pants onto her bed and turned to her friends. 

“I’m telling you Remus, you shouldn’t eat that!” Lily exclaimed.

“Yeah yeah.” Remus waved her off and ate two Peppermint Toads. “I’ve never even heard of these anyway- what are they supposed to do?” 

“Hop around in your stomach.” James snickered as he pulled apart his Licorice Wand. Remus’ face dropped.

“You’re kidding.” He stated. “Oh my god I feel it. Is this what it’s like the feel a baby kicking?” 

“How would we know? We’re fifteen.” Marlene commented. Remus began to rub his stomach to put a stop to the ruckus. 

“Let’s do this!” Peter said as he pulled a box of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans and placed them in the center of the circle. Noises of disgust or excitement erupted from the group. “One of us asks a question to someone else and if they get it wrong, they have to eat a bean.” 

“Who’s up first?” Sirius announced. Nothing but the relaxing sound of waves coming from the lake behind them was all they heard. “Fine I will. Lily, what’s Remus’ middle name?”

“Easy. Jack.” Lily answered with confidence.

“Lily!” Remus exclaimed with his eyebrows furrowed. “It’s John.” Lily’s mouth dropped widely. Peter giggled and threw a jelly bean her way. 

“I can’t believe I have to eat this.” Lily muttered with a repulsed look on her face.

“I can’t believe you don’t know my middle name.” Remus said with a light chuckle. Lily popped the bean in her mouth and everyone awaited her reaction.

 “Cherry.” Lily announced with a small smile on her face while everyone groaned. “Okay next. James, what did McGonagall say to Peter on our first day of school in our first year?” 

Everyone erupted in laughter besides James. “What the bloody-hell? How am I supposed to know?” 

Peter threw him a jelly bean as James groaned and popped it in his mouth.

“Ugh, when is dinner? I could really go for some roast beef.” You said. James jaw dropped slightly. 

“What flavor is it James?” Sirius asked, practically jumping out of his seat because of his reaction. 

“Roast beef.” James answered, looking right at you. You suddenly felt your heart flutter in your chest and your cheeks felt hot.

“Holy shit.” Marlene and Lily muttered in unison. 

“So does that mean-?” Peter asked.

“Yeah… they’re soulmates.” Remus answered, flabbergasted. 

“Maybe this would be a good time to get back to the castle…?” Alice inquired. Everyone nodded and got up. You, although, felt a hand pull you back slightly and were met with non other than James Potter.

“Can I have a minute?” He asked hopefully. You nodded with a small smile and walked behind him towards the shore of the lake. “So I guess- well like- ugh how do I put this?”

To put a stop to his nonsense talk you kissed him and brought your hands up to his face, cupping his cheeks lightly. “That’s much better than what I was going to say.” He said, his cheeks turning red. 

You chuckled and tucked a piece of hair behind your ear. “It’s too bad that we found out about this today and we leave tomorrow. But we can definitely make sure we meet up this summer before school starts up again.” 

“Yeah, I’d like that a lot.” He responded, smiling. You both began walking towards the castle, seeing your friends a far distance up ahead. As you two walked, your hands brushed against each other every now and than until he intertwined your hands. Finally the searching was done. 

this wasn’t exactly how i imagined i would write this but I’m kinda proud of it and i hope it wasn’t too much nonsense before i go to the point but i hope you like it!! xxxxxxx

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Cause You're My Favorite Hue

All Parts: {x}

Part: 58/?

Pairing: Jamilton

Inspiration: this post and this song

Soundtrack: here (you can request more songs)

Summary: Black and white was all anyone saw until they touched their soulmate. For some people, color quickly rushed into their world and for others, all they ever saw was black and white. Two businessmen, who absolutely hated each other, managed to bump into each other on their way up to their office. Little did either know that their world would erupt in a staccato of color.

Warning: cussing

Word Count: 3,948

Dedication: everyone who’s defended me. It’s kinda been a rough day when it comes to unnecessary hate. I’m not gonna say I’m a saint because I know I’m not, but the discourse was really unneeded. Anyway, thank you.

Tags: @midnigtartist, @kneel-to-maria, @halpdevon, @wildlittleman, @exadorlion, @lukassgoggles, @closestfriendivegot, @celestialqueerfeminist, @schokoobananaa, @justsmilingandnodding, @lapiamedots, @semoka, @jayceemayy, @kyller-biis, @alwayshesitantwiththepresident, @sarcastic-swl-dragon, @starspeckled, @yourapplepiebetterbeworthit, @saturn-sails, @tallish-hobbit, @angelica-eliza-layafette, @sugarshark420, @gunsandshipsandpeggy, @doot-doot-cats, @thatdewdlesperson, @lafbagxette, @hamilton-trash-1, @cutebridge, @siguikinworld, @evil-weasel, @bad-l-ands, @lukadovemcm, @not-spider-man, @thedisneyderp, @aphamericanhero, @rose-is-in-the-void, @queen-bohemian-rhapsody, @genericusernameblahblahblah, @oli-is-perfect, @trash-sicle, @suspicious-protagonist, @beycutebabe, @ichbindeindod, @awkwardly-inactive, @thekaymeister, @dvddggs, @dreamingpastelcolors, @theluckyjinx2170, @atomicprinceling, @aheadfullofglassbees, @jefffersons, @sweetlyminiaturesublime, @anitheunicorn, @creativescapist, @bees-and-shotguns, @anonymouscrazyfangirl, @frannro, @nicnchill, @skythornhollycat, @gaya-the-apple, @peachygroff, @fangirl6202, @lawnmowerswig, @confused-septopus, @thesebattlescarsarebeautiful, @lalalapin, @omlwhatamidoing, @wow-another-blog, @ordinaryornate, @spookytheoristpuppy, @nobeatnomelody, @hell-yes-puns-and-ships, @cheerioscheerios, @bellatrixmld, @spoiledbuni, @dammit-i-suck-at-this, @tinypathetichumanbrain, @ilove2badoable, @hoshizornyaa, @accidentally-impeccable, @coconuthoodie, @passmethegoddamnball, @theworldsasorrystate, @willoweve2011, @rainconfettis, @xaandiir, @woahtherebuddyfriend

A/N: more domestic ye

“Does it feel any different now that you’re married?”

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So this is the story about how this stupid goofy picture came about gracing the face of the internet.

Hours earlier…







This fake advertisement flyer was posted on every single wall on set. Kerry had already found about fifteen of them just in the parking lot.

“Where is the idiot?”

She found Katie wondering on set in a cosplay blue onesie with a tie dye tutu on top and bees slippers. Dark circles under her eyes, hair up in a messy bun with a rainbow colored bunny ear headband taming her curls, she looked every bit the cinnamon roll of sunshine that she is, eating a bowl of spinach cheddar hummus and saltine crackers.

“They’re all idiots here.” The brunette said munching on crackers. “You gotta be more specific.”

Kerry held up all fifteen flyers, showing the brunette the advertisement. “This particular idiot. The one that’s mine.” She replied.

“Oh, that one.” Katie smiled, barely withholding the laugh that was threatening to burst out of her.

“Oh God. What is he up to now?” Kerry asked.

“I don’t know.” Katie replied. “But last I saw him, he was somewhere around here charming everyone with churros.”

“Of course.” Kerry said.

He bribes everyone with treats. That’s why his hair stays looking flawless in every single episode. They love him here. Especially the hair and makeup crew.


Tony always knew the exact moment his wife walked in a room. If not by her unique, intoxicating that shot straight to his dick, then by the rising hair on his skin and the immediate erratic beating of his heart was a close second.

He sat in his chair unmoved with his script in hand, going over his lines for the millionth time.

“You, Anthony Goldwyn!” He heard her shout.

He’d been spotted. A wide grin crossed his cheek and he turned around to see her strutting towards him in high heel boots with flyers in hand.

In a flash, she was standing in front of him, hands on her hips looking cute as ever!

“Yes?” He batted his lashes, blue eyes twinkling with humor. “What can I do for you Goldwyn?”

“What the fuck is this?” She asked, waving the flyers in front of him.

“It’s a paper.” He answered, matter-of-factly.

“No shit!” She exclaimed sarcastically. “The hell do you want?”

“I saved you churros.” He said, wiggling his eyebrows. “And I’ve been dared by none other than Josh Malina to challenge you to a game of twister.”

“You’re old. Why would you wanna challenge me to a game of twister?” She blurted.

Kerry swore he did the best wounded expression.

Hands on his chest, he feigned distress. “Words do hurt, you know? And karma just so happens to be one big, hairy bitch. 3 o'clock, in the break room, I am proving to you what these old bones are capable of.”

Shaking her head at him, Kerry leaned down and placed a kiss on his lips. “I swear to God, sometimes you’re twelve.”

Word traveled around set quickly. Plus he made new flyers.

3 o'clock



ONE GOES BY THE NAME OF KERRY GOLDWYN (Yeah. She’s my wife. Took my last name too.)

AND TONY GOLDWYN (That’s me. The husband.)




“My money’s on Tony.” Guillermo said.

He was wearing a ridiculous pair of nerdy glasses, 90s suspenders, buttoned down shirt with a red cape wrapped around his neck, mismatched shoes and socks with drills on them. Apparently, he and Katie also had a little bit of a competition going on too.

Who can be the tackiest? Tacky Tuesday on set was their thing. Whatever.

It was really hard to take him seriously dressed like that.

“How?!” Darby cried incredulously. “Clearly you haven’t seen how flexible Kerry is. It’s not even funny.”

“Yeah, I’m going with Kerry too.” Katie agreed. “It’s kinda hard to twist around when you’re basically an Amazon.”

“Never judge book a book by its cover.” Guillermo said around a piece of churro. “Fifty dollars says Tony takes it.”

Darby always the meticulous type smiled. “That is a bet I’m willing to take.” The redhead said.

“Okay. Shake on it.” Guillermo extended his hand in offering.

“And the on top of the fifty, if Kerry wins, you’re getting my coffee order for two weeks?” In agreement, Guillermo nodded and the redhead shook his hand.

Three o'clock sharp the word “cut” was yelled by the director, and everyone started filling to the break room. 

The smell of cheese and peperoni pizza welcomed them and they more than obliged in indulging themselves, toasting to Tony for his heart of gold as heaven meet their tongues.

Tony showed up much later with Josh in tow carrying a box that said “TWISTER” on it. He was Twister ready in black Nike shorts and a black t-shirt and sneakers. Everyone started clapping for him and he bowed kindly.

“I have fifty dollars on you Goldwyn. Don’t let me down.” Guillermo said.

Tony gave him a boyish grin. “Don’t worry. I’ll win.”

Through it all, Kerry sat on a stool at the snack bar enjoying a healthy jar of breakfast parfait even though it was way past noon. And when he finally came over to her, she couldn’t help but smile.

“Just so you know, I don’t plan on going easy on you.” He whispered in her ears.

Tilting her head back, she replied, “I don’t expect you to.” Then, “Kiss me.”

She looked too cute. Tony couldn’t do anything other than oblige. He covered her lips with his and rained soft pecks around the curve of her lips innocently and tentatively.

“You guys are nauseating.” Josh’s voice broke them out of their spell and Kerry groaned against his lips, making him smile.

“Go away, Josh.”

“Sorry. No can do. People are here to witness a very intense game of twister. Not to watch the two of you be disgusting.” Josh said. “Come one. Chop chop.”

Groaning, Kerry turned around on the stool to face a room filled with her co-worker.

They’d moved the chairs and tables to the side in order to create space in the middle of the room for the mat to fit. Some were sitting and eating, others were standing and eating but all ready the same.

“Alright, let’s get this over with.” Kerry said.

She hopped off the stool, pulled up the sleeves of her shirt and got rid off her boots.

“Alright kiddos,” Josh smiled, “Rules are pretty simple: There can never be more than a hand or foot in one circle. Do NOT remove your hand and/or foot from a circle unless I instruct you to do so. And whatever you do, do NOT FALL on your derrières. Capish?”

“What does the winner get?” Kerry asked.

Josh shrugged. “Bragging right?“ He started to reply then shook his head. “I don’t know. I don’t care. You guys work it out.”

Stepping on the plastic mat, they both stood at both ends, facing each other.

“Ready… Set… Spin!”

“Right hand red.” Josh called.

In a squatting position like she’s supposed to be, Kerry easily found a red circle and placed her right hand on it.

“Your butt’s not supposed to be on the floor.” Kerry said. “That’s cheating.”

“I didn’t know!” Tony protested. “I swear I didn’t know.”

Despite having the rules just been read to him seconds ago. Lies.

Kerry looked up at Joshua to see if he would call it out but the dumber idiot simply shrugged.

“The man said he didn’t know.” Then he span the wheel again. “Your left foot on blue, please.”

With a smirk in both their faces, Kerry and Tony did what they were told with watchful eyes on them.

“Kindly put your left hand on a yellow circle, por favor.”

Looking around him, Tony raised his eyebrows. “So it begins.”

Everyone laughed.

“Right foot green.”

They both made a leap for the closest green circle but Tony beat her to it. Now Kerry had to lean over him in some weird position that wasn’t the least bit comfortable.

Her hair was falling all over her face and he chose then to wiggle his body, it almost made her fall.

“Asshole!” Kerry cried.

“Bite me Princess.”

Laughter boomed in the room. Everyone throwing their heads back, laughing at their expense.

“Right hand green… Right foot red… Left arm in the air.”

So now they were in some weird form of a plank. Paralleled to each other, with her unoccupied hand, Kerry leaned over and flicked Tony’s ear, hoping to thrown him off balance.

What did Tony do in return? He grabbed her boob with his free hand.

The entire break room exploded in a rumble of hilarity.

Shaking her head, Kerry rolled her eyes. “Pig.”

He had the audacity to wink at her. “I love it when you talk dirty to me.”

This time, Kerry shoved him and he lost his equilibrium, falling on his back.

“Game over!” Kerry shouted victoriously.

“What?! You just pushed me.” Tony cried.

“Tough shit. But you fell.”

“Because you pushed me.” Tony protested exasperatedly. “Call it ref!”

Everyone’s eyes were directed at Joshua, waiting for his verdict.

“I’m calling it foul play. The game continues.”

“Tony, Tony, Tony, Tony…!” They all started to chant.

Kerry rolled her eyes in irritation. Of course they’d chant for him. They’re all fucking traitors in her book.

“You suck, Josh!”

Shameless was his middle name. “Tell me something I don’t already know.” He said before spinning the wheel again.

Three rounds later…

She was on all four. Face down, ass up all on his face. It was the greatest view in the world and all Tony wanted to do was palm two handful of her round ass and really squeeze her cheeks.

“Ker,” He whined her name.


“How are you holding up, sweetheart?”

“Fine.” She replied.

“Okay. Good.”

What would a smart man in his position do? If all that delicious booty was just right there… Bam! And there’s no way to palm it without losing a fucking game of twister?

A smart man would use other assets. And Tony Goldwyn prided himself as a smart man. So head first, he dove in and sunk his teeth into the soft flesh of her round shaped ass.

“Hey!” Kerry yelped.

“You can’t move out of the circle.” Tony reminded her.

Oh she was pissed. Pissed off and probably beyond turned on and wet. Tony was loving every second.

“I’m gonna enjoy ripping you to shreds!” Kerry cried.

Tony didn’t doubt it. She’s competitive and committed so there’s no way she was risking losing a simple game of twister. But he knew she would get him back and he won’t ever see it coming.

He scoot forward with a mischievous smile and whispered to her in a hushed tone for her ears only, “The second I get you naked tonight, I’m putting you in that same position we are right now, except this time, I’ll be pounding you into oblivion. You’re gonna hate how much you love it.”

Mouth agape, Kerry’s arms nearly gave up underneath her. Her arms shook with cramps and she tactically pushed her fingers up in a claw, ultimately saving herself from defeat.

“You’re not playing fair.” She shook her head. “He’s not playing fair guys!”

But oh, they stopped playing fair a long time ago!

Everyone laughed. And they all wondered what The Admiral said to her that suddenly has Kerry turning all flustered in the face and crying unfairness.

“Left foot green!” Josh called.

The next available green was all the way at the end of the mat on the left corner. And Tony was not giving up yet. Not today.

Right hand still on the blue, he cartwheeled over her and she slid under him. Now they were more tangled than ever. He was looking down at her and she was looking up into his eyes in a backbend kick over position.

“Now that is what you call a nice view.” Someone said.

The room then erupted in loud, hysterical laughter followed by a few catcalls.

Kerry wasn’t mad. She’s sure if she wasn’t a participant in this fuckery, she’d be enjoying the view too. He’s got some nice buns - she can proudly admit to that.

“Enjoying yourself down there?” He asked.

“Very.” Kerry smiled. “Too much even.”

“Is that so?”

“Yeah.” She managed to nod.

How the fuck?

Tony didn’t understand how his wife could be so relaxed. He was literally struggling to keep from losing his balance and yet, she looked fine, not even a tiny bit off balance.

“I’m thinking that I could actually take you all the way down my throat in this position and suck you dry.”

Blue eyes widened with shock and Tony nearly fell on Kerry’s face. The image she just painted for him was so vivid and deeply embedded in his brain. It took everything Tony had not to tip over.

Kerry smiled. She didn’t feel sorry for him one bit! He wasn’t playing fair, neither was she.

“Oops! It that it for you Tony?” Someone asked.

“Not by a long fucking shot! I’m wining this game.” He shouted with conviction.

The crowd went rowdy, chanting for him and giving him the strength he needed to continue to hold this stupid fucking position for the next fifteen seconds.

“You’d let me fuck that pretty mouth just like this? Swallow every single drop?” He mouthed.


He shook his head. Why did he agree to this fucking game again? His legs were cramping now.

“I need a definitive answer, baby. Yes or no.”

“Beat me in this game and we can further discuss how soon that can happen.” She replied.

Oh shit!

She wasn’t joking. Not one bit.

“Promise?” Tony asked with raised eyebrows.

Nodding again, Kerry smiled. “Yes.”

Next thing she hears; “Joshua, spin the fucking wheel! She just promised me the blowjob of my life! Spin motherfucker! Spin!”

That did it. The whole room was chaos. People were dying, screaming from the top of their lungs and holding their stomach in laughter. He’d done it. No amount of palates or yoga was gonna keep Kerry in that position after that comment

Her limbs gave up on her and she fell on the mat on her back. She can’t believe he’d said that. Hands over her face in utter embarrassment, she turned face down on the mat and buried her face on the plastic, weeping with laughter.

She’s never gonna live this down.

Spin motherfucker! Spin! This was gold. People have this on camera. How the fuck was she ever gonna get past this? She had to work with Josh after this. For seasons to come and she’s absolutely certain that he’s never gonna let her forget this moment.

She hates life.

She hates this stupid fucking game.

Never again.

And Tony’s an idiot.

She hates everything!

Hours later, when shooting was wrapped and she had the time to mope around about losing, Kerry got on twitter and noticed that her husband had mentioned her in a tweet in her notifications.

Attached to a picture that they took after her losing was the caption: Today was a fun affair on set. I beat @/kerrywashington at a game of twister. She has to say I’m amazing every time she speaks of me for an entire week!

Before she even realized it, she was replying back to him.

Oh, you mean the game you cheated your way through winning? #Boybye!

Ice Dancing (Holiday Special 2016) - Foreword: The Break

Tis’ the season to be jolly! As promised, today marks the first post for our annual holiday story! I’ve mentioned in the the photo teaser that it’s going to be a bit different than the one’s from the years before. The reason? It’ll be a bit longer (haha no surprise there) and more in-depth. 

I hope you all enjoy this first look (Was supposed to post it with the first chapter but I figured a prologue would be nice. ;) Enjoy and happy holidays!

Foreword: The Break

(March 27, 2014)

Saitama Super Arena [Saitama, Japan]

“Good evening ladies and gentleman! And welcome to the annual ISU World Figure Skating Championships!”

Skaters glided through the rink dressed in their costumes, their blades sharpened and grazing flawlessly against the smooth ice. Competitive figure skating has always been one of the highlights of the year in the sports field and tonight was the night to crown the best among the best.

“This is Sandy Jones,”

“And this is Robert Goudge,” the commentators introduced themselves earning cheers from the crowd.  "And we’ll be guiding you through tonight’s segments as each of these talented young skaters go head to head to get the gold in the Junior-Senior division!“

“You’re right, Robert. I mean, just looking at all of these skaters right now as they warm up is exhilarating!”

“Are you looking forward to someone in particular, Sandy?” Robert asked.

“Well it is the Junior-Senior division’s competition, so we can already tell that the show is going to be pretty spectacular!”

“I agree and,” Robert raised his left arm then swept his hand from left or right. “And look at the crowd tonight!”

Cheers and yells resounded through the arena as several banners were raised, each stating the names of the skaters they’re in support for.

“Yeah the fans are definitely excited!” Sandy chuckled. “I see a lot of banners here tonight… oh hold on— I see one banner up here with a face.”

Sandy’s lips turned up slightly at the corner upon recognizing the skater on the banner. “Ah… of course! Tonight, a fan favorite is competing.”

“Fan favorite?” Robert asked while smiling; voice lilt with teasing. “Who could that be?”

“Well it’s no other than two-time world champion—the ‘hottest’, as termed by many, single skater in the males division…” Skating enthusiasts in the arena cheered at Sandy’s words and when she finally dropped his name, the crowd went wild. 

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Nice ( Lafayette X Reader )

This was already done Yesterday, as part of Father’s Day drabbles project, but I couldn’t post it. Anyways, here you go. I swear I’ll go back to the requests now. Hope you like it!

Word Count: 1.002

Warnings: blood, birth, probably swearing because it’s me.

Setting: Modern Day AU

Originally posted by alexanderlafayette

Lafayette hardly ever lost his cool. He was the only one in his group of friends to actually have any chill. At all. John was way too driven, Hercules always sounded aggressive and Alexander… Well, he was Alexander. That should explain enough, right? Either ways. He was always the calmest one, the one who’d only get in a fight if his friends’ honor was endangered or something along that line. Besides that, he was always soft and charming, the one Frenchman who got all girls sighing.

Yet, he felt helpless.

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ayupramordhawardhani  asked:

A scenario where Seijoh's fem! Third year manager got many chocolates for Valentine's Day (most of them from girls) and even a confession (also from a girl), which made the team dumbfounded about it. Thank you! I love you're writing so much! ❤❤❤

This is so cute my gay ass is dead!!

“(L/N)-senpai, here have some chocolates!” A girl says as a couple of her friends behind her are blushing like crazy. You let out a weak laugh and take them from her.

“You want me to give them to Oikawa, I get it you don’t need to be embarrassed.” You say and she raises an eyebrow at you, tilting her head a bit to the side. 

“No they are for you, I don’t like Oikawa-san.” She scuffs her cheeks turning pink, and your eyes widen. “We all made chocolates for you senpai.” She smiles and the other girls nod handing you there cute pink bags. 

Now it was your turn to get embarrassed. You’ve never gotten so many chocolates for Valentine’s day before, all from such cute girls no less. “Thank you so much, I bet they all taste so great. You all must have put a lot of time into them.” You say and they all nod happily. “Thank you again girls.” You say and they all wave you off. 

“(LN)-senpai.” You hear another voice ring out and you turn seeing another group of girls walking towards you. There were three just like the last time, but they were all second years on the girls volleyball team. Okay they must be for Oikawa. You think, waving at the girls who walk over to you. Chocolates in their hands. 

“We made some chocolates just for you senpai! Don’t share them with any of the boys though.” One of the girls says handing you her box first. 

“Are you sure none of these are for Oikawa?” You ask them and they all scuff. 

“No way, the are for the beautiful manager of the boys volleyball team which is you senpai.” Another says handing you her small bag. 

“Why would we make things for Oikawa when he gets more than enough stuff today of all days.” The girl in the middle says her tone of voice changing sharply, then a smile is replaced on her face as she hands you her own chocolates. “Happy Valentine’s day Senpai!” They all say in unison and walk away from you giggling as you turn around yourself. 

You had in total six little gifts for valentine’s day, and you couldn’t believe it. Plus all of the girls that gave them too you were so cute and nice, and genuinely wanted to give them to you and not Oikawa which had happened to you the first and second year of high school. 

You happily walked to your shoe locker, opening one of the bags and eating the sweet that was inside. It was so good, almost too good. The way that the chocolate was melting in your mouth and the sweetness of it in general made you stop and appreciate it. Why are girls so great? You thought, continuing on your path until someone stopped you yet again. You turned around and looked down at the much shorter girl. 

She had red hair and glasses and big green eyes. She had to at least be in your year, she looked old enough to be. “Can I help you?” You asked softly in a matter that didn’t make it seem like you were being sassy or rude. 

She held out an envelope with a heart on it and your name. It was pink with a couple of heart stickers as well. In her other hand she had a small box, you could only guess what was inside. “Y-your (L/N)-kun right? The manager of the boys volleyball team?” She asks and you nod. 

“I am yeah.” You said when she didn’t respond but just looked down at her feet. 

“I-I don’t know how you feel about liking girls but my mother said it was natural to like girls just like it was to like boys and I well.” She says looking up at you. “I really like you (L/N)-kun!” She yells shoving the gifts in your face. “You don’t have to feel the same way I just wanted to tell you!” She says and you take the two gifts from her hands. 

“You are really cute you know.” You say giving her a smile. “I wouldn’t mind getting to know you first, maybe going on a couple dates too. Do you think I could have your number?” You ask and her eyes widened and she put her hands to her mouth. She looked incredibly surprised for a girl who had just confessed her own feelings to you. 

“Really you mean it!” She exclaims and you nod. 

“Of course, what’s your name? Also I kind of need to go to my shoe locker before club so will you walk with me?” You ask and she nods as you both walk down the hall. 

“I’m Tsubaki Hari, year 3 class 5, I’m in the art club.” She says and you nod. The bell rings and you silently curse. “Oh wait.” She says taking the letter she had given you to write out her phone number. “Just text me after club, maybe we can walk home together.” She smiles and walks away. 

You place a hand to your heart and rest your head on your locker. A light laugh escaped your mouth as you close your locker realizing that you didn’t even need anything from there but from the girls locker room locker. 

Making your way outside of the school putting all of the treats that you had gotten in your backpack and opened up the girls locker room. You changed and Hatori immediately steps beside you. 

“I saw you and Tsubaki-chan talking, is anything going on between you two?” She asks wiggling her eyebrows and you huff shoving her a bit. 

“She confessed to me, and we are probably go on a date sometime soon.” You say putting on your pants and taking out your shoes. 

“Wait really?” She asks and you nod beginning to tie them and she almost loses it. “So you are dating someone finally!” She exclaims and you sigh but nod at her excitement. 

“Did you tell the boys yet?” She asks and you shake your head.

“This just happened Hatori-chan, I didn’t even go to their practice yet, what do you think I’m doing in here getting ready?” You asked and she happily jumped up and down clinging onto your arm as the other girls file out of the room. 

“I can only imagine how everyone is going to react.” She giggles as you two walk out of the room together. “Well I’ll see you later.” She waves as you both walk different ways.

Sliding open the boys gym room they were warming up, you chuckled walking over to where the coach was. “Glad you decided to join us.” He said and you nodded.

“Got a little caught up, sorry.” You apologize and he shrugs.

“It’s valentine’s day, I can only expect so much.” He says. 

“(Y/N)-chan where were you?” You hear Oikawa say and you sigh. 

“Busy with stuff.” You say trying to hold off the fact that you had gotten caught up with valentine’s day. 

“What kind of stuff? Did you get any chocolates?” He asks and you nod.

“A lot actually.” You said rubbing the back of your neck and a few other members began to walk toward you.

“Who? Who was he? Did any guys confess to you?” Iwaizumi says and you huff. 

“No boys they were all girls that gave me candy, and I did get a confess but it was from a girl.” You say and now more of the team was in on listening.

“A girl?” Yahaba asks and you nod.

“Yes a girl, we are going on a date.” You say turning away and everyone stays silent. 

“Why didn’t you tell us you were into girls, we could have hooked you up with so many cute ones.” Hanamaki says and you look at his shrugging form just as everyone else did. “Just gotta help my girl out.” He adds and you couldn’t help but laugh. 

“Why didn’t you tell us sooner that you liked girls.” Oikawa says and you smile rubbing the back of your neck.

“Never came up I guess.” 

What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?

I present the first half of NicoMaki the Hallmark movie, clocking in at 11.5K. All ye traditional pairings gather around the Christmas tree and Eli returns to her villainous Presidential mode. Enjoy! Ah, almost forgot the playlist.




Doctor Maki Nishikino had bought her house in Cherry Blossom Heights in the summer. It was a nice little development, full of professional couples and a few singles like herself. People pretty much kept to themselves, the atmosphere was generally calm and the Cherry Blossom Heights Neighborhood Association kept a close eye on everyone to make sure that nothing really ever got untidy. Maki’s neighbor, Eli Ayase, was a lawyer and the president of the Neighborhood Association. She and her wife, Nozomi, had a little girl, Michaela, 4 years old, who was very quiet and reserved and obviously spoiled. Maki felt comfortable there.

The house next to hers had been empty since Maki moved in, the ‘For Sale’ sign discreet. But today, there was a battered station wagon in the driveway, full of boxes. The car had to be at least 10 years old and was definitely showing hard use. Maki wondered if someone had bought the house and if that was actually their car because surely anyone who drove a car like that couldn’t afford a house even Maki had thought pricy.

A teenager came out of the house, pulled a couple of boxes out of the car and caught sight of Maki as they turned toward the house. The boxes got dropped back into the car. Instead the teen, a small, impish looking girl with black hair and twinkling red eyes waved at Maki while approaching.

“Hi! I’m Nico. Are you the neighbor?”

The teen was dressed in jeans, a red turtleneck and a flannel shirt in holiday colors.

Maki nodded, trying not to clutch her purse too tightly, “Yes. I’m Dr. Nishikino. Are your parents moving in?”

The girl cocked her head at her, eyes very serious, eyebrows lowered. When Maki continued to only look politely quizzical, Nico doubled over, slapped the side of her legs and started laughing.

“Oh, you’re going to be fun.”

Maki took a step backwards and decided to clutch her purse as hard as she liked, politeness be damned.

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Shut Up [Part 2] (Philip Hamilton x Reader)


Request - I REQUEST PART 2


TW - mention of school


You and Philip had gotten a lot - closer - after your last study session together, although neither of you had brought the topic up. You were torn between mentioning it and not, it was constantly on your mind for the past week. You wanted to talk about it, see if Philip reciprocated your feelings towards him, to have the possibility of experiencing the feeling of his lips pressed against yours in a blissful kiss once again, yet you had no idea what to say. And what if he didn’t feel the same way?

As thoughts ran through your mind, you nearly forgot the teacher was talking and snapping to your senses, you listened in to what the teacher was saying, hearing something about “group project”. Your teacher began reading out names, for the groups you presumed. In the middle of listing off the names, you heard two very familiar names be called, one after the other.

Y/N and Philip.

Your eyes flicked over to the male who seemed to be grinning wildly at you. Paying no attention to it, you sat in your thoughts once again, wondering if you could possibly survive doing this project with him.


“Philip…” You complained, “This is a group project, why can’t you help me?”

Philip’s everlasting smirk still sat plastered onto his face as he spoke, “Ah, but Y/N, I finished my work, now you have to do your share of it.”

You huffed, directing your gaze back down to your paper, doing your best to concentrate on the task, although it began to get more and more difficult as you heard your name being repeated over and over again, louder each time.

“What is it, Philip?” You asked, still trying to focus on the work in front of you.

“Can we take a break?” You stopped for a moment, processing the situation, and it didn’t take you long for you to come to a conclusion about what he was doing.

He was mocking you.

A part of you wanted to respond how he did the other day, insist you had to finish what you were doing and ignore whatever he had to say, but instead, you set your pencil down and turned to face Philip, smiling irritatedly.



“Philip, I said we could take a small break, not watch an entire fucking movie!” You said, exasperated.

Philip simply shrugged, “You never said a word about it having to be a small break, so we can take as long of I break as I want. Plus, what’s the harm in winding down with a nice movie after a long day of work?”

“What’s the harm?” You asked rhetorically, “I won’t be able to finish my work and then we’ll both get a bad mark!”

“I finished my work,” Philip stated nonchalantly, “I can just tell the teacher that I did my work.”

You dropped your jaw, “Philip! You wouldn’t do something so mean to me!”

“Try me,” Philip replied with a smug face.

You groaned and began to push yourself off of the couch, planning to go grab your work. Instead, you felt two arms snake around your torso, pulling you back into the seat, very close to Philip.

“Philip…” You complained, “I need to continue working,”

“You can finish later,” Philip responded, wrapping his arms tighter around you. “Besides,” He lowered his voice, speaking next to your ear, “I quite enjoy having you in my arms.”

You could feel your cheeks heat up at his comment, crossing your arms. “Don’t say things like that…”

Philip chuckled, “Why not, it’s only the truth.”

The color covering your cheeks deepened, and you looked down, hoping Philip wouldn’t be able to see the effect his words had on you. “S-shut up…” You mumbled, glancing down.

“Then make me.” He was mocking you again.

You turned to face the male, although still blushing, with a mischievous smile. Unable to control yourself, you crashed your lips onto his, wrapping your arms around his neck. Philip responded happily, kissing you back with the same amount of passion.

You pulled back after a while, out of breath. Philip was still grinning, his arms holding you close to him. “Y/N,” He began, looking you in the eye, “I should have brought it up earlier, what happened the other day, I mean.”

You practically felt your heart burst out of your chest from anticipation and you bit your lip, looking into Philip’s handsome eyes then down towards your lap, your chest suddenly feeling heavy. “Philip, it’s fine if you don’t see me the way I see you, I-”

Philip cut you off, taking your hands into his, “Y/N, did you seriously think I wasn’t interested in you? God, you’re dense.” He paused for a moment, sighing quietly. “Y/N, you are magnificent, kind, beautiful, funny, everything I look for in a person. You brighten up my worst days and can always make me happy without fail. I love you so much Y/N. Would you allow me the honor of being your boyfriend?”

You had barely realized you were beaming, nodding shyly. You wrapped your arms around Philip once again, pulling him into a tight hug. You pulled away, locking eyes with Philip, “I love you too. But I really do have to finish that project, so can you let me go?”

“Too bad, I’m still enjoying having you in my arms,” Philip said, tightening his arms around you.

“Phillllip,” You complained, “Why do you have to do this to me?”

“Just shut up and watch the movie,”

You grinned wildly, “Make me.”

Funky Feathers

Summary: You work at a tech company. Your co-worker Gabe is often your only source of amusement.

Characters: Gabriel, Reader

Pairings: Gabriel X Reader

Word Count: 1600

A/N: This is based off the request I got from @fandoms-are-my-true-nature asking for a Gabriel x Reader fanfic, but a fluffy/smutty fic…Okay I got a little carried away. This is going to be two or three parts and the fluff and smut is coming. I swear. Also thank you for being patient.

Any feedback is appreciated, also if you wouldn’t mind liking and rebloging.

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You type at your computer, listening to the customer rant and rave at you over the phone, “Yes sir….No sir…Did you hit the red ‘x’ sir?…No…No…Would you like to speak to a manager sir?…Well it is no longer covered because you didn’t purchase the insurance and the warranty has expired sir….Yes, well you have a pleasant day sir.”

You hit the end call button and buried your face in your hands. This is a temporary job. This is a temporary job. You chant it to yourself over and over again.

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random aus

They’ve prolly been mentioned before somewhere else but meh i’m gonna do it anyway have some aus

  • “I’m a dancer and was trying out this new move in public but accidentally crashed into you and you got hurt so I brought you to a nearby clinic and I am so fucking sorry about that what can I do to make it up for you (also fuck I broke a hot person’s arm I am absolute trash)”
  • “I am legit the BEST fucking cheater in this classroom I have never been caught once but then YOU came along and found out that I had marked the windows with a special ink that is only visible through the type of material I made these glasses out of and I REFUSE to be beaten by you I’m gonna find a way to cheat successfully in your class I swear”
  • “I am a new teacher and I encourage all of my students to try and cheat through my class because the subject I’m teaching centers around problem-solving and critical thinking and if you ACTUALLY find a way to cheat without me knowing then you’re utilizing the knowledge properly”
  • “There’s a curse on this entire city and we literally cannot speak without it being a direct line from any song at all which is why I’m explaining it to you using this note also my singing voice is terrible”
  • “I accidentally wrote your last name instead of mine when I was writing my full name in the test and I totally forgot about it but then the teacher suddenly started giggling to herself in the middle of the class and I didn’t know until she called both of us to the front”
  • “My dog escaped last night and so did your dog but when my dog came back your dog followed her and is now trying to bang her and um this is kinda awkward”
  • “We accompanied both of our little siblings/cousins to this birthday party and now we’re handcuffed together because the shitty magician they hired fucked up his trick and is now trying to convince all the kids that the reason the cuffs wouldn’t come off is because destiny is binding us together do you wanna corner him later and beat the shit out of him”
  • “I just asked the most inane question in the entire world rhetorically but then you barged in and gave a legit response and I actually didn’t know that and now I am ashamed”
  • “My little siblings LOVE going to this trashy pizzeria so I pass the time by beating all the high scores on every single arcade game they have but then one day someone beat all of my high scores by exactly 100 points and I KNOW it’s the same person because they used the same fucking name on the scoreboards each time my pride is on the line who the hell did this I will fight them”
  • “So this couple just passed by and they’re singing to each other and all of a sudden the passerbys just joined in and it’s become one huge musical number and suddenly I know the song and start dancing along then started dancing with you and we had the same confused/horrified looks on our faces and then the music stopped and everyone went back to normal like nothing happened and we’re just looking at each other and we’re so confused are we in a Disney movie”
  • “The local government hired me to paint a mural on this extremely long and blank wall and I’m pretty sure I only started at end of the wall I didn’t do the stuff at the other end but somehow the entire thing is coming together as this panorama story thing and I NEED to know who that other artist is because really they’re making my job easier plus their work is beautiful”
  • “I’m the English lit teacher and no one must know that I write fanfiction of my own students and publish them online so I’m TERRIFIED when I learn that you - the art teacher - know about everything but turns out you make fanart for them and turns out we’re both fans of each other’s work online do you wanna work together and hook these guys up”
  • “This really fast paced song came on and I started dancing to it using these dance moves from this very specific video somewhere and it turns out you know the moves too so we end up dancing together and now everyone is staring at us I don’t even know you’re name”
  • “Am I cross-dressing at this costume party yes yes I am and it’s fantastic”
  • “We’re both at this costume party held by mutual friends and you’re dressed as the person I heavily ship with the person I’m dressed as also you’re cute can you pls make this ship come true for a while for me I’ll buy you a honey bagel”
  • “I just met you but I’m PRETTY sure you’re literally Captain America no really what is a perfect specimen you doing in this danky-ass coffee shop that I work at is that your drawing oh my gods you really ARE Steve Rogers aren’t youuuu”
  • “Did you actually fucking make a fully functional technological suit of armor for this cosplay competition- oh my gods you DID I’m gonna have to step up my game during the presentation. What the hell though you should be making a self-sustaining energy source or something not wasting your talents on a fucking cosplay convention”
  • “I animate a bunch of music vids on YouTube and decided I’d try out doing a cover for this one song so I go out of my way to use and actual recording studio because my mic is shit and I’m really flustered about singing this in front of a total stranger but you’re being really supportive and keep giving me tips for making my voice sound better and eventually we end up singing a duet and it sounds amazing and I am subjected to listening to it over and over again and I end up animating a love story using our vocals and it’s got so much positive feedback and they want us to do another duet? What? No, I didn’t make it a love story bec I fell for you at first sight what no”
  • “My jam went on while on the bus and it’s REALLY hard not to dance to it in my seat and you’re staring at me weirdly I apologize for being a strange creature but you don’t understand this song is perfection”
  • “We’re the only two people in the class who know how to sing this one Russian lullaby and the whole class goes totally silent while we do a duet and apparently it sounds REALLY creepy when we sing it wanna dress as dead Russian children and sing together in random dark alleyways”
  • “The teacher accidentally left his music playing on his laptop so when he opened it it started playing a Japanese song very loudly and we just start belting out the lyrics we’ve memorized by heart and I’ve never really talked to you but you seem like a cool person plus you’re singing voice is great why is the teacher looking at us with sparkly eyes
  • “I make really cheesy/nerdy pick-up lines and usually when I tell them to people they groan at how terrible they are but then you overheard me telling one and cut in with an equally cheesy/nerdy pick-up line so now we’re just shooting each other pick-up lines back and forth”
  • “I play the cello really weirdly and you play the guitar really weirdly so our friends decide to hook us up and now we’re composing a hella good song it’s gonna be a huge hit”
  • “You are literally sparkling in the sunlight are you okay you’re not a Twilight vampire or a shoujo character are you?”
  • “I am a tech wizard and am so sorry for your loss, and I will do my best to try and restore your laptop to its former glory with minimal pay, also you should probably avoid looking at funny videos and drinking milk at the same time”
  • “What the hell kinda vine are you tryna make that involves me holding onto your legs as you dangle haphazardly out your apartment window that is on the eighteenth floor”
  • “That is the most neon shirt I have ever seen a person bear to wear pls burn it”
  • “As your doctor I would advise you to stop from using yourself as reference I don’t care if it’s for your novel you can’t just walk into a bar and ask the biggest guy you can find to punch you really hard in the shoulder my gods”

I’ll add more when I think of them if yer gonna use them tag me maybe idk

Pretty Boy

Pairings: Warren Worthington (Angel) x Reader

Request: Hi, can i get 3 and 27 from the prompt list with Warren Worthington?? Thank you❤️🌻

Prompt 1:  “I didn’t think you wanted me around. You never indicated you did.”

Prompt 2: “There’s a person who won’t stop bugging me will you pretend to be my partner so that they’ll fuck off?”

Weekends at Xavier’s could honestly be something made into a movie, especially when talking about the older kids. There was always something you and the rest of the mutants were trying to get into now that you were free from any type of school work or training and this weekend was no different. 

It was a Friday night and you were sat in your room trying to catch up on some world history when Jean and Jubilee cam stumbling in with giddy looks on their faces. Both of them were holding neon colored papers in their hands and they were staring at you like you were one the boys from the Brat Pack. 

Putting your pencil down and shutting you book you look to them, “Will you two ever learn to knock”?

Jean pouts and points her thumb behind her, “The sign says ‘enter’, so we entered”. 

“Nooooo… The sign says ‘Do Not Enter”, you tell them, using air quotes around ‘do not’, 

Suddenly a gust of wind comes through the room and your eyes flick to see Peter now swiveling around in your desk chair chomping on an apple. 

“Kurt crossed out the ‘do not’ part with sharpie an hour ago. I watched him do it”, he tells you and bites into his apple again. 

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Forever (Jin)

Requested: The original request came from @rapmontrashqueen and then I used THIS video as inspiration. watch it. it’ll make you happy i promise. -Gabby

a/n: requests are still open!! I will do reactions, and fluffs so if you want one message me and I will add it to my list!

also this is based heavily on the song Cook For Love by K.Will. So go watch the music video it’s so cute it will make you cry. 

Genre: Pure Fluff. That’s it. 
Word Count: 1,529

Masterlist - Mobile Masterlist

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#157: You Study For Your Finals


This was really exciting to write since I’m currently in the middle of my finals/exams and I even wrote this during my English exam because I was done two hours before due time! This was also requested by this anon and inspired by this lovely tweet by Ashton! I wish everyone luck and may your odds ever be in your favor!


Fingers typing against the keyboard on your laptop were the only sounds aloud in your bedroom. The light from the screen was shining bright in your face, your eyebrows furrowing while you stared at the Spanish words in front of you. It was all about checking, finding grammar mistakes and even though you had read it at least thirty times you couldn’t think of anything else. A glass of lukewarm coffee was resting next to you on the nightstand, the usual steam far gone and the mug being forgotten by your huge concentration. “Babe.” A whine came from beside you but with your blasting music from your headphones and your eyes focused you didn’t hear a single thing.” Y/N?” Luke asked confused, now fully awake, his eyes squeezing by brightness. “You’re still working on that?” His question made you gaze towards him, a small jolt going through your body even you could feel him awake. You plugged out an earbud and looked at him curiously. “I thought you were done with your oral Spanish presentation hours ago.” He ran a hand through his mat hair to get it away from falling in his eyes and sat up on the bed. “I just- Can’t get it out of my head.” You mumbled with a frustrated sigh and turned your attention back to the screen. “What if I find one mistake and that decides whether I’m failing or passing?” “You’re not failing.” Luke argued softly with a sigh and rested his chin on top of your shoulder, “You’re better at Spanish than anyone else I know. Why would you fail? You have never failed in any of your assignments?” You rolled your eyes by his question and leaned your cheek against his forehead. “Because I always fail at oral exams. If this was a written exam it wouldn’t be a problem but now that I have to speak for myself I just can’t do it right without failing. And I don’t even know what I’m afraid of. I just imagine everything going horribly wrong because I’m so into wanting to do well.” Luke placed a soft kiss to your bare shoulder before taking a look at your screen, “I know babe but you need sleep. You have to get up early tomorrow and I don’t want you to walk around in panic and yell at me because you slept over your alarm. How about this-“ He paused to wrap an arm around your shoulder. “Finding mistakes can be difficult by just reading. If you read it to me out loud you’ll have easier access to find your mistakes. Plus I won’t judge you and honestly doesn’t get a clue of Spanish so don’t worry I won’t laugh at you.” Your cheeks blushed by his suggestion and you whined softly his name. “Come on. It will help I promise.” He whispered and pressed his lips against your forehead, smiling into the kiss when you gave in and started to read up the words aloud. And even if it sounded ridiculous to you it helped, finding a few misspells that might have influence on your exam the morning after.


“Y/N.” Calum whined, dragging out the vocals of your name. You looked up lost by his sudden exclaim, looking at him with furrowed eyebrows before your attention went back to your papers. “See, rejected, once again!” He had tried everything, tracing his lips up your neck just like he knew you liked it, played with your hair and caressed your back. Nothing seemed to work! You were so caught up in your biology that you barely registered your boyfriend beside you on the couch. “Come on Y/N. I have an idea.” He traced his lips back to your cheeks. “What?” You asked unamused and glared at him shortly. This needed to be done as fast as possible but also done well so you wouldn’t fail. “We can study together. You know…. Human biology.” He traced his finger down your bare arm while smirking, his eyes shining when you removed yourself from the couch to stand up. “Fine. Get up and take off your clothes.” You grinned and grabbed a pencil from your pencil case. Calum rose from the couch instantly and with a huge grin took of his clothes until he was left in his boxers. You walked around him in circles, smiling at him seducely and touched his shoulder blades lightly. “Let’s see.” You started out and stopped when you were right in front of him. “Biceps, triceps,” You traced the pencil over his arm, running it over his collarbone and down. “Chest, heart, lunges.” A giggle escaped Calum’s lips by your pencil, goosebumps forming on his arms and making the hair rise. “It tickles.” He commented and looked down at you with a smile, feeling happy about the fact that you were finally giving him some decent attention. You smiled by his words and nodded your head agreeing, doing extra to doddle around his skin when you came down to his abs. “Inside we have the large intestine, the small intestine and appendix.” You kneeled down to get on level with his navel, giggling again when his body reacted to the small touch by your pencil. “The hips are pretty clear. A small vision of a V line down here.” You moved it down and traced patterns, smiling when Calum almost whimpered by your touch. You placed your hand on his hip to keep him still, moving your lips to down below his navel and lingering your lips over the tender skin. “And at last… We have your pelvis.” You traced over his skin for the last time before standing up with a laugh, seeing Calum’s eyes shocked and almost amazed by your teasing. “Are you kidding me?” He exclaimed. “I’ve been waiting all day for this and now you stop before you even go fully down?” “Sorry.” You grinned and sat back on the couch with your laptop on your lap. “I only have to examine the body from hips to face. I don’t need to analyze the lower parts.” Calum’s jaw fell by your words before he slumped back on the couch, a satisfied smile coming to your lips by your teasing.  


“Okay Y/N, are you ready for this play of flashcard chemistry?! Michael folded his hands around his mouth to create a hollering voice, his eyes showing excitement and his voice changing to create more dramatic. You simply rolled your eyes by his request and moved your hand up to prevent the sun from streaming into your eyes, still squeezing them to get a better look at them. “You honestly don’t have any choice because you were the one deciding that I was supposed to do this and since I don’t have any studio recordings today all I can do is assist and bore you with these flashcards!” He remained the talk show host, giggling loudly by your face expression. You almost regretted allowing him to help study for your chemistry exam tomorrow. “And the category is…” He paused to create suspense, “The periodic table!” You placed your chin on top of your palm and looked up at him with challenging eyes, “And the first question is… Which three groups of the Periodic Table contain the most elements classified as metalloids?” You looked at him with wide eyes, trying to find a solution to his question while he made background noises. “14, 15, and 16?” You said unsure in question but when Michael squealed in excitement and threw fake confetti in the air you knew it was definitely correct. “God I wish this was like the exam.” You giggled and looked at him excited for the next question. “When a metal atom combines with a nonmetal atom, the nonmetal atom will…?” He stopped for you to answer and you furrowed your eyebrows confused, how did he even manage to find questions like these? “Lose electrons and increase in size?” Michael scrunched his nose by your words and made a holler of boh’s. “That incorrect, Y/N! The answer is gain electrons and increase in size.” You rolled your eyes by the wrong answer and banged your hands against the soft grass, “Okay last question before we go to another topic. “According to Reference Table S, which of the following elements has the smallest atomic radius?” “Calcium!” You yelled at him almost aggressively, feeling the pressure of this test hitting you. Michael frowned again his mouth opening wide in surprise, “That is wrong as well Y/N! The answer was nickel and now you will fail your exam!” He beamed, continuing with his talk show voice and forgetting what he literally just said. Your eyes widened by his statement and he threw the cards down to the grass and kneeled down. “I swear I was kidding Y/N! I was too into the game, no more flashcards for an hour!” He exclaimed and wrapped his arms around your neck, burying you into his chest. “It’s okay.” You laughed and moved away to look at him. “Where did you even find those questions? I’ve never seen you touch a chemistry book?” “Google is the answer to everything darling. At least you’re getting a real education unlike your boyfriend.” He giggled and removed a piece of hair away from your forehead.


“Y/N?” Ashton asked confused, his body sweaty and glistering from his hard drumming. He looked around confused, wiped his curls away from his sticky forehead and took a look down at the hallway. He called your name again and this time a faint hum came from the kitchen. The second Ashton stepped inside his eyes widened and his jaw fell. “What the hall happened in here?” He asked confused, seeing your whole kitchen counter along with the floor being covered in papers. You looked up from your laptop almost startled; too engrossed in the work you hadn’t even noticed his presence. “English papers. I picked my topic for tomorrow.” You mumbled and kept on typing on your laptop, too focused to even look at him properly. “What did you pick?” Ashton asked interested, his eyes looking at you curiously. “You’re standing on him.” You responded without removing your gaze from the laptop. Ashton looked down with wide eyes, his feet covering the picture of a male. He leaned down to grab the paper, lifted it up to his eyes and headed towards you. “Who’s this? Stephen King?” He took a seat next to you on the bar chairs and looked at you curiously. “It’s Shakespeare you dumbass.” You laughed and ripped the paper out of his hands, placing it next to your only pile in your kitchen that seemed to be organized. Ashton took a look back at the picture, his eyebrows furrowing. Even if he had finished school he had never come across a picture of Shakespeare, not even a single text. “So what do you have to do?” He asked and took a look at your laptop. “I have to analyze one of his sonnets along with an extract of Romeo and Juliet. It’s actually the balcony scene.” You mentioned and his eyes lit up, “I fucking remember that from the Leonardo DiCaprio film! It is the east and Juliet is the sun!” He changed his voice by his last sentence, adding drama and deepness to you. “How impressive.” You giggled and leaned your head against his shoulder, his lips finding your forehead. “How about we act out the play? Maybe it will help you with preparing your exam.” He grinned and looked down at you with wiggled eyebrows, “I’ll be a great Romeo.” “You know we’ll both have to die right?” You giggled and moved away to look at him. “Would you mind? Then you don’t have to finish all these exams and you can lay all your attention back on me again. When was the last time we had an actual cuddle?” You shrugged your shoulder and turned your attention back to your laptop. “When all of this is over I’ll cuddle you until we can’t breathe any longer. But for now I have to finish this okay? Please don’t disturb.” He nodded his head silently patient, resting his chin on top of your shoulder while he watched you continue your work in silence. The faster you were done and satisfied the faster he would have you fully in his arms.

Stay The Night

Pairing: Alexander Hamilton x Reader

Word Count: 3,089

Based on: Prompt #345 from this post

You sighed as you heard the familiar fanfare of the song that the string quartet had already played several times tonight and watched as men scrambled to find eligible dance partners. Soon, the whooshing of skirts sounded in time with the music, and you looked down at your clasped hands in disappointment.

In your opinion, these wretched balls were always wastes of time. Even though you were the best friend of the highly desired Schuyler sisters, your reservedness usually kept you out of the limelight. Plus, the dresses that you always wore to these events always seemed to start itching halfway through the night, making it less than attractive to keep standing around. Peggy always insisted that you go, though, telling you that men always cowered in the sight of true beauty.

The said sister was talking your ear off at the current moment, not heavily concerned about the fact that she had been whisked away by suitors only a couple of times. She loved watching Eliza and Angelica have their fun and claimed that she would soon have hers as well.

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BOY WITH HORMONES [Kim Taehyung x Reader] Pt.2

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genre: angst

Lengths: Not bad

Summary: You and taehyung are childhood friends, but things happened to Taehyung and changed him. You get to be his classmate in High School, but he end up embarrassing you in front of the class, and this end up you being bullied. HS ended and now you’re in college. Will you finally be free from the bullies?

Warning: Trigger warning(bullying) and Bad words

Part 2/?

Originally posted by sayjjanhae

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Show Me the Money 4 Pt. 3 (You X ???)

I’m so sorry that I’m posting this late. I was almost done with it last night, I had only 1 little paragraph left and my laptop just fucking cut off on me. So I lost the whole thing and had to retype it.

Part 1  Part 2  Part 4

R/N - Restaurant Name

When you woke up you just stared at your ceiling for a good 20 minutes. It was currently 5 in the morning and you didn’t have to be at the filming location till 9. After finally deciding to get up you lazily walked towards your bathroom to take a shower and brush your teeth.

Standing in front of your closet in nothing but a towel, you began to search for whatever outfit to wear today. You stared blankly at the back of closet before you finally pulled out some clothes.

You didn’t know if you still had to bring the necklace from the audition rounds so you just shoved it in your bag. Searching through your closet your finally found your favorite snapback. Before you left your house you pulled your phone off the charger and noticed Taewoon had texted you.

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