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Prompt/Summary: You’ve given the rest of the team nicknames, but Bucky wonders why you’ve never given him one.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: fluff, fluff fluffity fluff fluff

Word Count: 1197

Author’s Note:  Sorry Bluebird isn’t done.  So you get this instead.  I had a dance performance on Sunday and all of my evenings have been taken up by dance practice.  All done now, so back to writing. 

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Little Librarian

Requested: noppidy nope

Pairing: Jeff Atkins x reader

Warnings: drinking, smoking, cussing, self hate, angst, fluff.

Words: 2,719

“Come on, you promised.” Hannah said, stopping at the open door. “Plus, we’re already here.”

“I can always turn around.” You sighed.

“You’d abandon me like that?” She pouted.

You only rolled your eyes and nodded towards the door. Hannah let out a cute squeal and took a hold of your hand and dragged you inside. Hannah greeted her friends as you both weaved through the people packed into Bryce’s party.

You both made it to the kitchen and Hannah grabbed two beers. You smiled and gently took it from her hands, although you knew you weren’t going to drink it. It wasn’t your thing.

For nearly an hour you followed Hannah around like a lost puppy. Eventually you both sat down at a table outside, you sober and awkward while Hannah was tipsy and relaxed. You were never one for parties, but Hannah was your best friend and you, for some reason, promised to accompany her to one.

You wanted to go back and punch your yesterday self in the mouth.

“I spy with my little eye; a cute tutor and his cute student.” Hannah tapped the table grabbing your attention. “Jeff! Clay!” She screamed over the music in the back yard.

“Hey, Hannah, Y/N.” Clay said semi-awkwardly.

“‘Sup ladies.” Jeff greeted, with that perfect smile that left you without words, even after years of crushing on him.

Actually everything about him left you completely disarmed. The beautiful fluff that sat atop of his head, the crinkle in his nose when he laughed, the full lips that dared you to kiss him without regret, those pretty blue eyes that found yours as you picked out your favourite parts of him.

“You alright?” He asked while you quickly averted your whole head to the ground, attempting to hide your reddened cheeks.

“Y-yeah! I’m good.” You sputtered out quietly.

“She’d be a little better if she actually drank the beer I got her.” Hannah huffed.

“Not thirsty.” You looked back up to Hannah.

“You’ve been here for an hour and you’ve done nothing but follow me around and mope.” Hannah rolled her eyes. “Go have fun.”

“I’m content right here.” You declined.

Jeff pitched in. “C’mon, little librarian,” Little librarian, that was his nickname for you. He had been calling you that since you had met, because at first he had mistook you for one when you bumped into each other in the library. “Come dance with me.”

“I can’t dance.” You tried weakly, but he pulled you from your seat anyway.

“Don’t listen to her! She’s in dance!” Hannah yelped.

“Hannah! You traitor!” You gasped as Jeff tugged you into the middle of the mess of grinding people.

You internally cringed at the feeling of their sweaty bodies surrounding you. But after a moment the feeling of hands on your hips brought you out of your thoughts with a slight jump.

“At least pretend to have fun? You’re starting to hurt my feelings.” Jeff joked as he pulled you closer.

You blushed. “Sorry, I’m not used to this.” you swayed your hips to the music.

“Being at a party or being at Bryce’s party?” He guided your hip’s movements.

“Both.” You laughed.

“I see.” He laughed along with you. “You and Clay are impossible nerds.” You were practically grinding against him now.

“I’m sorry I don’t really fit the bill to be a party girl, I’m more of a lonesome bookworm.” You shrugged.

“I see you more as a sexy librarian.” Jeff laughed before someone called his name and practically ripped him away from you.

“Jeff, man, come on. Group of cuties wanna talk to you.” Some guy, whose name you’d never know, tried pulling the baseball boy away much to his protest.

“Dude, right now?” Jeff tried not to snap at the boy.

“Oh come on, Jeff. Look, you don’t even have to hook up with the brunette chick, just keep her busy so I can score her friend.” The guy asked. “Please, be a bro, bro.” He begged.

“But…” He trailed off looking back at you.

“Oh, don’t worry about me. Go help your friend out. I’ll just go find Hannah or something.” You urged.

“I’ll be right back, alright?” Jeff started to walk away. “Wait for me, librarian!” He called a little ways away.

For half an hour, you stood on the wall, waiting,  while Jeff stood talking up a storm with the beautiful brunette, his friend snogging the redhead a few feet over. You willed yourself not to feel jealous over it, instead you felt heartbroken. Which was no better, but you couldn’t help it.

Annoyed with your mindset, you looked down at the cooler of beers. With a deep breath you reached down to snag the cold glass from the ice. You quickly twisted the top off and downed half the bitter drink. After cringing a little you tipped it back and finished it off.

“Whoa, slow down, there.” Bryce’s voice startled her as she started on her second beer.

“I’m good, I would like to get as drunk as possible as fast as possible.” You ignored him a raised the bottle back to your lips.

“Well, if that’s the case,” He grabbed her beer from her hand and started back inside. “Follow me.”

Part of you told you to do the opposite and run in the other direction. But, alas, your eyes fell on the baseball player and the cute girl, who seemed to have gotten closer since the last time you looked. You decided against your chest right mind and followed Bryce inside.

This was where he gave you a red solo cup filled with what looked like water. You raised an eyebrow at him and he nodded for you to drink it. With a slight shrug you tipped the cup back and swallowed half the beverage, this time the burn sliding down your throat made you cringe deeply.

You shook your head, already feeling it. “Thanks Bryce.” With that you finished the drink and grabbed another one.

“Anytime.” He nodded. “What’s got you all sour?”

“My hopeless crush.” You huffed, sparing a glance at the couple in the back yard. He was now leaning against the fence with his hands on her hips and she was tracing patterns onto her chest.

“Really? Jeff? That’s who you’re pining for?” Bryce laughed.

“Yeah, yeah. The quiet library nerd has heart eyes for the hot ass baseball star. Hilarious.” You rolled your eyes and finished off your drink, again.

He handed you a new one. “Well, in my time of knowing Atkins, he was never into the shy, library girls. No offense.”

“None taken.” You had know that was true. “How about we stop talking about Jeff and we started getting wasted?”

“Sounds like a plan.”

With that, you spent most of the night with Bryce and the other boys. Mostly Zach and Justin, they had quickly becoming your favourites. They were funny and sweet. Not sweeter than Jeff.

You shook your head again, trying to rid your brain of Jeff related thoughts and tipped your cup back. You made a game for yourself. Every time you thought about Jeff you drank. It turned out he was on your mind a lot. So needless to say, you were pretty drunk.

You were now sitting between Bryce and Justin, most of the party playing King cup, a card game where you had to do something based on the card you. Bryce drew a four card; give two, take two.

Bryce grabbed four shot glasses and filled them all the way up. He took two and slid two over to you. You grinned and quickly threw back the burning liquid, easily.

The crowd cheered you on, just as drunk as you were. As you finished your last shot, you felt a hand on your thigh. Turning, you saw that it was Bryce. You gently moved his hand from your leg.

Bryce leaned over to talk into your ear. “Relax, no one will notice.” He put his opposite hand on her thigh this time, while his other slid over her shoulders.

“it’s just a little too hot to be this close though.” You giggled drunkenly.

“Well then, why don’t we shed a few layers.” He whispered and trailed his fingers up her shirt.

“Nope, I think I’ll keep my clothes on.” You giggled again. Is this what being drunk was like? Giggling nonstop?

Suddenly, cold seeping through your shirt brought you out of your thoughts making you jump up.  “Whoa, careful, Y/N!” Justin caught you as you wobbled.

“Shit, I’m sorry. Thought your tits could use something to drink.” Bryce joked, as he had spilled his drink on you.

“Come on, I’ll help you get cleaned up.” Jessica pulled you towards the bathroom. “We’ll be right back guys.”

As you made it to the bathroom, Jessica quickly helped you pull off your T-shirt. You both quickly trying to clean it up with the extreme soft towels.

“Dude, my mother would kill me if she knew these are what her expensive towels were being used for.” You laughed.

“Oh shit! Same!” Jessica agreed, laughing with you.

Eventually, it was settled that you wouldn’t be able to wear that shirt again. “You wait here, I’m going to go get my jacket.” Jessica rushed out of the bathroom, closing the door for you.

You continued to dry your shirt as best you could. It was your favourites, there was no way you’d let it fall to the likes of alcohol. You giggled to yourself, was your shirt a princess that you had to save from the alcohol dragon?

The door opened and you looked up, still giggling a little to find Bryce. “You know, it’s rude to just walk into a bathroom without knocking.”

“Well, here, to make up for ruining your shirt and my rudeness.” He reached out to hand you another drink.

“You are forgiven.” You downed most of the drink. This time it tasted weird, sweeter than your other drinks. You shrugged it off and finished it.

I really should go try and find- whoa, shit.” You moved to stand and the room began to spin.

“Careful, there, Y/N.” Bryce grabbed you around your waist, to steady you.

“I’m fine, just really, really dizzy.” You leaned against Bryce.

“Let’s get you to a room.” He started to drag her out of the bathroom.

“But I have to wait for Jess…” You trailed off into a giggle.

Bryce ignored you and pulled you along. Finally you two slipped into a dark room. I’m scared of the dark bad things happen in the dark. You giggled to yourself again.

You felt Bryce lay your down on the bed, and your head lolled about a little. You almost dismissed the dipping of the the bed around you, but your brain was slightly awakened by the feeling of lips pressed against your neck.

“Bryce, quit it.” You laughed pushing at him.

But he continued on down to your chest. In the back if your alcohol induced mind, alarms were going off. You shoved at him, but your ditsy mind was weakening you.

He pinned your arms down and you begun to get scared. You tried to break through your haze and do something but all that came out was a weak yell.

Bryce leaned up over you and as you opened your mouth to try and scream, he slammed his lips into yours. You squirmed and tried to keep your lips closed but when his hand slipped into your pants and into you roughly, you cried out.

Satisfied with your opened mouth, his tongue slid inside. The feeling made you fag, and tears welled in your eyes. This was happening. There was nothing you could do.

I’m going to be raped.

After a moment moment of painful fingering, Bryce pulled his hand out of your pants and started to push them down. Something in your mind snapped. You were not about to let this happen.

You bit down on his tongue. Hard. As he reared back in pain you let out a scream. As loud as you could. You scream was cut off by a harsh slap to your cheek.

The blow disoriented you more than your drunkenness itself. But still, you kicked your feet at him, one of them successfully hitting their target.

As soon as Bryce tumbled to the ground in pain the door flew open. The bright light from the hallway made you squint your eyes.

Mm, that feels nice. You kept your eyes closed, suddenly extremely exhausted now. You felt the bed dipped again and a hand grab your bruising face.

“No, get off.” You whined, pushing at the person, whom your mind suspected as Bryce.

“Hey, hey, relax. It’s me, little librarian.” Little librarian? Now is not the time to be thinking of Jeff, Y/N. He’s the reason you’re in this mess.

That wasn’t true, you were the reason you were in this mess. You threw yourself a pity party because the guy you were practically in love with didn’t like you back. Shit, you were pathetic.

“Come on, you gotta stand for me.” The person tried to pull you up.

“No, stop it, Bryce.” You protested.

“Look at me. Y/N, open your eyes and look at me.” You did as you were told, and sure enough there was Jeff in all his concerned glory.

“Jeff…” Tears welled in her eyes.

“Hey, there, little librarian.” He said softly, touching your cheek. You hissed and jerked away from his touch. “He hit you.”

It was more of an angry statement than a question but you nodded, closing your eyes. You felt him gently wipe away the tears that slipped out.

“Come, let’s get you out of here.” He helped you fix your pants and pulled his jacket over your shoulders.

It was only now, that you noticed, the others in the room. Zach and Justin holding Bryce against the wall, Hannah, Clay and Jess watching you with concerned eyes. You gave them all a drowsy wave as Jeff pulled you up into his arms.

“Bryce, you’re lucky I don’t have my bat with me, or I’d break your knees.” Jeff called out as he carried you out to his car.

You didn’t even make it out if the house before you fallen asleep.

“I’m never drinking again…” You groaned into your pillow.

“That’s what everyone says. But in your defense you were also drugged.” The commenting voice from the side of your bed made you sit up startled.

“Woah, there, relax.” It was Jeff.

You sighed grabbing your head. “What are you doing here, Jeff?”

“Taking care of my favourite librarian, where else would I be?” He handed you a glass of water.

“I dunno, maybe with the pretty brunette girl from last night.” You said quietly.

“Carly? Not my type.” Jeff shrugged. “I’m more into sexy librarians.”

You laughed at his words and shook your head. “No you’re not, Bryce said you weren’t.”

“He also drugged and tried to raped you.” He gently tilting your chin up. “Bryce’s mindset isn’t correct.”

You didn’t say anything as his words sunk in. You watched his face lean closer to yours slowly, but being impatient, you closed the distance yourself. You prayed that you were right.

It seemed you were because he quickly deepened the kiss. His hand holding the back of your head pulling you closer while yours slid into his hair.

“Oh my shit!” Hannah suddenly yelped from the doorway making you two break apart, panting. Why can’t I get Clay to kiss me like that… or at all?” She whined.

“She kissed me.” Jeff shrugged making you blushed. “I was just happily returning it.”

“What happened? I heard yelling.” Clay appeared next to Hannah and she looked at him.  “What?”

“Screw it.” Hannah snagged the boy’s collar and yanked him into her lips. Clay’s eyes were wide and he let out a startled grunt. Finally he caught on and pressed into her lips, kissing back.

“Now that they’re distracted…” Jeff leaned his head against yours. “Will you be my little librarian?”

“I already was.”

Cute Subway Boy

Pairing: Peter X Reader
Warnings: Language I think
REMINDER: I do not have a tags list. Please stop asking me lmao


It started when Spider-Man crash landed on your rooftop.

You were up there often, usually cause it was quiet and perfect for being alone when you needed to be. Plus, the city lights looked gorgeous at night and you loved drawing the skyline whenever you could. It had become a normalcy for you.

What was not normal, however, was Spider-Man landing face first a few feet from you, letting out a groan of pain.

“What the hell?” You blurted, half scared and half worried as he rolled over, getting up slightly on his elbows and glancing at you.

“Oh, hey,” was all he muttered, not moving another inch but holding a hand to his side. “What’s up?”

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I Never Planned on You - Pietro Maximoff x Stark!(f)Reader

Words: 2569 (What the fuck this never happens)
Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x Stark!(f)Reader
Featuring: Tony Stark, Natasha Romanoff, a few random characters
Warnings: swearing, yelling, cheesey
Requested by anon
Can you please do one with Pietro to I Never Planned on You from Newsies? Thank you!
Authors Note: You guys have no idea how excited I was to do this and I’ve been working on it for so long i hope it makes up for the lack of imagines from the past week. very much so based off the newsies show. even parts that weren’t in the song. i was excited.

Also, little summary: you are Y/N Stark but use a different last name while working. You own your own magazine company and you and your assistant, Jeremy, are headed to New York for a few different reasons. A speedy silver-haired boy sees you, and who knows what happens from there?

Read on Ao3 if you please

Pietro Maserlist. Masterlist.

You liked to keep it a secret that you are a Stark. Tony, as the older sibling, would carry on the Stark name to make something of himself and honor your parents. But as the second born and younger sibling, you had more freedom. You did not want to be bound to the Stark name and seen as “Tony Stark’s sister” or “another Stark” because that isn’t who you are. You knew you were one-hundred-percent capable of making it on your own, hence why you used a different last name when working.

It wasn’t important that you were a Stark. It was nice not to get compared to Tony as being merely the younger sibling, and you had more recognition than you would have had if you kept the Stark name. But that didn’t change the love you had for your brother, as you and him at least text every day.

It was funny when they did compare you, though. Your company did not have the size the Stark did, but it was getting there.

“Jeremy,” You called out to your assistant, and he walked quickly inside your office.

“Yes?” He asked as he stood at your door.

“When do we leave for my jet?” You asked. Your name may not be as big as the Stark name, but the Stark name is a really big thing; so you were a decent size. And to many surprises, you are able to have your own plane.

“About two hours, Miss (Y/N),” Jeremy smiled after looking at his schedule.

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Insecure (part 2) | Jeff Atkins

Hello everyone!

Finally after a lot of thinking and editing, this imagine is ready. I really hope you like it 💕

I want to personally dedicate this to @aussie-mantle @curvesinsilk and @maryheartfranche who were the ones that asked for a part 2. 

Flashbacks are in italics. Part 1 here

Summary: Jeff is helping Clay to ask Hannah out but in the process Clay makes him realize he is definitely not following his own advice. 

Warnings: none. 


It was Friday night. All of the students in Liberty High were gathering up at the baseball field to watch one of the most important games of the year. They were all proudly sporting their Liberty High shirts and hoodies.

Y/N was walking alongside Clay and Hannah, the three of them wanting to be there to support Jeff.

“I have to agree with Clay, there’s no purpose behind zombies whatsoever.” Y/N admitted, getting a fake hurt look from Hannah.

Somehow they were caught up in a very deep discussion about zombies and if their existence had a meaning.

“Thank you!” He exclaimed raising his hands in exasperation.

“Still, even though they don’t have a clear motivation, you have to admit they are entertaining.” Hannah argued.

“True.” She shrugged nonchalantly.

“I thought you were on my side!” Now Clay was the one looking at her, feeling betrayed.  

“I’m not on anyone’s side! I do think you’re right but Hannah’s got a point.” Clay glared at Hannah but she just playfully sticked her tongue out at him.

As they approached the field, her eyes immediately searched for the green eyed boy. However, he saw her first and without a second thought, he ran across the field to meet her.

“Hey!” he greeted happily, taking her in his arms and lifting her up in the air. Her arms wrapped around his neck hugging him back just as tight. He let go of her carefully, turning to greet his friends. “Hey guys! I’m glad you’re here!”

“It’s a big game, we wouldn’t miss it for the world.” Clay said patting his shoulder. “Anyways, we’re going to look for some seats. We’ll meet you after the game.”

“Sure, go ahead.” Usually Y/N would go too, but Jeff’s arm was firmly placed around her waist, not ready to let go of her yet.

“Save me a seat!” She asked as they began to leave. They both gave them knowing looks before disappearing in the rows of people.

“Just so you know, I really like your outfit.” Jeff said looking at her shirt with a smirk planted on his lips.


Jeff stood in the middle of the empty hallway, just outside the biology classroom. He was patiently waiting for the class to end so he could speak to Y/N.

After their date, a couple of weeks ago, they had spent plenty of time together and went out on multiple occasions.

She had even joined him and Clay on their tutoring sessions.

Sometimes when Clay had too much work to catch up on, she would help him with his  assignments while Clay finished his own work. Other times, she would just sit next to him, doing her homework or reading a book as Clay checked out his assignments.

This just strengthened his feelings for her, and now, there was no doubt in his mind that he was helplessly infatuated with her.

The door finally opened, forcing Jeff to step back, as a mob of students scattered across the hallway, almost sprinting out of the class.

Y/N calmly walked out the class behind them. Unlike her classmates, she wasn’t desperate to leave.

He caught her attention and made his way to her.

“Hey stranger.” she greeted him playfully, holding some books against her chest.

“Hey!” he said, with glee filling his mind at the sight of her.

“What are you doing here? I thought you had class right now” she asked him confused.

“Yeah, I do. But I needed to talk to you ” he admitted rubbing the back of his neck in embarrassment. “I just wanted to make sure if you’re coming to the game tonight…” Y/N covered her mouth trying to hide her flushed face, melting at how adorable he was being.

“Of course! I have to cheer on my favorite player.” Jeff’s eyes twinkled with joy as a smile invaded his face.

“Great! Uh…I’ve got something for you though.” she looked at him expectantly as he opened his backpack taking out a piece of clothing, offering it to her.

She took it from his hands, carefully unfolding it. She looked at him astonished as she realized it was in fact, his baseball jersey with his last name embroidered on the back.

It was a very common thing that the girlfriends of the team players, wore their boyfriends’ jerseys whenever there was a game.

Now, she was aware that Jeff saw her as more than a friend, but that didn’t help to minimize the surprise she felt at his actions.

“I want you to wear it.” he said with a pleading look. “I want everyone to know who you’re there for.” her heart skipped a beat at his request, already knowing she wouldn’t be able to resist him.

“S-sure.” she stuttered, too nervous to say anything else. He fist bumped the air satisfied making her laugh at his excitement.

He leaned in to kiss her cheek, before sprinting across the hallway to get to his next class.

“I’ll see you later!” he yelled as he rounded the corner, Y/N shaking her head in amusement.


“I’m actually wearing a shirt underneath just in case your team looses.” she joked. Jeff snorted at her comment, before frowning at her playfully.  

“Shut up, I’m going to impress you.” he said smugly as he squeezed her waist with care.  

“Atkins!” They both turned at the call of Jeff’s last name, meeting with a very stressed out coach. “To the field, now!” he ordered, anger dripping from his words.

“I’ll see you after the game, okay?” she nodded her head and planted a kiss on his cheek, before making her way to the bleachers.  

Luckily, Clay and Hannah managed to find good seats in the middle section, having a good view of the field.

As she was walking towards them, she noticed a small group of girls, all of them wearing identical jerseys to the one she was wearing with the exception of the last name in the back. The girls were shamelessly looking at her as they whispered among them.  

She awkwardly rubbed her arm and took her seat next to Hannah.

“So…I see you’re getting serious” Hannah commented with a smile on her face as she pointed at the jersey. She bit her lip nervously trying to hold back a smile.

“You really hit it off after the first date, didn’t you?” Clay asked, even though he was well informed on the matter.

“Yeah.” she breathed, memories invading her mind.


Jeff stared at his reflection in the mirror as he combed his hair up with his fingers for the hundredth time. He wanted it to look perfect. He wanted everything to be perfect that evening.

He was fresh out of the shower, cleanly shaven and wearing his favorite grey shirt. He had to make sure he looked his best for her. He wanted to impress her so she would want to go out with him again, and he had one date to prove himself to her.

His phone vibrated on his nightstand, indicating a new text. Jeff took one last look in the mirror before exiting the bathroom.

He took the phone in his hand and sure enough, it was a message from Clay.

“Good luck, man! You’ve got this.”

Jeff smiled at his little encouragement text before putting his phone inside his pocket. He took a deep breath, threw his jacket on and made his way downstairs, straight to his car.

It wasn’t a long drive to Y/N’s house, but think what kind of gentleman would he be if he didn’t pick her up in his car on their first date?

He stopped the car in front of her house, taking his time as he walked through her front yard.

He took a couple of seconds to brace himself and rang the doorbell. Placing his hands on his pockets and swaying on his feet, he anxiously waited.


Meanwhile, Y/N was in her room smoothing the soft fabric of her skirt, ready to meet with Jeff.

Her mind still couldn’t process the fact that Jeff Atkins asked her out.

Although she admitted that he was one of the hottest guys in Liberty High, she had never thought of him as a potential boyfriend. They have never spoken to each other before the party so she really didn’t know him enough to think of him that way.

But by the short chat they shared in Jessica’s party, he seemed like a really nice guy, plus, Clay always had good things to say about him.

All in all, she thought he was worth a shot.

The sound of the doorbell pulled her out of her daydream, her body filled with excitement.

She opened the door before any of her parents could reach it and the sight in front of her made her smile.

Stood in front of her door, was Jeff. He had his hands buried in his pockets while rocking on his feet. She couldn’t help but think of how cute he looked.

“Hi.” she greeted him happily.

“Hey!” he responded trying hard to sound as cool and collected as possible. “You-you look really nice.” he mentally face palmed at his awkward compliment, but luckily, she didn’t seem to notice.

She indeed looked beautiful that day, but Jeff had to admit that he felt a little disappointed when he saw she wasn’t wearing the grey dress.

“Thank you. You look really nice too.”she complimented back, make him grin.

“Are you ready to go?”

“Yeah, just let me grab my jacket.” she went to the next room, and returned putting the jacket on, completely oblivious to the man behind her.

“Are you leaving now?” he asked placing one of his hands on Y/N’s shoulder. She turned around and smiled warmly at the man.

“Yeah, Jeff’s here dad.” he followed her to the door where Jeff was standing, completely stiff. At the mention of his name, he immediately straightened his back and let his hands fall at his sides.

“Good evening sir.” he greeted politely, holding his hand out to him. “Jeff Atkins, nice to meet you.”

Her father took his hand and gave it a firm shake before releasing it.

“Nice to meet you Jeff.” he said with a kind smile that helped Jeff to feel a little bit better. “So you’re going to Rosie’s, right?”

“Yes sir.” he was desperately trying to sound casual, but Y/N noticed his nervousness anyway.

“Okay, just take care and don’t come home too late.” her dad said patting her shoulder.

“I won’t” she reassured him as she stood next to Jeff outside the house.

“Don’t worry sir, I’ll bring her home at ten.” He said with his hands behind his back.

Y/N bit her lip, holding back a smile at his behavior. Her heart was melting at the sight of him all flustered trying to be as polite as possible.

He is boyfriend material.

“Okay kids, have fun!” her dad finally said, letting them go.

Both of them walked to the car and Jeff opened her door before taking the driver seat. He smiled at her awkwardly and started the car.

“I promise I’m usually smoother than that.” he said embarrassed with a blush invading his face. Y/N couldn’t stop herself from laughing at his comment.

“I thought you were cute.” she admitted. He laughed in disbelief while shaking his head.

“I’m serious, Jeff!”

“You’re such a liar.” he teased with a playful smile making her laugh even harder.

They kept teasing each other the rest of the way, laughing and getting rid of any possible awkward tension.

Both of them thinking on how much they were enjoying each other’s company already.


Y/N sighed coming back from her memories.“I can tell you right now, that I’m falling for that boy”

Her eyes went straight to Jeff, who was casually already looking at her while swinging the baseball bat in the air. She looked away with a blush invading her cheeks with Hannah and Clay teasing her for the not so subtle gesture.

Soon, the game started. The school’s team always leading the game, with few points ahead of the rival team.

It was Jeff’s turn to bat. He grabbed a bit of dirt and rubbed it between his hands as he concentrated.

Everyone held their breath as the ball approached him. Jeff swung his bat and hit the ball with force. The crowd went wild as the ball disappeared in the air and landed on the other side of the fence. Jeff ran with everything he had, around the bases. When he finally stepped on the home plate, every Liberty student jumped off their seat to celebrate loudly.  

The cheerleaders were already chanting his name while his teammates ran out from the sidelines to give him a group hug and several pats on the back.  

Jeff turned to face her and without a care, he pointed at her, dedicating her the home run.

The people around exploded in “aww”, as Jeff’s smile only got bigger and the blush on her cheeks deepened.

“He’s so whipped, man!” Clay whispered to himself laughing in amusement.

When the game ended, the score was on their favor. Everyone cheered from their seats, while the players and the cheerleaders invaded the field to celebrate with the audience.

The group of girls who were there to cheer on their boyfriends, jumped from their seats as they ran to the field to celebrate with them.

Y/N watched the pairs hugging and kissing each other, before her eyes landed on Jeff.

He stood between the couples, with his hands on his hips and a raised brow, looking at her expectantly.

“I think that’s your cue to leave.” Hannah said, barely able to contain her joy for them.  

She hesitantly stood up and with slow steps, made her way to the field. She walked around the couples, until she came face to face with Jeff. Without a second thought, he wrapped his arms around her, burying his face on her neck. She smiled as she caressed the back of his neck softly.

“So…did I impress you?” he asked with a smirk on his lips pulling away from her just a little bit.  

“Meh, you were okay.” she answered trying to sound bored.

“I was okay? Just okay?” Y/N nodded her head carrying on with her unimpressed facade, causing a frown to appear on his face. ”I bet I can sweep you off your feet.” he declared, a tiny smile replacing his frown while his hands cupped her cheeks.

“Oh really?” she teased, trying to conceal her eagerness.

“Yeah.” he whispered before stealing her breath away with a kiss.  

She knew he was going to kiss her, but nothing could’ve prepared her for the wave of feelings that invaded her body.

Her knees were shaking with emotion, as her lips responded to the kiss with careful moves. She held onto the fabric covering his chest, trying to keep somewhat grounded.

Jeff could feel the warmth of her cheeks spreading across the palms of his hands. He was beyond fascinated at how she was melting at his touch. This is what he had been longing for, ever since he saw her for the first time.  And the fact that she reciprocated, made it a thousand times better than what he had imagined it would feel like.

I’m the one who made her feel like this. She has all these feelings for me.

Y/N broke the kiss with a sigh, slightly rubbing her nose against his.

“Okay, maybe you can.” she whispered, still breathless and with a hazy mind. Jeff chuckled in response, his heart doing somersaults at her current state.

He claimed her lips once again, and she let herself go in his embrace.

Jeff thanked Clay in his mind. He was the one who encouraged him to talk to her, after all.

He helped him overcome his insecurities.

Who would’ve thought that the guy he wanted to help to improve his love life, actually helped him to get his girl.

We’ll Kill Him for You

An OT5 fic me and @dont-hurt-tony-stark came up with. No actual smut just mentions of it. 

“My hand jobs are not second rate.” Tony blurts from his position sitting on the counter, four heads slowly turn to stare at him. Judgmental expressions on their faces. “Well they’re not, I don’t care what Jason from accounting says”

“No, they aren’t.” Steve agrees, smiling at Tony.

“Who the fuck is Jason from accounting?” Clint demands, jumping out of his seat. Tony rolls his eyes at the dramatics.

“Cute guy, that’s not the point.” Tony lays back across the counter. “The point is that my hand jobs are not second rate.”

“We can all agree to that. But, it doesn’t answer the question Tony.” Natasha points out. “Who is Jason from accounting.” Tony groans, throwing his arms over his head.

“What? Is Jason from accounting not enough information for you, Ms. Super spy? It’s Jason, the one from accounting.” She glares at him, and Tony pales slightly. Might not be a great idea to get snarky with Natasha this late at night.

“Does this building even have an accounting department? I’ve never seen accounting here?” Clint muses. Tony groans loudly.

“Whoever Jason is I don’t remember having talked to him, ever.” Steve muses. Tony glares at him from where his head is buried under his arms.

"What the hell, Tony?” Clint asks. “Who is this guy?”

“ Well first of all, you guys are dumb. Of course, accounting is in this building. Seriously it’s company headquarters.” Tony scowls at them. Steve vaults the couch in his rush to get into the elevator, Clint not far behind him. "Guys it is midnight! And Jason works in the San Francisco department! Seriously guys!”

“You should really mention that first next time.” Natasha informs him, she smiles warmly at him. Tony squints at her suspiciously.

“It’s midnight, I didn’t exactly expect them to go hunt Jason down in an empty office building.” Tony defends. “Hell, I didn’t think they’d try to hunt him down at all.”

“Okay, anyways speaking of San Francisco, I wanted to go check out California sometime soon.” Natasha says. Tony squints at her suspiciously. “What? I’ve heard there’s some great places to shop down there.”

“It’s midnight.” Clint announces as the elevator doors slide open. “Jason is not here.” Tony groans, and slides off the counter, glaring at Clint.

“Guys it was a joke. Jason did not actually say my hand jobs were second rate I was quoting a YouTube video. Please don’t try to hunt down or kill Jason from accounting.” Tony pleads. Steve nods agreeably.

"Okay.” Clint says, and Tony relaxes. “Jason didn’t say your hand jobs were second rate, but did Jason ever experience a hand job from you?” Tony groans.  

“Well, yes. But-” Tony starts to defend himself. Clint sticks his finger in Tony’s face.

“Murder time!” Clint declares. Natasha nods solemnly in the background. Steve at least looks mildly conflicted, and Bruce seems to have fallen asleep on the couch.

“No. You cannot kill someone I slept with three years ago.” Tony scolds, shoving Clint’s hand out of his face.

“Why not?” Clint whines. Tony looks to Steve for support, and gets nothing.

“Well for one thing, he’s a nice guy, and also, he’s pretty. I think his boyfriend and him are looking to adopt soon. No killing him.” Tony says. Steve finally seems to be on his side, glaring Clint into silence. “Plus he’s hot.” Tony tacks on.

“I’m killing him.” Natasha states.

“Nat, no. You can’t just kill every hot person I’ve slept with.” He says, she raises an eyebrow in a way that very much indicates she’s taking that as a challenge. “No, no, no. I will not tolerate the murder of anyone who isn’t actively threatening civilian lives.” Tony says.

“But you let him touch your dick.” Clint whines. Natasha nods along.

“I also let every girl on the playboy calendar in 2008 touch my dick, what’s your point? I’m a slut guys.” He points out. Steve scowls at that.

“You are not-“ Steve starts to protest.

“That’s not what you said last night.” Tony interrupts and Steve goes bright red. “The blushing is cute Steve but you’re dating everyone in this room, there is no need to be so embarrassed.”

“We can kill them too.” Natasha points out, choosing to ignore Steve.

“If you’re killing everyone who’s touched my dick then you’re going to have to kill everyone in this room, including me.” He points at a sleeping Bruce. “Not exactly an easy task. No Clint, that is not a challenge.” Clint’s face falls.

“You’d also have to kill a bunch of reporters, a few European models, some MIT Alumni.” Tony rattles off. “Oh, and Tiberius Stone, actually go ahead on that one if you really want to kill someone. Then there’s the Russian Olympic team from 2004-“

“Wait, why is Tiberius an exception?” Steve asks, more like a demand then a question. Tony’s stomach feels cold, and his eyes dart towards the elevator.

“Well,” He hedges, scanning for another exit. “He is an asshole.” There’s someone between him and ever potential exit other than the window, and he isn’t that desperate, yet. He can hide behind a sleeping Bruce if he has to.

“What did he do to you?” Natasha asks, and suddenly there’s a gun on his coffee table and a knife in her hands. “I will kill him for you Antoshka.”

“There is no call for knives on date night Natasha, no call.” He splutters, taking a step towards Bruce. Her eyes narrow.

“Seriously Tony, what did he do to you?” Clint asks, and that is his serious face, Tony does not want to deal with this.

“Can we not? I really don’t need an interrogation on date night.” Tony crosses his arms over his chest and tries for his best kicked puppy look in hopes of making them stop.

“We would like to know why we’ll be killing him, that’s all.” Natasha tries to soothe him. “You should tell us Antoshka.” Tony shakes his head.

“Nope, I’m going to go hide in my lab. Please, don’t kill Jeremy from accounting.” Tony says, pushing past Clint.

“I thought his name was Jason.” Clint mumbles, as Tony gets blocked by Steve. Tony rolls his eyes.

“Yes, it was Jason, I also fucked Jeremy there are a lot of hot guys in accounting, okay?” Tony throws his hands up in frustration.

“Why do all their names start with J?” Clint mutters to himself, the rest of the room decides to ignore him.

“Tell us what Tiberius did, or we’ll have to ask Rhodey.” Steve threatens. Tony decides he’d rather pay attention to Clint.

“Yes, all of their names do start with J.” Tony says, after a moment of thought. “Now Steve, I’d like you to get your boobs out of my face. I’m going to my lab now.” Steve shakes his head.

“No, you didn’t tell us what Tiberius did. We need to know Tony.” Steve says. Tony’s jaw tightens, and he glares up at Steve.

“I am going to my lab now. Move.” Tony says, his voice ringing with a tone usually reserved for people who ruin date night, and super villains actively holding guns to a child’s head.

“Steve, that’s the murder face, and voice. You should probably move.” Clint says. Steve scowls, but steps out of the way, saving himself some serious harm. Tony would never hurt anyone he’s dating, but he also doesn’t kiss people when they’re being assholes. With three other people to kiss, well, he can be stubborn.

“Okay, but I’m asking Rhodey.” Steve grumbles. Tony waves them off, disappearing into the elevator.

“Great, it’s been a joy talking to you all really.” He flashes them a sharp grin as the doors slide shut. Clint winces.

“I think we’re in trouble.” Clint sighs, immediately perking back up though and turning to Natasha. “We’re killing this Tiberius guy, right?” She nods, using the knife to clean under her nails.

“Of course, provided Tony doesn’t attempt to stop us.” She says. “He already gave us permission after all.” Steve looks hesitant.

“Shouldn’t we call Rhodey and make sure this guy deserves to be murdered before we actually, you know, kill him?” Steve asks. Natasha shrugs.

“Tony’s not hiding in his lab avoiding our questions because Tiberius is a nice guy Steve. We’re going to kill him.” She says, it’s a fair point, but he still wants to call Rhodey.

“We’re totally killing him.” Clint agrees, holding out a hand to Natasha for a fist bump.

“Can we at least find out what he did, before we kill him?” Steve asks, Natasha considers this for a second.

“Yes, I need to know how slowly he deserves to die.” Natasha says. “Do it quickly though, it’s not going to take me long to track down someone named Tiberius. It’s like his parents wanted him to be an asshole with that name.” She pulls out her phone, to hunt him down.

“Okay, let’s hope Rhodey’s awake. JARVIS can you call him?” Steve requests.

“Certainly Sir.” JARVIS agrees.

“He’s probably asleep like a normal person.” Clint points out. Steve glares at him.

“Let me hope Clint, let me hope.” There’s a loud beep as Rhodey picks up the phone.

“Tony, I swear if this is another my boyfriends and girlfriend don’t love my crisis.” Rhodey grumbles. “It’s the middle of the night.” Natasha looks up, interested.

“We’re getting back to that. Steve wants to know what Tiberius did to Tony so he won’t feel so bad for letting Clint and I murder him.” Natasha explains. Rhodey groans, they can hear blankets rustling.  

“Just kill the fucker and let me go back to sleep.” He grumbles.

“Can’t you just tell us why we’re killing him?” Steve pleads. Clint is staring eagerly at the ceiling waiting for an answer.

“Nope, it’s not my place to tell you, and I think I’ve spilled enough of Tony’s secrets. Seriously just kill him. Tony didn’t let me because of my career.” Rhodey grumbles, a hint of bitterness coloring his tone at the last sentence. “Can I go to sleep now, or did you need anything else?”

“I’ll let you sleep if you tell us what Tiberius did to Tony.” Steve says.

“Fuck off Rogers, I’m going to bed.” The dial tone rings out, and Steve seriously considers calling back again.

“Well, that was rude.” Clint comments, after a moment of silence.

“I am currently operating under the understanding that harassing people to divulge other’s secrets in the middle of the night could also be considered rude, Agent Barton.” JARVIS chimes in, Clint actually looks slightly ashamed under the weight of JARVIS’ disapproval.

“We just want to know what he did.” Clint mumbles, defensive. Natasha pats his shoulder consolingly.

“Don’t worry, we can just ask Tiberius before we kill him.” She says.

“Alternatively, and this might be shocking.” Bruce says, sitting up from where he’d been napping on the couch. Natasha absolutely does not jump, Steve absolutely does. “Completely out of left field idea, you could respect Tony’s privacy, and wait for him to tell you.”

“Yeah, we could, but we need to kill Tiberius, and we should know why first.”  Steve says. Bruce blinks at him, a little tired.

“Rhodey says kill him, and Tony said it was okay. I think your morals are safe Steve, he clearly fucked up majorly.” Bruce says. Steve nods along, that makes sense.

“We just want to know though.” Clint whines. Bruce narrows his eyes at him.

“You can want to know all you want, whatever. Respect Tony’s privacy.” Bruce says.

“Fine.” Clint grumbles corssing his arms. His eyes dart over to Natasha, and he leans in to whisper to her. “We’re going to ask Tiberius, right?”

“Obviously.” She whispers back, and Clint smiles. Bruce glares at them.

“Natasha?” He asks.

“What?” She pulls her face into her best innocent expression, it is surprisingly less effective on her boyfriend than it is on international crime lords.

“Don’t act innocent with me.” He says. “I know you, both of you.” He turns his eyes to Clint. She raises up her hands in a show of innocence, the picture is probably ruined by the knife still held in her left hand but the intent is there.

“I didn’t do anything.” She insists.

“And the Hulk is orange.” Bruce snarks back. “Just go kill Tiberius or whatever, but don’t invade Tony’s privacy. I don’t want to have to tag along to protect Tony from you nosy assholes.” She winces at that.

“We’ll be good.” Clint mumbles, and she nods along.

“Promise.” She says, when he squints at her.

“Fine.” He rolls over to go back to sleep, and something occurs to her.

“Wait. Do you know what Tiberius did?” She asks. He fakes a snore, and she jumps onto the arm rest, standing over him. “You know, tell us.” He glares up at her.

“Respect. Tony’s. Privacy.” He says, pulling the blanket over his head.

“Why would Tony tell Bruce, and not us? We’re all dating.” Natasha pouts. Clint shrugs.

“Well, Bruce didn’t interrogate him about it.” Steve points out.

“Shut up Steve, I’m thinking.”

Her or Me Part 3- Jordie Benn

Requested: Yes | No

Word Count: 2324

Warnings: swearing, throwing up, nearly naked child (they have underwear on) in front of two grown men

Here it finally is guys, after forever, and I’m sorry. (but yay posting on time for once)



In the next few weeks, I manage to not only fly under the radar of Jamie, but also Tyler and even my parents who came to visit.

By the time the start of the 2017-18 season begins, I’m eight months pregnant and exhausted. I’ve been placed on medical -”maternity”, as the trainer called it- leave with the Texas Stars after I’ve had a severe fainting spell in the middle of one of the games.

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Prompt: Friends to lovers (part of a requested set) // Non-idol au
Member: Seungkwan (svt)
Genre: angst and fluff,, this was gonna be cute and a lot shorter and then before I knew it I was taking it in another direction and got super carried away wOW I’m so sorry lol

  • You and Seungkwan had met at a rather young age in the middle of autumn 
  • You guys were going to this local festival and they had this big corn maze and you both happened to run away from your moms and got lost 
  • But you bumped into each other somewhere in the middle and he started crying but you got lost all the time so you were chill about it
  • So you wiped his tears and held his hand in yours and told you that you guys would get out together and find your moms 
  • Eventually some park security were sent into the corn maze to find the two of you because you had been gone too long and you promptly delivered Seungkwan to his mom while your mom scolded you
  • But then Seungkwan made his mom get your mom’s phone number so that you guys could have playdates 
  • And then boom from age six and onwards the two of you were the best of friends 
  • You guys were typically in the same class, and even if you weren’t whenever one of you guys were upset the teacher would have to call the other in to make it better LMAO
  • It was pretty cute to be honest,, you guys made up games together on the playground and all the other kids in your grade would be like >:00 what’s this
  • You guys wound up starting all these popular games that everyone in your level would get super into lol 
  • And you would always spend time afterschool together, going over to his house when your parents had work 
  • His mom was always so sweet to you and it became a second home to you 
  • Seungkwan would always sing along really loudly to songs on the TV but you were one of the only people who didn’t seem to mind, hell you sang along with him
  • And you guys had little friendship bracelets you made with this kit you got for your birthday and it was SO ADORABLE 
  • You two really grew up together in elementary school
  • The teachers and older kids would always coo that maybe you two would be married one day,,,
  • And like. Little you was pretty into that idea. Like sparkles by the heart filled eyes and clasped hands into it.
  • But Seungkwan would always be like “EW NO WAY” and so little you’s heart eyes would disappear like psh yeah what ew we would never
  • To be honest though, you had a crush on Seungkwan ever since the day you guys met in that corn field
  • Clearly Seungkwan didn’t feel the same, but yanno kids are young and durable so you just silently crushed on him until middle school came around 
  • And then puberty hit
  • Audience gasps in disgust at the very mention of it okay anyways 
  • You two were enrolled in a middle school that only a small percentage of kids from your shared elementary school were going to 
  • Which meant you guys got to meet a lot of new people!! But,, 
  • Suddenly Seungkwan wasn’t so “ew” about girls anymore
  • Quite frankly,, he had fallen head over heels for this one girl
  • And she was cute, super shy and quiet with a little bunny-like grin and outrageously perfect hair 
  • She liked a lot of the same music and books as Seungkwan did and she was always really friendly to him and had, as he said, “The most adorable giggle ever”
  • She essentially was nerdy but also super pretty like wtf you’re a middle schooler Chill
  • He wasn’t the only one in line for this girl’s heart, and he knew it too, so he always tried to be the most earnest and genuine with her 
  • All throughout the first year of middle school, she was like his favorite topic
  • In fact he loved that topic so much he talked about little else
  • At school he was always dragging you to wherever she might be hanging out so he might have a chance to talk to her 
  • And he was always whispering about how cute she was 
  • He asked her to join your guy’s group and always shooting you puppy dogs when you had to work in pairs so you’d back down and go work with someone else
  • Even when you guys hung out at home, he’d find himself going on and on about her and asking if you would help him come up with some plans to get more face time with her
  • And it really hurt to be quite honest,, here you had been crushing at Seungkwan for like years and he didn’t even glance your way and was always talking about this new girl 
  • Plus it was really really annoying to hear her name be the thing coming out of his mouth most of the time 
  • You even started rolling your eyes when he would bring her up but he was oblivious
  • What really sucked though is you couldn’t even hATE HER because she was so NICE and gave you a cookie on your birthday 
  • You, bitterly eating a damn delicious cookie as Seungkwan goes on and on about how sweet it was of her to do that for you: 
  • One day when you had done your reluctant wingman duty and stepped down as his partner, you wound up getting paired up with this one girl named Hyojung 
  • And she was super duper friendly!! You knew her from the elementary school but you only had one class with her and you hadn’t really interacted with her much back then 
  • It turns out all her friends had wound up going to a different middle school with her but she had a small little group of new friends with another girl and this one guy 
  • You guys wound up bonding pretty quickly through the project because it lasted a week,, you told her about how Seungkwan was basically ditching you for his crush and she was like Dude That’s So Lame 
  • She also happened to have math with you, the one class you didn’t share with Seungkwan, and you guys started sitting next to each other in there 
  • You guys exchanged home and cell numbers and wound up bonding a lot through that too
  • But despite the fact that you had this really cool new friend, it didn’t really change the fact that you’re best friend was being well,,, to use Hyojung’s terminology,,, Lame
  • Sometimes he was okay and everything was like normal, just the two of you with no talk of his crush, having fun and eating his mom’s cooking in their sunny yellow kitchen and laughing over some stupid thing one of the other kids did 
  • But,,, those day were few and far between 
  • One day, you decided you had about enough 
  • Seungkwan told you he wanted to go to the library to study and you were like alright sounds lit
  • But when you got there,,, you won’t guess who was also there
  • That’s right it was Seungkwan’s crush and he was like !! OH what a COINCIDENCE 
  • You: Not really we go to the same school and she’s here like half the ti-
  • Seungkwan: Do you mind if we sit with you???
  • And of course Miss Nice said yes and she and Seungkwan wound up talking all about a new episode of this one show he had started watching for her 
  • After like five minutes, you could feel a ball of red hot irritation growing in the bit of your stomach so you shut your textbook and stuffed it back in your bag 
  • And seungkwan looked at you with these big innocent eyes like ??? 
  • Even though you were mad you couldn’t find it in you to be mean when he was shooting you those eyes
  • So you faked a smile and said “I just remembered I need to talk to my math teacher about some missing assignments”
  • And they’re both like oh go ahead we don’t mind!!
  • You can’t help but mutter “Yeah I bet you don’t” under your breath how middle school 
  • Instead of going to your math teacher (because please the old man was an angel he would never do such a thing) you walked over to where Hyojung once mentioned she hung out with her friends 
  • You walk up to the table outside and say her name a little shyly and she’s just like “!!! (Y/N hey!! Wanna sit here?? :D”
  • It doesn’t take very long for you and her friends, Yooa and Jinyoung, to warm up to each other and soon you’re all laughing and talking like no tomorrow
  • You even realize you share a couple classes with them as well and promise to group up with them for the next project 
  • Towards the end of lunch you spy Seungkwan looking around for you and make eye contact from across the quad
  • And he looks a little confused as he walks over and goes “Hey I thought you were gonna come back???” 
  • You go “Oh I was but I wanted to ask Hyojung about the math assignment and we all wound up talking,, I figured you’d like some alone time with your crush anyways!!”
  • And he nods a little but he still looks a little surprised to see you hanging out with three people who he only vaguely recognizes like,,, when had you made other friends??
  • For as long as you two can remember it’s just been the two of you and you’ve never even mentioned these three people?? He knows you worked with Hyojung on a science project that one time but he didn’t know you talked to her and her friends other than that 
  • But instead of pulling you aside he just goes “Oh yeah thanks,, she had a dentist appointment so she left a little while ago and I’ve been looking for you”
  • You apologize and offer to let him sit and he does,, and just silently observes you talking so happily with these people and he’s still like ???
  • He’s happy for you yeah but it’s just surprising because you seem like you’ve known them for years not just a short time 
  • The bell rings and the two of you head to your next class after saying goodbye and he doesn’t bring it up until you’re sitting in his kitchen after school and eating some instant ramen with toppings and his mom’s kimchi yum
  • And he’s like “I didn’t know you were friends with Hyojung” and you smile and go “We started working together in science when you were working with that girl and we have math together too, plus we exchanged number for that project so we text sometimes”
  • And he’s like “Oh,, why haven’t you mentioned her then?? She seems nice” and you shrug and go “Just didn’t think to I guess”
  • It gets kinda quiet after that and it’s a little awkward so you change the subject and reluctantly ask about how it went with his crush because you’re sure he wants to talk about it
  • Just like that he’s back to normal and rambling on and on about her and you nod along politely just like always and Seungkwan thinks everything is fine 
  • But when the next week rolls around, he shows up to school without his friendship bracelets on and you’re all ready to tease him for forgetting 
  • Cause in the past that’s what you guys had done,, you both wore them all the time unless you forgot and you’d poke fun at one another when they did,,,
  • It’s different this time though,,,
  • You go “Hey where’s your bracelet loser??” and he’s like “Oh,, I decided not to wear them today”
  • And you can feel your heart just drop into your stomach and you go “Oh,, uh,, why?”
  • And he’s like “I dunno, we’re in middle school now, it’s kinda dorky to still be wearing them right? I don’t want to look stupid in front of her yanno?”
  • You just kinda nod and don’t say anything else and just look down at your hands and Seungkwan barely notices because he’s waving his crush over to sit with you guys 
  • You find yourself asking to use the restroom and slip off your own bracelets in there, stuffing them into your pockets and take a moment to collect your emotions
  • After a while, the echoing of his words gets to you and you find yourself making an excuse to not go over to Seungkwan’s house like you normally do every Tuesday
  • You tell him your aunt is visiting and she wants you to come hang out with her and like the first part is true but your aunt loves Seungkwan and wouldn’t mind if you wanted to go hang out with him
  • It’s just,,, you’re tired of hearing Seungkwan talk about his crush, especially when a part of you still likes him and gets hurt when he says that her eyes are prettier than the moon and stars combined 
  • So you walk home with a bit of guilt on your shoulders for lying and a pang of heartache in your chest and barely say a word when you arrive, just a quick hello before you’re racing up the stairs
  • You can hear your mom muttering to your aunt about how it’s weird because you’re normally with Seungkwan today but you don’t care, you just wanna lay in bed and do homework or something 
  • You’re only like halfway through your math homework before Hyojung calls you
  • And you pick up the phone and she’s like “I’m really sorry, I know you’re usually with Seungkwan on Tuesdays but I completely forgot to write down the homework!!”
  • She’s surprised when you tell her you’re not hanging out with Seungkwan and she asks if you want to talk about it
  • And like,, normally you wouldn’t have said yes,,, like Hyojung knew that Seungkwan had been kinda bothering you lately but you had never gone into detail about it
  • But she sounded genuinely concerned and the only time Seungkwan had asked about you recently was when he was asking about Hyojung a week ago 
  • So you shut your bedroom door and let everything out and tell her everything that’s been bothering you, from Seungkwan to your crush on him to the friendship bracelets to how you just felt neglected and like a sounding board more than a best friend and how you missed how things used to be and how it was breaking your heart to hear him talk about that girl all the time and how you hated to admit it but most of the time you dreaded being around him these days
  • Hyojung is really sweet about it though, she listens politely and encourages you and says it’s okay when you get a bit choked up and emotional
  • And at the end she doesn’t try to defend him, but she doesn’t say it’s all his fault either, and she doesn’t say it’s all gonna be okay
  • She just says “That really sucks, but I hope you know that Yooa and Jinyoung and I all really like you and we’re happy to be here for you if you need it”
  • And honestly that’s exactly what you need to hear so when she invites you to hang out with them this weekend, you say you’ll ask your mom 
  • When you do ask,, she’s a bit surprised and she takes you aside and sits down with you on your bed and asks about Seungkwan
  • And you explain that he’s become really wrapped up in his new friend/crush and you’ve been kind of drifting apart because of it and she’s like Ah Yes Sounds Like A Tween Boy Alright 
  • But she sees how happy you are when you tell her about your new friends so she agrees 
  • And then next day you find yourself arriving at school early to tell said friends that your mom said it was okay and you guys start working out the details 
  • And when you and Seungkwan sit down in your history class and he asks if you want to have a sleepover this weekend, for the first time in forever you’re turning him down 
  • And even then when you had turned him down in the past it was always because you were sick or your mom said you had to go visit family???
  • You tell him that you already made plans with Hyojung and he’s like “oh,,, that’s fine,,,”
  • To be honest he feels a bit jealous but he doesn’t say anything,,, he wants to be supportive of you after all and you had been so supportive of his crush 
  • But when you come back on Monday he can’t help but frown when he sees you and your new friends sporting these matching sweatshirts you got at an amusement park Hyojung’s dad took you all too 
  • And he can’t help but feel annoyed when you wind up leaving him whenever he goes to talk to his crush so you can hang out with them as well 
  • As the year starts to draw to a close, you rarely come over anymore as well,, like it was just a silent thing that happened, most weeks you would go home by yourself and Seungkwan found himself pouting whenever his mom asked where you were 
  • You felt a bit bad yes,, but honestly you felt a lot better emotionally,, 
  • You had been torturing yourself by forcing yourself to stick around while your long time crush pursued this girl,,, hanging out with Hyojung and Yooa and Jinyoung felt so easy and fun and didn’t hurt you the way hanging out with Seungkwan did 
  • Hanging out with them felt a lot like how hanging out with Kwannie used to,,,
  • It wasn’t until you guys were in English and his crush paired up with her friends instead of him that he got annoyed
  • Because when he left from where he had asked her to go back to your guys’ seats, Yooa and Jinyoung were sitting there with you and you were all already discussing the project
  • And you say sorry but you already promised to team up with them and Seungkwan’s like “??? but we’re always partners”
  • Normally you would feel bad but this time you just frown and go “Not really Seungkwan,, you mostly ditch me to team up with your crush”
  • And his jaw drops and he starts to defend himself,,, but he realizes that he really can’t
  • It doesn’t stop him from acting angry though as he grabs his things and storms off to go find someone else to work with 
  • When lunchtime rolls around, Seungkwan is grabbing your arm and telling you that you need to talk after school before he’s storming off to the library 
  • You’re feeling some pretty mixed emotions tbh and you head to your new table to tell your friends about what’s happening and they tell you to call them after and give you encouragement and say that it would be good to finally talk things out with him!!
  • But that’s not exactly what happens,,, you guys are halfway to Seungkwan’s house and cutting through the park when he goes “So what was up in English today?”
  • And you wanna stay calm and talk things through but,,, you’re young and your emotions are running high and you’ve kept things repressed for so long so you find yourself saying “I just wanted to work with them is all, what’s the big deal Seungkwan?”
  • He gives you a Look and goes “It’s not just today though, you hang out with them an awful lot lately, you’ve even begun ditching me for them”
  • And you find yourself snapping “Oh, I’m surprised you even noticed that while you were busy making goo eyes at your stupid crush”
  • Seungkwan is stunned for a moment but then he stops and goes “Don’t talk about her like that, and what the heck is that supposed to even mean?”
  • And you stop too and go “You cannot possibly be this dense Seungkwan! All you’ve talked about since like November is your crush, you haven’t cared about anything I’ve done at all” 
  • And it just, escalates from there, the two of you arguing in a corner of the park, him not wanting to admit any fault and your long hidden emotions finally spilling out 
  • Your words are harsh and belittling,,, the two of you had argued in the past but not like this because this one is just full of so much anger and heartache and jealously that you both can’t help it
  • Before he finally snaps “Well maybe I just enjoy her company more than yours, god you’re so clingy and annoying!”
  • And you gasp a little and you can feel your heart breaking and Seungkwan knows he’s gone too far when he sees the tears well up in your eyes 
  • But before he can apologize you yell at him to never speak to you again and you’re off running to your house 
  • Surprisingly he doesn’t talk to you the next day,, or the day after that,,
  • Hell you two are avoiding each other altogether and don’t speak at all
  • Once summer rolls around you find yourself making plans with your new friends and find out a couple weeks before school starts up again that Seungkwan and his crush had finally begun dating
  • And it hurts you’re not gonna lie,,, the fight hurt and the news hurt almost as much because after everything you still had a crush on him,,, but you knew that it was time to try and forget about it now because he had made it clear that he just didn’t care about you anymore
  • Luckily you only shared one class with him and were able to avoid him for the most part
  • Seungkwan and his girlfriend broke up a week before school ended because she was going to a private high school in Busan but even then you guys didn’t speak again
  • When high school did hit though, he found himself joining a group of friends that had transferred in from a few different middle schools and had all banded together
  • He didn’t talk to you and tried to avoid even looking at you if he could,,, but honestly found himself missing you from time to time when he’d pull his friendship bracelets out from his memory drawer or his mom would offhandedly mention to his father that she missed you and wondered what you were up to when she thought Seungkwan was in the other room 
  • Seungkwan knew that he had fucked up and he didn’t even know how to begin to apologize,,, even if he did he wasn’t sure you would forgive him
  • So he listened to your wishes and didn’t bother trying,,, but then the final year of high school hit 
  • The two of you were paired up for a history project together and you were,, cold to say the least as you two discussed the topic,, but like he knew he deserved it 
  • You were reluctant to give him your new cell phone number but you did it anyways for the sake of your grade and agreed to come over during the weekend to work 
  • He made sure his mom would be out of the house so he wouldn’t have to deal with that round of guilt and awkwardness and found himself,,, nervous??
  • Maybe it was the fact that it was you coming over,,, but maybe it ran a little deeper than that,,, if you catch my drift 
  • A few months ago his good ol’ buddies ol’ pals had been talking about who the attractive people around school were,, and well,, your name had come up
  • Because, dear reader, during the first two years of high school you had a Glo Up 
  • And there was no doubt that you were attractive,,, like there were rumors you got a confession nearly every week and your locker had been overflowing with chocolates on both Valentine’s and White day 
  • You were pretty popular but you always turned everyone down, content with just hanging out with your three friends you had made in middle school
  • Seungkwan had found himself glancing at your more since that conversation,, and he had to admit his friends were right: you were attractive, exceptionally so, really
  • And he had all these fond memories of the two of you before he had messed things up so bad,,, and if he was honest his heart had fluttered when the teacher paired you up
  • When you showed up at his door and sat down in his all-too-familiar yellow painted kitchen, he promised himself he wouldn’t act on this budding crush,,, but Seungkwan really couldn’t help himself
  • “I’m so so sorry” he suddenly said a little too loudly as the two of you had been silently taking notes on things you would need for the assignment
  • And you looked at him all surprised like ??? but he just kept going 
  • “I’m so sorry (Y/N), you gotta believe me. I was an idiot in middle school, I treated you so badly, all over a stupid girl too-” you almost snorted because you had called her the exact same thing the day the argument happened “-and I pushed you away and got jealous because you found people who actually deserved you and and I’m sorry for not apologizing sooner like I should have and just oh my god I’m so sorr-”
  • Finally you’re just like “Woah Seungkwan chill” because you have a feeling this would go on for a while 
  • And because you know it takes two people to fight and you’re not entirely free of guilt, you say “I’m sorry too, I should’ve talked to you earlier instead of just blowing up at you” but he’s shaking his head and trying to tell you to not apologize until you’re giggling and telling him to shut up already 
  • And he snaps his mouth shut and has to look away because you look really,,, good when you laugh wow when did that happen,,,
  • You decide to finally come clean and go “There was another reason I was so upset,,” and he’s like oh no and then you go “Well,, I had sort of a crush on you at the time and yeah,,,”
  • Seungkwan looks like a deer in headlights and then he goes “oH MY GOD THAT MAKES EVERYTHING WORSE I’M SO SOR-” and you’re like “SEUNGKWAN I SWEAR TO GOD IF YOU APOLOGIZE ONE MORE TIME I’M DUCT TAPING YOUR MOUTH SHUT”
  • And he gets quiet for a moment before softly going “I really am sorry though” and you’re like “I know, it’s okay, I forgive you. It was in the past and I’m sure we’re both very different people now” 
  • Seungkwan finds his heart fluttering again because wow you’re so forgiving what an angel and he clears his throat and goes 
  • “Is it okay if we start over,,??” and before you can even nod he goes “Maybe this time, we can slowly work to being something more?”
  • You freeze and look at him in surprise and you’re trying to see if he’s lying but,,, he’s blushing and he’s looking at you with honest and hopeful eyes and you smile because he’s clearly being truthful
  • And you barely get the word yes out before his mom opens the door and sees you and starts freaking out and the moment is rUINED 
  • But Seungkwan doesn’t even care because you just forgave him and agreed to trying dating him and he’s just holding his cheeks and blushing super hard as you and his mom catch up all happy 
  • The first date goes surprisingly smoothly,, like it’s a bit tense at first but soon you guys are sitting in the back and huddled close together as you share a big tub of popcorn and whisper corny jokes that have you giggling like crazy 
  • And he finds himself gazing into your eyes halfway through and gives you a quick peck that leaves you shook and he’s like hfsjhef that was too early I’m so sorry and you’re like nO I liked it I promise,,,
  • And he walks you home after and you tug him into your side yard and he’s like ??? but then you’re giving him little kisses over and over and giggling and suddenly you’re the only thing in his mind and he couldn’t care less that your side yard smells vaguely of weed killer
  • And then you’re going to his house after school again and you have fridays reserved for date nights and you’re holding hands at school and wearing your old bracelets (which had to be resized) and you’re both switching off visiting each other groups and,,, you get the picture
  • Hyojung is just like I always knew this would happen
  • You’re like shut up no you didn’t and Yooa is just like uh sorry she did she told me about it and you’re like WOW 
  • Honestly you get along with his mom and you’re a wonderful and forgiving person what more could he want,,
Sorry (Kang Daniel)

Title: Sorry

Member: Kang Daniel Ft. Hwang Minhyun

Genre: Angst

Words: 2241

Summary: You have a big crush on your best friend, and you found out that he was liking on this other girl.


  • You and Daniel were basically best of friends.
  • Both of you are inseparable.
  • You two met when you were still in middle school. He was a transferee student, and you are that one lonely-emo-shy-type girl in the corner of the room. You really don’t have friends and so when the teacher introduced Daniel to the class, your teacher decided to place him next to you. (So that you’ll have a friend to lean on.)
  • At the first day of your meeting, Daniel tried to initiate communication with you, but you are so shy that you answer all his questions with just a few words.
  • For example, Daniel will ask you about your day, so you’ll answer him with “It’s fine” and the conversation ended that way.
  • At the end of the day, you approached Daniel with your head down low. “Hey Kang Daniel, right? Ummm, I’m sorry if you – I ummm… – if I may seem to be – umm I don’t know how to express this well.” You were blushing like a tomato, you heard Daniel giggled. “Hey, it’s okay. You’re just shy, right? It’s okay if you’re just replying to my questions with just one word, at least you recognized me.” You looked up and saw Daniel smiling at you.
  • Because of that you became friends with him.
  • After weeks of Daniel trying to talk to you, you try to remove your shyness and just be yourself.
  • Daniel became your only friend in the entire school. (cause you thought all of your classmates get freaked out by you and your weird aura that radiates around you)

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Dude, Where’s My Cat?

Matt Murdock/ Reader

Words: 1,757

Summary: After coming home from his short night of vigilante activities, Matt finds that his newly adopted stray cat has gone missing. There’s only one way to narrow down the search: enlist the help of someone who is up at this hour.

Request: Writing prompt #2 with Matt Murdock | “I know it’s 3 in the morning, but I can’t find my cat”

Tagging: @kwaiky, @attentionseekingprincess

Requested by: anonymous

Author’s note: went overboard because i love cats. hope u like pumpkin

Matt never thought he would be a cat owner.

He discovered the cat on the fire escape stairs when he was about to go on his “nightly routine”. Starved, dehydrated, and in desperate need of love and care, it was hard to say no to the cat. Gently, Matt smoothed talked the cat to come closer to him. The cat was intrigued by him, meowing at the sudden sweet tone. As soon as the cat got in close proximity of his hand, Matt grabbed the four legged creature and went back inside his apartment.

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Bertie Bott’s Beans (Soulmate AU)


yay i love soulmate au’s okay

Imagine craving something that you don’t even like to eat. Suddenly you’re dying for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, even though you’re allergic to peanut butter. Or that you’ve never had chicken teriyaki but you want to eat it immediately. This is what it likes to have a soulmate-well not exactly. Everyone in the world is assigned a soulmate and the only way your connected to them is in the most cheesiest and dreadful way: you crave what they are currently eating. No matter what it is or how gross or delightful, you need to have it. 

It’s very hard to pinpoint who your soulmate may be. Besides the fact that it could literally be anyone, sitting at the Gryffindor table at Hogwarts where hundreds of students are eating the exact same thing, doesn’t make it any easier to pick out people. 

“Ugh James don’t hog the potatoes, they look so good!” You exclaimed as you reached over the table where James practically took captive the mashed potatoes. You gladly scooped some on your plate and ate it, keeping up conversations with you best friends.

“Hey (Y/N), what day should we go for our HoneyDukes Tradition?” Marlene said.

“What’s that?” Sirius practically yelled over the table with his mouth full of food. You gave him a disgusted look and than chuckled.

“I feel like you guys ask us this every year. Ever since our first year, the day before all of us leave for the summer, we go to Honeydukes and stash up on candy and just reminisce on the school year.” You explained while cutting up your steak. 

“Can we join?” James asked hopefully as the three other boys looked at you hopefully.

“Yeah ha-ha, in your dreams Potter.” Lily responded while she rolled her eyes with a smirk on her face. 

“Yeah sure, why not.” You responded. You heard a shrill like “What?” coming from the redhead next to you. “Oh come on! They’re our best friends, we should include them.”

You leaned closer over to her and whispered only so she could hear, “Plus, maybe they’ll pay for our candy.” Lily straightened herself out and looked at the boys.

“Yeah sure, you guys can tag along.” The four 5th year boys cheered and continued on with their dinner. 

(two days later)

“You know, I never realize how much I hate packing until the end of the year when I just want to throw everything into my suitcase and be done.” Alice exclaimed, sending a light kick to her suitcase. 

“The quicker you get it done, the earlier we can go to HoneyDukes before we run into the whole school there and fight for Fizzing Whizzbees or who should get the last Chocolate Wand.” You said. You had finished packing about twenty minutes ago and was looking through photos that were taken throughout the school year. 

“You know what, I don’t even care- I’ll worry about this tomorrow.” Alice said, throwing her last few shirts and pants onto her bed and turned to her friends. 

“I’m telling you Remus, you shouldn’t eat that!” Lily exclaimed.

“Yeah yeah.” Remus waved her off and ate two Peppermint Toads. “I’ve never even heard of these anyway- what are they supposed to do?” 

“Hop around in your stomach.” James snickered as he pulled apart his Licorice Wand. Remus’ face dropped.

“You’re kidding.” He stated. “Oh my god I feel it. Is this what it’s like the feel a baby kicking?” 

“How would we know? We’re fifteen.” Marlene commented. Remus began to rub his stomach to put a stop to the ruckus. 

“Let’s do this!” Peter said as he pulled a box of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans and placed them in the center of the circle. Noises of disgust or excitement erupted from the group. “One of us asks a question to someone else and if they get it wrong, they have to eat a bean.” 

“Who’s up first?” Sirius announced. Nothing but the relaxing sound of waves coming from the lake behind them was all they heard. “Fine I will. Lily, what’s Remus’ middle name?”

“Easy. Jack.” Lily answered with confidence.

“Lily!” Remus exclaimed with his eyebrows furrowed. “It’s John.” Lily’s mouth dropped widely. Peter giggled and threw a jelly bean her way. 

“I can’t believe I have to eat this.” Lily muttered with a repulsed look on her face.

“I can’t believe you don’t know my middle name.” Remus said with a light chuckle. Lily popped the bean in her mouth and everyone awaited her reaction.

 “Cherry.” Lily announced with a small smile on her face while everyone groaned. “Okay next. James, what did McGonagall say to Peter on our first day of school in our first year?” 

Everyone erupted in laughter besides James. “What the bloody-hell? How am I supposed to know?” 

Peter threw him a jelly bean as James groaned and popped it in his mouth.

“Ugh, when is dinner? I could really go for some roast beef.” You said. James jaw dropped slightly. 

“What flavor is it James?” Sirius asked, practically jumping out of his seat because of his reaction. 

“Roast beef.” James answered, looking right at you. You suddenly felt your heart flutter in your chest and your cheeks felt hot.

“Holy shit.” Marlene and Lily muttered in unison. 

“So does that mean-?” Peter asked.

“Yeah… they’re soulmates.” Remus answered, flabbergasted. 

“Maybe this would be a good time to get back to the castle…?” Alice inquired. Everyone nodded and got up. You, although, felt a hand pull you back slightly and were met with non other than James Potter.

“Can I have a minute?” He asked hopefully. You nodded with a small smile and walked behind him towards the shore of the lake. “So I guess- well like- ugh how do I put this?”

To put a stop to his nonsense talk you kissed him and brought your hands up to his face, cupping his cheeks lightly. “That’s much better than what I was going to say.” He said, his cheeks turning red. 

You chuckled and tucked a piece of hair behind your ear. “It’s too bad that we found out about this today and we leave tomorrow. But we can definitely make sure we meet up this summer before school starts up again.” 

“Yeah, I’d like that a lot.” He responded, smiling. You both began walking towards the castle, seeing your friends a far distance up ahead. As you two walked, your hands brushed against each other every now and than until he intertwined your hands. Finally the searching was done. 

this wasn’t exactly how i imagined i would write this but I’m kinda proud of it and i hope it wasn’t too much nonsense before i go to the point but i hope you like it!! xxxxxxx

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Feed Desire.

Summary: Peter has been avoiding Y/N while preparing for the upcoming battle with Thanos. Y/N thinks it’s because he just doesn’t like her, however his reasons run much deeper than she’d ever imagine. A simple miscommunication on Drax’s part now puts Peter in a very awkward position, live with the fear of becoming his father or act on desire.

Warnings: Sexual tension, flirty Peter and mild fluff

Word count: 2190

A/N: I know I’ve been gone for a while and I apologize. I’ve had some personal things that I had to deal with and now I’m back, hoping writing will help put me a bit more at ease. Hope you’re all doing well. My writing is a bit rusty so bear with me. 😚

**PART 3**

Neither Y/N or Peter remember falling asleep during their Thundercats marathon but they did. Peter didn’t even remember the shift of positions on the couch that had him sprawled out, one leg laid across the length of the couch and the other propped up on the small coffee table that sat in front of the couch. His head was nestled comfortably on a decorative pillow that was propped up on the arm of the couch.

He only remembered waking up to the soft blue glow of the TV and tiny Groot looking him right in the eye. Seeing Groot so suddenly made him give a slight jolt in shock and surprise. “Come on, man! I hate it when you do that.” Peter scolded Groot in a soft voice but only earned a soft smack on the cheek from Groot who then placed a finger over Peter’s lips in an attempt to shush him.

“I am Groot.” Groot returned the scolding in a small whisper before pointing down beside Peter.

Peter arched a brow and that’s when he felt it, a slight stirring at his side. His eyes shot down to see Y/N laid up against him, snugly wedged between himself and the couch. Her head was resting on his chest right over his heart and her fingers were curled up lightly into the fabric of his shirt. He watched as she snuggled herself down deeper into his side, one of her legs moving up to drape over his as her cheek nuzzled into his chest. Her actions making his arm wrap lightly around her chilled shoulders. Knowing she had to be cold, Peter pulled his jacket from the back of the couch and very carefully placed it over her exposed shoulders.

“Well, I’ll be damned.” Peter snorted very softly so he didn’t risk waking her as he took another good glance at her sleeping form. He turned his attention back to Groot as he climbed over Peter’s leg and scurried over to Y/N, snuggling himself into her, resting comfortably in the exposed crook of her neck. “Careful, don’t wake her, buddy.” Peter whispered with a yawn, his fingers absentmindedly stroking through her hair.

“I am Groot?” Groot asked looking up at Peter with tired eyes.

“No buddy, we’re not leaving any time soon so get some sleep.” Peter yawned with a shake of his head before relaxing back on the couch. Normally Peter wasn’t fond on “snuggling” like this, he was mostly a love ‘em and get 'em out kinda guy but right now…. He surprised himself on how much he was enjoying have a warm body pressed against his that wasn’t in a sexual way.

Peter smiled slightly before closing his eyes, his fingers still trailing through Y/N’s hair, earning a soft sigh of contentment from the sleeping woman.


The next morning, Y/N yawned deeply, a hand coming up to rub the sleep from her eyes. She couldn’t remember the last time she had such a restful sleep. Normally she would toss and turn all night but last night she slept like a rock.

She squinted at the small rays of sunshine that were pouring in from her window. She went to stretch out her body but she felt what she thought was her couch move under her. Her body jolting up with a fright the moment she heard a deep groggy voice mutter a “Good morning”.

Y/N squeaked and sat up quickly, looking down with wide eyes to see Peter laying under her. “Oh god, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to fall asleep on you.” She covered her mouth, her cheeks red with embarrassment as she watched a sleepy Peter Quill stretch his arms up over his head and let out a deep yawn.

“Don’t be sorry, I enjoyed being your body pillow.” He spoke through the yawn, his fingers running through his hair, giving him that perfect bed head look.

“I honestly don’t remember falling asleep.” She laughed softly, her hand rubbing the back of her neck. “Thanks for not throwing me in the floor.”

Peter chuckled and sat up, his hands rubbing his eyes. “I’d never toss you in the floor, you’re too damn warm and plus you make these cute chipmunk sounds when you sleep.”

Y/N laughed and picked up the pillow at her end of the couch, tossing it at him playfully. “I do not!” She blushed brighter.

Catching the pillow, Peter tossed it back at her before nudging her playfully with his elbow. “You do too. Sounded like you were having a full on Alvin and the Chipmunk conversation going on in your sleep.” He teased with a chuckle.

Rolling her eyes, Y/N gave him a slight shove. “Yeah? Well you snore worse than the Hulk.” She smirked before pulling Peter’s jacket off of her shoulders and tossing it gently across the back of the couch. She glanced to the coffee table and saw Groot sitting on the table, eating from a bag of chips that she and Peter had opened last night. “Groot, honey that’s not a good breakfast. Let me get changed and I’ll make you something.”

“Actually Groot and I should probably get going before your man comes home and catches us all snuggled up on the couch.” Peter spoke up as he stood up slowly. “That’d be a little awkward.

"I don’t have a man.” Y/N scoffed as she leaned back on the couch with a casual shrug. “Only an ex that pesters the ever living fuck outta me.” Peter watched as an annoyed look flashed across her face.

“Oh?” He asked with an arched brow. “Judging by that look, I’m guessing you broke up with him and he still hasn’t gotten the hint yet?”

Nodding her head, Y/N chuckled and looked up at the space outlaw. “He comes here every day asking for me to give him another chance but I caught him in bed with a rookie SHIELD agent’s legs wrapped around his shoulders. I ended it and he won’t accept it. He works here and he’s a good worker so even when Tony threatened to fire him I told him it wasn’t worth it.” Y/N explained while getting up to her feet. “Still every day he comes back and begs for mercy.”

Peter frowned at the thought of this guy, a spark of jealousy lighting inside of him. Why jealousy? He wasn’t sure, but the guy was obviously a creep and Peter didn’t like the situation and it seemed kinda stalkerish to him. Peter has had his fair share of overly clingy lovers and now he prided himself on being an expert to get rid of them. “So lover boy comes around everyday? About what time?” Peter inquires with a sly smirk coming to his lips.

Y/N arched a brow at Peter’s sudden interest in her ex but leaned over to snatch her phone up off the coffee table to check the time. “It’s about six thirty now, normally he comes around seven or seven-fifteen. Why?”

Shrugging quickly, Peter nonchalantly glanced around her living quarters. “No reason, just curious.” he replied quickly before turning his mischievous eyes back to hers. “Hey, mind if I get cleaned up here? If I don’t at least look like I’ve showered, on top of wearing last night’s clothes before heading back to the ship–Rocket will have his spread all over this place that we hooked up. I can probably get away with telling him I was just too lazy to find clean clothes.”

“Charming,” Y/N giggled while nodding, beckoning Peter to follow her. “Forget Rocket, if Richard sees you leaving my room today he’ll lose his damn mind and spread it faster than wildfire.”

“Oh his name is Richard? Good to know. I was gonna refer to him as the 'cheating dick’ if I ever got the good fortune to meet him, but knowing his name is Richard makes that even better. He actually is a cheating Dick.” Peter laughed as he followed Y/N into her bedroom. He paused long enough to take a nice look around at the large comfy looking bed that was clad in black and purple sheets. “Are those silk sheets? You have purple silk sheets on your bed?”

Y/N blushed as an amuses look came over Peter. “Y-yeah, I got them once I was single.” She nodded and watched as Peter walked over to her bed and jumped right in the middle of it. Causing the sheets to puff up and become unmade. “Really?”

“You bought these for the sex didn’t you? You planned on having a string of lovers break in your sexy silk sheets, that’s the only reasons chicks get these.” Peter taunted Y/N as he folded his arms behind his head giving her a suggestive look.

Y/N felt herself get flustered and knew this was Peter’s aim, hell two could play this game. “No, no lovers, I normally sleep naked and those sheets feel so good against your skin. You should try it some time.” She smirked watching a light red tint rise up form Peter’s neck to his ears. Clearly he wasn’t ready for a comeback of any kind after a comment like that he let his eyes go over her body, taking in every curve and every bit of exposed skin. Y/N could feel the tension beginning to form. After a night of actually talking to him and exchanging stories, it definitely didn’t take long to grow a fondness for him. Drax had to be wrong, this kind of tension didn’t form if someone found the other person repulsive, right? Why did she care? And HOW THE HELL DID HE MAKE HER BLUSH SO EASILY? She lived with Tony Stark, that man had a silver tongue but he never made her blush this much.

“Well fuck, we should’ve slept in here last night.” He finally shot back as he crawled off the bed and followed her into her nice sized bathroom.

“Why? So you could tell every one I sleep naked?” Y/N snickered as she went to the closet and pulled out a clean towel and wash rag for Peter, sitting them neatly on the marble counter.

“Listen, sweetheart, I’m not one to keep someone from their normal level of comfort. If you normally sleep in the buff then by all means, don’t stop just because I’m there.” He smirked waiting for her to turn her back before giving her a swift, playful nudge. “Ya know, we could probably save water if you joined me?” Peter threw how the cheesiest line he could come up with, in truth he wanted to see her blush again and laugh. He had already come to love the sound of her laugh. Maybe that was because she laughed at his jokes unlike Gamora who just would glare at him.

Y/N smirked and turned to face him, closing the gap between them so her body was merely inches away from pressing up against his. “Yeah? I would definitely love to join you, handsome,” She teased, mocking an innocent look, “but first you gotta tell me what in the seven hells is an A'askvarian?”

Peter instantly rolled his eyes and pushed her away playfully. “Shut the door on your way out.”

Unable to stop giggling, Y/N walked past Peter and pulled the door shut behind her. “Don’t waste all my hot water, Star-Lord.”

Unable to control his smile, Peter watched Y/N with a fond gaze as she walked out of the bathroom, shutting the door behind her. He enjoyed her playful nature and the fact that she could joke along with him and not he weirded out by his natural ability to flirt. Natasha was right when she told Peter that Y/N was easy to get along with, however just being around her only fueled his desire for her. He knew he wanted her before but now, after a short time of getting to know the person she was and that the two or them shared so many common interests, it was going to be hard as hell for him to contain himself and not make a move. He was constantly reminding himself that he wouldn’t be there forever and not to get attached. He just hoped he could control himself once her ex showed up, Peter did not do well with competition, especially when a female was involved.

Pick-up Lines // Damien Haas

Warnings: Swear words and cheesy pick-up lines

Pairing: Damien Haas x Y/N (gender neutral)

Word Count: 1,108


Working with Smosh had always been fun in your opinion, everyone in the office was quirky and had a different personality; not to mention your boyfriend also worked there with you, which was a definite plus. While you worked more behind the scenes, being one of the top editors for multiple Smosh channels, your boyfriend, Damien, worked in front of the cameras, becoming part of the Smosh crew. You weren’t going to lie, watching him read fanfiction about him and Shayne was one of the funniest things, and you were kicked out of the room while they recorded it because you were giggling so much.

Fast forward to a month or so later, Damien was shooting another video while you were in the room. You weren’t exactly sure what game they were playing, as you were busy doing your own thing, but it didn’t last long before you heard your name being called.

“Y/N!” It was Damien who shouted your name, during a recording nonetheless.

You turned your head to see all the Smosh members who were playing the game staring at you, as if you weren’t awkward enough. So you responded with a simple shouting of “What?”.

“Do you have an inhaler?” He asked, confusing the hell out of you, while everyone watched the scene with anticipation.

“No…?” You responded to his question hesitantly.

“Because you took my breath away.” The Smosh members around you all shouted in surprise as your cheeks turned red in embarrassment.

“Fuck off!” You shouted back, earning yourself a bunch of laughs from everyone.

The crew beckoned you forward, wanting you to come on camera for all the viewers to see. Hesitantly, you stood up and shuffled over, pulling the sweater you were wearing (that totally wasn’t Damien’s) further down. Coming onto camera you did a few bows while the rest of the group clapped behind you. Turning towards Damien you gave him a quick middle finger before getting close to the camera and whispering loud enough so the mics could pick up what you were saying, not that you couldn’t edit subtitles onto the video later.

“I just want to say,” you started off, glancing around, “that I don’t know him, or any of them for that matter. Someone send help, they’ve kidnapped me, I haven’t eaten in 17 days, I don’t know when I’ll get to see my family again-”

“Alright that’s enough, you’ve had your moment of fame, get out of here, loser.” Damien cut off your rant, as you flipped him off again.

“Hug! Hug! Hug! Hug!” The people around you started chanting, which resulted in Damien opening his arms as you shyly walked into them and hugged your boyfriend, as the crew all made ‘aww’ sounds.

“You can go now.” Damien said, kissing your forehead and pushing you off-camera.

“Love you too Damien, love you too.”

After the video was published, you found yourself with a bit of spare time, which led to you going on social media. Your twitter seemed to be blowing up, which could only be because of your recent cameo in the Smosh video. Opening the app you were met with multiple comments about how you and Damien were “#goals”, or how he should do more pick-up lines on you during videos. However, you had also found another thing that the fans were blowing up about.

A few days ago while you were editing videos on your laptop, you and Damien were snuggled under a blanket while he watched you edit, both of you sharing a pair of earbuds. Apparently, unbeknownst to you, someone had taken a picture of that moment and posted it on multiple Smosh social media accounts, which left you blushing as you scrolled through all the comments of how cute you two were.

“Hey loser, what’s got you blushing?” The man in question approached you at your desk.

“Look at all these comments, we’re ’#goals’” You joked, as he sat on your lap, which made you groan under the weight.

"Oh please, we all know it’s because of me.” He jested, making you laugh.

"Whatever helps you sleep at night.” You poked back at him, “Don’t you have a video to record?”

"As a matter of fact I do, m'lady.” He started in a posh accent, “I’ve come to formally invite you to watch your dashing boyfriend play a board game.”

"Very well, kind sir. Let us be off!” You jumped onto his back, as he ran the two of you to the room the video was to be recorded in.

"I’ve arrived! And I’ve brought Y/N!” Damien announced, earning cheers from the Smosh members.

"Now that you’re both here we can start, grab a seat you two.”

This confused you, “wait, what?” You asked, as you were dragged by Boze to sit beside her behind the table. “I’m playing?”

“Surprise?” Damien said, shrinking away.

“I’m gonna murder you.” You pointed at Damien, before turning towards Joven who sat on your other side, “wait is this a murdering game?”

With a nod as confirmation you turned towards your boyfriend again and dragged your finger across your throat, causing multiple people around you to laugh.

“Let’s get started!”

After going through a few rounds, it was obvious you were targeting Damien, as you never attacked anyone else. You were doing quite well, which made you proud of yourself, Damien couldn’t say the same thing, with your constant targeting it was hard to do well, and a fit of giggles rippled around the table every time you attacked him.

“Stop going after me!” He whined, after he was attacked once again.

“It’s your fault for not telling me I was playing until I was in the room, a minute before recording started.” You huffed and crossed your arms.

“Ok, ok, that’s fair. I just have a question for you. Do you have a bandaid?” Everyone turned towards him, puzzled. “I scraped my knee falling for you.”

This seemed to make everyone riot, as you hid your face in your hands, groaning into them. Once everything calmed, you finally took your head out of your hands and turned to Damien.

“I hate you.”

“You love me you loser.”

“If I loved you, would I do this?” You threw a card down in the game you were playing, which was an attack card on no other than Damien, rendering him out of the game.

“You monster!”

“Payback, bitch.” You smiled, knowing that you couldn’t have been luckier to be dating him, and that he was someone you saw yourself growing old with, because with him around, the world wasn’t so bad.

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                            straight caffeine; chapter one

September 24TH, 2016

 I despised a lot of things.

I hated when people accidentally stepped on the back of my shoe and made it slip off my heel. I hated when people liked to watch sad movies for fun. I hated how shitty I always felt after I talked to my mother, even though I told myself a hundred times before her phone call that I wasn’t going to let her disappoint me.

Grocery shopping? That took the cake.

When I lived with my father I didn’t mind grocery shopping. I actually liked going with him to the nearest store and picking out things that I wanted to eat for the rest of the week, which more often than not included packets of Rolos and other various unhealthy junk food. As an adult, grocery shopping was pure torture. Especially because at nearly twenty-five I had to make decisions on the boring healthy foods I knew I had to get. Bananas or apples? Romaine lettuce or spinach for salads? It didn’t help that conventionally healthy foods were a lot more expensive, something I noticed the very first time I had gone grocery shopping by myself after moving out of my father’s house. The boxes of macaroni and cheese were almost six dollars cheaper than the ingredients to make a salad that I wouldn’t completely hate to eat.

Still, grocery shopping was a necessity. Which was why I found myself standing in the middle of Hilal Food Centre at two in the morning early Saturday morning.

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Steggy Fic: Family Tree

Rating: General
Summary: Steve wakes in a brave new world and meets a family he never thought he would have. 

Written for Steggy Week Day 04 (Tuesday): Modern Day #steggyweek2k17

Requested by anonymous

Read at AO3

There were raised voices in the hall, but even Steve sharp ears couldn’t pick up the words. The tone seemed more frustrated than angry or fearful, but it definitely has something to do with him. He wasn’t sure if they had cleared the entire building, but he was the only person in the medical wing. Not that they had let him leave his room or his bed.

They had found him twenty-eight days ago, pulled him from the ice, thawed his ass, and yesterday he had woken up in the twenty-first century.

He hadn’t seen a single familiar face. Though, he doubted after seventy years there were any familiar faces left.

Every couple of hours some doctors or scientists or S.S.R.—wait—S.H.I.E.L.D. agent came to poke or prod or examine or questioned him.

He had already gone over the last things he remembered a hundred times already. He had only left out his last conversation and, since he had thought he’d been taking those words to his grave, he wasn’t about to spill now.

Maybe someone had found out he’d held something back? But everyone had been treating him such kid gloves. It was all ‘please’ and ‘thank you so much’ and ‘Do you mind, Captain?’ He doubted anymore could get mad at him.

Maybe something was wrong?

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Stop in the Name of Love! 1/3

This is my entry for @thebookjumper‘s Olicity Hiatus Fic-a-thon prompt: At Odds.

Season 5 AU. The flashback from 5x20 and Adrian Chase are not part of this story.  This story examines what Felicity and Oliver were thinking and feeling at the time.

Thanks so much to @almondblossomme for proofing! Also available on AO3.


                                                1. At Odds


Really that would be the only word that accurately depicted how Felicity was feeling about her life right now. She felt like she was drowning and she just needed a life raft. She longed for that raft to be Oliver but she knew it couldn’t be. So, she grabbed onto the first guy who approached her - Billy Malone.

Billy was a nice guy. I really nice guy. Everyone liked Billy. Everything about Billy screamed good guy - he was a cop, he was loyal and kind and he never asked for too much. The last part was the most important. Felicity was not okay for many reasons. Billy was a detective, she was sure he picked up on the fact that she wasn’t entirely open with him but he let her be. So when she was with Billy she could pretend she was a normal woman and everything was okay. She could not imagine how horrified he’d be if he knew that she was responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of people.

Nope. Not going there. The nightmares she experienced were enough time spent focusing on how awful a human she was. Even though Oliver reassured her she was not. He said she was a hero and tried to remind her of all the lives she saved. He also said almost every night, she didn’t fire the missiles Damien Darhk had. Felicity really did try to believe Oliver.

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My Teen’s Teacher pt. 11

Here’s part 11! You finally answer Thorin’s question and welcome your children into the world. I do not own ANY Hobbit characters. They belong to J.R.R.Tolkien. 

My Teen’s Teacher Masterlist

Warnings: All the fluff. Mentions of labor and delivery. 

Pairings: Thorin Oakenshield(Durin) x fem!reader, Y/S/N, Dis

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The next couple of weeks flew by in a whirlwind. Now, you had get a third set of everything. A third crib, a third changing table, more bottles, diapers. Everything. You were pretty certain Thorin was still in shock for those first few days after your false labor scare. But, as the days went by, you could see him relaxing more and his lips were upturned into a smile more often than not. He was excited. Scared stiff, but excited nonetheless.

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Hold me Down (Part 19)

Summary: You and the Winchesters face a tulpa. Dean may or may not pop a very sudden question at you. 
Pairing: Dean X Female!Reader
Characters: Dean Winchester, Reader, Sam Winchester
Chapter name: Will you Marry me?
Warnings: I’m focusing on the relationship here, not the cases; cussing, song use; fluff, Gifs aren’t mine, they’re from Google or Tumblr. Set on season 1. A bit of drama. John ships it.  Canon typical violence. Protective Dean. Pillow talk.

Hold me down (Masterlist)

It’s like I’ve been awakened

“Do you remember that time we put Veet in Sam’s shampoo?” Y/N looked up at Dean.

“Of course I do. He was so pissed…” Dean laughed.

They were laying on a motel bed, naked, thinking back to their childhood. They had seen John for the last time a couple weeks ago and they were just doing what they always do; hunting and driving around.

And having sex.

Lots of sex.

“Do you think we’ll ever get tired of having sex?“ She turned around, her elbows on the mattress and her arm resting on his chest to look up at him. “I mean, you think we’re gonna be like those couples that have tons of sex in the beginning of their relationship and then all this fire dies down?”

He chuckled. The wrinkles on his eyes becoming more prominent.

“Oh, honey, Dean Winchester is an eternal flame.” He announced in a prideful, yet obvious tone. “And I’m pretty sure you are too, babe. I ain’t the one who wakes up in the middle of the night asking for sex.”

Every rule I had you breaking

She rolled her eyes in response and laughed as a funny thought crossed her mind.

“What?” he asked.

“I was just imagining you, as a 60-year-old, going to a drugstore every month to buy 30 blue pills so we could continue to have sex every night.”

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Pretty Boy

Pairings: Warren Worthington (Angel) x Reader

Request: Hi, can i get 3 and 27 from the prompt list with Warren Worthington?? Thank you❤️🌻

Prompt 1:  “I didn’t think you wanted me around. You never indicated you did.”

Prompt 2: “There’s a person who won’t stop bugging me will you pretend to be my partner so that they’ll fuck off?”

Weekends at Xavier’s could honestly be something made into a movie, especially when talking about the older kids. There was always something you and the rest of the mutants were trying to get into now that you were free from any type of school work or training and this weekend was no different. 

It was a Friday night and you were sat in your room trying to catch up on some world history when Jean and Jubilee cam stumbling in with giddy looks on their faces. Both of them were holding neon colored papers in their hands and they were staring at you like you were one the boys from the Brat Pack. 

Putting your pencil down and shutting you book you look to them, “Will you two ever learn to knock”?

Jean pouts and points her thumb behind her, “The sign says ‘enter’, so we entered”. 

“Nooooo… The sign says ‘Do Not Enter”, you tell them, using air quotes around ‘do not’, 

Suddenly a gust of wind comes through the room and your eyes flick to see Peter now swiveling around in your desk chair chomping on an apple. 

“Kurt crossed out the ‘do not’ part with sharpie an hour ago. I watched him do it”, he tells you and bites into his apple again. 

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