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Hi, I was wondering if I could have hc of the RFA (And Saeran if you can) conforting MC after a fight with her mother, that resulted in her mother saying she should have never been born (sorry if this is to specific, I just need some cuddles rn (´△`)

Anon don’t you dare apologise for this being too specific. >< It’s not, so it’s fine. ^^ And I hope you cheer up soon! You’re amazing, alright?! If you need to vent or just talk, drop me a message, okay? ^^ I’d hate for anyone who looks at my content to feel upset by any means. Anywho, I decided to do this one first since you sound like you could really use the hugs right about now. ^^” I hope this helps you’re mood pick up! Also, I didn’t know if you wanted V included since he’s technically a part of the RFA, so I added him anyway;;; I hope you don’t mind~ ^^ *sends anon a virtual hug* Cheer up soon, friend! (V and Saeran under the cut~)


  • He was in a meeting at the time of your fight.
  • When he got the phone call and heard you in tears he just upped and left the meeting right there. Jaehee was left to clean up the mess
  • He came home as fast as possible.
  • Of course he doesn’t quite know how to comfort people – he’s not the best at emotions.
  • But he hugs you and fetches Elizabeth for you to cuddle while you explain – if you feel up to explaining at the moment. If not, he’ll wait patiently.
  • Once you do explain, he looks as blank faced as ever, but he’s seething on the inside.
  • He doesn’t get when parents say that sort of stuff to their kids.
  • But he holds you tighter to him, fingers running through your hair.
  • “Ignore anything she said. She’s just blind by anger at the moment.”
  • “She didn’t mean it.”
  • “You belong in this world as much as anyone else. I need you in my world.”
  • Anything like the above, he will tell you all that and more.
  • Buys you anything you need to calm down
  • But you probably just need lots of affection for now
  • He’ll convince you to talk things out with your mother at a later time
  • But for now, you get his and Elizabeth’s undivided attention.
  • Yes, even the cat is comforting you.


  • He happens to have just returned from work when he hears your fight.
  • He’s hovering nearby through your phone conversation and when you hang up?
  • Bam, instantly in his arms.
  • You start crying.
  • He asks what’s wrong.
  • When you tell him, god you have to stop him from going out the door and finding your mother.
  • Family or not, no one should tell you that you shouldn’t have been born.
  • He’ll reassure you a whole bunch that you deserve to be on this planet.
  • He’ll talk about all you’ve done to make him a better person, how much you inspire him.
  • “Darling, I literally can’t live without you. You’re like the air I need to breathe.”
  • “What do you mean that’s cheesy? It made you smile, right? Honestly, that smile puts the sun, moon and stars to shame.”
  • He’ll make you a warm drink to help calm you down and put in a movie.
  • Cuddles on the couch.
  • He may try and sing you to sleep.
  • If you do fall asleep…. Expect him to send a ‘nice’ text to your mother without your knowledge.
  • He’ll be pleased the next day when she phones you to say she’s sorry.
  • After all, he plans to be the best husband in the world for you someday, right?


  • She’s returned late from work, having missed a phone call from you which she felt guilty about.
  • She feels even more guilty to see you curled up on the couch watching programs she knows you watch only when sad.
  • So she takes a set next to you and pulls you into her arms.
  • Immediately stroking your hair, she turns off the TV and quietly apologises for not answering the call and would like to know why you’re upset.
  • When you explain, she’s not quite sure how to act.
  • She doesn’t have her parents around anymore, hasn’t for a while. She keeps quiet and keeps you close.
  • Soon enough, she will speak. Tell you that your mother was probably just having a bad day; that she didn’t mean what she said.
  • And even if she did mean it, you shouldn’t listen to her. Jaehee doesn’t regret your existence, she doesn’t regret meeting you.
  • “You’ve changed my life around.”
  • “I couldn’t get to where I am now without you beside me.”
  • “Please don’t take her words to heart.”
  • She’ll offer to cook dinner that night and you can bet it’s your favourite.
  • Probably watch some of Zen’s stuff together and will give you extra cuddles in bed tonight.
  • The following morning, she’ll make sure you’re alright and phone you regularly throughout the day.
  • When you’re ready to talk it out with your mum and patch it up, she’ll make sure she’s right there beside you, holding your hand or holding you in her arms while you make the phone call.


  • Was probably playing games when the fight took place.
  • Telling a quick ‘brb’ to his guild, he’ll leave his room to find you and see what’s up.
  • It only takes one look at your face before the puppy envelopes you into a tight hug and starts to ask what’s wrong and what can he do to help.
  • Will rub your back to help calm you down, offer to cook you something.
  • If you want to let off some steam, he’d be happy to let you play on his account and do a raid or something. He’s been meaning to introduce you to his guild mates for a while now anyway
  • Will probably do anything in his power to distract you from the fight. Take a walk, play some games, bake something. Anything he can think of. You guys will have probably baked enough cookies and cake to stock a café
  • Once you’ve calmed down, he’ll ask you to explain what happened in more detail.
  • “She said that? But MC, if you hadn’t of been born, I’d still be shut up in my room and not care about my college work! I’d be a mess!”
  • “Plus, I wouldn’t have my adorable partner next to me!”
  • Honestly, he’s gonna shower you with cute stuff.
  • Maybe talk a bit about some random stuff.
  • “Why do people say house wife and house husband? Why not house spouse? That’s us, right? We’re some house spouses! Or, er, we will be in a few years.”
  • Expect lots of cuddles when you go to sleep.
  • He’ll even stop gaming early that night to make sure you know you’re loved by him and the rest of the RFA.
  • Puppy just wants to see you happy.


  • “She said what?!
  • Honestly…. Do you expect this boy not to get mad? Because if you do, you are poorly mistaken.
  • He is so mad.
  • I mean, he never had that great of a relationship with his mother.
  • And he knew how bad those words stung first hand.
  • Hell, he believed them most of the time which I still cry foul to! Seven, let yourself be happy
  • But no one, and I mean no one tells his MC that they shouldn’t have been born.
  • Lock his computer room, he will hack your mother.
  • Of course he will give the biggest hugs in the world! Squeeze you tight until you’re begging to breathe again.
  • If you comment that ‘Maybe she’s right’ oh you stop right there and sit down because Seven is about to lecture you on how he wouldn’t even be alive right now if it weren’t for you.
  • You are the best thing that happened to him and he’s going to be damned if you don’t believe it by the end of the night.
  • “Listen, if you didn’t exist, who would I marry at the space station?”
  • “Haven’t I told you how much I love you more than I love Elly?”
  • He’ll tell lots of jokes to make you laugh.
  • Try – and fail – at cooking you a proper meal for a change.
  • SO MANY COMPLIMENTS! Mostly in the forms of puns – still attempting to make you laugh.
  • Work? What work? Unless work is making you smile again, then yes he’s doing that all night long.
  • Seriously, this guy is gonna stop work for the day and night to cuddle you and reassure you.

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hi there! so this is my first masterpost and i know the fave apps post has been done to death but there are a few that i use that i haven’t seen around so i thought i’d make a post (plus i wanted an excuse to use this gorgeous monet painting and some futura # ) so anyways - yeah!! let’s go

mobile apps

stuff that i use more for school

  • google drive + docs: so most people i know have this, but if you don’t – omg get on it! google drive is such a lifesaver bc it syncs to everywhere you’re logged in with your google account so you never have to email yourself files ever again! additionally i find it so useful for college apps, because if i have an idea and i’m not at my computer, i can just write it down on my phone and it’ll be there later. additionally, it’s a lot more attractive than ms word (in my opinion) and google slides kicks powerpoint’s ass.
  • khan academy: khan academy saves my life on the daily, and there’s an official app! it’s pretty nicely laid out and the best part is that you can download videos and you can watch in places where you have no service/avoid using data. plus you get to rack up those points and make urself feel like a boss
  • quizlet:  again, super useful for cramming/when you’re too lazy to make flashcards lmaoooo! the app is designed well and it’s so much better than the mobile website

personal organization/useful apps (i have a lot more of these bc i try to avoid using my phone too much when i’m literally doing hw because i will get distracted l m a o)

  • google calendar: ok ok studyblr is bujo/written planner central and i definitely get the appeal but i have awful penmanship, i can’t draw, and i’m a lazy fuck so google calendar is really useful for me bc i can just whip out my phone and input stuff. additionally, it syncs just like google drive so you can access your calendar from anywhere! it’s great in the summer for me bc i don’t have assignments to write down but i do have time commitments for my job as well as social plans and it’s just super useful
  • tinycards: so this just came out the other day and i’ve only finished one set, but it’s such a neat app for learning random stuff. it’s by the makers of duolingo and it has that same system of learning and repetition that really gets stuff to stick in your mind. you can make your own decks as well, so it’s a great app for studying!
  • duolingo: aight so if youve spent half a millisecond time on studyblr you know this app but it’s great for learning languages they already have tons and they’re betaing even more and it’s a beautiful interface as well as free!! lit
  • SERIAL READER!!!!: so i def saved the best for last bc i’ve been using this app for two days and i’m already obsessed. srsly download it right now. essentially it has all these classic works of literature and it breaks them up into chapter or two-chapter sections which ends up being about the length of an article in the atlantic or smth and it gives you a new issue every day! and that sounds like such a simple concept but by doing that it really makes these books less intimidating and it also incentivizes you to read every day by keeping track of your streaks (how many days in a row you read). like rn i’m reading frankenstein which i never would’ve read because it’s big and gothic but now it’s actually really easy and fun! and a great way to keep your brain sharp over the summer in a simple way. did i mention it’s free youre getting access to like 100 works of literature or smth for free #publicdomain but anyways yeah it’s lit i love it

aight fam hope this was a good masterpost hit the reblog or like button and make sure you have a very relaxed summer! espec for those of us in the co17 strugglebus, don’t feel like you need to be studying super hard over the summer! make sure to see your friends and watch some good movies and have a wonderful season!