plus i like doing this and want to say more

Every year this day comes around and I want to say something but I never have the words.

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I'd probably say the postal code thing is so they have an idea of where groups of fans are from. Certainly in terms of future touring. Like where would you even begin to start booking? Plus you'd want to make sure your shows will sell out!

Yeah, it might be, also I was thinking that they may be trying to see where he has the most fans? We had to choose the country, but the code narrows it down to a more specific region idk

how do i campaign for people in norway to sign up so that he’ll come here……

About #savekizana

Firstly, let me explain the reasons why I started all of this. 
I’m not doing it to offend YandereDev or his work, because I truly respect it. I do not support YS haters. 
I’m doing it because I care about this character. Ever since The Rival Introduction came out, I fell in love with Kizana Sunobu deeply. The reasons why I do love her so much are way above to tell, and this post is not about it. 

So let me get this straight. Why do I want her old design back? 

Well, the most predictable reason is the color scheme. I have a strong feel of color, so I know what I’m saying - these colors are beautiful. The tones are amazingly pleasant and calm, and they fit together. The artist used different colors - silver and watermelon-ish pink. It’s much better than using tones of one single color, like it is in new one. Plus, silver fits Kizana’s personality much more. I see her as a workaholic pedant, who needs everything to be perfect, and silver, a tone of white, is a perfect desire for a character like this. She looks neat and tidy. Speaking of the design itself, I think jabot fits way better than a choker with rose. Not only because it makes Kizana fancy, but because jabot is an accessory of the drama club. She’s a president of it, why should she make an exception for herself? 

I also have to mention that silvery white hair and reddish eyes makes her look like an albino. It would make a great concept! If she would be a real albino, it would turn Kizana to really interesting and unique character, because this disease would create tons of problems for an actress, and would show her as a determinative, tough girl, who will follow her dreams no matter what. It would also create some sad moments about her, since I’m sure people would make laugh of her appearence. 

The thing is, she doesn’t even have to be the REAL albino. People would make jokes anyway. 

I also need to refer to the resemblance of new Kizana to Kokona. I’m SICK of hearing stupid stuff like “Kokona wannabe”, “Kokona number 2″, “She’s Kokona anyways” (especially the last one, because it’s OBVIOUSLY clear they are NOT the same person). I was meh to Kokona, I started to like her when her full storyline came out, but NOW I HATE HER WITH ALL MY SOUL! I just can’t stand her idiotic fans protecting her from nothing. It is pretty clear Kizana DOES NOT replace your precious Kokona, but you STILL CONTINUE to hate Kizana for nothing! I’m sure - if the old design would stay, such people would turn to zero, or at least, close to it. 

But what about Megami? - you’d ask. 
This problem is not a big deal. Megami had black hair and white stockings from the start. Personally, I like this version of her more, since black hair was making her mysterious and frightening. She is the final and the most hard rival, so these characteristics would fit her perfectly. 

In the end, I’d like to say that I’m not trying to offend anyone. I’m not forcing anyone to take part in #savekizana. All of the art people provide is made by their own choise - they support me. I’m not trying to start a civil war or anything like this. If YandereDev doesn’t want to change this character, even if people prefer her old design - it’s fine. This is his game and his choise. I’m not going to write any hate posts about him if he keeps the curent design (tho I’ll be very depressed to be honest). 

I just care about this character and its destiny.

Boku No Hero Light Novel No.2 Trans

Chapter 1: Commence the Study Groups! (そろそろの勉強会),  Part 3.

[Part 1, Part 2]

t/n: at first I didn’t think I’d get this done today but! due to the fact that bnha s2 was starting today which gave me a big motivation boost to do something bnha related and hence me plus ultra-ring through part 3! Btw I also want to say thank you to those who have left kind messages in my ask box, they really make me happy! THANK YOU <3

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S'up! XD So S/O over here is a little sick. How would ASL, Sanji, and Law react finding out their S/O is doing something they shouldn't? (Like having a sore throat then eating Snickers plus cold water *innocently coughs* ahaha no i didn't) 😅

Ace: snatches the snickers and cold water out of your hands and shakes his head but eats it himself

Sabo: like Ace with a bit more disappointment

Luffy: snatches the snickers and water out of your hands to have it himself

Sanji: makes a disappointed, guilt tripping mom face and offers to make you some hot chocolate if you really want something sweet instead

Law: says “You’re an adult I’m not telling you what to do.” in a disappointed, guilt tripping mom voice


Pretty much finished version of my slightly-intoxicated, half-asleep sketch from the other day. Plus non-triangle version because I wasn’t sure which looked better. I’ll probably touch it up some more at some point!

ANYWAY, we finally finished watching Gravity Falls, and I gotta say, the finale was a lot on my heart and I’m still processing it. There is a lot I want to say about the show, including a few criticisms, but at the risk of sounding like I’m complaining about that which I love, I’ll save my detailed opinions for a later post. Overall, though, A++ cartoon, highly recommended. You will very likely develop a phobia of triangles. …Or ship them with handsome old men. 

My feelings are complicated.

guys we have a new meme

“pretty boy”

you’ve unlocked something in me”

when he’s “quite magical”

“I’ll do you pro bono”


when he says he’s had 17k lovers


There is no other way to explain what is happening here but… They look at each other, both of them smiling, enjoying their time. For a moment they forgot the cameras exists, it was just the two of them alone acting silly as they often do. Link found it adorable how Rhett got into his goofy role and basically flirted with him. He wanted to place his hand on Rhett’s cheek, curl his fingers behind Rhett’s head and into his short hair there. Then pull him close for a little kiss to show his affection. But in the last second, he remembered they can’t do it there and withdraws his hand. Plus, the ‘’I thought you died’’ what Link says there is even more boyfriendy like… I want to scream.


i haven’t played mass effect andromeda yet (waiting until it actually comes out) but i’m pretty sure i prefer ‘maybe sometime wonky animations’ in comparison to ‘blank face and as much minimal animation as possible’ like in the previous games, but that’s just me. 

Hard Touch

Genre : Smut

Includes the following : spanking, slight dom, and usage of the word daddy

“I’ll take your jacket,” Baekhyun says the moment you two step into his apartment.

“Thanks,” You say, unravelling your scarf then slipping out of your leather jacket, “God Baek, I still can’t believe we’re doing this.”

“If you’re not comfortable you can back out anytime,” He takes your jacket and drapes it on top of his coat hanger, “You don’t have to do this.”

You shake your head, “I want to, I wanna try out new things plus I think I might be into it.”

He raises an eyebrow at your answer, and now he can’t help but think of you having done this sort of thing before. And he certainly didn’t coin you as the type to be into domination considering how headstrong you can be at times.

“So you have experience?” He asks.

Well, you wouldn’t call it experience per say, it more like an accident that just happened to excite you, “Not really no, I’m sure it doesn’t qualify as experience anyways.”

He gives you a cat like grin before placing a hand on the small of your back, “Don’t be shy, I mean you can be, the whole ingenue looks suits you but I’m guessing you aren’t so innocent…”

Flustered by the seemingly innocent words, you can’t help but fix your eyes on the small cactus he has on his coffee table. “It was abit of spanking and a tiny it choking.” You whisper.

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katoka97 replied to your photoset “Skipping the queue because I forgot this happened and just everything…”

Hmm did he? It still feels kind of too quick, like there was something more. And maybe he kissed him so he could make Ren jealous and finally declare their relationship to everyone.

I do feel like there’s something more and I want to say, yet again, jealousy plays a part.
Now seeing Natsuo like this and hearing his input plus seeing the past kind of puts things in perspective. “His number one changes so easily” can be interpreted in different ways; it can go with my theory of Natsuo having a crush on Haru when they were younger or it can be interpreted as in Natsuo being Haru’s number one in a familial, platonic way but then getting pushed aside as Haru puts his brothers in the number one spot replacing him. 
What the first girl says when talking about Haru to Natsuo, “The way you make me feel like I’m the only one for you is nothing like the other Natsu” is something we should also take into consideration as it goes along with the word “love” being lighter than air to Haru and still is up til this day. 

Either if it is a love or familial feeling, jealousy is sure apparent within Natsuo towards Haru for a reason or two yet to be fully told. 

The kiss with Haru. Right before he does it, he thinks on how Haru never had to work for affection and was always surrounded by people. He also thinks about the time when Haru was in the car accident and goes on to say how happy and carefree Haru looks and feels at that moment despite what he had to go through because of the accident. Then he goes on to say that he’s only like that because of Ren then kisses him, the sentence is unfinished but we all know Ren is the answer. Jealousy again plays a part into this because it is unclear if Natsuo has any other siblings or the relationship he and his dad had when they moved abroad, but I think it’s safe to say that he’s an only child so the love that Haru showed and gave to Natsuo is surely something to cherish and hang onto. With Ren now being Haru’s Number One, making him happy, it most likely pulled a trigger within him. I believe Ren’s jealousy was just an outcome of Natsuo’s own jealousy.
Natsuo looks like he plays it off by saying to Haru “What? Doesn’t hearing him say that make you happy?…You owe me one” but how much of that is genuine? (Is that the right word to use- idk-) It’s for sure that Natsuo knows the kind of relationship Ren and Haru have, obviously, but with everything happening it might be conflicting with feelings he doesn’t want to dive back into

So the other day I drew a punk!Wyoming and a pastel!Florida and I sorta accidently created a flyoming greaser au.

Basically greaser!Wyoming falls in love with Butch Flowers, a pretty boy who runs a flower shop. Unfortunately, York, technical leader of the infamous Freelancer gang, forbids him from seeing Flowers because he believes that their relationship will jeopardize the reputation of the group.

Carolina, the real leader of the group and York’s girlfriend, cares deeply about Wyoming and wants him to be happy (he was a family friend and helped the young Carolina move past Allison’s death). However, she sides with York, only because she fears a bad reputation will cause a dangerous enemy gang (Charon, so like the Innies and Mercenaries) to move onto their streets and endanger their friends.

Meanwhile, her older half-brother Church works at the flower shop Butch owns. He believes gangs are dangerous and greatly disapproves of Carolina running one, only because she is the most important person to him and he doesn’t want her to get hurt. He warns Flowers to steer clear of them, but Flowers ultimately falls deeply in love with Wyoming.

There’s a few other side plots, like York’s strained relationship with his father (Mayor Malcom Hargrove), the Allison backstory, flowershop antics starring the Blues, ect. It’s really sorta grown so large so quickly, but I’m actually super excited about it.

I’m just wondering, would anybody be intrested in reading that sort of thing?

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Not to sound rude but you need to look at other artist's style of artwork and practice more by learning different designs in order to improve more, other than that the shading looks good. I hope you have a nice day. Practice makes perfect.

I get what you mean, however you should know that i am trying my best to improve, Just because Moonlight or my art style looks a bit the same doesnt mean im not improving, I draw other stuff on my free time. Here is a example:

I drew this and its more detailed then i normally draw (It even has my watermark) , However it took me 5 hours to do, And i dont have any money to buy another art program, those art programs that are free like Gimp or Fire alpaca, i never were found of them that much or got use to them, plus, i really dont want to copy, im taking it slow, however thanks for saying this!

jikook analysis #2

jungkook and jimin closeness. 

at first jungkook seems too shy and jimin was taking advantage by teasing the boy so it is a really cute interaction between them. and i don’t think that jikook are close now, i think that jikook are already close even before debut. remember that one vlive where jungkook said he wanted to become sungdeuk’s apprentice and jimin said don’t jungkook. call me delulu but jungkook seems to trust jimin. plus jungkook did said on a radio show that jimin is the hyung that gave him warm comfort and kindest. 

i’m sure you guys remember about the ahl where jungkook failed to do his flip and jimin comforted him. at that moment i was so ODVNSOMCOSDN THIS IS JUST MAKING ME EVEN MORE HAPPIER. i like it how jungkook just say whatever he has in his mind and heart to jimin. like he just said that he should move around so the flip would work and then he added that he feel like doing bboy again. boi he just went all out with his eyes closed.

so for those who keep on saying jikook aren’t close, i feel really bad for you : )

for the next analysis, i might do jimin’s behaviour or jungkook’s actions or idk yet actually. 

feel free to leave an ask about jikook! or message me!

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Is there gonna be a whole comic or story about the shape shifter AU ?? I honestly would love to see one!

Oh how much we would love that! But we barely manage to answer the ask and draw our stuff, we definitely doesn’t have enought time to be invested in such long projects like a whole comic or a story. Plus we can’t write in english really well and that makes thing complicated… for every little comic we spend half of the time just to translate what the characters say, a story would take way too much time and I barely have enough of it to write in italian (╥﹏╥)

If someone else want to do it tho is more than welcome!

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Im noticing that alot of fans are acusing sm of keeping her out of work but I think thats not the issue here. I think (similar to Henry) she's given work that she may not want to focus on and the work she WANTS to do is being shut down because sm dont find it profitable. Like they had her on that pointless "learning korean" variety show a month ago but wont let her continue crossings? Something she's WAY more passionate about? Thats prob whats frustrating her.

this is pretty much what i was trying to say, exactly. plus, that variety show she was on recently played on that same severely tired trope of her being a foreigner. 

it’s 100% music frustrations, guys. she could have 50 variety appearances a year but if that’s not what she wants to do and it doesn’t go hand in hand with music releases then why should she continue to accept that.

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You know your friendship's real when your casual mid-cleaning conversations have shifted from "so how was your school this week" to "so do you think ed or os would top more often"

It’s a true sign of friendship, dear anon. I think I spend more time talking about Ed and Os with my friends than I do our weekly activities. 

Also…. I would like to say Ed tops more but I am a sucker for bottom!Ed. He gets so needy and just wants to be cherished. Oswald can provide that, plus it gives him the power to still stay in control which is something he craves

@allez-argeiphontes It’s okay. I’ve just gotten it a few times today and I was very tired and irritable when I saw yours.

Alex is my boy and I’d like to see him in more things cause I hate making sets where he’s left out. Like I honestly do. It doesn’t feel right to say Roci Crew when he’s not around.

But alas.