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My 2016 best nine on Instagram!
This year has been such a Rollercoaster! The ups have been so high they’ve taken my breathe away and the downs have literally made me pause and reevaluate my whole existence, but at the end of the day the one thing that is undeniable is I am beyound bless and just knowing that helps me to better ride the waves of life! Be encouraged friends!

Please don’t be an art thief.
Guys if someone has made clear that no one can use their art without permission that means you do not use their art without permission. (mind blowing right?)

There’s this user on instagram “ isa.wink.suga ” is basically collecting jikook fanart and posting them. Although I don’t know if they are getting permission from everyone and I just happened to be the first one they didn’t ask for permission, (plus they cropped the watermark, how suprising) please be warned.
I don’t think this post is going to make it to a lot of people but I hope some of you see this.
Even if you are not a fanartist please just please do not use something without permission. I know some artists are okay with it but I and a lot of artists are not.
Please don’t be an art thief. We put so much effort in just one line and it is certainly not fair that you just steal people’s art and use it as if it is your own creation.