plus i just love the two jasons

Realistically, Danielle was never going to win this season but I’m incredibly proud of her for making it this far. Every week she could’ve been nominated, she was, except for the one week Kryssie won HoH. Week one, two, and three by America. Kryssie won HoH and didn’t nominate her plus she was just America’s nominee so Reddit couldn’t either(they nominated the only other black girl instead). She won HoH the following week so she was safe from eviction, was nominated by Jason the week after, won DE HoH and was safe from eviction again, and has been nominated again this week thanks to BB rigging the HoH comp. No one had to fight for their BB life as much as Dani has and so even though she isn’t winning this season, she played the best game and deserved the win.

alright so while I 100% understand people’s love of the Jercy brotp bUT i really need you guys to remember that Leo and Jason are best friends and Grover and Percy are best friends and even though Percy and Jason are friends they are also rivals because they wanna know who would win in a fight and so please don’t overplay their friendship because they aren’t actually each other’s best friend they have other best friends and the two of them literally dislike each other just as much as they like each other plus if i’m being perfectly honest i strongly believe that Leo and Percy would be much better friends than Jason and Percy because Leo and Percy would do all the stupid shit with each other and honestly cAN YOU IMAGINE

@bananannabeth‘s post also got me thinking about how little of Jason’s emotional journey we really got to see. I mean, sure we saw his struggle with feeling torn between both camps but what about how it would feel for him to go back to Camp Jupiter and have the only home he’s ever known not feel like home anymore?? 

Also I’d love to see how he really feels towards Thalia. Because he just doesn’t really know her and they’re so different. He would have to get to know her as a person /and/ as a sister. The nostalgia will only get them so far because Jason remembers so little about his life before CJ cause he was a baby obviously so it has to be really awkward to try plus I can’t imagine Thalia being great at discussing her emotions but Jason would need her to and then the two of them having to work through all those feelings towards their mom on top of trying to understand each other in a sibling way and a friend way. 

I just need to know all about Jason Grace and his feelings.