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Question: Would Kagome date a girl in DE? We know she's going to have boyfriend(s) but would she also go out with any of the girls? Maybe Lily or Marlene or someone you else. How would the boys react too?

Yes actually!! I mean, she wouldn’t go out with Lily or Marlene, because her brother is in love with Lily (plus there’s Harry to think about lmao) and Marlene is head over heels for Dorcas. (Tho maybe she nurses a crush? lol) It is something I’d like to write, though, because for a while now I’ve headcanoned Kagome as pansexual/romantic.

Coincidentally I’ve been thinking about this lately, and… how would you say it… trying to make it more obvious?? Visible? My brain’s drawing a blank sorry lmao but yeah, in snippets and hcs when I can. Like, with the snippet I wrote with the little comic sweetlesslyy drew of Kagome and Marlene kissing for a dare? And lately any references I’ve made to any of her dates in general have been gender neutral.

As for the boys… I’m not so sure yet. I’m wondering about James maybe suspecting? Maybe Kagome’s not subtle when flirting with someone? Or shocked and stricken because he’s been on the defense against guys hitting on her when?? this whole time?? he should have been worried about the girls too??? (All those valentines he missed over the years – should have just intercepted them all lmao) Either way, it’s not a problem because while James (and maybe Pete?) is straight, Remus and Sirius aren’t.


I’m back from hell a week of exams, so I finally finished those ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و There are some more in my inbox but they’re pretty much [character] + one expression over and over, so this will probably be the last batch for now (though I want to finish the rest of them when I’m bored or have some free time) oh and one more thing


I thought that fact was pretty clear after I made that one post, but I’m STILL getting requests, so I’m just reminding you I haven’t been accepting them for some time now

So I have this hc where Sasuke gets his shit together and makes the first move and… yeah. Naru doesn’t survive.


guess who’s still (re)watching detective conan? it’s me, and i can’t believe i forgot how good shinichi and hattori are together, especially when they spend entire episodes just out to get each other

(the plus side of being six years old is the ability to shriek at the top of your lungs to shut your arch-rival up without making yourself look bad)

Pidge ft this really cute outfit I saw on my dash (plus the model was cute too)


Flamencos aggressively onto the ice

Hey if you liked Yuri On Ice please consider Samurai Flamenco, a show (and fandom) I hold very near and dear to my heart (plus the main characters are Super Cute)

Also I literally drew this so I could shamelessly self plug the Samurai Flamenco charity fanzine I’m running, info can be found here, application deadline is the 15th!


So, I was inspired to make this post, because I know many people want to watch some queer storylines that aren’t just queer baiting. Plus, I just want to spread the gay goodness around! So, here we go! 

(In no particular order)

1. Drew and Rick (The Night Shift) 

This story line is gives me so much joy. Seriously, it deals not only with a gay couple, but with them being gay in the military and adopting a daughter. 

2. Ben and Paul (Eastenders)  

Okay, so I don’t like storylines that end in death, but this one is fantastic and they deal with Ben dealing with Paul’s death in a really realistic way. Plus, they are just to cute together. Paul really brings back the sweet side of Ben that we all thought was lost. 

3. Isak and Even (Skam) 

If you are on tumblr, you know about this show. Just do yourself a favor and go watch it. One of the most realistic and heart felt gay story lines ever. Deals with mental illness in a real and compassionate way.

4. Christian and Syed (Eastenders) 

HAPPY ENDING!!!! Also deals with Islam and what it means to be gay in that faith, very powerful story. 

5. Robert and Aaron (Emmerdale) 

These boys have been through so much, and seeing their wonderful character development has been amazing! These boys have some of the sweetest soap moments ever! (HINT HINT SUPER SOAP WEEK 2016) 

6. Charlie and Matteusz (Class BBC) 

THEY ARE SO PRECIOUS AND IN LOVE <3 My sweet gay alien prince and his polish consort. Seriously, this show is great. Doctor Who spin off with a gay main character, whose boyfriend deals with being kicked out by religious parents.

7. Claudio and Sandro (Italian soap. Only on Dailymotion) 

Super sweet boys with a happy ending. Lots of dramatic moments! 

8. Magnus and Alec (Shadowhunters) 

They are super cute and super flirty. I honestly adore both characters and how their relationship has developed. The show did a great job in doing these characters justice, more than the books ever did. 

9.  Eric and Aaron (The Walking Dead) 

Okay, so they are like barely in the show, but they are to precious for this world when they are. I love their friendship with Daryl and Eric is seriously such an adorable ginger. 

10. Lito and Hernando (Sense8) 

Really well done and really explores the idea of coming out when you’re in a position of fame. Plus, they are so cute and in love <3 

11. Tinco and Francis (SpangaS)

They are really adorable and the show delves into the world of coming out in high school and the rewards of being yourself. 

12. Tristan and Miles (Degrassi) 

I absolutely love these two! This third season was everything I wanted <3 They start off shaky and I’m not in love with how they treat Miles’ bisexuality, but the way they have grown as characters and how they show their relationship changing in tandem with that is awesome. 

13.  Paulo and Miguel (O Beijo do Escorpiao) 

Very cute and full of drama. Actual kissing in this one (that has been censored on other Portuguese TV shows). Happy ending that is so perfect for the end of the show. 

14.  Lukas and Philip (Eyewitness) 

BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN <3 Seriously, the way they wrote these characters was perfect and they really made the story flow so well. It was amazing to see a show centered around gay youths in love. 

15. Brian and Justin & Ben and Micheal (Queer as Folk) 

Just watch Queer as Folk. It’s a gay classic and it deals with all kinds of issues within the LGBT community. Plus, omfg how cute are Brian and Justin…I can’t they are the original gay power couple. 

 16. Carsten and Lenny ( Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten) 

Totally cute couple that deal with a lot of trauma together. Deals with Lenny coming out after dealing with bullying in army training. 

17. Christian and Oli ( Verbotene Liebe) 

AHHHHH my feelings for this couple…I can’t. They were meant to be, it was true love! ( I can only watch so far into this story line because of how it ended). Again, did not like how they treated Christians bisexuality, but the couple are seriously to perfect. They have some of the best scenes of any gay story line. 

18. Ianto and Jack (Torchwood) 

IANTO DESERVED BETTER! Okay with that out of the way, this is a great story line with lots of good relationship development and Ianto and Jack being sweet and beautiful. I would also recommend listening to the radio plays after watching the show, as it clears things up and made my heart feel better. :P

19. Max and Iago ( El Cor de la Ciutat )

Okay, so I adore this soap, it has amazing story lines and character development for these two, and there are so many sweet and heart wrenching scenes. I adore this couple and have re-watched their story like 6 times. 

20. Fer and David (  Física o Química ) 

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! Same as #19. Awesome character development and lots of drama and loving moments between our beautiful couple. I adore them, even if the ending of the show makes me cry all the time just thinking about it. 

21. Jude and Zero ( Hit the Floor )

They are soooooo goooodddd! I cannot even begin to describe all the things that are perfect about this couple and their story line. They are the gay kings of L.A, who got their happy ever after. 

So that is it for now! Go out and have your eyes filled with the beauty of these canon ships! I may update this when I find more story lines so be on the look out :) 

really quick comic i drew illustrating double standards when it comes to big women.

it really sucks that for us to be considered “beautiful” we need to be overly feminine, dressed in expensive plus sized fashionable clothes and shoes, have our hair and makeup done, not to mention any normal body things like acne, body hair, sweat, etc. are seen as extra gross when they’re on a fat woman.

this one goes out to all the fat girls that don’t have the time, money, energy, or willpower to get dressed up in cute fitted clothing, makeup, and curled hair on a daily basis

Late birthday gift for dear @romya-the-pirate <3 I know everybody drew Draher for you but I’ve been wanting to draw them for so long… Sorry for being late and uncreative.

AU featuring Drakon and Saher where Drakon remained hot human and lived happily ever after with his wife, Saher. I decided to keep the red cape because I like it plus he keeps wearing one even as a dragon.
I’d have finished this last weekend if I hadn’t messed up Drakon. ovo;;;
Actually, I kind of missed drawing romance. I don’t even remember the last time I drew a shippy pic, heheh~

Forgot about these doodles I drew awhile back. 

So… I’ve been hooked on the song Ai no Scenario. Gotta love HoneyWorks. Anyways, I really liked this one picture in the song so I drew Gold in the same pose, plus I thought the song was kinda fitting. I hope it turned out well, or at least resembles the original. 


So this is roughly how I like to imagine Laurent throughout the series. The first one he has his circlet on, the second I drew him with the earring on, and the third is him on trial in Ios.

The only problem with this is that having grown my hair out many a time and I’m not entirely sure what the time span the books have but I’m like 90% it’s not long enough for his hair to grow that long but WHO CARES ARTISTIC LICENSE

Plus I was eating a cutie so of course I was like YES. ORANGES. I can be artsy and put the peel in the frame bc Laurent I am A GENIUS.

Random stuff I noticed in Nathan’s Journal.

So.. I’ve been going through Nate’s Journal again because of how goddamn bored I am. I found the fact he mentioned Elena and wondered if she’d let him get a pet lemur is cute as hell.

Plus: Nathan took the time to sketch a lemur that looks like Sully. He didn’t leave any details behind either (drew his mustache and cigar, he also made him wear one of those ugly ass shirts).


This is what a blog’s first post is supposed to look like, right?

Guitar battle!! \m/

*Through the Fire and Flames by DragonForce playing in the background*

(I liked the idea in these tags and I felt like drawing Ibuki too!)