plus i don't even mention the fact that dean and sam as parents would kill us all

Some people have been speculating that Amelia was pregnant with Sam’s child and seeing how short female characters’s lives are on SPN ( especially Sam’s girlfriends) i thought , what if Amelia dies and Sam/Dean are left with her son , Sam’s son on their hands ?

This season is “apparently” a back to the roots aka “hunting or no hunting , that is the question” and “John did the best he could , to raise kids in this world” and “family”

so what if Sam and Dean actually get to be in John’s shoes and raise a kid on their own too ? It’s a source of drama ( cause writers love that -_-’ ) and it’s also a way to strengthen the brothers bond on a completely new level. Dean raised Sam and he is gonna help him raise his son too. 

Just imagine the possibilities.