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hello my babies ! i’m el, your admin and i just wanna say thank you so much for applying and being apart of this ? i’m just super happy to have all of you here and i can’t wait to get to know all of your muses. to tell you a lil bit about myself, i adore chocolate oranges ( and really need to make my way to the store to get some ), can’t get enough of criminal minds, and i’m crying over how i have to continue writing my paper. plus, i may be crying about how hot matt looks in that gif bc pls d*ddy af. anyways, let’s move onto me telling you about my trash son, grayson. ALSO, if you wanna plot, just hmu or like this and i’ll come to you !

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SO this was based on a dream i had where Bakugou was really upset (i don’t know why) and i was trying to comfort him, and then he broke down crying into my hands (pls note: the dream was not romantic at all, he just looked like a very sad, lost, frustrated kid who really needed a hug)

i replaced myself with Uraraka b/c i felt like it would make more sense, haha. i can’t imagine him breaking down crying and doing this with any other character

(plus, i just thought it’d be really sweet)


(I don’t really like posting selfies bc ahaha look at me but like yolo plus I moved to a different country recently for college and it has been great so uh um this is just a reminder that I still look like an ugly 9 year. Also avoid my make up bc I tried to do my eyebrows for the first time in 84 years it didn’t work out so well lol) happy selfie Friday Y'all


I can’t even believe it!! I haven’t been this happy in so long!!

What a BEAUTIFUL night for Caryl and what VALIDATION of their love! There were just so many scenes, and just SO MUCH. SO MUCH detail that went into every quote and motion and nuance, from Daryl’s “She gets hurt; she dies; she catches a fever; she gets taken out by a walker; she gets hit by lightning—anything. Anything happens to her, I’ll kill you.” To Caryl inviting him in after rejecting Ezekiel and the crying, and the hug (BOTH OF THEM). PLUS the fact that Carol is 100% honest with Daryl no hesitation and no front–JUST UGH.


I was honestly keep a sort of reserved space for myself, because we do tend to get too excited about spoilers, and premiers and there’s a lot of speculation so I was figuring maybe it was going to be a small scene but NO. They knew what they were doing, they knew what they were going for. This was 100% Caryl. Nothing else. Even Carol’s tiny ‘shut up’ to Daryl’s joke was amazing, because even with everything he’s hiding and she’s fearing, they can still joke around with each other and he tries to get her in a good mood, and in a safe place because he doesn’t want her to be consumed (wink) by the bleakness.

I’m going to rewatch this episode, which is so rare for me because I haven’t rewatched a single ep in TWD ever, but I’m on a high. 

Richonne 7x12 party

Tuesday: Favorite Moment … This one was really hard to pick but I think my favorite richonne moment is this scene from Conquer, I love the way he looks at her the whole time and how he just can’t stand lying to her plus when she says ‘I’m still with you’ he looks at her with guilty little puppy dog eyes and like he just loves her so much and it makes me cry 😭

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Let’s make a baby part 3 D|H

A/N: Hello everybody like I annouced yesterday I wrote a part 3 to ‘Let’s make a baby’ (Here is pt1 and pt2) I’m sorry that I’m uploading this so late (but hey it’s still Friday) I got a really nice message by an anon yesterday who told me that I should continue this series and it got me thinking. 

SO without further ado I announce that ‘Let’s make a baby’ will continue ! I  hope you are happy with that. 

To celebrate I give you this part that is most probably longer than every other imagine I’ve posted. Enjoy :) 

I looked at the pregnancy test three times before I was able to comprehend what I saw. “A plus” I whispered unbelievingly and pushed the bathroom door open with force. I sprinted to the kitchen were Dan was making dinner while I was crying with relief and happiness. “It’s a plus, Dan” I shouted excitingly. Just like me he didn’t really understand at first,but then I showed him the little plus that meant that there was actually a baby growing inside of me. His whole face lit up and his eyes grew wide. “Fuck” he whispered but seconds later he started shouting. “Oh my god. Finally. I love you so much, Y/N” And with that Dan picked me up and spun me around. I giggled like a little girl and really couldn’t believe our luck. He set me down on the ground again and kissed my whole face. “I’m going to be a dad” he spoke silently and I saw goose bumps appear on his skin and his eyes got watery.

I stood in front of the huge mirror in our room. My t-shirt was lifted up so I could examine my belly. It’s been a month now since I found out that it actually worked and that I’m pregnant. Although my belly most probably hasn’t grown at all after only a month I liked to look at it. Dan liked to look at it too and he’d tell me that he could already see a bump every single time, but I guess he was just too excited. I always imagined that Dan would be the kind of boyfriend that would talk to one’s belly and god was I right. This morning I woke up to him having a conversation with the baby while I was asleep ! He was really supportive and cute and I although I knew that the next 8 months were going to be exhausting I was already looking forward to them.

For this weekend though we had planned to visit Dan’s family in Reading to tell them the news in person. Since they lived quite far away I never got to see his family that often. Only on holidays and his birthday so we weren’t really that close. Dan hadn’t only packed his stuff but also mine because he insisted that I had to relax and not do any work. He is even more protective over me now tahn he was before. When we arrived at his childhood home and rang the door bell I got a bit nervous. A huge bit to be honest. I quickly took Dan’s hand into mine and pressed it hard. “Darling” he laughed. “It’s just my parents”

Before I could answer the door swung open and his mum smiled at her beautiful son that she barely sees. My tall boyfriend hugged his fragile mother before she kindly greeted me with a hug too. “Good evening, Mr Howell” I said as his dad appeared in the door frame next to his wife. The thing about his parents was that they were very nice of course ,but somehow they always seemed a bit distant. They were both business people and Dan always told me that they were never much around when he was younger. We all walked into the dinning room together where Mrs. Howell had prepared a huge fancy dinner for all of us. His grandparents were sitting at the table and after greeting the lovely old people we sat down and his mum brought the food. “Adrian come downstairs, dinner is ready and your brother is here” Mr. Howell shouted and soon Dan’s little teenage brother came down the stairs. He was actually really cute like a mini Dan but still different and interesting. I said my hellos and was glad that he was here. Although me and his parents hadn’t warmed up, me and Adrian actually got along pretty well since he always manages to lighten up the mood. A few minutes into eating our food and telling each other casual things that happened since Christmas when we last saw each other Dan tapped my thigh and I turned my head to look at him.He nodded slightly and my stomach started to turn. ‘Shit’ I thought and swallowed hard.

“We actually have something really important to tell you” Dan started and my heart began to beat enormously fast. But why ? What could happen ? His whole family stared at us and I grabbed my boyfriend’s hand under the table. “Y/N and I are going to have a baby” he announced happily. The whole table gasped and his mother excitingly squealed. “You are such a good boy, Daniel” his grandma said. I smiled and felt the weight fall off my shoulders. I guess it wasn’t such a big deal at all. His family started to ask questions and his mum wanted to know every single detail.She gave me pregnancy tips, told me what I was not allowed to do and all that kind of stuff. It got really late and everybody had finished dessert. “Darling, go rest in the living I’m going to help mum with the dishes” Dan told me. I nodded thankfully and waited for him to be done so we could go to sleep.

As he hadn’t returned from the kitchen after 20 minutes I went to check on him. Before I could open the kitchen door I heard his mother say : “Dan, are you sure you have thought this through. You do not even know each other for that long. You are not even married or anything like that. Don’t you think you rushed into something ?  You two are so different, Dan. It’s like you are the moon and she is the sun or something !”

“Mum stop-” Dan tried to defend himself but got cut off by his mother. “Daniel, I’m just worried. What if she is not the right one. What if you decide you two are too different and you stop getting along. Breaking up is not easy when there is a child involved !”

I just listened and couldn’t believe what his mother was saying. As I couldn’t bear hearing it anymore I ran upstairs, tears streaming down my eyes. I was glad I remembered where Dan’s old room was and pushed the door open. I fell down onto his freshly made bed and started to sob loudly. Although I knew that his mother wasn’t right I couldn’t help but imagine how it would end if she was. I was scared. Scared of being a bad mother and suddenly I was scared of the 8 months ahead of me that I looked forward to this morning. I was a mess and Dan was downstairs and his mum was most probably convincing him that he 'rushed into’ becoming a dad.

My sobs were so loud that I didn’t even hear the door open and my boyfriend step in. “Y/N” Dan whispered worried and my heart sunk. I sat up straight and wiped away the tears that rolled down my red cheeks. The look on his face made my heart break. “What’s wrong, sweetie ? Is it the baby ? Are you okay?” I just nodded but a tear drop escaped my eye at the same time, giving away that I was surely not okay at all.”I heard what your mum said” I simply stated and my voice sounded hoarse. “I’m so sorry” he cried and hugged me hard. I sobbed against his chest while he softly stroke my hair. “She doesn’t know what she is saying, Y/N. I guess she is worried about her grandchild or something, I don’t even know. But baby, I do know that she is definitely not right. God, she is wrong ! I love you and deciding to have this baby was the best thing we have ever done.” he said and kissed me passionately. I placed my hands against his broad and warm chest and gripped his t-shirt. We broke the kiss and I eyed my beautiful boyfriend that I loved dearly. “I actually wanted to have sex with you on my teenage bed but I guess we can just cuddle” he cheekily stated. I sat opposite him, my eyes puffy, my shirt tear stained, and my cheeks red like a cherry but somehow he managed to make me grin with how huge of a lovely idiot he was. “Or maybe both” he then said and I playfully hit his shoulder. 

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Otabek's sister is me 😂 I keep sending memes to my cousin(I would NEVER dare to send one of them to my brother, plus he's in the Army right now) I'm Turk and my brother is look very masculine but inside he's such a teddy bear 😂😂 Example; 'Sema, no, I'm not giving you my permission about that!' 'But brother...'*looked at him with teary eyes* 'Oh God, don't cry' *grabbed my arm and pull to himself and hug* 'Okay, you can do it' And obviously, I'm using this all the time 😂

Oh my god this is so cute  😂 I can assure you, Ayzere is exactly like that. She knows her brother can’t resist the puppy eyes. Just one look and Otabek is a huge teddy bear again because he loves his sister so much and hates seeing her sad.

No Words.

As most of you Fansies know, the Newsies Movie came out yesterday. It was the only thing on my mind the entire day, and when the time finally came, I put on my blue Newsies shirt, grabbed my Newsies keychain, and switched my phone’s cover to the Newsies one I made. Everyone who saw me knew exactly which movie I was going to watch. And man it was good. 

I squealed when Jeremy came on screen. I love him so much and seeing him as Jack was always a dream of mine, and it FINALLY came true. Plus i got to see him in the big screen, which means I got to admire his jawline, and look into his eyes, and just cry everytime he sang in HIGH DEFINITION. When Jeremy and Andrew started singing “Santa Fe (Prologue)”, I legit cried. I couldn’t believe I was there. It was happening! AND THEN CARRYING THE BANNER?! Seeing all the boys in HD, BEN COOK AND CHAZ AND NICO AND JAVI. THEY WERE SO GREAT! I sang that song so hard, AND JEREMY’S PARTS ARE LIKE MY FAVORITES SO I WAS LIKE FREAKING OUT. AND THEN WHEN BEN FANKHAUSER CAME ON STAGE I LEGIT SCREAMED. DAVEY IS MY FAVORITE CHARACTER AND BEN WAS SO GOOD. Ugh guys and the Jack/Davey bromance?! Jeremy and Ben were INCREDIBLE. Also, little Les was great too, cracked me up everytime. BUT CRUTCHIE AND JACK FOREVER OBVIOUSLY. 

Then, “The World Will Know” started AND JEREMY FRIGGIN JORDAN SINGS WITH SUCH PASSION! Actually, he plays Jack with such passion. You can see how lonely Jack feels, and how much he cares for those boys. Jeremy does an amazing job in showing you how afraid he is of the admiration those kids have for him. I just fell in love with Jack Kelly all over again. There’s no way for that not to happen because he does such a great job. Ugh, there’s no Jack like Jeremy’s Jack. He just does it differently and idk, i love him. Kara was a QUEEN. I loved her performance of “Watch What Happens” (she made me laugh quite a few times). 



Anyway, what Im trying to say is that seeing the show in the big screen, as a movie, gives it a totally new meaning. You see the show with different eyes and it pulls you in, in a way that watching it live doesn’t. You have the chance to capture every single detail and see these boys shine in a variety of ways and angles. You get to admire their talents, and each of them gets to shine like they always do. JEREMY AND BEN. SO GOOD. AND ANDREW. Seeing their lovely faces on screen. Its like ALL OF US are watching in front row! It was an incredible experience and I REALLY HOPE IT COMES OUT ON DVD CAUSE I NEED IT! It was incredible. I want nothing more than to see it again but its all SOLD OUT. YES, OUR BOYS DID THAT. I AM SUCH A PROUD FANSIE. Just, go watch it. Have Fun. AND IF YOU WANNA TALK ABOUT IT. IM HEREEE. kay bye. 

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Warren's s/o literally wears his shirts all summer because they're airy and comfy plus they smell good and i look hardcore and warren is just sitting there like bless you you sweet tiny mutant i love you this results in him being the biggest cuddle hoe all day every day

i’m fucking crying yes give me all the cuddly warren please

PREGNANCY (Avengers x Reader)

A/N: Hi everyone! This is my first one-shot. Please ignore any mistakes, my native language isn’t english. And don’t leave me if you didn’t like it, I am trying to improve myself! Requests are open, I would love to write for you guys, so feel free request anything! 

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I took a deep breath as I looked down at the pregnancy test. It was plus. I started crying. How was I going to tell Pietro? We were too young for this. We weren’t ready for a baby yet.
What would the team say? Were they gonna kick me out? We were the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. They didn’t need a pregnant lady in the tower.
“Y/N?” I heard Clint call to me, I stood up from the ground, throwing the test in the rubbish bin. I started to wash my face as I yelled, “Just a second!” My voice didn’t sound well. I cursed to myself. I couldn’t tell Pietro or the team yet. I was lucky that Pietro and Wanda were on a mission.
“Are you alright there? Its been a while.” Natasha asked.
“Yeah, yeah. I am fine. Just one more minute please.” I said, with my weak voice. It was obvious that I was still crying. I poured more water to my face, trying to get myself to stop crying.
“Y/N, open the door. Tell us whats wrong?” Tony said, his voice soft.
I didn’t answer.
“Lady Y/N, Come out please.” I heard Thor say.
“I will break the door if you don’t open up in 10 seconds, Y/N!” Steve yelled, his voice sounded worried.
“No! Don’t! Just give me one more minute.” I yelled as I tried harder to stop crying. But it was too late. Steve kicked the door, getting inside.
I quickly turned my back to them, covered my face with my hands. They weren’t gonna want me here anymore. They wouldn’t want to deal with me pregnant for 9 months.
Natasha ran to me, “Hey, What is it? Did that bastard hurt you? What did he do? I’ll kill him, I promise.” Natasha said. Her voice was angry and worried.
“No, no thats not–” I said, unable to finish my sentence.
Tony held my chin, forcing me to look at him. “You can tell us anything. We are family. You know that.” He said as the others nodded.
“I-I am pregnant.” I said, my voice shaking. They all went silent.
“Hey! That is good news! Why are you sad about this?” Steve said. I looked at him, taking a deep breath. “I am not ready for this, I-I can’t– What if he doesn’t want it. I have no one. I can’t stay here, I’ll be a pain in the ass here.” I said.
“That’s not true Y/N.” Bruce said.
“It is I-” Natasha cut me off, “You have us.”
“This is your home kid! You can always stay in here. We are a family.” Tony said, looking at me. Everyone smiled.
“And you ARE ready! Y/N, you will be a great mother. You are one of the strongest people I’ve ever known!”
“You got this! Plus, we will always be there for you and Little Natasha!” Natasha cheered, wiping tears off my face.
“Actually I am pretty sure that his name is gonna be Tony.”
“Pshh. Idiots. He is so gonna be Clint Jr.” I smiled at their talk. I’ve never felt that greatful. I had a family now, the perfect one.
“Pietro will be happy to have that baby with you Y/N.” I smiled at Bruce, Pietro would make a good parent with a little push. I really wished that he would want that.
“Guys? We are back! Heeey!” I heard Pietro’s voice. My hands started to shake. The team gave me a smile which said you got this.
Pietro ran to the bathroom, with a confused face. “What the fuck are you guys doing in the bathroom? What’s with the door?” Wanda joined him. I could see her struggle to not read our minds.
“And where is my girl?” Pietro said, not being able to see me because I was behind the team.
“Over here.” I said, running to him. I wrapped my arms around his neck, hugging him tightly. He put his hands on my waist, kissing my neck.
I pulled back, put my hands on his shoulders. “I am pregnant.” His eyes went wide. He was shocked. I saw the same expression on Wanda’s face. Maybe I shouldn’t have just spilled it out. I took a deep breath, waited for his reaction.
“I am going to be a father?” His voice sounded happy. He started to smile. He put a gentle kiss on my lips then we hugged. We are going to be a big family, I thought.
“I am going to be an aunt!” Wanda cheered, hugging me.
“GROUP HUG!” Tony yelled as they joined us. I let out a small laugh, pulling the others into the hug. That must be happiness.
Hug lasted much longer I thought it would.
“This is awkward.” Clint said. “No. It is beautiful.” I said.
“Actually it is awkward but why do you always destroy the moment?” I added.
“We are the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes hugging inside a tiny bathroom and it lasted pretty long.” Clint said.
“We are gonna be a big family, aren’t we?” Steve said.
I smiled.
“Yes we will.” Pietro said, smiling.

something i’m working on alongside my giveaway stuff…

to be clear my lavellan had her vallaslin removed but i painted them on in this picture because she also drank from the well of sorrows…

the vallaslin are not meant to be painted in blood they’re meant to be made from dragon’s blood ink seeing as dragon’s blood can symbolize power. plus it’s called dragon’s blood which immediately made me think of mythal

I’m using a color scheme based on flemeth’s clothing in da2 and da:i

I also just felt like doing a piece to show how much everything that happened has changed my inquisitor. Most of the time when i draw her she looks a lot less like she could fight anyone (without crying) but by the end of inquisition she’s absolutely ready to fight to keep her world, her friends, and her family safe.

We have yet to really see how drinking from the well may change things for the inquisitor. And my poor girl has gotten herself into every kind of ancient elvhen nonsense she possibly can. 

Anyway I still have a lot planned out for this piece and i can’t wait to share the finished version with all of you…eventually ^^”

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Today I went to a dress fitting for my friends wedding and I was watching everyone try on these dresses and they were all so tiny. And then I'm looking at myself in the mirror and usually I'm alright with my curves but today I was feeling a bit down about my curvy self. Plus my friend tried to pick me up and dropped me because I was too heavy. I managed not to cry until I got home. I just am not having a good self esteem day.

Jackson: I think you’re beautiful no matter what you look like. You can’t control your body type anyways, so why let that stop you from being confident in your own skin? Curves or no curves, it’s the person on the inside that matters. Right guys?

Jaebum: Curves are great, it gives you something to hold onto.

Jackson: …not really where I was going with that, but okay! 

Gale is officially canon in chapter 487 and honestly, i never thought Gajeel was the one to confirm it, himself. I can’t even write how excited i’m about it. Their development just went from fighting and torturing to protect each other and love each other.

Just amazing how Mashima can make us happy and then make us cry in cuestion of seconds. One of the pairings i was waiting to become canon, and i hope none of them die, because wow, i can’t even said it. Won’t handle it. Both alive or both dead, that’s all i can say.

Plus, look how Gajeel is fighting to protect her, i can’t even, my poor baby. Please, don’t die.Hiro, let them have the twins please even if the twins aren’t canon huh


Fight (Michael Clifford imagine)

Hi, i’m back! -Sam

I heard the door slam. Michael stormed into the living room and sat down. “Are you okay Mikey?” I asked quietly. “Yes! God you’re so clingy” he snapped back and it scared you. “I’m sorry. I don’t mean to be” I replied softly. “You’re always sorry. God.” Michael was mad. I didn’t know why though. “Why are yėou being mean to me?” I whispered as I looked at Michael. “You know what just leave me alone. I’m going downstairs. Don’t come after me.” He growled. Not really giving me an answer. He just got up and went to his ‘Man Cave’. I just sat there in utter shock. He has never been like this before. I started to cry. I just don’t like it when people yell. I don’t like seeing Michael like this. Plus I am very emotional.

I just sat there with my head in my knees. I decided to get up and ask if Michael wanted something for dinner. I got up and went to his ‘Man Cave’. I slowly opened the door. Michael was playing his guitar. “What do you want?” he snarled. “I wanted to know if you wanted me to cook you any- anything?” I hesitated. “I’m not hungry” he replied. “Are you sur-” “I’M NOT HUNGRY OKAY” he shouted at me. He put down his guitar. He walked up to me. “ALL YOU DO IS NAG AND NAG. YOU NEVER LISTEN. YOU DO NOTHING. GOD, WHY AM I STILL WITH YOU?!” he screamed at my face. Tears rolled down your cheek. “I-I don’t know. I-if you don’t want to be here leave.” “Good enough for me!” he yelled before going upstairs to our room. I got up and followed him. He just got his suitcase and started throwing his clothes in. I went to the bathroom and closed the door before sliding down on it and cried.

I cried loudly. I didn’t want him to hear me though. I just hide my head in my hands. And cried. I wanted to stop but I couldn’t.  I wanted to get out. I wanted him to stay but he would think I was too clingy. I could hear him throwing clothes upon clothes. Soon it was the only thing I could hear. It was closing in around me. I wanted the sound to go away but it got louder and louder and louder until I screamed. Then the sound stopped. I heard footsteps coming my way. I heard knocking at the door. “(Y/N) are you okay?” I heard Michael ask. I couldn’t speak. I didn’t know what to say. “(Y/N) please open the door” he said after a while. I still didn’t reply. “(Y/N) open the door now!” he yelled as he kicked the door. I didn’t want him to yell again. I moved away from the door and lied down on my side with my knees in my chest. “(Y/N) please open the door!” he yelled again but this time the kicks got more violence. I started to cry and whimper. “(Y/N) OPEN THE FUCKING DOOR” he yelled lower and kicking even hard. I got more scared.  I didn’t want him to hurt me. Then the door broke.

“(Y/N)…” Michael trailed. He got me in his arms. And sat down with me. He looked at me. And moved a bit of my hair out of my face. I started to cry full force into his chest. He just rubbed my back. “I’m so sorry. I don’t mean to be clingy. Please don’t hurt me” I cried against his chest. He cupped my cheek and looking into my eyes. “I would never hurt you. I’m sorry I yelled. I know you don’t like it. I’m really sorry. I had a bad day and I took it out on you. I shouldn’t have done that. I’m really sorry.” he replied back. I nodded and hugged his chest. “I’m not leaving you ever. Okay? I am never going to leave you” I looked up at him and nodded. He picked me in bridal style and walked me to our bed and hugged me. We just stayed there and cuddled. “Thank you. For staying” I said after a long while of silence. “Hey. I will stay. I’m sorry I ever thought about it. I would always want to stay with you” he replied. I looked up and kissed him. He kissed back. Then we cuddled and fell asleep. Everything was going to be okay. Everything is going to be okay.

Seungkwan is important

I was watching hansols 24 hour self cam and it was so awkward (it was adorable tho), and i remember wishing that some other member had appeared and dispersed the tension.

After thinking some more, I realized that the least awkward person in the group was seungkwan and I realized that he was needed in order to make the entire group feel relaxed.

Like seriously, he is the only one who feels comfortable enough to spontaneously scream and cry and laugh loudly in front of the camera and I think that makes everyone love him ten times more.

Plus he is great at talking. All the members look up to him since he can present great speeches and other formal things on the spot especially in talk shows or even just in their reality show. Dont get me wrong tho, s coups is amazing at that too.

Seungkwan is caring. When Seungkwan is praised as the main vocal, the first thing he says isnt “oh man I worked so hard for that kind of recognition and I am so happy”.

The first thing he mentions is Seokmin.

He is sensitive to Seokmin’s emotions and he shows that he cares. He doesnt use that praise to glorify himself, in fact he immediately praises and comforts DK.

I think that is beautiful, especially since many people would probably be happy for themselves and forget that someone was hurting because of those same words.

Seungkwan accepted those words but even then, he didnt forget for a single moment that DK was there, hurting.

Sorry this is sorta long but hansols video really got me to think about how much I love seungkwan and I just had to write it all down in the heat of the moment.


i drew a quick, scribbly comic about my experience meeting the band the 1975!

mostly drawn freehand, hence why it probably looks a bit, eugh- this comic obviously shows off my skills as an artist. plus i feel i have totally captured the beauty of each band member x

after we left, everyone was screaming and so happy- eventually, all that was left was me and one girl, who was crouched against a wall crying to her mum on the phone with joy. lovely stuff <3

i probably didn’t really express in this comic just how fucking euphoric the whole experience has left me feeling- it really was amazing and i feel so blessed to have had the opportunity.

I just wanna say even if it wasn’t able to reach everyone, i think it’s wonderful that this band make an effort to do things like this, in which people can talk to them for more than 3 seconds- especially busy bees like them, I think it’s incredible.

also needless to say, they were all adorable and lovely, and i hope that got captured in the comic, that’s really what i wanted to express (and also how awkward I am as a person.)

sure hope Matty listens to that lenny bruce record ~!

if anyone’s interested, here are the photos i took with the dudes- i intentionally made stupid faces, because i hate my face- but i regret it now.

those of you who haven’t- please give the new 1975 album a listen! it’s so, fucking, good. :>> xxx 

i’m really bummed i spent  a lot of my time being shy and awkard and thus missed the chance to talk to ross. 

OH also this isn’t all that happened, obvs my memories might be totally skewed. I wish it wasn’t so rushed, i wanted to say more and take videos and all- this one’s for my buddy @cometomybedford it should be noted the band loves you (all of us) so much x

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Dev & his mum are so cute. *flies into the sun* SHE'S WEARING A SARI TOO ASDFGHJKL

Sooooo sweeeeet, bless their hearts. His mum is sooo proud of him, she looks like she’s about to cry at any given moment and I would too. What a lovely child and who could think of a better plus one than one’s mamma. Such a darling. Can’t believe he was little ol’ Anwar and now look at him. Not just working with Hollywood’s greats, but one of them.