plus i cry just by looking at it

uh my hand slipped while I was yelling about this



The moment when Levi realized that he was the one making Mikasa cry. 

i just can’t wait until the season 3 release…

..and i don’t know how the chapter 83 is gonna look like in the anime version, so i tried to redraw + put some colours to make it looks like anime. SORRY IF IT LOOKS FAILED AGHHHH  Щ(º̩̩́Дº̩̩̀щ). 

(plus, not like in the manga version, i want to draw Levi’s full face).

Please do not remove the credit.


*whispers* could this be,,,,,,,,,character development i see ??

BTS Single Dads

*Gif is not mine

This one…… away from me a lil’. ^^;

Single Dad!AU - Part One - Part Two - Part Three -


  • has a little girl who is most definitely Daddy’s Little Princess™
  • wears tiaras and tutus at her tea parties and OWNS IT
  • lets her help him w/ the simple things when he cooks
  • like washing the vegetables or taste testing
  • there won’t b a day where jin hasn’t made her the best lunch
  • is the dad all the moms look like w/ heart eyes
  • he cries the first day of day care
  • bc wow…….his baby has grown so much
  • she is 3 seokjin chill
  • doesnt know what to do w/o his bundle of joy
  • b u z z e d  when it’s time to pick up his princess
  • spots his daughter skipping out but damn near has a heart attack
  • his baby……his LITTLE GIRL was HOLDING HANDS with a BOY THAT WASN’T HIM
  • calm yourself seokjin he is a child
  • “Who’s that pretty girl you’re holding hands with, sweetie?”
  • your voice chimes from behind him, going over to the two toddlers and affectionately rubbing your son’s head
  • jin freezes and watches you like…..hey………you’re kinda cute………
  • snaps out of it when his daughter sees him and squeals
  • your eyes settle on jin and youre like wow he’s so handsome no wonder his kid’s beautiful??????
  • you shyly introduce yourself to him and he does the same
  • then his daughter’s askin him if she can go play with her new friend at the park
  • now jin’s lookin at two sets of puppy eyes and your pretty smile
  • next thing he knows these little play dates become regular whenever his schedule is free
  • n you and him begin to spend time together after dropping your kids off
  • have lil dates of your own when he doesn’t have shoots n you don’t have work
  • don’t realize how close you’ve become/how you feel about each other until one day your son calls him ‘dad’ n later on in the day his daughter calls you ‘mommy’
  • neither of you bother correcting them????
  • so you just melt into this family unit wordlessly and it all just slips into place, you take care of his daughter whenever his idol life takes up his time
  • all you know is that if anything were to happen to that man or his daughter, you’d b right there by his side
  • you know that he feels the same

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Rebound // H.S.

Harry and I were on our second bottle of wine. He called me over to his flat after his 6 month girlfriend, Camille Rowe, ended it. We always would do this on Saturdays, but today was different instead of movies it was a lot of talking.

“Hm she was just so pretty,” Harry whined making me shrug taking another sip as I scooted closer to him.

“You could do better plus she was a little strange,” I said making him nod. Of course it hurt to see my best friend cry over a girl, but it hurt even more is that  I couldn’t help.

“Hm I’ll just be single for the rest of my life,” He sighed leaning into my chest making my heart beat faster.

“Cmon H don’t be like this,”I sighed petting his hair as he kissed my chest softly making chills run all over my body.

“You are too good to me Y/N,” He whispered making me blush as he looked up.

“Well what are best friends for?” I smiled before he bit his lip.

“Cmon babe don’t friend zone me now,” He whispered making my heart stop.

“What do you mean H?” I said and he sat up scooting closer to my face.

“You and I both know we are more than just friends,” He whispered leaning close to me before connecting our lips. I grabbed his hair deepening the kiss making my heart race. Sparks flew and so did Harry’s hands down my body. Us kissing always would happen when we were tipsy especially after one of his break ups. What if I’m just a rebound again? I pulled away trying to catch my breath. 

“I can’t just be your rebound Harry,” I sighed standing up setting my glass down.

“Wait baby no you aren-“

“No Harry I’ve been with you through many relationships and you always do this,” I said running my fingers through my hair huffing.


“No you don’t get to play with my heart because I try so fucking hard not to love you, and you know what I do,” I bit back grabbing my purse before I felt his hand grab my wrist.

“Don’t leave,” He whispered making my eyes water.

“Give me a reason to stay, tell me you feel the same,” I whispered back and he looked down.

“Y/N…. I can’t lie to you,” He said and I pulled away from his grasp.

“That’s what I thought, good night H,” I sighed running out of his apartment before he could stop me.

That’s all for now.. Part two?? 


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How about you try to meet up with him or contact him? I'm sure there's a chance, Jeremy !

If you didn’t think I’ve thought of this before- I have, many.. many times- I do want to but it’s.. Difficult. Christine even helped me dwell on suggestions-

Would I just be like ‘heeey, it’s your ex best friend of twelve years that screwed our relationship and disappeared without a trace who now looks like a stalker because i have notifications whenever you upload your video and  i cry about it sometimes because i really miss you?’ Oh! What about; ‘hey mikey, long time no talk- i don’t deserve another chance but i like you a lot??” 

Would it just be drowned in the rest of the comments? I don’t think he can read all of those.. There’s just too many-

Plus, I-I can’t privately message him, that’s too much- He’d probably leave it on read.

Michael and I don’t have any contact with each other ever since certain events- That I know were probably cause by me. I was too afraid to reach out, and I also got a new phone at the time so..

He has something now to look forward to, so many people who actually know he’s popular and such a charming dude- 

And he’s getting the recognition he deserves, even without a Squip. I’ll be okay as long as he’s still smiling.

I-I mean- haha.. that’s gay-



God, way to go Justin, making me cry with only one word

I finally caught up on episode 68 of The Adventure Zone while drawing this and just :’^) I’m glad I finally joined in on this wonderful journey and I’m just so amazed with the story the Mcelroys have woven together. Can’t wait for the finale, I’m so happy that I managed to catch up before it ends..!

Also please click full view on the gif or open it in new tab, it looks like garbage on dashboard

3 Billion Dollars [Part 6] - G Dragon Mafia!AU

Originally posted by julla

Summary: When your father owes 3 billion dollars to the mafia, he must repay his debt. Although things don’t  exactly the way he hoped.

Genre: angst? a little fluffy at some parts. this low key is another chapter filler

Warning: None really here, at least I don’t think

{part 1} {part 2} {part 3} {part 4} {part 5} {part 6} {part 7} {part 8} {part 9} {part 10} {part 11} {part 12} {part 13} {part 14} {part 15} {part 16} {part 17} {part 18} {part 19} {part 20} {part 21} {part 22}

A/N: So I’m sorry to my Kpop Fans if you see Teen Wolf stuff on your dash or my blog. It will not change, I love Teen Wolf and it has helped me through a lot. I’m sorry if this bothers you. Anyways, like always my inbox is open and I will always reply to everyone. I hope you enjoy!

~ Admin Brooklyn


Ji Yong hated mornings. He just wanted to sleep, and the clearly irritated expression on his face showed it. He had to start his day though. A meeting, then grabbing Seungri and going for a quick check up on a special talkative someone. Ji Yong raked a hand through his hair, walking out of his room and down the hall. His eyes met with Youngbae’s tired ones.

“How are you doing?” Youngbae sighed rubbing his eyes with his hands. “Why the hell did you make me do this Ji Yong?”

“You were the only one that I trust and was free. Plus she knows you, maybe that’ll help her cope with this.” Youngbae nodded his head, sleep hanging in his eyes. Ji Yong looked at the door, a little anxious to see her. He needed to get his day started. He had an important meeting that he called for. No skipping this one.

“She was crying until, I think, two last night.” Youngbae’s words made Ji Yong perk up. He was paying full attention to you now. concern and a little regret on his face. Youngbae looked at him expectedly.

“I’m just gonna go in and check on her.” Ji Yong mumbled. He opened the cream door, and light flooded into the dark room. The dark colored walls turned everything into a shadow, the only other light source was the light shining from the window. As he stepped into the room, he saw you.

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Parenting is hard

Summary: When your assistance is called in the lab, Steve is left taking care of the kids alone for the first time, and your father comes to his rescue.
Steve and Tony talk to each other for the first time after he is back from Civil War.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader (Implied).
Other Characters: Reader (mentioned), Steve Rogers, Steven Rogers (OC), Sebastian Rogers (OC), Tony Stark, Bruce Banner (Mentioned)
Word Counting: 770 words
Warnings: Post-Civil war, Parent Steve Rogers, Parent Tony Stark, Grandfather Tony Stark, fluff, light angst at some point.Gifs are from Google.

Mrs Captain - Masterlist

Steve tried to balance a crying Steven in his arm while mixing the second bottle of baby formula. Damn, now he knew why you used your telekinesis so much during the day.

“Daddy.” He heard Sebastian’s voice by the kitchen’s entrance. “Daddy, I need your help.”

It was his second month back but the first time you weren’t there with him. Just two hours earlier, Bruce had asked for your assistance in the lab with a new thing he couldn’t come to understand and now he was prompted with the task of watching for your kids alone for the first time.

“What’s it, son?” He finally managed to give Steven the bottle and the baby sucked eagerly for a moment before spitting the content, making him frown.

Repositioning the baby in his arm, he tasted the formula, noticing how it was tasteless.

“Oh come on.” He said under his breath.

“How much is 5 plus 3?” Sebastian questioned and his father turned to look fully at him while adding more formula to the bottle.

“I don’t think I’m supposed to be answering this question, pal.”He gave him a smile. “But I can help you in a minute, okay? I just need to feed Stevie.”

God, he knew your baby got moody when he wasn’t properly fed but right now the little one was hitting his hand against his chest and crying in the loudest sound Steve had ever heard from a child’s mouth.

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You Don’t Know Me

Request: I can’t really think about an actual story plot but maybe yoongi getting you pregnant and he chickens out… Aw This is such a bad description but since you’re an amazing writer ypu can pull it off better ☺💖 thank you!

Originally posted by nvmyg

Pairing: Yoongi + Reader

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 1.841

Warnings: swearing

A/N: you’re so sweet omg and of course it’s a good description! I hope I made it similar to the way you wanted it to be

Part 2 | Part 3

Kneeling on the cold bathroom floor, your bare legs had goosebumps spread all over your skin, acknowledging the icy tiles. Hair hold back by one of your hands while the other one stabilized your weak body, your forehead collapsed against the toilet stool. Hasty breaths left your slightly open mouth while cold sweat pearled down your face and back. 

What is happening to me?

You took a deep breath before sitting up straight enough to not feel like an old grandmother having back problems. Grabbing some pieces of toilet paper, you wiped over your mouth before throwing it into the toilet and flushing it down to God knows where. 

Closing the toilet seat, you slowly stood up, turning your body towards the sink, opening the faucet. For a few seconds you let the water run so it could turn completely cold before holding both of your hands underneath it, splashing the icy water into your face. Reflexively, your lungs screamed for air as the cold water hit your face but you just ignored it.

It’s just cold water, calm down.

Grabbing your toothbrush, you brushed your teeth quickly, examining yourself in the mirror in front of you above the sink. Your eyes were encircled by dark bags, skin as pale as if all your blood had been drawn out of your veins, only leaving your dead skin. Your hair had lost its healthy shine and just hung there loosely, like overcooked spaghetti noodles.  

Sighing deeply, you finished cleaning up and walked back into your bedroom, grabbing for your phone. You had to check the calendar before making any overly fast assumptions about your symptoms.

Opening the calendar app, you scrolled back to the last month.

Date of last menstruation: February 16th

Current date: April 17th

Two months since your last period. Two months since mother nature forgot to swing by and make your life miserable for a while. Oh how you wished, Satan had nested in your uterus in those last two months instead of sitting there in that exact moment, wondering how the hell you got into this situation.

“Two fucking months….”, you mumbled to yourself. “I need to get a test.”

With those words being said, you grabbed your keys and coat, storming out of your tiny apartment, down the street to the pharmacy. Strangers pushed their bodies into yours while trying to pass by but you didn’t notice. All you could think of was if you were ready to get some answers. You needed to know why you were feeling so miserable since weeks but at the same time you were scared. Scared that your assumptions would be true and you’d have to tell Yoongi. Scared that he’d flip and leave you alone. So many things could happen and you weren’t ready to figure out what else could ruin your life. But you had to. 

Pushing the door open, the smell of disinfectant hit your nose, making you scrunch it in disgust. You never liked the smell of disinfectant. It reminded you of hospitals and that again reminded you of death. Not the nicest connection one could think of. That’s why you tried to stay away from that smell. 

Walking up to the pharmacist who looked like she was about to fall asleep any second, you silently prayed that she wouldn’t ask any further questions like aren’t you a little too young to ask for a pregnancy test? where’s the father? do you know who the father is? you should have been more careful, young lady. You really didn’t need that crap right now.

“Excuse me”, you politely asked the woman. “C-can I have one of those pregnancy tests?”, you signaled at the white sticks in simple boxes behind the lady as she turned around to see where you were pointing at. They were the cheapest ones you could see and the only ones you could afford as a college student.

The pharmacist smiled at you and leaned a little closer to you. “Of course, but I wouldn’t recommend those - they’re usually wrong or don’t work at all.”

Then why are you selling them at all? “Oh.. well I guess it’ll have to do, those are the only ones I can afford right now”, you faked a laugh as she handed you the test and you gave her the money. Her expression was pitiful but not judging. More like a mother feeling sad for a child.

“Is there a bathroom around here? I don’t think I can wait until I’m back home”, you mumbled and the lady showed you the way to go.

After finishing your business, you waited in the cabin for the 10 minutes you were supposed to wait, anxiously biting down on your lip.

What if it’s positive? What am I supposed to do? I can’t take care of a baby yet. I can barely take care of myself!

As the 10 minutes went by, you decided that you couldn’t do it. You couldn’t look down at the result by yourself. You needed someone to do it for you. So you walked out of the bathroom back to the pharmacist, who was looking at you questioningly.

“Would you mind- would you mind, telling me what is says?”, you asked hesitantly. “I can’t bring it over myself to do it.”

She smiled at you and nodded. “Sure, turn it around sweetheart, so I can see the bars.”

You turned the stick to her and bit down on your lip hard. Your heart rate increased and nervous sweat started to spread out all over your body. 

The lady took a look and then she seemed to struggle with a fitting facial expression. “I don’t know if you’re going to be happy about this news or not, but it’s positive”, she decided to smile at you warmly as your stomach dropped.

“Positive?”, you whispered, looking down on it yourself. There it was. A pink cross. Or plus. Or whatever you want to call it. 

“I- it can’t-”, you stuttered as your eyes filled with tears. You didn’t even care to wipe them away at that point.

“Oh no dear, don’t cry”, the pharmacist said. She turned around and grabbed another package, a fancier looking one and discreetly slid it over the table. “Shh don’t tell anyone but here - take this one. These are right about 89% of the time  unlike the one you just took. Take it with you and do the test when you’ve calmed down, okay?”

You looked up at her and shook your head under tears. “B-but I can’t afford that one.”

The lady smiled at you again and pushed it closer to you. “It’s fine. It’s on the house”, she winked and giggled, making you smile at her thankfully.

“Now go, rest and take the test”, you nodded at her words, mouthed a quick ‘thank you’ under tears before rushing back to your apartment. 

Maybe you still had a chance.

“What do you mean ‘you’re pregnant’? We always used protection (Y/N)!”, Yoongi screamed in disbelief, brushing his hands through his hair in frustration. “You can’t be pregnant. It’s impossible.”

You rolled your eyes at him and laughed bitterly. “As long as your not sterile and I’m not infertile, I can always get pregnant Yoongi. Condoms can rip and the pill doesn’t work 100%.”

“Fuck!”, he yelled, throwing his phone against the sofa, making you flinch. You had expected him to react pissed or at least not really excited but you never thought, he’d flip like he did.

“Yoongi…”, you approached him, trying to calm him down, needing him to be calm in order for you to be calm yourself and not have a complete breakdown.

“Don’t touch me (Y/N)”, he growled.

“But-”, you tried but he interrupted you.

“No ‘buts’! This ruins everything, you realize that right? Everything I worked for so hard these last couple of years. Everything I ever wanted, all ruined because of this fucking mistake”, his voice was as cold as ice as his eyes stared at you, burning not only your body to pieces but your soul as well.

“Yoongi, yes it’s very inconvenient, you can call it a mistake even. But we’re in this together, we can’t change it. But we can go through this together”, you whispered through tears, trying to approach him again. You needed his support more than ever but all he seemed to do was to push you further away.

“It’s not only this pregnancy that is a mistake. This whole relationship was a mistake. I should have never started dating you, then it would have never gotten this far. I would have stayed focused on my work and only my work, not even having the slightest possibility for this to happen. Now what? The fans don’t even know about you! But all of sudden I have a girlfriend and a baby? They’d force me to marry you because we live in fucking Korea and you don’t just get kids without being married yet. My whole life would be ruined!”, by now he was screaming, fuming, running around the house uncontrollably, grabbing things here and there and hastily throwing them into a bag he had grabbed.

His words hit you worse than any weapon could as the meaning behind it sunk in. He thought you were the mistake. You were ruining everything. Everything that was important to him. He hated you in that moment, you felt it. 

You sunk to the floor, sobs escaping your lips as tears streamed down your face and your lungs were searching for air. Hysterical sobs left your mouth as your hands covered your face and your body curled up into a tiny frame.

“Yoongi please!”, you screamed out, lifting your head for a second, only hearing him going through your wardrobe in your bedroom. “I can’t do this without you! I’m a broke college student, I’m alone here, I don’t have anybody else but you!”

His figure appeared back in the door frame to the living room, a packed bag slung over his shoulder. “You should have thought about that before starting a relationship with me.”

Hastily you stood up as his body walked past you, towards your front door. Your fingers enclosed his arm, pulling on it, so he would stop. When he did and turned around, you saw the hurt and guilt in his eyes for a second before his gaze turned back to ice. You knew he cared. He cared but he was also impulsive and his impulse told him that his career was more important. 

“Yoongi, you don’t want that. You love me. You can’t just leave me like this, you’re more than this awful egoistic asshole”, you brokingly sobbed, still holding onto his arm, eyes begging him to stay.

He shook his head, ripping his arm free from your grip. “I guess you don’t know me that well after all then.”

With that, he pushed you off him, slamming the door shut without giving you one last glance, as you glanced after his figure in disbelief, a deadly pain spreading across your chest and stomach, making you gasp for air as more tears covered your face, leaving physical marks of the pain your were feeling.


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*your youtube inspired me* what kind of youtube channel would the boys (SMT and Kino) have?


Shu - He probably went viral after somebody filmed him playing the violin and he kind of kept doing it.

Reiji - Lifehacks and podcasts. Mainly him talking about certain subjects on an intellectual level, it’s so well put together that his fans are very patient when he takes a while to get one up.

Ayato - Let’s plays and dare videos mostly. He’s known for screaming and crying during extreme horror games and for that fantastic ego~

Kanato - Doll making. It’s weird, it’s creepy, it’s cute, it’s traumatizing to people with autonomophobia but it has Kanato written all over it. Plus his fans love seeing his face because not only does he look like a doll as well he is also super adorable… to them.

Laito - Sims, his channel is basically the sims (I believe he is an avid player of it) and probably just talk videos where he elaborates on subjects he finds interesting.

Subaru - Let’s plays and dares that he gets dragged into by Ayato. He’s known for extreme raging and breaking the wall beside his computer, his fans make many gifs of him punching the poor wall and it’s so funny.


Ruki - He does book reviews and cooking tutorials… he also has a book club

Kou - Daily vlogging mostly and he’s not afraid to whip out the camera in public and start talking to it either.. All Kou all the time… daily.

Yuma - Gardening tip mainly, he’s helped so many people with his tutorials that he’s sponsored and has his own gardening tool line.

Azusa - ASMR, he’s quiet enough and he liked the tingly feeling so much that he picked it up and he’s damn good at it.


Carla - Speedpaints mostly, maybe talking videos but not often because the comments are always thirsty and telling him how sexy his voice is… not saying he doesn’t like it tho.

Shin - A DIY channel but like sick shit, not your cute shit either he’s going Threadbanger on this shit. He also does dare videos.


Kino - Another gamer, he’s more known for Minecraft videos and management games like The Guild 2 or Civilization. Streams often.

Yui - DIYs and daily vlogs but like the boys gotta try and take her spotlight but it doesn’t work. “Good morning guys! I hope you all had a nice night, Ayato bit me while I was asleep… again.”

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Oof I miss my beardy boys together!

Ooooofffff indeed nonnie. 

imean do I cry myself to sleep every night thinking about how much I miss these idiots together like this?

Do I sit here and think about how much I miss how they made each other smile like they hadn’t just hung the moon but the entire solar system?

How they rocked the ‘spies just about to receive their top secret mission to topple evil dictators and nip home via KFC when they’re done’ look (BONUS POINT TO NIALL but honestly, the way they look so intense,  “Yeah, but what sauce should we order with the popcorn chicken when we’re done Zayn,”  *heavy sigh from Zayn*  “Beats me, I just hope they don’t run out of gravy.”)

Originally posted by liamstolenboxers

Staring into the crowd and into mine and your soul.

Originally posted by liammix

F$cking shit up at awards shows

Messing about at awards shows

Originally posted by zayncangetsome

Flirty giggly sunshines with Angus.(MY EYES - look at them)

Originally posted by zayncangetsome

The TIU junkets (should have been renamed jewel-ets cos of how precious these 3 were and Narry too).


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Soft bubs, yes even with Louis’ expression

Trying to look tough bubs

They’ll be the death of all us bubs

*NUDgE WINK bubs*

LISTEN JUST WATCH THESE AND CRY  (it has the walrus impression the second one which is one of my fave moments ever plus strawberry lace race where Zayn is distracted by Liam) 

And just hope that we have the majesty of these 3 beautiful beardy boys

who are now such great men in our lives together again soon.

I could’ve literally gone on forever cos I loved how they were perfect foils for each other, how they were so important for each other (STILL ARE), how they had their in jokes (STILL DO)  bus 1,  shpine/shmile,  how tall are you?  Miley Cyrus moment with lilo losing it with Zayn chucking it away. 

When they were judging hard during the Miss America interview. 

All the early beardy boys before they were beardy boys. We’re all a bit loose today *cue Louis losing it*  

The only three people in the world that would ever persuade me to get onto a plane again.

I should shut up really but I don’t want to…but yeah…ONE DAY. 

*credit to all pic and gif creators/owners

EXO (ex): dating Kris Wu would include

•  having to look past all of the ridiculous rumors and stories about him
•  he’d look pretty cold and withdrawn at first, and you’d probably hesitate before making a move on him
•  like he just looks kinda intimidating, but he’s such a softie and loving when you get to know him
•  he’s even a bigger softie when it came to you, and everyone could tell
•  would feel like he needs to prove himself to you sometimes
•  like-
•  he’d really love it if you didn’t bring up the past with his group, and just focused on the future with him
•  bc it hurts him to talk about what he’s been through, even though he’s still good friends with some of the members
•  using his big frame to his advantage when wanting cuddle
•  he’d just lay on top of you until you give up and give him all your attention
•  such a whiny baby sometimes
•  "are we seriously out of almond milk? Y/n, I told you not to finish my cereal and drink my milk smfh"
•  "you’ve been watching that TV show the whole weekend, lemme watch ESPN already you couch hog!!!“
•  "Stop stealing all the covers” “…Kris you’re literally a giant, how am I the one who steals the covers”
•  wrapping his huge hands around your small ones and laughing at the size difference
•  him being your personal heater
•  never knowing what to say when you’re upset, esp at him
•  he’ll sorta just get quiet all of the sudden and crouch down next to you
•  he can’t help but smile at your cute expression when you’re mad, so he’ll lift your chin with his finger and kiss you
•  "stop making me blush, you know I’m mad at you" “I know but you’re just too cute, plus you can never hold a grudge, babe”
•  barely having any sort of PDA
•  the furthest he’d go is hold your hand or wrap an arm around you if someone tries hitting on you
•  FaceTime when he’s away, and he’ll hide his face when he’s about to cry
•  "babe, I miss you so much…I wanna fly you out here, alright?“
•  playful wrestling matches that result in makeout sessions
•  wearing his huge shirts in public, sometimes adding accessories to make them look like dresses
•  trapping you in his embrace if you’re sad
•  letting you mess with his hair and tease him when he cuts it all off
•  staying by his side and assuring him that you’ll always be there
•  bc sometimes he can be a bit insecure, and just needs you to hold him and comfort him from the harsh world
•  this kid’s been through a lot, so just love him for me 💙

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[on twitter]

SO this was based on a dream i had where Bakugou was really upset (i don’t know why) and i was trying to comfort him, and then he broke down crying into my hands (pls note: the dream was not romantic at all, he just looked like a very sad, lost, frustrated kid who really needed a hug)

i replaced myself with Uraraka b/c i felt like it would make more sense, haha. i can’t imagine him breaking down crying and doing this with any other character

(plus, i just thought it’d be really sweet)

Character sheets (part two)

Okay, his class. “Hunter-vampire”. Dude, don’t suck blood. Suck dick. HUEHUEHUEHUE.

I’m okay with the first point but DUDE the second one is also a lie. Why is everyone lying? He’s totally bisexual, you can’t deny it. Proof:

(s13e7) He’s gay with Kevin, don’t lie. He’s putting his head on his shoulder.

His alignment is neutral, he’s the first one I’m able to believe with that.

His religion is Catholicism, I have nothing against that but I don’t think they’re okay with you sucking blood from strangers? xD

His power source is blood… Idky but I’m confused with that, but everything is clear am I really that dumb? Yes I am.

HIS KRYPTONITE ARE THE RAISINS GIRLS?! CLYDE I WANNA PUNISH YOU FOR WRITING THAT DOWN YOU PERVERT. He’s like a BABY in my eyes but he isn’t? He’s an asshole and like you can see he’s a pervert? But I think he’s cute and childish and idk? Why am I like this? Why does my heart hurt?

Tweek is the third avatar. I’m so weak.

Like you see, here’s the second gay. He wears similar clothes like his boyfriend Craig Tucker, to express their love and that they’re a team. And like you see, if you look at me, here’s an inner-emotional (yes that exists) bitch who is dying rn.

His alignment is lawful, TWEEK YOU’RE PERFECT I LOVE YOU. Craig and Tweek are literary Ying and Yang, you can’t deny it.

I was shocked as I saw that he’s a Buddhist. He was catholic, so I think he converted. I didn’t expected that, but it fits him. That cute lil cutie.

Again, his power source is love. So cheesy and gay.

His caffeine addiction is his kryptonite BUT his solo ulti is him, drinking a full can of coffee and being strong afterwards? Or do I just misunderstand that? Because, like I understand, coffee makes him strong, so why should his addiction be fatal?

I love Jimmy, he’s so cute look at that picture. And it’s so cute that he’s the flash with crutches. Like his dream came true? I’m so soft when I see fastpass.

But he’s a human cyborg? Where’s he cyborg? Because his crutches?

His sex/gender is “yes please”… here’s a post about that.


His religion is speed. Yes okay, baby. I just let this here, uncommented.

His power source are bionic implants I WANT TO CRY. He deserves being healthy, I want this bean to be happy. He’s so cute with everything he does. Look at that cute smile. Or his urge to make others laugh. HE’S AN ANGEL.

I don’t want him to have a kryptonite because he doesn’t deserve one, but he has. Friction. Why? Because he’s so fast and fast plus friction could cause a fire? Aww, he’s so intelligent.

Stan, my babe. I love him. But altered human? Because his tools? South Park got me there, second time, that’s funny. xD

It was clear that he’s straight, and he’s straight, but I want him to be biromantic and homosexual. But he isn’t. Sigh.

HOW IS HE LAWFUL AND WENDY ISN’T I DON’T UNDERSTAND. But I bet he just follows Kyle. Lol.

His religion is metric system? Stan you European nerd. His religion are metres. Wtf dude. I know you’re with tools and that you’re an altered human but you don’t have to be SO altered.

220V is his power source, Stan waddup.

His kryptonite is dust and corrosion. Why not rust? Lol.

The best for last. That pic looks cool tho.

His race/ethnicity is unknown? Okay I’m curious now. I mean, he’s immortal. But he’s as Kenny McCormick too. Maybe he’s not even a human? I really want to know rn.

Straight? HAHAHAHA WTF. That’s a big fat lie, fatter than Cartman’s ass and THAT MEANS SOMETHING. He’s something ‘uncommon’ like Wendy, polysexual or pansexual. But not straight. HAHAHA

He’s lawful, that fits him. He wants justice that’s why he stared the freedom pals. I love Ken. c:

His religion is fatalism, it fits him. I don’t think that he believes in the 'common god’, more in a higher force.

His power source is cthulhu. Idk but I imagine cthulhu sending Ken power in a ball-form, and he screams “MORREEE I NEEEEDD MOOORREE”. Don’t be a pervert, I’m just a boring girl who imagines innocent stuff.

His kryptonite is poverty, DON’T TOUCH ME. I WANT KENNY TO BE HAPPY. But it fits, I mean, he’s like batman and batman is rich? But still, I want Kenny having a good life.

That was the second part. I need that game, I’m so hyped. Goodbye.

Forgive Me

Pairing: MOC!Dean x Reader

Summary: Dean goes to the Reader and begs for her forgiveness.

Warnings: Angst, Smut, unprotective sex (wrap it up kiddos)

Author’s Note: This is for my beautiful Arie @bringmesomepie56 who had submitted these a long while ago when I asked for a few sexy gifs plus a supernatural character. She and I have a weakness for MOC!Dean and I just couldn’t help myself *choked sob* I hope you guys like this!!

MOC Dean begging for forgiveness… if that doesn’t inspires something hell if I know what will. ;)

- Submitted by Arie!

Forgive Me

The knocking on the door stopped me in mid-cry. With a quick look at the alarm clock next to the motel bed, I saw that it was extremely late.


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