plus i am love with the colours in this movie

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(Blog Compliment+ Name Aesthetics) Im having such a busy week but i have a oneweek holiday in a few days so looking rly forward to that plus im going to watch loooadds of movies in the holiday How was your week?💕 P.S. i hope im not too late

Hey Kirsten (@studyblr2019)!! i am so so sorry this has took me so long to get round to but I’ve been really busy.. hope your movie holiday went well, and are you enjoying the new series of GoT? 😊

simple yet effective.. nice 💖

i associate succulents and stuff like that with studyblr immediately, so i’m loving the vibe it’s giving!

genuinely gorgeous.. hands down one of the best themes i’ve seen. the colours are so pretty and it’s all so easy to navigate  💕

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so cute!! your posts are so consistently pretty.. and those rainbow pens and stuff look so cool

not right now but i still love you ~ i just did!! ~ well duh ~ forever and always

my fave part:
you honestly come across as such a lovely person.. and i love the birthday page, it’s such a sweet idea!!

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candyfloss, lip gloss, gladiator sandals, flowers on a cactus, bubblegum

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a renaissance painting, a locket, the sound of a waterfall, tulips, a pond in a stately manor

☆ Want one? ☆

High☆Speed!: Free! Starting Days

So I finally watched Starting Days!!!

First things first, Makoharu is still strong (soz to all other ships, the POOL SCENE was clearly canon af)

I liked how amazingly colourful this movie was, just like the anime, with the animation at a high standard, thanks to Kyoto Animation- one of the best studios for all anime. Plus I freaking loved how the expressions of the characters matched the seiyuus’ emotions in their voice, it seemed so realistic!  The story was fascinating and I was glad to see Rin, Sousuke, Nagisa and Rei have some screen time and character development in between. There were so many fluffy moments of friendship and bonding that made me fuzzy inside, I squealed and fangirled so much! I am so glad I managed to watch this and am fully aware that this might be the end of Free!  I cried so much when the credits came with Tatsun’s angelic singing at the end. 

I really hope that they make some kind of continuation of their college years where we can see Asahi and Ikuya grown up! Who wouldn’t want to see more of these precious cinnamon rolls swimming together or even just seeing each other again!? Just look at them!

I really hope, as well, there will be no hard feelings from Middle School as, if I can remember from the first season, Haru quit the club and later Makoto followed after Starting Days is finished.

Currently looking out for news of any OVA’s or 3rd Season, for now, I’mma go cry my heart again after watching this for the 6th time!