plus her hair





Sketch redraw of an old OC. Her name is Kaosu which is basically pronounced “Chaos” and she’s pretty mischievous, childish, blunt, and openly affectionate haha. She’s also part of an old OC couple pair I had with an artist friend on Instagram. 


maybe we’ll have our own booth one day. yvonne and gerry. second most famous interracial experiencer couple in the galaxy.


I still don’t know how she’s supposed to be helping me. All she does is either steer me in the wrong direction or confuse me. Mom, I trust you, but were you right about her? She keeps too many secrets locked behind her chocolate eyes. Would I be better off alone? For some reason, just knowing that I have help–that I have someone who could help me find you–comforts me more than my own blanket right now. 🌶


“Don’t score my cooking.”

Just a reminder I don’t care what canon dictates but there is no way in hell Allura sleeps without a silk cap on.

You can attempt to fight me on this but you will lose everytime

As a black girl myself who’s hair gets straightened to Allura’s ‘regular’ texture and who’s hair is way shorter than Allura’s I can tell you right now no way in hell is that woman sleeping without a silk cap on. Especially with that much hair.