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Young God (M) || Jungkook AU!Smut

gif is not mine.

Genre: Smut || Fluff (Kinda) || Stoner!Jungkook
Word Count: 3.3k

Warnings: Drugs, Smoking, Dirty talk, DESCRIPTIVE Fingering okok

Description: Jeon Jungkook was a fucking God. He was beautiful. One look from him was enough to make your heart soar. He was a bad boy, he drinks, he smokes, he was reckless; and why such a boy would ever go for someone like you, you would never understand.
None the less, the only thing that infatuated him as much as weed did – was you.

A/N: I changed the story line a lot from the teaser i posted earlier but oh well

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Complications of the heart.

Characters: Dean, Reader, mentions of other SPN characters.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, cheating and smut.

Summary: Dean comes back to a small town after years, he finds that the girl he left behind and who he loves is going to be married to someone else soon. So he does what he must to fix it.

A/N: Idk y’all. It was in my drafts for ages and today I decided to finish it. Mistakes are mine, i will edit it later. You like? Let me know because I love feedback sm. Have an awesome day!

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Dean took a huge gulp of the lukewarm beer in his hand, his eyes were on the stars above him but he noticed nothing. The only thing on his mind was you. The lump was still lodged in his throat from when he saw you at the bakery today. All he could concentrate on was the shock and the sudden rage that flashed pass your eyes when your name tumbled out of his mouth like a prayer. Your hand grazed his when you dumped his change into his outstretched palm. He could see it etched on your face that you were restraining yourself, from yelling or slapping him tight across the face in public. He couldn’t blame you. God knows, he deserves it for what he did to you. He came here, wishing, to tell you all the things he should have told you at twenty. But, back then he was a scared uncertain kid. Now though, it’s different. He is different.

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“Don’t score my cooking.”

Perfect // Jack Maynard

Word Count- 859

Summary- based off ‘perfect’ by ed sheeran

A/N- 1) this song is one of my faves atm 2) I couldn’t not write about it 3) dedicated to liv, thanks for crying with me last night about this song and jack. also sorry it’s short, but i didnt want to overdue it


Jack never planned on falling in love so young. He never planned on bringing a girlfriend let alone, the same girlfriend for two Christmases in a row. He never planned on finding his soul mate so young. He never planned on moving in with her after 2 long years. He never planned on buying a ring. He never planned on being the first buttercream to get married. He never planned on getting married at 21. He assumed he’d grow up and go on crazy adventures and sleep with countless girls throughout his twenties. He assumed it’s what he was supposed to do.

But then he met you.

You had just turned 17 and when he first saw you, he knew right then and there. He was going to fall for you, hard.

It was rough in the beginning. You guys were still kids, you still made mistakes or forgot that relationships took more than just saying ‘I love you’. You had to show it.

But after the first year or so, you both knew; you knew that what you two had was forever.

And Jack couldn’t be happier. He had found his soul mate, his person. He never thought he’d actually find the person who was waiting to spend the rest of their life with him. He wasn’t fully sure that person existed.

But you showed him that you did. And now, five years later, you were still the only one who had a spot in his heart.

So, in this exact moment, as you swayed around your living room, you two were both thinking the same thing.

I love you.

Jack let go of one of your hands, flinging you out and then twirling you around and around.

You giggled as you spun in circles, causing Jack’s smile to grow.

When he pulled you back in, you buried your face into his chest.

“Perfect,” Jack whispered as he stared at you.

“What?” you chuckled, looking up at him.

“You look perfect tonight.”

“I’m a mess right now, and this belly’s not helping.” You said, staring at your protruding belly that currently housed your unborn baby girl.

“Hey,” he stopped dancing, putting his hand underneath your chin.

“You look absolutely perfect right now. You are growing a child, our child. And I couldn’t be happier right now, because I’m with you.”

“I love you Jack,” you leant up to kiss him.

“I love you too, Y/n. So bloody much,” he kissed you back. “Now, where were we?”

“I believe you were about to spin me,” you giggled, extending your hand.

“Why of course!” he took your hand and spun you around, smiling as you laughed.

He was truly so happy when he was with you. You were always there to help it. If he was sad, you knew just what to say, or do. If he was happy, you were there to celebrate. If he was angry, you were there to help him cool off. If he was confused, you were the light to guide him. You were the answer to all of his questions. No matter what, you would always be there.

“Wait,” you stopped. “This is our song.”

You smiled as I Can’t Help Falling in Love with You by Elvis Presley emitted through the speakers. This had been your song since forever. It was song that was playing when walked through the doors of the doors of your secondary school gym. You had just moved to town and your parents insisted you go and make friends. Jack was sitting at one of the tables joking with his friends. But when he saw the doors open and you walk in, he knew he had to meet you.

“I know,” he smiled. “Want me to dip you?”

“No, you wouldn’t be able to,” you said, mtion towards your belly.

“If my wife wants me to dip her, then I will. Plus Baby Maynard won’t mind,” he squatted. “What do you think sweetheart? Do you care if daddy dips mommy?” He stood back up, smiling.

“See? No protests.”

You smiled, “Just don’t drop me.”

As the lyrics poured into the room, Jack grabbed you by the waist. You put your arms around his arms, and he slowly dipped you. Faces inches apart, he sang to you. He only ever sang to you, no one else. Because no one else deserved to see that part of him.

“I love you Y/n,” he said has he brought his lips to yours. “And I couldn’t see a future with anyone else but you, you are absolutely perfect. I don’t deserve you because you are perfect. And I make it my duty to show you just how perfect you are to me. I have a lifetime to prove why I’m the one for you.”

“Jack, you don’t need to prove anything. I know you’re the only one for me. And I can’t tell you how much you mean to me.”

He pulled you back up, “You don’t need to tell me, because you show me every day love.”

“You are amazing, Jack.”

“And you, are perfect Y/n.” he said, spinning you once again.

They are going to do this to Robert.

They are going to have him not want to be part of this baby’s life partly because he isn’t worthy and partly because I can see him not want to have Aaron deal with that (Ryan did mention Robert being different and doing whatever to protect Aaron.)

Aaron is going to be A plus supportive cause he is Aaron (like our other tiny awesome sweetheart Vic) he will want THEM to be a part of Johnny version 2.0’s life. He’ll work on Rob until he breaks down (and not the way I want lol) and they start making plans together.

Then they’ll take it away. Either the kid isn’t Rob’s or that poor baby is never gonna make it.

Rob and Aaron mourn. Sympathy for the other characters.


It is super predictable but it is a soap.

Be Careful With Her *Loki x Reader*

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Requested by Anon: Just to add to the list: a Loki oneshot where the reader is dating him but she’s also good friends with Thor. She loves getting piggyback rides from Thor and he’s always tossing her around but Loki freaks out because he thinks one of these days he’s is going to hurt her? Just fluff and cute stuff please? lol :’) 
Warnings: Swearing, Fluff & Loki being cute
Admins Note: Sorry, we’ve got so much in our inbox of prompt & ships that sometimes requests gets lost in the sea. I hope this is okay. I actually like writing Loki stuff, I am planning on do a second part to ‘Too Good To Be True’ but that won’t be for a while, maybe end of this month, before doing Christmas requests.

      No one really understood how you could date Loki. You were probably the nicest person any of the Avengers had ever met, sweet and caring, almost motherly over them all. Yet, you are dating Loki. It baffled them all, he was the exact opposite, he wanted all humans to either kneel for him or die… but yet you were the exception for him. He really did care for you, not that he showed it in front of anyone but when it was just you both, he was actually really sweet and nice; a side you were very grateful to see. 

      You got along with all the Avengers, you did sort of work for them, help them with injuries but it’s very rare they get really injured; something you are also grateful for. For a while everyone was slightly on edge with the fact you are dating Loki but eventually they all got over it, well some more than others but still they respected your decision, plus you told them that Loki is a sweetheart to you- he wasn’t amused that you told them that but it made them let off. 
You especially get along with Thor, since you are so much smaller than both him and Loki it amused him- you reminded Thor of a doll because of how petite you are. Thor treats you like a rag-doll, he picks you up, throws you in the air, he makes you laugh: Loki treats you like a porcelain doll, gentle touches and light hugs. 

      “You are so light, its like there is nothing on my back,” Thor muses loudly, making Natasha, Steve, Jane and Bruce laugh. You were gripped tightly to Thor’s back as he strides around the living area. He was now moving quickly, it was difficult to hold on, it made you laugh as he jumped so you would move upward and be more comfortable. 
      “Well not everyone is a massive God,” you teased back, he chuckled loudly with everyone. “I mean you fly around and fight people, I’m a fragile human,” you confirmed and he carried on laughing, running around the sofas with you on his back.
      Thor grabbed you and held you under your arm pits, you already knew where this was going, he then threw you in the air and everyone laughed loudly as you screamed; of course he caught you every time but he would throw and let you fall on the sofas with a bounce sometimes. 

      “OH MY WORD!” someone shouted. Thor jumped and turned around as you fall onto the sofas with a smack, you peaked over and see Loki glaring at Thor and everyone else. “What did I say about doing this?” he asked, his voice sharp and stern, looking right at his brother who stood sheepish but a small hint of amusement still; Jane and Natasha stood snickering, Steve was trying to hide his smile also.
       “Not to because (Y/N) is not a God and can be hurt,” Thor muttered childishly, you giggled looking between Thor and Loki. “She likes it,” he defended and you nodded, only to have the same glare cast at you, you shut your mouth closed and remained behind the sofa.
       “Be careful with her, please” Thor nodded and you stood up on the sofa, jumping slightly as you waited for their small dispute to be over.

      “Can I have another piggyback ride now?” You asked, Loki started to shake his head, saying he doesn’t want Thor to anymore and you pouted. “Steve, please?” you begged both and Loki rolled his eyes and nodded, making everyone chuckled as you leaped onto the surprised Steve’s back he stumbled and laughed before running off, Thor chasing after you both.
      “Let’s play catch the (Y/N)” he yelled, Steve then stopped and tossed you to Thor who ran with you, all the while you were laughing with Natasha and Jane, and Loki was running and yelling after you three.

(Sorry its slightly short, I didn’t really know what to do with this, I had fun writing it but I honestly lost it like half-way through. Hope this is actually okay. You can request; imagines, ships and one shots by myself or Angie - Rosalee)

Pocket Sized!Yoongi

And now it is time for my spirit animal, one half of the Daegu line, a lil marshmallow with the CUTEST LIL GIGGLE I LOVE, Min Yoongi aka Suga aka August D

  • Visuals first to just paint the picture
  • He goes through a lot of hair colors
  • He just likes trying out the new colors, he doesn’t really have a rhyme or reason for it
  • He just thinks it’s cool to have red hair one day and blonde hair the next
  • He lets you “pick” the colors
  • He just chills out on your shoulder while you’re looking through the boxes right and he’s super like oh just pick any of them whatever looks good 
  • But if you reach towards a color he isn’t super into, he gives your hair a lil tug like not enough to hurt, just enough to get your attention
  • And then when you go for a color he’s liking, he gives your neck a lil pat
  • He has a lot of things he does to communicate with you like that tbh
  • Like when he wants to be put down, he tugs at your shirt or your jacket, whatever he’s sitting on 
  • Bc even though chilling on your shoulder is nice, it gives him a cool view and he can get places a lot quicker, his legs can get cramped sitting down all day
  • Or when he knows you’re having a bad day, he has this way of silently comforting you while you talk to him about it where he just sits besides your head on the pillow and strokes your nose
  • He gives you every single drop of his attention and just nods his lil head and let you talk it all out
  • Bc he knows that sometimes you just need to rant and he doesn’t wanna interrupt you, he just wants you to be happy again bc you’re his favorite person he can’t have you being upset  
  • It actually really does help bc it’s like a silent way of saying I got you
  • But back to the hair, you help him dye it every time
  • He says he’s okay with doing it on his own but the one time you did let him do it alone, he walked out with neon pink hair and was not amused at all
  • “I don’t even wanna talk about it”
  • So after that, you just take over the dye part bc even though it was fucking hilarious to see this lil bub with neon pink hair just walking around your home, it wasn’t what he wanted
  • You have to be really gentle in rubbing the dye into his hair bc he’s tiny, it’s like petting a kitten you have to be gentle and soft bc it’s a bby bub
  • It’s basically like putting a drop or two of dye onto your finger and then massaging it in super carefully
  • His most recent color is the mint green so he’s still walking around with his lil green head of hair and he’s actually pretty content with it
  • He l o v es his lil scarves
  • They’re huge on him but they’re still so tiny to you but we all know how Yoongi feels about scarves
  • His clothes are just comfy, he likes jeans when he goes out but when he’s at home, he goes for some sweats
  • Beanies are a must have, he loves anything with hats and it’s honestly so fucking cute to walk by his lil hat collection bc they’re all so tiny and smol and cute
  • He is your best friend like hands down, I feel like Yoongi is just a really good friend
  • Like he’s playful and sarcastic, he’s funny as fuck and he has that like dry humor where he’s just -_- while saying it but it’s so funny plus he’s a total sweetheart he’s such a gem
  • Like he just k no w s when you’re having a bad day, you don’t need to say a single word, you don’t even have to look at him, he just knows the second you walk in the door
  • He likes to lay out on your chest and watch a movie or a show with you and he’s just so content
  • He also likes to talk to you as you watch, like he just makes these lil comments about the show that make you laugh and he gets all :D
  • When you two go out, he likes sitting on your shoulder the best
  • He likes being able to look people in the eye and be able to look around from that point of view but he also likes being able to communicate you in his lil ways
  • Taps on the shoulder, the cheek, the ear, lil whispers, toying with your hair
  • You two have built up this entire new way of communicating bc sometimes you’re talking to someone or drinking something and sometimes he’s listening to his music as you walk so it’s nice to be able to just be able to talk to each other without having to speak
  • Plays the piano by running and jumping across it as quick as his legs can carry him
  • It’s actually really funny to watch bc he’s just blurring around bc he’s racing to get to the new key before the note ends
  • But then you get him a lil mini piano and he can play to his heart’s content and it’s just so cute
  • He likes laying on your pillow and playing some chill music and just talking
  • Like he can just talk about whatever he’s thinking about at that moment, maybe it’s about the reasons he likes the song that’s playing, maybe it’s something deep
  • Even if he’s lil, his voice is still that deep raspy almost lazy type of voice and it’s so soothing like his voice is honestly just so relaxing and comforting no matter what he’s talking about
  • It’s really easy to just fall asleep to it and honestly, he’s half asleep the entire time so he drifts off not too long after you do, sometimes he even falls asleep before you
  • “Goodnight lil yoon”

anti-kari  asked:

Sebastian is my favorite. I'm a nerd and he is the ultimate computer/gamer nerd. I was so excited when the cut seen for the D&D type game happens with him. He's shy and stays inside a lot but I think that shows a slight social anxiety which I also have. But he's a sweetheart when you get to know him. Plus he has an AWESOME motorcycle. He's a hot nerd and I love him.

Me !!!!!!! I think he has stated before that he does not like people or being in crowed places because he gets anxious !! I love him and i want him to be happy and he is a total sweetheart. I have married him three times dies.

Tell me about your favorite stardew valley character and why you like them so much !!

anonymous asked:

Can I have a mtl for Seventeen and Monsta x??? To date a girl whos a little chubby? Thanks~

With this request I’m going off of what they have said and what they are like in general. All body types are beautiful and if any of these boys can’t handle a lil jiggle they’re WEAK and will NOT survive the apocalypse. Here’s my take on it though: 

Monsta x: 

I believe Minhyuk said that his ideal type are chubby girls?? Plus he’s a sweetheart and I don’t think he cares about weight. Changkyun is next because he’s a little chubby himself and he says he likes personality better so I don’t believe weight matters to him. Jooheon is next because he said he likes girls in jeans and us chubby girls look GREAT in jeans. Hoseok is fourth because he’s literally only ever specified that he likes people who can cook ramen and he’s pretty open minded so I actually think he’s tied with Jooheon as third. Kihyun is next just because I think he’d look cute with a chubby girl especially one with lots of cuteness! Hyungwon is tied with Kihyun because I think Hyungwon really just wants someone to meme with and talk to. Hyunwoo is also tied with Hyungwon and Kihyun because I don’t think any of them are opposed to the idea of a chubby girl. 


Joshua is my first choice out of seventeen? I don’t know why honestly?? I think he’s very open minded?? Vernon is next because he’s specified that he doesn’t look at looks and is more personality, but I’m sure if he meets a hot chubby girl he’s not gonna ignore her looks lol. Minghao is next because he’s similar to Joshua on ideal types, plus he’s just really sweet and I don’t think he minds a little jiggle he will survive the apocalypse. Seungcheol is next because he is THICC and THICCNESS TOGETHER WILL RISE. Woozi is small but he’s also really open minded I believe and I don’t think he really cares as long as she’s sassy. Seungkwan is next because he just wants a friend and someone who is nice. Seokmin is tied with Seungkwan for the same reason. Chan is next because he just wants an aegyo girl. Hoshi is next; I don’t have a reason he’d just be cute with anyone to be honest. Jun because he likes sexy girls and chubby girls sexy as hell. Mingyu is next because he can handle a chubby girl especially a tall one. Wonwoo is tied with Mingyu, cliche, I know. Jeonghan is last I have no idea why I just think he’s more into skinny girls, but I don’t think he’s opposed either.  


Hope you enjoyed this request anon! :) 

Gender Fluid - BTS

BTS Reaction to dating someone who is gender fluid!

I’m going to do this in order of who I think would be most accepting to least.  I’m going to try and be very realistic and it might be a bit harsh. Much love, and please remember you are absolutely perfect in every way you are and choose to be. :-)

Yoongi: While Yoongi has hinted at his own fluidity in sexuality a few times, I think regardless of that he wouldn’t care how you identified as long as you were YOU. Yoongi is the type of guy to fall in love with someone based whole-heartedly off of their personality. He doesn’t seem shallow or close-minded at all. I think when you tell him you need to talk about something serious he’ll turn off the TV or wake up entirely from his nap—which he’s probably taking—and give you his full attention. You’ll explain your situation and after a moment of excruciating silence he’ll let out a laugh and say “Come on, you had me worried there for a second. I thought you were dying or something. That news is nothing, baby. I like you the way you are, any way you are!”  And he’ll probably wrap an arm around you, just enough skinship to comfort you and make you feel loved.

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J-Hope: This little gay fairy would be in love. Hobi is the type of guy to fall madly in love and never be able to get back up. He wouldn’t even care about how you dress because he’s too busy thinking to himself how on earth your smile was crafted by angels. However, he would love your style and he would constantly be lending you clothes. I think when you tell him he will have a very pensive face and you guys will talk about it for a while, but not in a bad way. He will be very curious and love to know more. I can see him asking you questions about when you first started feeling this way and if something ‘triggers’ it and you’ll explain everything to him. He’ll constantly kiss you and assure you he’ll always be your angel and you’ll always be his.

Originally posted by hob-e

Taehyung: I don’t know why but something tells me Tae would be absolutely fine with this in every way. He seems like he would handle it very loosely and lovingly. I think when you tell him he would kind of just stare at you with that blank wide-eyed expression with his mouth hung slightly open, for a second. Then his mouth would shape into that big, toothy, rectangular smile and he’d giggle and say “OKAY! Can I still kiss you?” In which case you’d obviously respond “Obviously Tae, my gender fluidity in no way affects my physical attraction to my sexy boyfriend.” and him being the idiot he is he’d go “me too!”

Originally posted by luniekyu

Jungkook: While he’s my bias and I’d love to believe he would be completely okay with this right off the bat, I don’t think that’s the truth. At the very beginning, I think it would be hard for him to understand—not to accept, he would accept it right away because regardless he loves you—but he just wouldn’t get it. He would wonder why you don’t like girl’s clothing or assuming a typical girl gender role. However, I think after a few weeks, Jungkook would suddenly be all for it. He’s young and he was raised in a generation that is far more accepting. He would ask questions that may come off as offensive at first but the poor baby is so curious it kills him. He would start looking forward to seeing how you’re going to dress everyday and slowly it will become one of the things he loves most about you.

Originally posted by the-rap-man

Jin: I can see being very shy about this but ultimately not minding much. He wouldn’t make a big deal out of it. He would always compliment how you looked and he would even love trading clothes with you. As long as you continued to love him the way you do, I see him being very loving.

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Namjoon: There are two sides to this one. Rap Mon himself has stated he’s very pro-gay and -queer rights. He’s totally left wing and very open minded when it comes to this stuff, plus he is a complete sweetheart so that helps. However, being put in the situation himself I think would test his liberal state of mind a bit, seeing as how he is very straight and appreciates that “sexy girl” kind of look. While I don’t think he would be downright cool with it, I also don’t think he would break up with someone for it. Rap Monster is hard man, so much going on in that intelligent, clumsy head.

Originally posted by onizukai

Jimin: Okay, Jimin would be weird. While we all know Jimin can act gay as hell, he can also be a little shit. He’s made some pretty homophobic comments in some of the bangtan bombs which leads me to think he might find it weird. At first when you explain this to him, he might even laugh and think it’s a joke. When you tell him to please handle this maturely, he’ll realize you’re not kidding and let the words truly go through his head. I think Jimin would be the only one who would end up breaking up with you for this, but it’s only because he knows he won’t be able to give you his all due to the circumstances. He’ll keep in contact with you, keep you as a friend, and you’ll probably end up being closer bros than you ever were as a couple. At the end of the day, he’ll always love you.

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Alrighty, so it’s admin Ari here and I know Destiny usually does the reactions but I actually asked her if I could do this one because it hits home especially. I was raised by two moms who are married and they taught me that you fall in love with the person, not the gender, therefore I am VERY lenient when it comes to sexuality. While I was born as and identify as a girl, I do occasionally like assuming the role of a male. I love dressing like one and especially when I have a girlfriend, I love being that protective boyfriend kind of figure to her. So, that’s why I love this request!

I enjoyed Vincent’s route. I’m not sure why everyone was giving it subpar reviews. His true identity was fascinating to me. Plus, he was a total supportive sweetheart. He treated mc like his little princess. It was about time we saw that kind of character again! I think being with an older guy was great for helping mc develop, learn, mature and grow in this story line. Truthfully, we didn’t see her mess up her magic all that badly either! Vincent made her see her true potential. I loved him!

Now I can talk about why I love Akashi.

[Warning for spoilers! Also long post is LONG, mostly because of the images. Brace for Akashi love, Generation of Miracles love, and Rakuzan love.]

So now that the new episode is out, I just wanted to talk about my favorite part of Akashi’s character, and the thing that surprised/delighted me the most about him back when I first read the manga. (I won’t talk about manga spoilers, though, I promise!)

So in the Teikou arc, we all saw Akashi go off the deep end/into a really dark place, because Murasakibara challenged his authority. At the time, I thought I had a good understanding of why this happened, and what it meant about his character. Here’s what I thought: Akashi changed because he’s a perfectionist in the extreme (in large part due to his strict upbringing), and this threat to his perfect winning record scared him so much that it awakened his abilities and made him into a more ruthless person.

Well, I was partially right, but mostly wrong. And in the newest episode, we find out why…

Akashi truly loves basketball. It was a respite from his strict education, and something that his mother encouraged him to do. But he also loved being at Teikou because of the time he spent with his teammates. Specifically, with the Generation of Miracles:

(Note that Akashi uses the word “nakama” here, which is translated to “teammates.” An appropriate translation, and the best one for this context, imo. The word also tends to imply a friendship/bond because of a shared goal.)

So when their talents blossomed and they started to break apart, he felt a huge pressure to keep them together, not just as their captain but because he didn’t want things to change between them.

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Tony: I'm curious

Tony Stark x Reader

Plot:you’re working at SHIELD. you like to be alone and read your book during your lunch break. One day Tony spoke to you.

Words: 745

I’m curious

You worked at SHIELD but not as a field agent you’re making new weapons. Today you worked hard as usual. It’s almost noon so you went to the cafeteria as a lunch break alone. You thought you didn’t need any friends so you’re okay to be alone. Every time you have a break there, you bright your favourite fictional book. Spending your lunch time today was the same as usual until someone spoke to you.

“Hello ma'am” someone spoke to you and you looked up to see familiar man.

“Hello Mr, Stark” you said and made a fake smile.

Tony Stark. Everyone knew about him. You sometimes saw him at SHIELD but you’ve never talked to him before. He could make his weapons by himself so you didn’t have to talk to him about business. So you were wondering why he talked to you….during lunch time.

“Would you mind if I sit here?” he asked.

“No” you said and shook your head.

“Great so your name is Y/N right?” he said and you frowned your eyebrows because you’ve never told him your name.

“How did you know sir?” you asked him.

“Because you have a name plate” he said and pointed the name plate on my jacket.

“Oh yes” you completely forgot about it.

“So….is there anything I can help you?” you asked him trying to be polite.

“Actually I have a few” he said.

“First why don’t you eat lunch with your colleagues?” he asked.

You opened your eyes wide because his question was not the one you expected. You thought he would ask you about weapons.

“B-because I don’t have to” you answered confusing a bit.

“You don’t like them?” he asked.

“N-no I think they’re nice but I like to be alone” you said.

It’s true. They’re nice even you’re not with them. You have to talk to them when you work. You don’t really like to talk to people but they understand about it.

“Okay. Next why you always read a book?” he asked.

Again…’s not about business. You had no idea why he asked you personal questions and you wanted to know why.

“Sir why do you ask me about my private?” you asked.

“Because I’m curious! And call me Tony” he said.

“Okay Tony. Do I have to answer your questions?” you asked.

“You don’t have to but I’ve been watching you lately and you’re always alone so I wanted to know why” he said.

“W-what? You stalk me?” you said.

“Not really but yes maybe” he said and smiled.

You couldn’t understand at all. ‘Why does he care about me? Why does THE Tony Stark care about me?’ you thought in your head.

“So you won’t answer my question?” he asked.

“N-no” you said and shook your head.

“Even if I say please?” he said playfully.

You laughed a bit at him. You didn’t even know his personality but now you know a bit about him.

“Okay I will answer. But after that can you leave me alone?” you said raising your eyebrows.

“Sure ma'am” he said.

“I like to read a book because it’s better than reality” you said looking at him.

He opened his month a bit. It seemed like he didn’t expect your answer. But you didn’t care. You just told him your true opinion.

“B-but if you like adventure, you can feel it in reality because you work for SHIELD” he said.

“Yes but adventure in books and in reality are very different Tony” you said.

“I’ll change my plan” he said quickly.

“Your plan?” you asked.

“Yes I said I will leave after you answer my question but I stay” he said and smiled at you.

“Promise is promise” you said calmly.

“But I’ve never met a girl like you Y/N. I am so curious” he said.

“I’m not what you think” you said.

Somehow you enjoyed the conversation with Tony. It’s been a long time since you enjoyed a conversation with someone. Because you always enjoyed conversations in books. But you started thinking conversations in reality is not so bad.

“Then I want to know you more” he said and smirked.

“Why me Tony?” you asked

“I told you….I’ve never met a girl like you. You’re kinda special” you said.

“Do you really think so?” you asked laughing lightly.

“Yes sweetheart. And plus you’re beautiful” he said and winked at you.