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I’m not afraid of Dying

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I’m not afraid of werewolves

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Not Alphas

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Not druids

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But I’m kind of

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Afraid of me


More than anything

I don’t want to feel…

Do you know what I heard just then? Your heart beating slightly faster over the words “I don’t want.”

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for s2, do you think alec will stay the same as far as being the "unstereotypically more masculine" gay character? with the gelled down hair and less black colored clothing, the show seems to be changing Alec to look like AU-verse Alec. the AU version of alec was fine, but i personally thought it was groundbreaking to have a gay character who didnt fit the stereotype of being flamboyant and really helped present alec as more than just the token gay character. idk, what are your thoughts?

I am admittedly not sure if this is necessarily anywhere close to flamboyant territory or even AU Alec.

I mean, I don’t think he’ll stay 100% the same because Alec, like all human beings, needs to grow. Alec’s complete indifference to his appearance wasn’t just a quirk; it’s also symbolic of how little he cares about himself compared to how much he gave up for those around him. At the end of S1, Alec learns he’s important, too, and deserves nice things. Plus, people are often influenced by their partners. So perhaps his color choices were influenced by Magnus, possibly in a conversation that went like this:

Magnus: I think a splash of color would look lovely on you, darling.

Alec: OK what do you think about this it’s got 2 colors in it, it’s like a red and purple black

Magnus:  ಠ_ಠ

Should You Fight the Barricade Boys
  • Enjolras: what the fuck. you could try but honestly he wouldn't even care, he'd probably just look at you like you were an idiot. which you are for trying to fight him. plus if you actually landed a hit you'd have Grantaire on your ass and Grantaire is a whole other story you do not wanna deal with. do not fight Enjolras
  • Combeferre: i mean you could probably win but he's the brains behind the whole operation. Enjolras' goals are ideals but Combeferre? Combeferre doesn't fuck around if he's striving towards something he will definitely get there. Combeferre knows what he's doing. he won't risk his life needlessly. don't fight Combeferre unless you're prepared to lose
  • Jehan: i mean. why????????????? you could fight him but look he's small and reads poetry. he probably makes flower crowns in his spare time. he dresses badly and he's timid and like this guy plays the flute. you would win but at what cost. do not fight Jehan. you monster
  • Joly: I have absolutely no doubt you could kick Joly's ass but the kid has anxiety here come on, you could blow on Joly and fall over he's precious and thinks he's sick all the time. Plus his friends tease him by calling him Jolllly is that that not the cutest thing. His name means happiness. Do not fight Joly
  • Feuilly: Feuilly taught himself everything he knows. including reading and writing. his life has been hard. he is determined and loves his friends. leave Feuilly alone, he is content and innocent and likes silly hats. do not fight Feuilly
  • Courfeyrac: he may look innocent but this is the boy who keeps Combeferre and Enjolras on track. he takes care of an orphan child. i have absolutely no doubt he's beaten asses before. fight Courfeyrac and his adorable curls you'll be better for it
  • Bahorel: Bahorel is a riddle wrapped in an enigma shrouded in mystery. all i really know is that he wants to eat eggs without anyone's permission and is very funny. he's probably gotten clocked a few times for his witty comebacks honestly, go ahead fight Bahorel he might be the only one you could beat without spiraling down the moral chasm
  • Bousset: you know those people where everything they ever try to do goes wrong. yeah Bousset has nothing on them. his mistresses cheat on him. if he's cutting wood he cuts himself. he has no hair and like 10 names. you would undoubtedly win if you fought him but why would you add to his pain??? do not fight Bousset.
  • Marius: why???? why would you fight Marius??? Enjolras and Combeferre only barely tolerate him but at heart he is pure. he is confusing but he is innocent. not to mention Jean Valjean would kill you and Jean Valjean is the one person in this thing you absolutely do not wanna fuck with. come on. don't fight Marius
  • Grantaire: ok honestly i don't have any advice for this one go for it. i'd say try to find him drunk but he's drunk so often it'd probably be easier to beat him sober. honestly though his self esteem is so low he might not even fight back. fight Grantaire it's fifty-fifty

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aaand the second one where you're rickys gf and you're pregnant but you haven't told him yet. when he comes home you have tears in your eyes and say it and he makes no move and you start to cry and ramble that you understand if he'd leave you know but you beg him to stay and say that you love him. he's just speechless and hugs you tight and says "i love you" endless times and that never leaves you and that he's happy about the baby. then he gets down on one knee and proposes. Aurora <3

Sorry that I didn’t follow everything that you wanted from this imagine… Hope you enjoy <3 

~ Syn 


“Oh god what am I going to do” you say to yourself while looking down at the stick that had the bold plus sign on it. You and your rock star boyfriend Ricky Horror had only been going out for just over a year and this had happened, the both of you have always been so careful with protection since the two of you classed your relationship together still new even though you have been together for little more than a year even if you both fell in love so hard and fast, and Ricky was always travelling around the country and world, how was he going to help support you and a baby if he was always travelling?

You didn’t realize you were crying until you felt drops of water fall from your face onto your arm and hand, you knew you had to hide the evidence since Ricky would be coming back home from tour very soon. You didn’t hear the front door unlock, or the front door shutting, you didn’t even hear footsteps coming up the stairs or the person you love outside the bedroom doorway.

“What’s wrong y/n” your boyfriend Ricky asked quickly heading towards where you were seated which was on the side of the bed, you quickly hid the pregnancy test stick under your pillow which was next to you and continued to softly cry,

“Y/n tell me what’s wrong, I can’t help you if you don’t tell me what’s wrong” Ricky said so loving but sympathetic at the same time. You wanted to tell him the wonderful news but what if he doesn’t think it’s wonderful? What if he leaves, what are you going to do then? You knew you wouldn’t really be able to look after yourself and your baby on your own but you were sure you would keep the baby.

“I’m pregnant” you said quietly

“What did you say? I didn’t hear you since you spoke very quietly” Ricky said puzzled

“I’m pregnant Ricky, with your child” you said louder, you looked up and saw that Ricky hadn’t moved from the spot he was located nor has his emotion changed, he had a very blank look upon his face.

“Of course this would happen! Of course it would y/n, you’re so stupid for this happening! Why did this have to happen!?” you rambled to yourself pacing up and down the small pathway next to your side of the bed you and Ricky shared. You didn’t notice Ricky had moved from the spot he was stuck to a minute ago and that he had stopped in front of you to stop you from pacing and continuing to give yourself self-hate.

“Y/n, calm down. Sure we didn’t plan this but I’m not going to let you or our baby go, I want to be there for the both of you and I will try to be at home more often, I don’t want my baby to grow up thinking that their daddy didn’t love them because they were always away from home because of touring. I love you so fucking much and I want you to be mine forever, will you marry me y/n?” he had pulled a ring out from his pocket and kneeled on the ground to present it to you.

You were speechless, you just nodded your head very quickly before Ricky slid the ring on your finger and getting up from the ground.

“I love you” Ricky said, he the slid down to your stomach,

“And I love you little bean, I promise to always be there for you.” 

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logan flew across the atlantic ocean and planned an elaborate LDB reunion because rory was sad and people think he won't make an effort to be there for his child????? he kept her boxes at his place, offered her the key to his family home, took care of her always without question, so idk why people think he'd be anything like christopher with this child

because people are biased and only see what they want to see but i couldn’t have said any better myself. logan would do anything and everything to be there for his child NO MATTER WHAT. being with rory would be a plus, not a deal breaker if she didn’t want to be with him he still would do everything in his power to make sure that their child was all right and he’d want to be a father. and that is all i really care about tbh, the things i know from canon. 

everyone else can shove their bias information up where it fits because i’m done listening to it.