plus he starts to break in the third one and it's so cute omg

College Au! Wonwoo (bullet points)

This Au makes me all warm and fuzzy on the inside and I may or may not be open to making a part two for this or a series for members 🙈 -Admin Jade //reading this a couple months later I realized this isn’t strictly a college AU, more like meeting him in college LOL

• oKAY you met wonwoo as a freshman in college but you didn’t know he existed even though he’s in a couple of your classes
• the first place you actually interacted wonwoo was in the be the library
because both of you couldn’t handle studying in your dorm rooms and you see this cutie reading a book and ignoring everything he should be studying
• your first impression was like ??? bc he looks intimidating but at the same time his glasses make him less scary plus he’s a boy that’s reading for fun?? you’re trying to figure out this boy and unconsciously you end up staring from afar
• although he’s really into the book he still notices you staring at him and super fast you pull a book from the shelf buT YOU PULLED IT OUT SO FAST THAT THE ENTIRE ROW OF BOOKS FELL
• tHE EMBARRASSMENT IS REAAAAL. after processing what just happened he gets up and helps u pick up the mess and asks if you’re okay before going back to his table  :’))
• after today you figured you’d never see him again since you haven’t seen him until today but WRONGG. omg you thought u can get away from this boy mhmm nahh
• so turns out wonwoos your best bud mingyu’s roommate and one day when you decide to study together but wonwoo tags along aND YOU SEE HIM AND WBSISKSBZHB
• its super awk because you just kNOW he remembers you and you’re debating whether to say anything or not. just when you were gonna say something he asks if you could help him with hw
• you get reeeeally confused bc he has the same assignment as you but you’ve never seen him and he’s just … “we’re in the same class….”
• tbh your friendship with wonwoo was awkward because he’s pretty quiet around ppl he isn’t close to so you’d always ask mingyu to tag along but you end up third wheeling more than half the time
• months passed and yooo you and wonwoo are pretty tight!! you guys are practically study buddies and before returning to the dorms from a study sesh you two always go get boba or whatever you were feeling that day
• once you posted a selca of you and wonwoo on one of your friend dates and your comment section went crazy!! your friends were like BOOOOY????.?. and all texted you if u were dating cuz you two look so cute together!! ofc you say he’s just a friend but we call know you’re lying ;)
• wonwoo saw the comment section anD bOY DOES THAT DO THINGS TO HIS HEART
• he actually likes you
• like
• a lot
• But he’s really good at hiding it from you, but not like you would notice anyways because you think you’re super g8 buddies
• ooooo but Mingyu. Sly fox mingyu knoooows.
• Wonwoo may be really good at hiding his feelings from you but not from him. Wonwoo could rambling on and on anD ON about his day with you or even when he didn’t hang out with you, wonwoo would magically find a way to talk about you in every convo he had with his friends
• It gets to the point where all
of his friends get really annoyed and tell him to confess to you already but smol lil wonwoo is too shy to :’)
•BuT fiNALLY after months of prep talk  he finally has the nerve to do it
•Wonwoo waited until it was almost sunset before dropping by at your apartment.
It was unannounced, but he knew you wouldn’t mind bc he it wouldn’t be anything new
•He wasn’t wearing anything too fancy, just a white tee with a red and black flannel, ripped black jeans, and white sneakers. His hair was done slightly, though not being too obvious for what was to come.
• “I’m kidnapping you”
• He doesn’t tell you where you’re going but judging from the route, you could tell that he’s taking you to the library
• you’re all confuzzled cuz finals is much later?? and there’s no test for you two to study for?? why you going there???
• to confess to you where you met, duuuh
• Of course he will stall though. Wonwoo would start reminiscing to try to make you forget why he brought you to the library, and you knew it wasn’t to study or reminisce.
• You would push him to tell you why you’re really there, like playfully nudging his arm and such. Wonwoo would be smiling as you do this, and he gives in.
• “Okay okay, I’ll tell you”
• His heart would be racing soo much and he’d be so nervous that he almost forgets how to speak. He could either take your friendship to whole new level, or totally ruin it.
• “remember when I first met you?”
• “Woo, I thought you were gonna tell me”
• “shhhh you didn’t let me finish”
• //eye rolling
• “like those books you dropped. I fell for you”
• “…..I’ve been waiting for this day and THATS how you confess to me?”
• His face would look make this dumb expression, the epitome of “wow I didn’t think past the whole confession part”. He would try to search for words but???
• he spends like a good minute just looking at you
• wonwoo was a vv happy happy child that day because he never imagined that he’d end up with you :’))
• but the next morning
• haha
• he had no clue what to do now that you were dating. Would things be any different in your behavior towards each other?
• He was awkward
• very awkward.
• After a couple weeks, Wonwoo had gotten the swing of things. Nothing really changed, except he didn’t have to hold back his urges to kiss or hug you
• back to college life!!
wonwoo was stressing about his upcoming exams causing you to stress out too ;;-;; finally you decided iT WAS ENOUGH so you dragged his butt down to your apartment so he can take a break
• you got him covered and cooked him his favorite food and even got his mother’s recipe
• after dinner you’d cuddle on the couch, listening to every kind of music, from rap to ballad
• this boy would be the king of cuddles
• He’d nuzzle his face in the crook of your neck, leaving kisses.
• Wonwoo would find comfort  run his fingers through your hair while his other hand rested on your waist to pull you closer to his body
• he would smell really nice, like laundry detergent or cotton
• You could tell he was still stressed but not as bad as he was when he got there :’)
• You’d kiss him lightly on his lips and look at him, telling him that he studied a lot and knows the content!!
• You buried your head into his chest and closed your eyes and that signaled him to take a nap too
And what do you know, he aced those exams

• imagine this boy in a cap and gown
• now imagine yourself in a cap and gown
• now put you two together
• He’d get emotional seeing you walk tbh
like wow we’ve gone through so many sleepless nights and endless stress together but look at where we are
• The. Couple. Graduation. Pictures.
• I literally cannot stress how cute and iconic these pictures would be
• holding your diplomas. holding each other’s diplomas and making silly faces. Hugging each other. Him taking your cap and you struggling to get it back bc you’re a smol bean (unless you’re not LMAO)
• idk bout you but this is my type of aesthetic
• Basically wonwoo would make the best college sweetheart

Aaaaand episode 6 and 7!

Episode 6:

Haha, nice counter Grisha xD You know your son! Aww, Eren is just cute! I’m still laughing about that scene while typing the post :“’’D

I don’t know how that would be in our time. It would be quite funny to see Eren interacting with ‘our’ generation…

Next one:

Hui, THAT scene is definitely one of my most favourite ones of Eremika. Most of the guys would tell the girls to run away in that moment. Eren is different (as much as in any other areas :awesome). Instead of treating her as a weak girl he tells her to fight, stand up for herself and survive on her own. He unknowingly (?) treats her as an equal, IMO. That’s what I love about this scene. Not that I don’t like guys who protects their girls. On the contrary, I love that theme but Eremika is so fresh, so different. Eren knows that Mikasa is not weak at all. That to say she is human’s hope, her strength is worth of 100 soldiers. And that’s why I think he doesn’t have the urgent need to protect her or treat her kinder than other teammates. Eren wants to survive, wants to protect humanity against the titans so much that every soldier is needed, including Mikasa. So it is pretty understandable why he is annoyed by her permanent wish to follow him although she is needed at another place.

The scarf scene:

First: How can that boy look even more adorable than he already looks?! Second: It is incredible how much energy he has in that small body. He wanted to save her as soon as possible without thinking of his own security. I know, Eren would have done this for any other person but since it is an Eremika moment it is all the more appreciable ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I hit the replay button pretty often only to see this! How Eren walked to her, put the scarf around her and said: “It’s warm, isn’t it?” I melted away. o(≧▽≦)o

Here he grabs her hand again and said that:

Without hesitation he accepts her as a new family member. “Let’s go home.” A sentence that Mikasa needed the most in this situation, I think.

Last one:

I’m a huge fan of the theme “I don’t need anyone else as long you’re by my side.”. It is romantic but don’t even have to be seen this way. It can be purely platonic, like the idea of soulmates. It always amazed me so that’s another big plus factor for Eremika! (In addition, she looks beautiful in that shot!)


Another shot of a wonderful drawn facial expression! She looks shocked yet beautiful.

Episode 7:

This episode started with Armin and his depression, literally the depression of all. It was sad, heartbreaking. I felt so sorry for Armin who lost his best friend and blamed himself for Eren’s death. I wanted to hug him!

When he feared to speak to Mikasa because of Eren’s death I could relate to him. Who wouldn’t feel like him?

I liked that Mikasa asked Armin whether he is alright. I know, she first asked about Eren but here she also thought about Armin who is her friend! Earlier Mikasa already showed care for others, not only Eren.

I will skip the next scenes and come to this:

'Oh,no…!’, I thought. It happened again. She lost her family again, for the third time. Everyone would feel horrible after this realization. I could understand her mindset when she was about to give up. Eren was everything for her, her home, the place where she belongs to. Where do you go after losing everything for the third time?

When a titan came her body moved on its own. As if it wanted to tell her that she mustn’t forget what Eren told her:

I’m glad he told her this! It is like a mantra that burned its way into her brain and unconsciously protects her, help her to survive on her own. Eren couldn’t have told her anything better than this, that’s for sure.

(She looks so adorable, at peace there ◡‿◡✿)

Then she remembered all the moments with Eren. If she would throw her life away at this moment then she wouldn’t be able to remember him. He told her to fight, no matter what. For me it was like an unspoken promise she made. But realized that she was about to break it. That was the moment she regained her fighting will, her composure again.

Mikasa was ready to survive, to win once again.

Ironically, directly after this decision Eren came to her help. What a coincidence xD

→ The background music was amazing in that Mikasa scene! It fit from beginning to end! I played the scene a few time over and over again (I had to because I was typing the post lol).

In general, the soundtrack is gorgeous! No wonder, the master Hiroyuki Sawano has a finger in the pie! I adore his way of composing emotional, strong etc. melodies. He proved it in Guilty Crown or Sengoku Basara already. This man is a genius! I hope he will be in charge for season 2’s soundtrack, too.


The following scene with Armin and Mikasa was great! The E.M.A. Is such an amazing trio! All three are so dear to me. She does care for him as well for the citizens. I disagree that she only cares for Eren. He may be the most important person in her life but it doesn’t mean that she can also think of others or comes to think of others. (That is called character development.) Mikasa knows the best how it is to be weak and powerless. She experienced it two times already.

The last scene o f episode 7 reminded me of Eren’s rescue 6 years ago. He also aggressively stabbed the criminal with such intensity, with such strength that it was frightening. This scene is the exact same aggressive behaviour, hate of Eren only towards a titan this time. You could see it, there was no doubt about the titan’s identity, at least for me…

Additionally, Mikasa took the words out of my mouth. I was utterly confused when searched for this Mikasa scene in the manga. I never read the manga from the very beginning only the recent chapters. I clicked through the chapters and realized how many fillers the anime has. Or the order of some events are totally different placed. I’m still confused. Then this scene be also filler or does it appear in the manga (´・_・`)?

One of the best things in this episode are Mikasa’s different emotions that was shown during it. There was nothing of the cold, stoic Mikasa we met at the beginning. He mask broke in thousand of pieces and revealed her vulnerability, her biggest fear that came true.

Some extra shots again:

I think, I don’t need to say anything except: Beautiful >_____<

There was not much of Eren in this episode since it focused more on the others and Mikasa but this memory is adorable! He is such a cute child. (*≧ω≦):

OMG, here he looks like an angel. Heheh, after all he is her angel, I think:

Now, really the last one:

Uhm, can anyone tell me what this is?! I’m watching the anime for the second time but I’m still clueless about this thing! I can’t figure it out. Am I too stupid to?

I’m excited for the next episodes :D See you! (Argh, my reviews are getting longer O____o)