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Weekend at Yondu’s

Peter and Gamora needed a babysitter so they called Yondu. Bad idea?. Also posted on Archive of Our Own.

“Where’s my little Therulian moonflower?” Yondu asked.


Baby Buttercup pushed herself up off the floor and waddled over to her grandfather, a huge smile on her face.  Yondu chuckled as he picked her up, kissing her face.

“And look who Grampy brought? It’s Kraggles!” Yondu pointed to his first mate.

“Kraggles!” Buttercup reached for him. “Love Kraggles.”

Normally, Kraglin hated his nickname. But Buttercup was only three. A name like Kraglin was hard for her to say.  Plus, she was just so adorable. Grinning, he took the baby from Yondu and gave her a kiss too. She gurgled cheerfully, clapping her hands. Two of her favorite people in the world were at her house!

“How you doing B-Cup?” Kraglin asked.

“I B-cup!” Buttercup declared.

“Yeah, that’s you,” Kraglin tapped her nose. “You ready for a fun weekend?”

This was new territory for Kraglin. Babysitting was a completely foreign concept to Ravagers. It was part of their code not to deal with children. Children were innocent and deserved a chance to find their own place in life. Peter had been an exception to this rule but it was still part of the code. Kraglin didn’t have much experience with children.

Things changed when Buttercup was adopted.

Yondu dragged Kraglin to Terra whenever he went for a visit. At first, Kraglin thought being around Buttercup was a bad idea.  Kraglin had only dealt with Peter and he was eight when they had taken him from Earth. Buttercup was literally a baby. And Earth babies were so gosh darn fragile. What if he dropped her?

But slowly Kraglin found himself being a pretty decent uncle. Buttercup loved him. She would follow him around and she enjoyed sitting on his lap. When he was around, Buttercup would repeat ‘Kraggles’ constantly. Gamora said it was because she liked how the word sounded. Kraglin was a bit flattered but he wouldn’t let anyone know that. Ravagers didn’t get flattered. It wasn’t the Ravager way. But maybe it was the Kraglin way.

“Me and Uncle Kraggles are gonna watch you for a weekend!” Yondu told Buttercup.

“Yay!” Buttercup clapped her hands.

“Okay, so here is a list of all our emergency numbers,” Peter handed a list to Kraglin. “And here is an extra cell phone just in case your phone dies and you don’t have a charger. I also bought five extra EpiPens. Remember, Buttercup is allergic to walnuts. Peanuts are fine, walnuts are not. Now, here is her baby bag, some extra diapers, back up juice bottle—am I forgetting anything?”

“Darn boy, what do you not have?” Yondu asked.

Yondu thought Quill was a bit over prepared. A brand new cellphone? Plus, the baby bag felt super heavy. What was in it, rocks? Yondu opened it up and found it packed to the brim with baby things. Peter had bought three boxes of diapers, two new juice bottles, a plethora of baby clothes and a book on good parenting. Like Yondu had time to read.

“Did I forget anything?” Peter thought for a second. “Oh right! Buttercup sleeps on her stomach, she doesn’t like mushed up peas but she’ll eat carrots and make sure she doesn’t eat too many sweets.”

“Geez Pete, you’re acting as if you’re leaving forever,” Kraglin said. “It’s just a weekend.”

“This is the first time we have ever been away from Buttercup and a lot can happen in three days!” Peter said. “Oh, I just remembered! At night, lock all the locks on the door! Now I also bought Buttercup a brand new coat just in case.”

“Isn’t it summer?”

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