plus he has like 3 other dogs

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Germany's reaction to meeting his s/o for the first time and finding out that they have a German shepherd named Berlin (after Berlin, Germany) and taught the dog all it's commands in German.

Hello darling~! I’m rather tired as I’m writing this, so I hope it’s alright! Thanks for sending this in doll, it’s very cute. I love doggies. <3

Ludwig would really like this! He loves dogs first off, absolutely adores them, so he’d be really happy to meet someone else who likes dogs just as much. Plus, he also has a German Shepherd (and two other, different types of dogs) and it’s always awesome to meet another person that loves the same breed as you do. So at that point, he’s already quite pleased. Then to find out that they named their dog after one of his cities! This person has great taste. :P 

He’d be really interested in learning why they named their dog after the city and have all it’s commands in German (unless they are German in which case it’s kind of obvious). He’d be really impressed that they were able to teach their dog all the commands in German. Dog training is difficult enough as is, so bravo, future s/o. He’d also be super flattered and it would definitely be a good first impression for him. It would linger with him and make him interested in getting to know this person better - plus another play mate for his doggies! 

-Mod Lily

You bet your sweet buns that Jason Peter Todd loves Jane Austen and does that love the ever loving hell out of Pride and Prejudice. When he was younger, he used to feel a bit nervous about his adoration for such a romantic story, but after all he’s been through, he knows better than to let others dictate the things he loves.

He’ll get into arguments with the batfam and someone will accidently quote and Jason will jump right on it, continuing to the next line and the next line until he maybe forgets one and he has to stomp off and make sure he got the line right. It ends fights quickly but is it worth it to have Mr. Collin’s proposal to Elizabath recited back to you (plus Jay will wake you up at like 3 am, his dog eared P&P copy in his hands with a manic look in his eyes. He got the line right, but now you’re stuck listening to his recitation. Again)

He has every movie version of Pride and Prejudice out there. They become his comfort on the bad days. Most time he keeps his favorite version (90’s BBC miniseries) in his player so when he awakes from nightmares, he can go to the comforting familiarity of Longbourne, to Elizabeth’s cunning wit and Darcy’s awkwardness. He smiles as he calms down, if these two prideful idiots can fall in love each and every time, maybe he just might be able to make it.

He lowkey wrote a batfam Pride and Prejudice AU and put it up online, casting the mysterious Red Hood in the role of Elizabeth Bennett and a dark haired Amazon Princess with eyes like stars as his Darcy. It gets a ridiculous amount of hits. Tim discovers it halfway through and tells the others, somehow they can’t make fun of Jay because he’s actually a very good writer?? And does a good job describing all their characters? They follow the story secretly as he posts it.

Whenever he gets mad at another family member, they know the only way they’ll ever be truly forgiven is if they watch the movie with him. They’ll creep into the room, one hand over their eyes in resignation as they speak in a monotone, “Jason would you like to watch P-” And Jay’s already pulling out the DVD before they can even finish.

Bruce buying Jason special first editions of P&P for birthday and Christmas. He’d expect the boy, now a grown man, to have grown bored with the old books but every time he opens a gift and sees it’s a carefully preserved copy of his favorite story he just explodes with joy. The best present Jay could ever give Bruce is that look of complete and utter delight that almost makes him forget all the tragedies they’ve seen. It is, of course, accompanied by Jason delicately opening the book and reading the opening chapter. It’s a newfound tradition the Wayne family has come to enjoy because it is a truth universally acknowledged that a young man with a passion should be in want of a supportive family.