plus for a cousland warden

idk man I don’t know why so many people are convinced Alistair shouldn’t be King of Ferelden? Aveline says in DA2 that he’s a great king, and says something about him being a champion to his people. He didn’t want to be king, no, but a hardened Alistair starts to accept and even like the idea. And the way he handles the rebel mages in Inquisition was so well done, to me. NOT TO MENTION the way he deals with Orlais, by getting the Inquisition to mediate peace talks.

And as far as whether or not it makes him happier than staying a Warden, nothing about Inquisition Warden Alistair says “Happy” to me. He looks burnt out and jaded beyond belief and I am nowhere near convinced that he’s better off that way.

Plus if the Warden is a Cousland Queen I honestly fail to see how Alistair would be unhappy as King of Ferelden

idk that’s just my two cents