plus everyone is asleep

Today was the second time in three days that I slept for 3-4 hours. The day before yesterday I couldn’t fall asleep for three hours, but I had to visit my therapist that day, so, I didn’t sleep as long as I needed. Yesterday I slept for 12 hours. And today I was waken up by my gran who was mopping the floor in my room and Kuzya who was following her screaming and hiding behind the curtains. I go to bed at 5-6 a.m., it’s very difficult for me to keep a normal schedule, I tend to go to bed later each time, it really sucks, plus I love staying up when everyone’s asleep. So, I sleep till 12 p.m. which doesn’t hurt anyone. Except for me, lol. I never close the door because of the cat and my family has real problems with respecting privacy.

Then today my parents decided to go to the country and have a picnic there, because the weather won’t be nice for too long. As a result, I couldn’t have a nap till we got back home. Then we had our dinner and I drank some wine to fall asleep easier. I FORGOT THAT I STARTED TAKING MOOD STABILISERS! As a result, my mood is awful right now. I hope it’ll get better soon, since I slept for a couple of hours and it’s already 5 hours since I drank the wine. I feel so stupid :( But ok, actually, I feel better every minute. That’ll teach me not to be so reckless.