plus curves

I don’t feel good today and I’m in a semi detached mood but I want to be smothered in affection and love because I need it and it’d help bring me outta this mood- pray for me🙌🏻😂

I hadn’t done much in the way of swimwear shoots before but I’m starting to get into them! I realise now that the ubiquitous shots of extra slim, long haired and tanned bikini babes had kind of scared me away, which is silly because I’ve had no problem doing lingerie and even nude. But with this shoot I was engaging in the #iwillembracesummer campaign, which is all about embracing your so called “flaws”. The rolls and anything and everything that makes you unique and beautiful. I didn’t feel like I needed to pose in the usual “flattering” ways…and guess what? I loved the shoot and the results!