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snideremark  asked:

Miss Auntie Jill mam', do you recommend any good places (online or brick and mortar) where I can find plus-size gothic clothing? A lot of the places I've tried seem really expensive, but I was curious if you knew of a place that won't empty the ol' bat-shaped coin purse.

Be warned, my recommendations are for places that lean more toward the Neo-Victorian and romantic styles. With that caveat, a small list:

  • Chicstar
  • FanPlusFriend regularly run up to about a US size 16, and will do custom sizes. (FYI, F+F runs to the pricy side, but I feel the selection and the offering of custom sizing is worth the extra money.)
  • Holy Clothing, with lots of flowy skirts!

And there’s the usual standbys of searching the “mainstream” plus-size clothing catalogs (Roaman’s, Jessica London, Avenue, Asos Curve) for things that appeal to you. 

Sadly, finding plus-size goth fashion usually involves a lot of searching and a lot of luck, especially if you’re on a budget. 

This is one of those underdog stories that seem destined to get turned into an Academy Award-winning film (starring, say, Julia Roberts). Joyce Hatto had been a concert pianist for years, but was never able to rise above her largely mediocre reviews … until she was finally forced to retire after being diagnosed with cancer. Then, in the face of tragedy, Joyce Hatto blossomed into the outstanding classical musician she’d always wanted to be.

From then until her death in 2006, she hit the studio like Tupac, recording a daunting amount that resulted in over 100 CDs of piano music, showing a shocking range of style. The critics raved, lauding her incredible versatility. She was heralded as “the greatest living pianist that almost no one has ever heard of,” a title we suppose is immediately nullified by the word “heralded.”

A classical-music aficionado named Brian Ventura popped one of Hatto’s CDs into iTunes, which then obligingly informed him that he’d actually bought a CD of the relatively unknown Laszlo Simon. Stunned by what seemed to be the most random mix-up of all time, he sent a note to a music reviewer named Jed Distler. Distler and some colleagues did some digging and discovered that Joyce Hatto had played on virtually none of the CDs attributed to her.

Her “performances” were cobbled together from the work of at least 91 other pianists to create a Super-Skrull of musical talent. In fact, of Hatto’s hundred-plus CD catalog, only one has been confirmed as authentically hers. The rest are blatant, crudely manipulated forgeries created by Hatto and her husband. They even invented an orchestra to credit in the fraudulent recordings, led by a Holocaust-survivor conductor who never existed.

5 Ridiculous Lies That Fooled The Whole World

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Katy Perry & Missy Elliott See Super Sales Bump Thanks to Super Bowl

Plus: Lenny Kravitz’s catalog of albums & digital songs rises by 111 percent

Thanks to Katy Perry’s Super Bowl halftime show, both she and guest star Missy Elliott earned some sizzling sales gains.
In the week ending Feb. 1 – the day of the big game – Perry’s albums and song downloads earned a 92 percent sales gain in the United States, according to Nielsen Music. Elliot, meanwhile, tallied a whopping 996 percent rise.

The 2015 Super Bowl halftime show featured nine songs performed by Perry and Elliott (along with another guest star, Lenny Kravitz). Six of Perry’s hits were showcased, while Elliott performed three of her own singles. The spectacular was the most-watched Super Bowl halftime show ever, according to Nielsen, with 118.5 million viewers.
Let’s break down the artists’ individual sales for the week.

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