plus capping

how to draw mizar:

-stay up for 56 hours

-drink 4-5 red bulls 

-put on some sweats 

-look in the mirror 

-draw that


Frasier 1x12: Roz buys Frasier the briefcase he uses for the rest of the series.


All The Stars In Texas inspired doodles ❧ @southspinner writes the most addicting fics i swear. I also really really love The Gifted so you should go read it if you haven’t.

Never thought I’d be hella thirsty for 1930’s Dark!Marco in suspenders with a Texas drawl. Plus, that newspaper boy cap just.. fuck me. imeanfuckjean

And Marco calling Jean darlin’ is my new aesthetic, let it be known.


So the logo idea for tomco with Marco’s belt around Tom’s star was really clever, and I decided to pixel it with my Sai skills.

Made three different versions. ^^;

Part of me is considering using it as this blog’s new logo but….it’s hard giving up on such a wonderful screen cap.  XD

(( Plus it might need to be a bit bigger))

Credit if used please.