plus capping

Imagine the exiled Avengers, post-CA:CW:

Imagine Wanda wandering around a refugee camp, bringing supplies to displaced refugees, so like herself and Pietro, and helping people with her powers – from soothing nightmares to helping put up temporary shelters.

Imagine Natasha finding Clint, and the two of them going on a global vigilante spree to shut down human trafficking groups. They wipe out eight different rings, and save hundreds of women and children.

Imagine Sam and T’Challa teaming up and venturing out of Wakanda’s borders to rescue dozens of young women from Boko Haram.

Imagine Steve joining the White Helmets in Syria, lending his strength to holding up rubble as survivors of bombings are pulled out by volunteers who are still braving an active war-zone even without superpowers. 

Imagine them still being heroes, however they can, even without the Avengers or the permission of the Sokovia Accords.

Because that’s who they are. 


*whispers* could this be,,,,,,,,,character development i see ??