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Some Bughead-canons (See what I did there ;))

~Everyone knows that if you’re in a platonically involved with Jughead Jones, then you ain’t touching his clothes.

~So that’s how Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones reveal their relationship to the entire school- with Betty wearing Jughead’s plaid shirt, beanie, and even suspenders once.

~Jughead falls asleep with his head in Betty’s lap very often.

~She takes that opportunity to run her hands through his amazing hair.

~Betty loves the small little mole he has on his cheek; she didn’t notice it for a year after they’d met.

~Jughead’s favourite physical feature of Betty would be her eyes.

~Big and blue, they were seemingly innocent and simple, but gave way to a much darker, complex and brilliant character.

~And Betty’s favourite feature of Juggie would be his smile- His smiles are rare, and not usually completely genuine, but the ones that are- they’re beautiful.

~Jughead likes reading; and so does Betty. He introduces her to his favourite childhood book- The Book Thief, plus many many many more.

~He’s incredulous that she hasn’t read the Percy Jackson Series- and when she finally does; they get mutually upset about how Percy said ‘I love you’ to Annabeth via Piper’s point of view.

~Archie eventually becomes jealous of their relationship- seeing what Jughead has with Betty reiterates the fact that he could’ve had that,

~But when he expresses these feelings to Betty, she shuts him down. It’s this moment when she realises that she loves Jughead.

~She immediately excuses herself to Archie (they’re sitting in a booth at Pop’s) and runs all the way to Jughead’s house (he finally has one).

~And confesses her love for him.

~He says it back and they kiss-

~It’s literally a scene from every rom-com, but even better.

~Jughead is the only friend (well, boyfriend, but she doesn’t know that) who Alice Cooper doesn’t hate with every fibre of her being.

~Polly Cooper likes him as well; he helped Betty get her out of that terrible home for troubled youths.

~Betty and Jughead have their issues, though,

~A part of him still thinks she loves the redhead next door and he’s just an irrelevant part of the endgame that is Betty and Archie.

~And she shuts him out sometimes when she’s angry about something completely unrelated to him.

~They have their first fight when Betty ignores him for three days; she was stewing over some silly little issue they can’t even recall.

~They make up by having an intense make out sesh.

~But they know sex and making out isn’t going to help them mature in this relationship,

~So they try and talk it out as well.

~So all in all, they have a healthy relationship.

~Date nights at Pop’s- on the roof.

~Sleuthing and being detectives for the newspaper- Riverdale’s scandals are in danger of being exposed with these two,

~Intense make-out sessions in the Blue and Gold office,

~Plus broom closets,

~And abandoned classrooms.

~Alice Cooper finds out they’re dating each other through Betty’s diary.

~To everyone’s astonishment, she lets them stay together.

~Though not without a few insults towards Jughead.

~But he knows that one should never take Alice Cooper’s depreciations to heart.

~Jughead doesn’t turn up at school one day, without telling Betty, and he doesn’t answer her texts.

~So Betty, with her perfect grades and perfect attendance skips class,

~And makes her way to the small trailer he shares with his father.

~He overslept, nothing to worry about.

~But they take that opportunity to go on a day long date,

~And it’s that day on which they lose their virginity to each other,

~After that, it’s just intense lust for each other.

~Both apply to NYU in their senior year.

~Both get in.

~Finally Alice Cooper is proud of her daughter.

~They almost break up before graduating.

~But the gang convinces each of them separately why they should stay together,

~And they do.

~But they love each other, and they know they’re probably going to spend the rest of their lives together.

~And for now, Betty is the happiest girl in the universe and Jughead is the most content guy.

~Their love story will be a legendary tale in Riverdale one day.