plus bow to the queen on her throne

“Imagine in Conquest if when Takumi had jumped off the wall in chapter 23, he just died there and then. But of course, the one to find him isn’t Corrin, but a distressed Sakura. not only that but using her distress, the being that possesses him now possesses Sakura, prompting her to take up the Fujin Yumi and run away, since she’s a priestess by now she can use bows after all. Now cut to the end of chapter 27, the one who attacks Corrin, bow in hand and uttering the words “Betrayal… I am betrayal!” isn’t Takumi, but Sakura, someone who was promised safety by Corrin and in the end betrayed, someone who watched her brother die, someone who didn’t want to be powerless to save the ones she loved, someone corrupted by her selfless desires to save people, and it would make the fight against her in the endgame more heart-wrenching than Takumi’s plus imagine a queen Hinoka sitting in an empty throne room, her whole family dead, just a bitter shell of who she was, struggling to forgive Corrin, the person she took up arms to save who had ended up causing the death of her family.” – ( @epictacticianjay )