plus art projects

  • me: okay it's decided i'm gonna finish my homework then continue studying for tomorrow and review some lang vocabs plus doing some art project after that i'll workout and finally have my journal organised and get some enough sleep
  • time: lol

Woo! I finally got around to doing the other Order members so this set’s done. The first one I posted had Present day Ivor so I kinda did a Past one as well (wanted to try drawing his armour). Shhh… Back when everything was ok. :’D Pls excuse me.

I’m also gonna do Jesse and gang and some side characters. Why? Well why not? Anyhoo, have a pleasant week ahead, guys! I’m gonna get super busy from here on.

Gruvia Love Fest #2! The prompt was Needy. I struggled a lot with this one, haha. No idea how I will keep up with this, plus Katsucrunch, plus school, plus art projects in school, but believe me I will find a way! 

Project Songtale [ Yasushi Ishii - Survival in the Streets of Insincerity ]

Initially was inspired by this amazing UTmob! fic by @kaesaaurelia

What is Songtale?