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Hinata is like a sunflower; bright and delicately beautiful, pulling you in with the promise of warmth and never disappointing. But Natsu is like a flame; just as bright, just as beautiful, but with a sharp edge that can burn you to ashes at any moment, yet you’re drawn like a moth and you’d rather catch fire than miss her flickering light.

Scattered Light” by @ghost–fox

So last year when I first got my drawing tablet, me and my best friend had a couple inside jokes that I decided to illustrate. Here’s what that looked like.

Now maybe two weeks ago I decided I wanted to redraw it. It’s around the same I got my tablet last year.

That’s a year’s worth of drawing. Of random doodles, of not knowing how layers worked, of watching youtube videos for hours on end. That’s a whole year that took me from that first drawing, to the second one. I think I’ve come really far, and that’s because of all the mistakes I made. All of those messed up proportions and wonky lines that I drew. They got me here.

Improvement is something you don’t always see. Just keep going, don’t give up. Push through making those mistakes. Get a sketchbook and fill it with mistakes, because after that first hundred or thousand bad faces, or poses, or hands or whatever, you’ll have gotten better. So don’t give up. And don’t devalue your old either. It’s priceless. Don’t think of it as your trash art. Think of it as your map, your guide that led you through that dungeon (catch my Zelda reference?) of art and progress. (Art isn’t a dungeon though, it’s a lovely, open field that you found your own way through, because you had all of your old drawings, your mistakes to guide you.)

That’s why drawing and seeing improvement in your art is so amazing. It’s your own little journey. So don’t give up half way.


This art is not to be reposted or used in any way, it is not for free use.