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Guys, I made a thing! 

++cue the bragging++

While searching Pinterest for some random thing awhile back I found a shawl/wrap that was being sold on etsy for way more than I’d spend. Yes, it was gorgeous, yes it looked super cozy. But I wasn’t going to spend a boatload of money to have it shipped from Turkey. I kinda forgot about it and then Pinterest happened again. I then sat for probably way too long trying to figure out how to make this thing happen. I consider myself a very good knitter but I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what technique was used to create this amazing-ness. Then, it hit me, I ran to my yarn stash and immediately started a test knit.  It would work! 

After grossly underestimating the amount of yarn that was needed to complete this project and then praying to the yarn gods about dye lots I whipped this out. 

This is my first big non pattern knit, and I’m super proud of myself. I plan to spend all day in it sipping tea. Plus it’s sparkly!

anonymous asked:

Hey !! I'm going to my first concert in a couple of weeks. Do you have any tips on surviving !? Thanks !!💕💕💕💕

Alright, my buddy. You asked, so I’ll serve with the wordiest piece of trash ever, accompanied by the occasional fob gif. Ready? Okay, let’s go.

1) STAY  HYDRATED MY DUDE. It’s super important that you drink plenty of water (and a bottle of gatorade or vitamin water to keep sugar levels up) before, during and after the show. A few trips to the restroom is definitely worth it. The last thing you want is to have to be dragged out of show for passing out or puking wherever you’re at. A lot of venues allow outside bottled water (often unopened or a certain size), but i highly suggest you check the venue guidelines. As far as I’m aware, it’s actually illegal in quite a few states for a place (concessions or bar) to refuse to give you a courtesy cup of water. If they do, sometimes they have a water fountain nearby, but if they don’t, then idk what to tell you. And I know from experience. Along with this, make sure to eat a good meal a few hours before so your tum has a while to digest it, and you won’t hydro pump it later on. Also, snack before the concert. It’ll keep your energy and sugar up, all while keeping you from getting sickeningly hungry. ~(experience time)~ So I went to see fob in March. And it so happened that that specific day in March would be unusually warm. No big deal, until I realized we were driving with crap a/c for three hours. Didn’t drink much water, didn’t eat that day. The water there was at least $8 for a bottle. Long story short, I ended up puking at a restaurant down the street and almost had to get an IV because. you know. just. just trust me on this one. 

2)  Make sure to wear some breathable, cool clothing. Even if the venue is cold at first, it’s going to warm up and melt you like butter on summer asphalt. From tiny venues to arenas, it will heat up. There’s lights, sometimes pyrotechnics, plus hundreds, even THOUSANDS of people dancing, all closely knit in one big room. So, yeah, it’s going to heat up. But I highly suggest you bring something light like a flannel or light hoodie / sweater; tie it around your waist so you can have it ready to go whenever you need it! 

3) Bring a good amount of cash for merch. I highly suggest you get a tour tee or poster there; It’s pretty awesome having a collection of tour tees as you continue going to concerts. Recently, tour tees have gone up in price (ones from recent shows i’ve been to are $30 or $35) so keep that in mind! However, not all shows have tour tees. In those occasions, I still try and get a shirt with a unique or memorable design on it, so I can at least remember I got from that concert. My first concert was a music fest, but I got a shirt there anyway so I can remember where I got it from !! Anyway, I suggest carrying at least $50. Of course, if that’s feasible for you! side note: some bands going on big headliners will put their merch up on their websites, instagram or even of sidestep - check those out (if they post it) to take a look at what merch you might want and how much they’ll cost. Links to tour merch, that I know of: Panic! At the Disco summer tour, emotional roadshow tour.

4) There will be the occasional asshole. In the pit, in the seats, towards the back … there’s just always a J-O somewhere. Chances are they’ll be extremely irritating. As much as I’d hate to be the one to break it to you, it’s just something you’ll have to deal with. However, if they make you uncomfortable in anyway, try to touch you without your consent, or just being an ass in general, don’t hesitate to talk to security about it. Most concert staff are extremely kind and are willing to help you out. Sometimes, the person doesn’t realize what they’re doing, so maybe asking them to be careful in a kind way will get them to stop. 

5) This is a weird thing, but I suggest bringing sunglasses. I’ve been to numerous shows where the lights strobed and made me feel nauseous and I almost had to walk out. BUT, once, I had my glasses with me, so I put them on and it helped out a bit. Also, bright lights in general can be toned down with glasses. Otherwise, if it’s too flashy, you might just end up like -

6) if you’re not great with big crowds, bring a friend or a family member, if possible. this is figuring you’re going on your own. If you start to freak out or need a little reassurance, a buddy will help you out! Also, you can share the memories with them!

7) there’s a 94.72% chance you’ll want to take pictures or videos of your first show. Be sure to clear up as much space as humanly possible on your phone or whatever device your using. I suggest maybe uploading everything onto your google drive, if you have one, so it’s there permanently. I’m not too sure how ICloud works, so I just google! also, if you’re looking for extra space last minute at the show, try deleting apps that require login info - tumblr, instagram, twitter, facebook especially. If you want to get specific, check in your memory / space tab in settings; it should show you what’s taking up the most space and what you should get rid of.

8) if, uh, it’s sort of your thing, for the love of everything that’s good, bring protection. whether it’s your first concert or not, just. listen. you never know. (was the snake gif good? Clever? Yeah? no? okay)

9) back to the whole recording stuff, there’s liike a 70% chance you’ll want to record that song you really really like or maybe want to snapchat a picture of you and your friends or something like that. Don’t be the guy that has their phone up and blocks everyone’s view. And, if it’s too dark while taking selfies or whatever and you have to use flash, be courteous about it. 

10) if you’re of age, drink wisely. If there’s a bar or alcoholic drinks, go ahead and drink to your heart’s content, but be wise about it. Don’t be the guy that gets shit faced drunk and acts like an idiot in the crowd. Even if you’re in seats. But this applies especially if you’re in standing room or the GA pit. People will probs want to fight you if you act like a jackass. Also, if you puke in the crowd from getting hella drunk, it’s the high road for you my buddy. I’ve almost been puked on before, but the girl near me got projectile vomited on and 1) it wasn’t  a pretty sight for me and the people around us 2) it would be a long while until it got cleaned up 3) it was just really gross and ended up with multiple people going home feeling awful and embarrassed.

11) have fun! Don’t be afraid to get up and dance or belt out that one song (or, if it’s a fob concert, don’t be afraid to mumble incoherently in the same key as patrick). Make friends, too! If you have a question about something, go ahead and ask someone. Is that cool gal with the purple hair wearing a tour shirt from one of your favorite bands? Ask them about it! Are you worried about something last minute? ask someone. Security or staff onsite are usually courteous and willing to help quickly, so don’t be afraid to ask them too (no matter how scary they look). Concerts are great for just letting loose and forgetting your problems or anxieties. So just relax. Let the music sweep you off your feet. Make friends. Have fun!

So  I guess this was longer than I expected, but I hope I helped somewhat!