plus a little walk

I’m gonna say this, and I’m not ashamed to say it. I’m a Sherlolly shipper and I have been from the start. I see JohnLock as more of a brotherly love. When I was watching The Final Problem, I legit thought the coffin was for Mrs. Hudson, but then it hit me that it was for Molly. Our dear, sweet, clever, Molly Hooper. Watching that scene had me on the edge of my seat and shaking. Hearing the I love you the first time, had me thinking in my head “Say it again you little twat, Sherlock and mean it this time!” And he did, he said it again and meant it. Hearing Molly say it was true and hearing her say I love you to Sherlock was a highlight of my night, plus her adorable little smile at the end of the episode when she walks into 221B made me smile.

For A while I didn’t lift anything big and bulky but here’s the stuff I risked my ass for today!
All from Walmart & Dollar Tree

I got the prismacolors luckily because I found them a few days ago when I was buying stuff legitimately so I hid it somewhere in the toys and came back today and it was still there and easily concealed it in the toy aisle! Togepi plus was so impulsive I saw it walked around a little came back soon as nobody was around TOOK IT AND FUCKINH SHOVED IT IN MY BAG it was an awful not sneaky job at all but I looked around forever making sure no cams around and no ppl

mary just suggested the greatest dumbest thing for our HQ cosplays and im dying and so excited

so like any time we’re chilling, resting, waiting for a line or panel of some sort, just start casually stretching. no words, no context, just as natural as possible, start stretching.


Let’s be real. I was killing it today.