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My sweetheart took me for such a lovely walk through the forest, to my favourite used bookstore, thrifting (I found three long skirts for winter) and a little crystal shop too 🌲🙊🍂 He even spied a woodpecker — I hadn’t seen one in person before so I was super excited!! I’m so grateful for Steve and all of the amazing people he’s introduced me to (as well as for all of my incredible family and friends)!!

I truly hope that you’re all feeling as blessed and blissful as I am 💛🙏🏼✨

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Sooooo, hmmm, If I combine my dollar plus 5 cents and add it what Hunter McCree has, do we have enough to pay for those Shimada demons...? I love the latest Halloween piece. It is genius, funny, and I love the color details on it. Thank you for creating such an amazing art piece. Have a spooky one!

Send help/beautiful characters

Guys I have a job interview tomorrow. I really really need out of my current job so i am nervously awaiting the final outcome and am LOSING MY DAMN MIND.

You know the drill. Show me/talk about your wonderful characters and distract me by letting me shower you all with love and compliments.

Also!! I got that internship! I think you guys are good luck 😍😉😁😁😁


You’re losing your edge, Mars, she told herself as Keith buckled in. You don’t have the luxury of acting like some love-struck teenager anymore.

- The Thousand Dollar Tan Line

Sparks Chapter 15

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Pairing: Bucky(POV) X Reader(POV) ft. other characters from the avengers team

Word Count: 2.3K

Summary: Tower Christmas Party ft. all the avengers team members. Bucky gets you for Secret Santa and has trouble deciding what to give you.

A/N: This is a story about two people building a great friendship and then slowly falling in love. y/n is a strong, independent, and smart scientist. She meets Bucky when she wakes him up from cryo sleep and they become friends. This is going to have all the angst / best friends falling in love / fluff / drama / & eventual smut ;) that I can possibly fit in it. This fic is going to be looong! So far my document is like 50,000 words. So editing is hard If you catch any grammatical or formatting errors let me know.

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Hey there folks. I am job hunting right now, but in the meantime, need to get the bills paid. I’m opening up a sale for Mimikyu designs. Basically any Pokemon, hand sculpted, Mimikyu-ized as a cool figure for your shelf for between 40-50 dollars plus shipping! Turn around takes only about 2 weeks! Reblogs appreciated :)

To get a price quote/order:

if i drew something everyday, would you guys like that? i mean…even just something small or a sketch or whatever. sometimes i forget that i have 1000+ ppl on here, and most of them came from my…well, the stuff i draw. so im assuming that idk im rambling here; i’ll try to post shit when i can, just know that i share my laptop with my older sister (who also draws) and i usually only work closing shifts. so theres a little opening for me to get stuff done in.

edit: and when i mean a small opening (lmfao that sounds like a dirty™ euphemism), i mean it. my sister gets up around 8 in the morning and stays on the laptop until she needs to leave for work too—which is usually after me. i normally work at 2:30, and i dont leave work until 9/10. normally (in the summer, i dont leave until 10/11). dont get me wrong, my sister does offer the laptop to me some days, and its my fault for declining the offer, but i wont do that from now on. i could stay up in the night to draw a sketch or a bust or something, then post it the following morning/afternoon? my days off will be dedicated to nothing but art, but know if my sister is working that day, i will give her reign until she needs to leave; just because im fair.

…im sorry for the long rant, im trying to be more confident with art and get over my incredible self loathing. i mean, my stuff is why a lot of people have been following me recently, and i appreciate it. -honks my horn-

Everyone’s shouting “kill the 3DS!” and shit just because they’re all salty due to not getting Stars or Sinnoh remakes on the Switch.

Like, calm down, little Timmy and Sally. Let us poor people milk our 3DSes and 2DSes while they still can. Let us be happy before we’re forced into dropping nearly $300 that we don’t have on a new system plus how many ever more dollars the subscription fee is per month.

Also I genuinely liked B2/W2. So….meh. This should be interesting.



so after debating on whether or not to do this for ages, i finally decided to put up commissions lmao

please check my art tag for more examples of recent art ;3c

full/half/etc body refs:

- head shots/icons - $5
- shoulders up - $8
- bust shot - $15
- waist up - $20
- three quarter shot - $30
- full body - $50

+ half the original price for every extra character in the picture (ex. 2 full body = $75, 3 waist up = $40)

*all pictures can be either transparent or have a solid colour background


set of 6 sprites (comes with pleasant, happy, surprised, sad, irritated, flirty) - $30

+ $5 for additional expressions (can however swap out base ones for specific ones for no extra charge)

*all prices may be subject to change depending on how complex ur character is*
**visual references are preferred** 

will draw:

- fantrolls
- any human/humanoid oc
- furries (anthro only)
- nudity

won’t draw:

- mecha/robots
- guro
- explicit nsfw (might make a different post for this one)
- detailed backgrounds

anyways either hmu here on tumblr via IMs or
email me at!

all payments will be over paypal in usd

Story Time

So I ordered a poster off a sketchy Russian website (which I recommend to do only with caution and a PayPal account) and it actually came today. I love it so much it’s my new fave poster in my room. It’s actually hella nice quality, it’s not a paper material its almost vinyl like.


Okay but real talk about the change in the meet and greets

Not only is it coming off as a huge money grab and taking away the intimacy of what used to be the best meet and greet arrangement in the scene, is that it’s actually going to take away more opportunities than it’s going to give. What about those of us who can barely afford a ticket, let alone a VIP package? Those who aren’t made of money? The best part of the m&g was that you only paid $7 a year for as many chances as they toured. For some fans, that extra $43 dollars (plus all those shitty hidden fees ticket sites will charge) is a lot harder to come by. And now those people are going to miss the chance to meet the guys. Instead of it being a race to buy your tickets as fast as possible, which was also a huge fandom bonding moment, it’s now just who has the cash. And that’s not something I can support. I’m a huge believer in never paying money to meet a human being and this will never look like something more than another cash grab and is extremely disappointing for a lot of fans.


These images are all of my Latinx Inktober pieces so far! They are: 

Shakira, Charro, Lin Manuel Miranda, Selena, Gloria Estefan, Ricky Martin, Gina Rodriguez, Celia Cruz, Gael Garcia Bernal, Cantinflas, Aubrey Plaza, Anjelah Johnson, Oscar Isaac, Frida Kahlo, Guillermo Del Toro and Alicia Machado. 

To see the rest, follow my Instagram: my handle there is terryblas  and don’t forget that I’m selling all of these originals (only a few have been purchased) for just 20 dollars and prints for 10! (plus 3 dollars for shipping. Email me if you want one! 

Wish me luck today. I’ve been working in property management for HOAs for about 8 months now. My boss and I are headed to a beach city for a board meeting that is likely to be attended by most of the homeowners. They have two separate factions: one feels it is vital that they meet their legal obligations regarding land maintenance and fire safety, and another that wants to save a penny, regardless of the risks. They all live in million dollar plus homes, yet have by far the lowest monthly assessments of any property we manage.

They actually had $40 monthly dues until last year when the community voted to raise them. The homeowners who voted against the raise still feel cheated, and we have been working hard to educate them. When you defer legal maintenance for 10 years, it is really expensive to get things back in working order.

I know there will be plenty of shouting matches today; I’m just hoping no one starts cussing each other out.

Thank goodness my boss runs the meeting and not me.