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Though Emilio appreciates everyone wanting to beat up Trent, he doesn’t want Rocco involved :O Emilio is a closed book omfg making’ shit harder.


He kinda already knew Trent anyway :OOOOO

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For you: I love your blog!!!!! It's so creative how you make shalnark answer questions. LONG LIVE SHALNARK HES NOT DED ❤️ Also your art is so good! I love your style! Btw may I ask what supplies you use for your drawing? For Shalnark: do you like to sleep? Also how long do you normally sleep/ what's the longest you've ever slept for? (I stayed up for 24+hrs yesterday)

//rest of the ask under the read more ~

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Finally made a speedpaint out of this now very old panel… whoops

➺ 100wtsily | #55 + #66

Pairing: Kim Namjoon x Reader

Genre: marshmallow fluff; best friend!au

Warnings: none

Word count: 947 words

Prompts:  #55. “I don’t mind.” + #66. “Stay over.” | source

Note: Just a little something to combat my writer’s block. This is for @war-of-hormoan and @rnjmnster. Thanks to @thoughtssilent and @thules for beta-ing it and I hope you enjoy!

[masterlist] [100wtsily masterlist]

Nerdjoon: ‘hey, wanna come over and watch a movie?’

You: ‘yeah sure. i’ll bring snacks.’

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  • me: Plans on writing fanfiction
  • me: gets distracted with reading other author's fics or blogging on Tumblr or the internet
  • me: 3 hours later...oh well, I guess I'll write tomorrow

One more post for this week: Some doodles I did while listening to Hamilton and waiting for files to transfer.

I cleaned them up and coloured them while listening to more Hamilton and waiting for more files to transfer.

Hiatus Update

Hello everyone, 

So I know I said I would be back on the 18th, but that is just absolutely not possible. It is a really busy time for me, and I’m having doubts I will even be able to get all of my homework done, let alone write the last 6k of this stupid, vmin oneshot. 

So I am really sorry about making you all wait, but I will try to have it finished by the end of the week. I have to finish a Fulbright application, write a 3 minute radio newscast (which, trust me, takes a lot of effort, it’s like 9 different stories minimum), and do a media production proposal and budget all for Monday, so I’m just… freaking out. Plus, I have an ALS walk and work tomorrow, like it is just not working. 

(Also as a side note, I can’t eat anything without wanting to die, and also I dyed my hair and I absolutely hate it, it’s terrible. It’s the color Jungkook’s was in the Dope MV, and like… it looks like I wanted it to, but I hate it, I hate it, I hate it, I hate it. UGH. I am falling apart this weekend.) 

CheekyBrunette (Tara) 

P.S. Sorry for being the absolute worst. My ask box is open, but like idk how great I will be at getting around to it. 

Big Bang Seungri Scenario: You Fail Miserably at Speaking Japanese

Hey guys! Time for another upload! I have another one written, but I’m gonna put it on backlog to uploaded tomorrow in case I don’t get any writing done tomorrow since I start work. Plus I have to help with some tech training tomorrow. As always, if there is anything that you want to see, please feel free to send me a request! I love writing what you guys want to see! Lets get into this, shall we?


     Anonymous:  Seungri to you failing miserably at another language that he knows.

     “Jagiya?” Seungri’s voice floats through the walls of your apartment to where you sit on the living room couch. He had just gotten back from rehearsal and decided to take a quick shower before he ate. 

     “What is it?” Seungri, he preferred to be called this because he refuses to be mixed up with TOP, tends to misplace things a lot so you were used to this.

     “Why didn’t you tell me you were studying Japanese?” His question sends you sprinting. You had forgotten that you had left your notebook and Japanese book on the bed. He’s standing in the middle of your room, the notes and book in his hands.

     “I-uh,” You stutter, a little unsure of how to answer,” You always seem to be so good at languages and I was scared you would make fun of me.”

     “I would never,” His expression is mocking as he drops the books to clutch at his chest as he collapses to his knees. 

     “Don’t even. You tease anyone who talks to you for more than five minutes.” You raise your eyebrows at him, your hands going to your hips.

     “Fair point,” He picks up the books again,” I can help you study.”

     For the next half hour, you and Seungri  study together. He’s supposed to head out on a Japanese tour soon so he was glad to have a chance to practice. That being said, you were not the best. Your Japanese was weak and clumsy.

     “Jagi, I, uh, don’t know what to say…” Seungri trails off, his voice unsure.

     “I know. It’s bad,” You sigh,” That’s why I didn’t say anything.”

     “It’s okay, Jagi. I’ll help you work on it,” Seungri’s genuine, heart shaped smile slowly becomes more mischievous,” But, try not to speak it to anyone or you might accidentally offend someone.”

     Your boyfriend’s idiotic words earn a scoff and a smack from you. You do love him though, even if he annoys you eighty percent of the time.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed! Please feel free to send me any requests you might have!

When BIGBANG has feelings for you *Chapter 14*

chapter 1 [x]
previous chapter [x]
next chapter [x]

*You watch Seunghyun’s troubled expression and you feel an intense guilt. You reach forward and stroke his face*

[Y/N] Seunghyun… I’m here… with you

*You put your phone on silent and try to change the subject*

[Y/N] Should we… go make some breakfast?

*Seunghyun smiles at you and kisses you lightly*

[TOP] yeah… I’ll go buy some coffee

*Seunghyun slips on some outdoor clothes and pulls you into an embrace*

[TOP] I’ll be back in a bit

[Y/N] hurry back *you murmur*

*After Seunghyun leaves to go buy coffee, you wander into his sleek kitchen and look through the cupboards*

[Y/N] I guess I could make pancakes…

*You start preparing a pancake mix. About 10 minutes later you hear the apartment door open and close*

[TOP] Y/N? *he calls*

[Y/N] I’m in the kitchen… *you call back*

*You hear Seunghyun’s footsteps getting closer and then he wanders into the kitchen acting cutely*

[TOP] I bought the coffee

*You smile as he hugs you from behind… you always forget how tall he is. His arms wrap themselves around your waist and he kisses your neck gently*

[Y/N] I don’t know why you bought coffee… You have some in the cupboard-

[TOP] oh… I wanted to buy you these…

*You turn around to see Seunghyun with some pretty flowers in his hand. You feel a smile growing on your face, you blush and your heart flutters*

[Y/N] yah! stop being so cute! *you push him gently*

*Seunghyun grins and puts the flowers in a vase*

[TOP] what are you making?

[Y/N] Pancakes… is that okay?

[TOP] of course

[Y/N] they’ll be ready in a few minutes… go sit down… i’ll bring them in

*Seunghyun walks away cutely and you grin as you turn back to cook… although you couldn’t ignore the heaviness in your heart… you check your phone… another text - [Where are you? Call me. ~Ji]*

*You finish cooking and plate up the pancakes. You walk into the living room and see Seunghyun on the sofa*

[Y/N] Seunghyunie *you call*

*He looks up at you with anticipation… you hand him a plate and sit down next to him. After you finish eating, Seunghyun takes the plates to the kitchen. He returns and drapes himself over the arm of the sofa with a smirk*

[TOP] that was almost as delicious as you…

*You spend the rest of the afternoon watching movies and cuddling on the sofa… you suddenly look out of the window*

[Y/N] oh… it’s starting to get dark… I should probably head home…

[TOP] do you have to go?

[Y/N] yeah… I have work tomorrow… plus I need to shower and change my clothes…

[TOP] …you could wear my clothes *pout*

[Y/N] *giggle* no Seunghyun… I don’t think I can

*After a short debate with Seunghyun about the fact that you need to go home… you gather up your stuff and head for the front door*

[TOP] do you want me to drive you home?

[Y/N] no… I could use the walk to be honest…

*Seunghyun leans in and kisses you goodbye*

*You walk home in the dim light and try to comprehend what has happened in the last 24 hours… You feel guilty… You’d never wanted to hurt Jiyong… You’d never meant to let things go so far with Seunghyun. You’d been angry and felt neglected… Your mind was a mess and your heart was confused.*

*It starts to rain heavily and you let yourself get wet. You walk the streets to your apartment but you stop before you get to the front door… a figure is sat in the doorway*

[Y/N] Jiyong?

*he lifts his head up and looks at you*

[GD] where the fuck have you been?

*stay tuned for the next chapter!*

[CREDIT to the gif owners - I do not own these gifs]

Let Me Take Care Of You

You munched on potato chips as you slouched on your couch watching reruns of romance drama.

Yep, today was going to be a lazy day.

You had worked six days this week at your café job and business was hectic. On top of that you had to go to classes at your college. It was luck that granted you a break from both those things on this day, and you were going to live it up.

You munched on another potato chip as you watched the actors on the screen play a love scene. Just then you heard the jingle of keys as your apartment door opened indicating your boyfriend, Mark, was home.

You lazily turned your head and smiled as he strolled in dropping his keys on the table and dufflebag on the floor. He plopped himself next to you, swinging an arm around you and kissed your cheek.

“Hey babe” he said.

“Welcome home” you smiled to him then turned your attention back to the TV.

“I thought you had to work today?” he spoke as he helped himself to your bowl of chips.

“They gave me the day off since someone is covering my shift. How did basketball go with JB?”

“He beat me by three points, but you know I let him win.” He grinned plopping another chip into his mouth.

“Hmm, sure.” You said trying to concentrate on your show.

A few moments later Mark shifted closer to your body as you felt the warmth of his.

“Yah move over, you stink.” You grumbled.

Mark lifted his other arm and took a sniff of his armpit.

“You’re exaggerating, I don’t smell that bad.” He said as he got up in front of you.

“I’d beg to differ.” You countered trying to look past him at the screen.

“Well then I guess I should go take a shower.” He replied as he started lifting up his shirt.

“I guess you shou-” you couldn’t finish your sentence as you gaped at his toned body as he lifted his shirt over his head. He cocked his head at you, amused by your obvious ogling.

“Like what you see?”

You shook your head out of trance and cleared your throat that had gone dry.

“Go take your shower show-off.”

He snickered and threw his shirt at your face as he walked away to the bathroom. When you heard the door close and the shower come on, you blushed profusely. You’ve seen his body before, but every time you do it’s an instant turn on. It was a good thing he worked out often and played sports with his friends. You scoffed to yourself. He just got finished playing basketball and here you were lazing on the couch.

“Eh, I’ll go work out another time.” You brushed off as you made yourself comfortable on your couch and continued your drama.

Minutes later as you were deep into the show, Mark came sauntering towards you in sweatpants and no shirt with his hair wet from the shower. You tried ignoring him but in the back of your mind you knew he was up to something.

He crawled towards you on the couch as you heard his soft breathing. He kissed your jawline sweetly, peppering you with kisses down to your neck. He latched on to a patch of skin and sucked gently while nibbling a little.

At this point you couldn’t hide the deep blush that covered your face and struggled to contain a moan.

Ignoring him wasn’t going to be easy.

His lips let go for his tongue to lick the small hickey he created. He kissed upwards to your lips, lingering there till he pulled back to smirk at your red face and slightly off breathing.

“Baby,” he whispered,

“Play with me”

You couldn’t deny the desire that was building up in your lower region, but damnit today was your lazy day! You were aching and sore from the previous days and you were going to get your much need rest.

You shook your head and gently pushed him away.

“Not right now Mark, I’m tired.”

He furrowed his eyebrows at you.

“From what? You haven’t done anything all day.”

You were a little taken back by his truth but still kept your serious face.

“So! I’m getting my rest from the days I’ve worked. Plus I have to go in tomorrow, so there.”

He nodded his head in understanding and smiled at you.

“You should have told me that, I can take care of you.”

You raised your eyebrow at him. “How?”

He smirked. “Lay down and turn over.” He said as he got up.

You were a little confused but complied anyway. You turned over on your stomach and looked up at him expectantly.

He climbed on top of you swinging each leg on either side but not putting his weight on you.

“What are you-”

“Just close your eyes and relax” he said.

You complied hesitantly closing your eyes and relaxing your muscles a little. You relaxed completely when you felt his hands go to work on you. From your shoulders to your back he massaged out your tense muscles. You sighed in content at his ministrations. You should’ve let him do this to you a long time ago. He slid down kneading at your lower back making you moan out. You could have sworn you reached cloud 9.

“Yes, right there,” you breathed out.

He put more pressure making you moan out in bliss. But you soon realized you wasn’t the only one enjoying themselves when you felt something poking your butt.

Never stopping his ministrations, he leaned his body over you and nibbled at the shell of your ear.

You didn’t bother stopping him.

You knew where this was going.

And you wanted it.  

His mouth moved downwards, going back to attacking your neck. You moaned out and lifted your ass up into his crotch. He groaned low in his throat as he pushed his crotch into you and pulled back momentarily.

“I hope you don’t mind,” he breathed out, “but I need you to take care of me.” He indicated to his member that needed much attention.

You turned your body around as you got up from the couch. You held your hand out to him which he quickly took as you pulled him up with you. You turned and walked towards the bedroom with him trailing behind. You guided him in while smirking as he saw the lust in your own eyes. You slowly closed the door behind you never taking your eyes off him.

“Let me take care of you then.”

Short Stack of Pancakes

Submitted by maggshouse19

“Imagine person A of your OTP is roused in the middle of the night by loud banging and crashing coming from downstairs, and the first thing they notice is that person B is no longer in the bed beside them. They hurry downstairs and find B, the smaller member of your OTP, on the floor in the kitchen, unharmed, having been standing on a chair to reach something on a higher shelf and fallen when the chair tilted over, dragging down half the contents of the shelves with them.”

long prompt, and since they live in NYC here I didn’t do stairs. Also, it’s kind of short but I really hope you enjoy it! Thank you for submitting, I had fun with this one!


It was a calm Tuesday night, and Lucas Friar had fallen asleep next to his beautiful wife Maya Hart.

It was pretty quiet for NYC, just the occasional car going by disturbing the silent evening.

That was, until a loud clatter from the other rooms awoke him.

He shot up quickly, wide awake in an instant.

“Maya, did you hear that?” He whispered.

No answer came, and when he looked to his right, emptiness occupied the space previously belonging to Maya.

Lucas mentally had a quick rush of nervousness, was Maya ok? Had someone taken her?

He grabbed his baseball bat, and cautiously opened the door.

He crept in his socks around the apartment, carefully not to step wrong in fear the floor would creak, alerting the intruder of his presence.

When he reached the kitchen, the boy couldn’t believe his eyes.

Maya lay on the floor, with a load of pill bottles, Band-Aid boxes, and bandages sprawled over her. A tipped over chair sat inches from her.

“Maya?” He tried to stifle a laugh.

“Yeah I know. Laugh all you want.” She sounded a little angry, a little sad, and even a tad bit amused.

“Baby, what happened?” Lucas asked, squatting next to his spouse on the floor.

“I couldn’t sleep and my head was killing me, so I went to get some Aspirin.”

He nodded, letting her know he was listening.

“I then remembered that you usually get the medicine, because I’m too short to reach. I didn’t want to wake you up because you looked adorable and cozy while you slept, plus you have that big meeting at work tomorrow. I decided to stand on a chair to get it, the chair tipped, I tried to save myself, and here we are.”

“I’m sorry, Pancakes.” He joked.

She glared at her husband.

“Don’t even test me right now, Huckleberry.”

The cowboy held up his hands in fake surrender.

“You’re okay though, right?” He got serious.

“I’m fine, Ranger Rick. My confidence is a little sore, though. Why was I made so short?”

“Maya, I love your height. It’s perfect. I can rest my head on it when we hug, it’s fun to lean down to kiss you, and we fit so well when we cuddle, well when you let me.” Lucas trailed off.

Maya smiled slightly.

“Anyways, Maya Penelope,” He teased her nickname. “You kick ass, no matter how tall or short you are. I would love you anyway you are, I’ll love you forever and always, unconditionally.”

She was quiet for a moment.

“You’re such a sap, Friar.” She laughed. “But thank you, I needed that, now let’s go back to bed.”

They stood up and he slung his arm around her shoulders.

“Anything for you, my short stack of pancakes.”