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I spent a few hours grading quizzes and I’m still stuck on the fact someone thought Achilles was the Mycenaean solider formation ( called a phalanx ) && that Kronos was an Olympian god && that Apollo was symbolized by winged shoes. that was only some of the multiple choice this class is going to be the death of me and this is the honors section don’t even ask about the non honors

me: lets major in classics this is a great idea it will be fun
my students: how about we take it and stomp on it and make you cry
me: this is fine

(OOC) Why is Ratty so damn busy??

Hi peeps. So i figured I owed it to my rp request followers to explain why I’m so sporadic in my responses.

See, I’m the equivalent of a community college professor at the high school level (DC) and give me 4 college classes writing research papers (100 students), plus 2 regular sophomore classes and 1 advanced sophomore class trying to get through Macbeth, and you can see why I’m swamped right now. Oh, right. Add 2 boys and a husband who is constantly sick : /

“But I see you post with certain people!”

Yes, I do. Writing isn’t just about “oh I have a prompt. I will answer it now.” When I do that, you get one liners that many of you don’t care too much about. I don’t blame you. It was one of those spur of the moment things.  

Writing is about inspiration and having the feel to just jump in and write. Sometimes, inspiration doesn’t hit me as hard with some as with others. It doesn’t mean that I’m not interested or that I don’t want to rp. It just means that it’s going to take me a bit longer to get to those responses. Heck, @warlundblackfyre ‘s prompt is still there in my inbox and I look at it every single day. I just need to figure out what, when, who, why. I also have several prompts on Skype and on here. Bear with me please.

I don’t mean to be rude or off-putting. It hurts me that I can’t get to everyone. Once summer comes, and all is well, I can get back into the swing of things. Or maybe when I catch up with all my grading and down time with the family. So please, don’t stop sending prompts or asks. I really do enjoy receiving them (and I will repost prompts because reposting is easy XD ). But if you’re looking for one on one, hardcore plotting, speak to me. Let’s see if my appearance is a guest appearance or an entire season of story :p  I can do guest appearances. An entire season…well, you may have to speak to my agent. I think I have a luncheon with the Obamas that may interfere with that.

In all honesty, thank you for following and reading my shtuff. It makes me feel like a real writer. I look forward to you all challenging Ratty and the rest of the Kingdom, as well as my other characters. And I will on occasion send bloody valentines to you all <3  Much love to everyone.

Ps. Oh this also applies to anyone rping with @thehumbleknight , @lexiadieri, @captainseawolf n_n!

When people ask me why I have such a high expectation for relationships I’m just going to show them this post. TV SHOWS THATS WHY.

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12/1/17 | {26/100 days of productivity} 3 days till mocks :^/// I have to study for three exams that I didn’t know were going to be on monday, I’m busy all day tomorrow and Saturday, and I’m out Sunday too; plus I have 3 pieces of homework help me


hc that Reigen knows signlanguage (granted this is all American sign language)

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  • Oscar: So... I'm me, but I'm also a 50 plus year old man?
  • Qrow: And several 100 plus year old men!
  • Oscar: But, like, what if I find a girl I like, and I, uh, you know? Does that make me a pedophile or something? Like, this is so freaking weird.
  • Qrow: Oh don't worry, Ozpin jacked off to girls your age all the time, so don't worry about it.
  • Oscar: How does that make me not worry about it?
  • Oscar: The fact that the voice inside my head is giving me instructions on how to kill you and hide the body for you knowing that worries me even more.
  • Qrow: Yeah that sounds about right.