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Wales's Google Search #4

why is it that every time i walk past my irish brother’s house, i hear a voice that is most definitely not his screaming “TOP O’ THE MORNING TO YOU LADDIES”


Oh Yeon Joo: “Kang Chul’s story in the cartoon had a happy ending, but the ending of Kang Chul and Oh Yeon Joo’s story is unclear yet. However…”
Kang Chul: “… the two will no longer be at the risk of death. Though it may be boring and ordinary, I hope their story will continue for 50 years, just like other ordinary couples.”


“We’re a couple hundred years away from gender equality.”
“Only a couple hundred?”

Alright…gonna do a theory post on Aaron’s birthday, cause I’ve gotta put it out there. However, I do believe that whatever happens this week will clear up how/why Rebecca thing is so chill for Robert and make everything a little clearer.

Anyways, here we go:

  • Aaron is paranoid cause Robert totally denies him birthday morning sex to sneak out to work on his surprise. I mean who wouldn’t be suspicious? 
  • Aaron later suggests to Robert they grab lunch or some food during the day and Robert (like in July) says he can’t, but this time says cause he is meeting Rebecca.
  • Rebecca is helping Robert cause as @thank-your-lucky-stars pointed out she has lots of connections from traveling. They’ve made a big deal of all Rebecca’s travels so far, but especially to Ibiza. She’s probably helping him get the best deals and he needs to meet her before that evening to get all the stuff.
  • Robert hugs Rebecca to thank her for her help or something and Liv takes a picture of this because I bet she sees them talking and is worried. She will show this picture to Aaron, which will set him off.
  • The Chrissie thing could happen either before or after the confrontation with Rebecca, but in my mind, it makes sense for it to happen before the confrontation. It’s the last straw for Aaron.
  • Aaron confronts Rebecca about what is going on with her and Robert. Rebecca will try to reassure him that he has nothing to worry about, and when he doesn’t believe that she will tell him about the trip. Also, that Robert is pretty embarrassingly in love Aaron. (I have a feeling after this week Rebecca may become super pro-Robron. It’s the dream man)
  • Robert will call/text let Aaron know where to meet him for his surprise. Aaron may feel guilty (not that he should feel guilty, he has every right to be worried/concerned) about not trusting Robert. He will show up at wherever they are meeting in his nice button down shirt and Robert in his three-piece suit.
  • Robert will go ahead with the surprise not knowing Aaron knows, but Aaron will probably spill that he knows about everything cause he confronted Rebecca. 
  • This will lead to super deep talk on Aaron’s insecurities and Robert once again reassuring Aaron of his love for him. Gonna get some more grossly romantic lines we will all commit to memory. 
  • They set a wedding date.