Months later and I am still laughing at the fact that The 100 consists largely of Australians talking to each other in American accents

150619 - SBS Cinetown 19 radio phone interview with Do Kyungsoo.

A: Please introduce yourself.
DKS: I am Do Kyungsoo, who performed the role of Taeyeong in “Cart”.

A: I think you’re busy now. What were you doing when you got this call?
DKS: I just finished recording a musical show and now I’m getting this call.

A: Why are you so handsome? What did you eat for be so handsome?
DKS: / laugh non-stop, can not answer /

A: Actually I know Kyungsoo since he was very young. Once I went to Lake Park and in part there was a light that shone, it was so bright!
DKS: / laughs /

A: No, no. OD ¿Why you went to Lake Park and freed that light there at the time ?? Please answer. This is a question.
DKS: Oh in Lake Park? When I was in middle school and high school I lived in Ilsan. And then I used to play a lot in Lake Park.

A: Yes! I saw at that time !! Back then I thought, “that person will be good at singing and acting”
DKS: / laughs again /

B: That’s really wasting your time! Well I’m going to make a real question. What do you think about Im Siwan?
A: What ?!
B: No, no, I mean I really enjoyed watching Cart. But in reality, he was so confused between you and Im Siwan.
DKS: Really?

A: Do not you feel good when you hear a comment like that?
B: Oh, of course ~~
DKS: Ah, but no, no, seriously. I think Im Siwan sunbaenim performance is so so so good and I …

A: But, but when I saw your performance really thought, ah Do Kyungsoo actor’s performance is so good. This is not just words, really. I enjoyed seeing and …
B: Why do you keep talking about yourself ?! Anyway, his first true Cart is film?
DKS: Yes, it’s my first film.

B: What is the movie Cart for you ?
DKS: I think this is a film that I’ll remember for the rest of my life. This is my first film and I worked with a marvelous staff and director happily, so I think this is a film very dear to me.

A: Well, this is a really significant film, right? But is there anything you feel you got to know from this film?
DKS: Actually at my age, I could not have empathy on the subject of unfair dismissal (had no knowledge about it because it has not happened). But after I did this film I came to understand and feel the same sense of parents, and I think now I know a lot of those things (unfair dismissal) and details also thanks to this film.

A: Do Kyungsoo, have you ever tried to work part-time in a store or something?
DKS: Yes, if I have done.

B: What kind of store was?
DKS: I worked in meat restaurant …
A: Oh, my God! I want to eat meat from D.O!

B: I still have plans to continue working as an actor in the future, right?
DKS: Yes, yes …

B: What kind of player you want to be?
DKS: I think I’m going to talk about such things later. Instead of “he’s a this or that kind of actor,” when audiences see me, I would think something like “oh it turns out he is a very great / very good person.”

A: As a singer is normal to have a role model, but what about acting? Do you have a role model?
DKS: Actually I do not really have an accurate model, but … Hmm …
A & B: / They fight about why you have made this type of question /

B: So what kind of movie you like?
DKS: Because I love movies, I see all kinds of movies, without distinction. I watched action movies, romantic movies too, I think I’ve seen all kinds of genre.

A: Kyungsoo, have you seen the movie recently Jangsoo Shop?
DKS: Yes, I saw her.

A: Chanyeol was part of the cast in that movie, right? And he said he is number one in performance among all members of EXO. What do you think about it?
DKS: Ah,did he said that?
A: Yes.
DKS: Hmmm … But if Chanyeol think that self then …
A & B: / They laugh out loud even before you finish speaking Kyungsoo /
B: Kyungsoo’re so funny !!

A: He and Kai came to and Suho Old School Radio a few days ago, they said the chat group EXO, you do not say anything and just read it.
B: They’re actually there as a ghost member. Why you not say anything there when there is a conversation?
DKS: Ah … I really have nothing to say there, so I just do that …

A: Oh are you an introvert?
DKS: Can I say I’m an introvert? I just … I really prefer a quiet place and that …

A: Are you similar to Taeyeong to Cart?
DKS: Yes a little. There are lots of parts of me that are somewhat similar to Taeyeong.

A: So you’re the type who likes reading a book and listening to music, right?
DKS: Book … actually I do not like read books Jajajajajaja.

A: Well I wish that after the release of your next film that will be the main actor, you can come to Cinetown 19 as the main actor.
DKS: Ah yes, thank you very much!

  • Cr: slugger slugger 
  • Trans:  kyeongsew