Raving saved my life.

Raving has helped me understand the meaning of being some what happy its the one place i can be free regardless of being judged. its like a utopia, there are good things and bad things that happens at raves but for the most part its 100% positive vibes. with depression eating away at me its the one thing i can do to remove the unhappiness that i feel. even if its just a little bit of glory and fun the days i go to events i never forget them. from my first rave spookfest 2013 till my last rave when i die. im working on becoming stronger and surrounding myself with positive vibes, and removing all negativity from my life. Meeting new people after all the people ive supported have left me behind, after getting left/stranded  in avenal on my way back from edc etc, Raving has opened my eyes to everyone and everything around me. I dont sacrifice my self for anyone anymore, and i no longer go above and beyond to help others that bring me down,. Im happy to say with all the nonsense going on in my life and all the friendships that were broken. I can say I’m happy, some people come for a life time, some people come for just that moment, and you will always have people who come and go but you learn to keep the ball moving, as my mochi looovelymo said “take each day slowly and good things will come”.