Guess who’s back with a brand new peace :) I’m hoping I can fight this block I have had for the past few months we will see I have missed you all so much I love all my follower you guys are some of the most amazing people I have ever see :) I am so blessed to be able to have so many amazing people like my Kandi :)


Took a few weeks but I got most of the Kandi I got from EDC to Paradiso together. This summer has been so amazing I have met some of the most amazing people in the world. People who inspire me to do what I do and I met some of you who support me and love on my Kandi and I couldent ask for anything more. From edmhumor to Lady Casa. From californiarainbows to herbeautifulangel all of these people…and more…I couldent ask for more when I have so much…so much love…thank you all so much for some of the best moments of my life and I hope I get to enjoy more with you in the future :,)


What I have been working on the past few days my SUPER SMASHHHHHH BROTHERSSSSS cuff :) it’s got Mario Kirby link samus and pikachu it weights a good amount to :) 3 days of work and it turned out great might add super smash brothers to it later but I can’t not show you guys I have waited to long :)