silvertaika asked:

How did you become a raw vegan? what affects have you notice since you have become one? Both expected and the unexpected affects please :3 I am thinking of going predominantly raw food, I really want to.

Thank you for the ask!  I am very new to Raw Vegan as well.  I actually only started about 4 weeks ago but so far I am loving it! I would definitely recommend 

The normal effects that I expected were things like:

  • Having more energy (and sleeping less)!  This is especially important to me since I work long hours and have to find time to workout in the mornings.  Waking up energized enough to workout and then carry on a mentally strenuous job for 12-14 hours afterwards are VERY important for me
  • Being excited about making new recipes and trying new foods I wouldn’t normally try.  When you first get into it there are so many new recipes and vegetables to try!  I started experimenting with some of the recipes on The Rawtarian's site, as well as This Rawesome Vegan Life’s site.  I highly recommend both!  Even if you don’t decide to go the Raw Vegan route, these recipes are delicious and fun to make :)  I’ve also tried new vegetables like bok choy, and I’ve stocked up my spice cabinet.  It really is amazing what you can do with spices!
  • Not being able to shut up about my new lifestyle lol.  It’s hard not to talk about something that makes you feel so energized and alive.  Not to mention how good it is for the whole planet and how connected to the Earth you feel :)
  • I also noticed clearer skin, too!  I think this has to do with the amount of extra water intake from all of the fresh fruits and vegetables, yum!
  • No matter how many raw, dehydrated recipes I try I still miss fluffy, warm, baked bread :(  But these can’t all be good things I tell you!

Here are a few of the things I did not expect (some bad things too!):

  • The biggest thing I did not expect (although I should have expected this) was how regularly I was using the, *ahem*, bathroom.  Which is actually a really good thing! It makes those situations a lot more comfortable and natural.
  • Also I didn’t expect that preparing meals would be so time consuming, which is pretty much my biggest complaint about the Raw Vegan diet since, as I said before, I have a very busy schedule.  But I think you just have to get into the swing of things and have a proper meal plan in place.  If you have a busy schedule, it definitely helps to prepare a meal plan and do your grocery shopping at the beginning of the week.  Then every couple of days or so, make a few different recipes that will last you 2-3 days.  I like to do my meal planning and grocery shopping on Sunday and make 3 or 4 recipes Sunday night to keep in my fridge.  This will usually last me until Tuesday or Wednesday, when I will make another 3-4 recipes to last me the rest of the week.  Then weekends are my fun time to play around with new recipes!  I just bought a dehydrator about a week or so ago so I’ve been experimenting with raw breads and crackers.  Again, The Rawtarian has some amazing dehydrator recipes, and I am going to try making this raw manna bread recipe this weekend to hopefully satisfy my bread cravings.  I’ll post about how I think it is!
  • Lastly what I did not anticipate was some extra kitchen equipment I would need.  In order to be efficient, I had to purchase a food processor.  My roommate has a blender that I can use at my disposal, but it is not as efficient and effective as a nice food processor.  And, as I mentioned in my previous point, I spontaneously bought a food dehydrator.  It was a $200 purchase for a 5-tray Excalibur dehydrator, but WELL WORTH the investment.  I’ve only had the thing for less than 2 weeks and I have already used it at least 4 times and I’ve been satisfied with everything I’ve made!

Overall I think if you want to give it a try maybe start out slow.  Start by incorporating some raw recipes into your current diet and see how they make you feel.  I’m confident that you’ll soon be working your way to a predominantly raw diet in no time :)

If you have any more questions or need any recipe recommendations just ask!  Also let me know how it goes if you decide to try it!  I’d love to hear about your progress, and I’d definitely love to hear about any good recipes you find!


wakeupryan asked:

i just recently discovered flow arts and through doing that found yoga and its amazing to have a whole new outlook on life and everything in it.

It’s amazing what life looks like when you change your perspective and start emitting good vibes everywhere you go. I can feel your good vibes through my computer screen!

I’m so happy you found yoga. I wish more people would, it makes me feel so strong, confident and at peace with myself. I’ve never heard of flow art before, though. You have to tell me more about it!

Day 1 Juice Cleanse - Half way there

So I’m halfway through my first day of my juice cleanse!  The only difference I notice so far is that my stomach has been growling in between juices, but I find that every time it growls it seems to be time for my next juice, so that’s good!  I’m not experiencing any of the negative side effects that I’ve heard of, like headaches or dizziness, however I’m not experiencing any of the positive side effects either, such as clarity and bursts of energy.  

It has help me realize how often I think of food, even when I’m not hungry.  Whenever I think of reading a book I think of the cup of coffee and pastry I will eat while reading; Whenever I think of watching TV or a movie I think of what popcorn like snack I will get to go with it; Whenever I think of going out on a date I think of what coffee place or restaurant the night will take us to; When I think of my upcoming road trip I think about what Diners and farm stands we will stop at.  Food is running my life and I’m hoping this juice cleanse will get me in the habit of seeing food as sustenance again.