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Priviet! I was wondering why some imperative Russian verbs have different endings like: давай, давайте, играй, играйте, etc. Also, I have noticed that at the beggining of the verbs in some cases it is added a preposition like: голосовать and проголосовать. I hope you can answer this doubts, thanks for your time!

Привет! Your observations are accurate. Russian imperative verbs can be singular and plural. Singular imperative ends with -й or -и (this is actually the verb minus any ending at all) - играй, давай, неси, беги, читай etc. To form a plural, you should add -те to it: играйте, давайте, несите, бегите, читайтe, и т.д. (и т.д. = и так далее, Russian for etc)

As of голосовать and проголосовать, it is a little bit more complicated. What you call preposition is actually a prefix. In Russian, we have only three tenses, but we also have verbal aspects - perfective and imperfective verbs. Imperfective verbs means ongoing, lasting action (often comparable to continuous or indefinite tenses in English), while perfective verbs are for actions that have been somehow performed (perfect tenses or past simple tense, depending on the situation). To form a perfective verb out of an imperfective one, you often can simply add a prefix that describes the way the action was performed. For example, про- simply means a completion, the fact that one has something done. Other prefixes may have different meanings: 

- в = in (not only, but mainly)
- вы - out, inside out, to exhaust the subject by doing smth etc.
- пере - across or too much, 
- под - under or slightly 

and so on. 

No worries if you cannot grasp the whole idea at once. The more you deal with the Russian verbs, the more sense this will make. 

Check, for example, this document I created for my students where I explain how different prefixes modify verbs (jump to the page 4 for prefixes). 

do you know what word i ufcking hate. series. there isnt a plural form of it. am i talking about one series or more than one. who the fuck knows

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well i don't know if you do land analyses and i'm too bad at using tumblr to be able to find that so i'm just gonna ask you what you think the quest for a prince of time in the land of contrast and rhythm would be like. Thanks, i really appreciate all you do for the fandom with your great analyeiseisissis (don't know the plural at all) :3

Here’s some thoughts on Prince of Time in general. I’d add on that Time heroes often have a destructive or self-destructive problem, and throwing in Prince makes it worse. A Prince of Time is likely careless with either their own life or the lives of others. Princes in general need to listen to other people more and learn not to just recklessly follow the “what sticks up must be pounded down” mantra. 

I used to do land quests, yeah, but that… spiraled. I had like 100 chilling in my inbox. But my days of being a moderately popular analyst person are long gone, so maybe if I do this it won’t lead to an activity surge. So… Prince of Time in the Land of Contrast and Rhythm. Let’s go.

Your Prince arrives on their land and is greeted with enthusiasm by their consorts, who laud them as the hero come to save them. They have a good time hanging out at the village, exploring the land, and chatting with the populace - until suddenly everything goes black. 

Although most lands are lit by Skaia’s light, some (think LOLAR) have their own local light sources and thicker atmospheres. LOCAR relies on its own personal ‘sun’, and turns out it has a habit of flickering on and off. The consorts say the sun has slowly been going out, and Hephaestus has yet to emerge from his lair to repair it. They’re certain that the Hero of Time is here to convince him to do so.

Fixing the sun is particularly important, because during blackouts monsters - not underlings, creatures local to the land - crawl out from caves and menace the outskirts of villages. The consorts immediately pull out torches and light the village as much as possible, then arm themselves and huddle in the center of town. The Prince can see shadowy creatures prowling the edges of the light. Funny, they might think, if they’re the type to notice these things. They have flat teeth.

As the Prince spends more time on their land, they’ll learn to anticipate blackouts so they can get under cover somewhere safe before the sun goes out. There’s a rhythm to it, something you can almost snap your fingers to but not quite - something’s off. They’ll have time to get it down, since as a Time player they’re likely getting called away quite a bit to help out with the session at large. But their consorts are desperate for their Prince to illuminate the world permanently and drive away the monsters that plague them, so eventually they make their way down to Hephaestus’ lair. 

Hephaestus acknowledges that the sun is broken, but it’s not broken in the way the consorts think. (Not everything that people don’t like is wrong and bad and needs to be destroyed - a good thing for a Prince to learn.) It’s *supposed* to go out sometimes - the planet is supposed to have a day/night cycle, but it’s gotten thrown off. It’s up to the Prince to set it right again. Meddling with a game abstraction is right up a Time player’s alley, and they’ve got the beat in their bones at this point - they know where the rhythm’s off. They need to make sure it flicks on and off at the right time from now on.

Once they’ve done that, they’ll have to explain to the consorts that they didn’t fail them - diplomacy and humility, other good traits Princes need to work on. They need to convince the consorts to put down their torches and pitchforks and accept the oncoming dark, so that when LOCAR’s first real night falls, the plant life that has finally gotten a reasonable day/night cycle to absorb the sun and that is finally not kept dormant by the light pollution of the villagers’ torches unfurls its bio-luminescent leaves, and the “monsters” that have been starving in the absence of their natural food source can eat. 

Ok so there’s this Snickers commercial that has the tagline “You’re not you when you’re hungry.” and there’s a lot of them, but the one i keep seeing is the headless horseman one and it’s bothering me.

It shows a guy that is entirely a head, but with tiny arms and legs going “i’ve come for your head!”
and runs into a car and the kids are like “what”
“I’m the horseless headsman”
“Don’t you mean the headless horsemen?”
The guy pauses and says “No”
And the kids give him a snickers saying you get confused when you’re hungry. “Better?”
Cut to the headless horseman, on a big black horse, pumpkin head flashing fire etc. “Better.”

Now like, ok, the headless horseman is a thing, i get it. 
But a horseless headsman is actually a thing.
Because a headsman was an actual job.


noun, plural headsmen.1.a public executioner who beheads condemned persons.
headsman/ˈhɛdzmən/noun (pl) -men1.
(formerly) an executioner who beheaded condemned persons

It… he would literally would have just been a dude with an axe or sword wandering around without a horse. Like, he still very much is lacking a horse and would probably be very put out about it, but. 
Why a giant head.

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So with the introduction of Michaela’s mother,…

I don’t know about a stepdad, but he’s said he doesn’t know who his dad is. I think season 1.

Hmmm see I never took it to mean that he doesn’t necessarily know who is dad is as much as they have a very fractured/distant relationship? All he said was “Maybe they can tell me something about the guy”, which I think could go either way? It’s definitely open to interpretation! When he talked about being platonic with his neighbour Cole he definitely used ‘parents’ as a plural so who the hell knows!

Personally I see his mother as being a bit glam and maybe a bit of a social butterfly. She has a well paid job but she got child support from his father. She was never in a proper relationship with his father which is why Connor’s not close with him. She’s lovely and supportive but Connor spent a lot of time with sitters, or Gemma or looking after himself which is how he managed to sneak around and get up to all sorts. I feel there maybe could be a step father on the scene who Connor likes and accepts but his mum met him when Connor was a bit older?    

  • <p><b><b></b> child:</b> daddy when I grow up I want to be just like you<p/><b>dad:</b> you're just copying me to get successful and I'm gonna slay your career, you copycat flop little bitch<p/><p/></p>

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A praying mantis in a human’s body tries to blend in.


today’s warm ups got really elaborate and i accidentally camp swap!au’d?? anyway, here we have: greek!jason and annabeth before the titan war, and roman!piper/percy before they got made praetors. 

When Moses, at the burning bush, says to God, “Who are you?” God says to him three words: “Hayah asher hayah.” And those words are mistranslated in English as “I am that which I am.” But in Hebrew, it means “I will be who or how or where I will be,” meaning, don’t think you can predict me. I am a God who is going to surprise you. And one of the ways God surprises us is by letting a Jew or a Christian discover the trace of God’s presence in a Buddhist monk or a Sikh tradition of hospitality or the graciousness of Hindu life. You know, don’t think we can confine God into our categories. God is bigger than religion.
—  Rabbi Jonathan Sacks in “The Dignity of Difference.”


steve, the commander, is the leader of the ruthless street gang known as the howling commandos, an assortment of assassins, hired guns and ex-military. tony, his sort-of boyfriend, is an everyday mechanic who thinks steve’s just an ordinary man. that is, until steve’s enemies get their hands on him as the ultimate leverage against new york’s most notorious mob boss. as it turns out –– steve isn’t the only one with a few hidden talents.

for my giftee outercorner, as part of the stevetonyfest gift exchange.