I’ve had far too many people use me for their own needs.

I’ve had a few even try to make me, “Take care of them,” which was toxic as fuck, creepy as shit, and even emotionally abusive in one case.

They expected me to solve all of their issues. They used me.

But within that process of learning, they lost all of my trust and when they realized they couldn’t use me anymore, they’d usually freak out or try to guilt trip or at the very least get extremely frustrated and rude.

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Fun fact: in latin you can translate the plural you (you all) into y'all and laugh about it, especially when it's about something super dramatic. U also get watch the horrified grimace take over ur professors face when they get ur papers. Bonus points for over 10 y'alls in one paragraph, double bonus if you can fuck up the word even more( Ex: y'all'll soon be cursed because y'all've disregarded the warning.)

They would wreck my grade sir.

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What is the plural of nonbinary? Like boys is plural, women is plural, etc.

it’s still “nonbinary.”

ex- “all those people are nonbinary”


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What do truck drivers think about while on the road? That's a lot of data to be alone with ones thoughts.

Hmm. I am ‘truck driver’, non plural so I can’t speak for the tens of millions of truck drivers around the world that aren’t me, however…

Myself, I think about the incredibly complex and interlocking nature of reality going on around me. I wonder who’s behind the curtains of lighted windows I pass in the night. I think about simulation theory, the multiverse, the varying theories about the actual nature of time and string theory as well.
I think about the people who once lived in now abandoned homes. I wonder how it feels to be living in the cities and towns I pass. I think about other truck drivers on the road all over the world. Stories come into my head like some other person is narrating them to me. I listen to music and see the songs. I often think about the difference between perceptual reality and accepted reality. I ponder, I wonder, I mumble and ramble. In the course of a fourteen hour workday my non linear brain will probably jump across fifty or more subjects.
But that’s just me.

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as a comment on your list of greek words, it's not really a correction just an addition sort of: θεός (or the plural θεοί) can also mean "goddess" & not just in the sense that people use masculine nouns to refer to people collectively (that is, if people were refer to several of the gods, including male and female gods), but it is a word that can be paired w either masculine or feminine article and it is declined the same way, so u can pair θεός with the feminine article ἡ & it means "goddess"


The Six Types of Middle-Earth Names

1. Characters whose Names are Secretly Insults: 

Samwise: means “Half-wise” or “Half-wit.” He is Stupid Gamgee

Faramir: Boromir’s name means “steadfast jewel”, but Faramir’s name just means “sufficient jewel.”


Denethor took one look at baby Faramir and thought “eh I guess he exists or whatever” which is very in character

 2. Characters who Have Way Too Many Names

Examples include Aragorn son of Arathorn son of Arador heir of Isildur Elendil’s son, descendant of Numenor,  Thorongill,  Eagle of the Star,  Dúnadan, Strider,  Wingfoot, Longshanks, Elessar, Edhelharn, Elfstone, Estel (”Hope,”) The Chieftain of the Dúnedain, King of the West, High King of Gondor and Arnor, and Envinyatar the Renewer of the House of Telcontar

Wait I’m sorry did I say “examples” plural

Cuz that was all one guy

3. Characters whose parents must’ve been prophets

-Frodo means “wise by experience.” His story is about becoming wise by experience
-A lady named Elwing turns into a bird (geddit)

4. Characters whose families were so lazy that they copy-pasted the same first half of a name onto multiple people

Éomer/ Éomund/Éowyn/Éorl
Elladan/Elrohir/Elrond/Elros/Elwing/Elenwë/Elendil/Eldarion (the laziest family) 

5.Characters whose Names are Expertly Designed so that Newbies can’t Remember Who is Who and Feel Sad

All the people mentioned in number 4
Celeborn, Celegorm, Celebrimbor, Celebrian
All the rhyming dwarf names in the Hobbit
Sauron and Saruman
Arwen and Éowyn

6. Name so nice, you say it twice

Legoas Greenleaf: Legolas’s first name means “Greenleaf” in elvish. Legolas is Greenleaf Greenleaf (thranduil really likes green leaves ok)

King Théoden’s name means King in Rohirric. Tolkien decided to name his king “King.” All hail King King

 this is what the fanbase means when we say tolkien was a creative genius with language

  • Sirius: Hey Prongs?
  • James: Yeah Pads?
  • Sirius: Why is James spelt with an s?
  • James: What?
  • Sirius: Your name. Why is it plural? More than one Jame... And in that case how many James?
  • James: I guess I've never really thought about it...
  • Remus: Oh my Godric will you two just go to sleep!!!