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Victuuri starts to be one of those couple who act like one merged being. They are always speaking in the plural and are answering for both sides.

“We are having a headache right now and can’t attend practice.”

And now imagine Yakovs reaction.

Amateur Explorer Actually Excited by Discovery of New Invasive Species

A new species has been discovered in the forests of Ossiriand encroaching on the territory of the Laiquendi.

“This was completely unexpected!” enthused discoverer Finrod Felagund, better known as the ruler of Nargothrond despite his reputation as an amateur explorer and musician. “I was wandering around the springs of Thalos and saw fires, and had to go check it out because usually no one around here is stupid enough to light fires. And bam, what do you know, there they were!”

According to Felagund, the new species appears bipedal in stature and patriarchal in structure. Its members exhibit most semblances of sentience, including the use of clothing to signify rank, the ingenuity to make anything into weapons, and enough avarice to clout one another over the head for a bit of well-polished rock.

“And an appreciation of music, which really cinches it,” Felagund said. “So even if they don’t look much like us, they act like us! I’m calling them the Atani.”

Atani, plural of the Quenya Atan, means “Second People,” and in the Eldarin scheme of creation, signifies that Felagund’s new species are being hailed as children of Eru beneath only the Elves themselves. Felagund’s Khazad neighbors are alleged to have sent several politely-worded inquiries inquiring as to their own rank in this schema, and how it might affect trade with Nargothrond.

“Not that we’re complaining about being the children of Mahal, you understand,” a Khazad spokesdwarf offered, on severe condition of anonymity. “But if these new buggers can claim better prices for whatever it is that they’re coming around selling, we want to know.”

Little progress has been made determining what Felagund’s Atani are doing in Ossiriand, but Felagund himself remains optimistic.

“Music is supposed to be the one true language, right?” he said. “So there’s hope yet. I mean, they liked mine!”

Felagund played the Atani his renditions of the Noldor’s Greatest Hits, minus the Noldolantë, while seated around their campfire.

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Hi, dont get me wrong but... I am watching out your YOI AU for a long time and I do not know whether it's worth saying or not, but the word PIROZHKI (ПИРОЖКИ) in Russian is used only in the plural and mean a lot of pies, and if you have a single number (or affectionate name for a person), then you should use the word PIROZHOK /ПИРОЖОК/ (1 piece). I'm sorry that I'm talking about it, just so right. (Native speaker of Russian, and sorry for my broken English) Ur Au is cool!

thank you for telling me! I’ll correct it for the next time I’m gonna use it in the comic or answering the asks
actually, you did the right thing telling me. my fault actually for not checking it beforehand 

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ACTUALLY the plural of "Platypus" would just be "Platypuses," as the "i" in words such as cactus/cacti is exclusive to words with latin roots, whereas the "pus" in "platypus" is of greek roots, meaning flat foot in greek. So technically the plural should be platypodes, as that is the greek plural for feet, but it has fallen out of disuse in recent times, leaving us with the much more simple Platypuses. The same goes for Octopi/Octopuses.

You’d think, me being a writer, I would know/pay attention to this shit. Oh well. Glad to know someone’s got me covered here.

One thing I’ve noticed is how different Germans and Americans discuss politics. Germans are always incredibly polite to you, but you know, they don’t mean it. In the German language, one has to use honourifics when addressing a stranger. It’d be tremendously rude to not do so. Naturally, everyone uses honourifics for strangers and authorities (unless the person you’re talking to is a teenager or kid). Anyhow, this is obviously not common on the Internet since, duh, politeness is not valued online. The polite equivalent of ‘you’ (= ‘du’) is ‘Sie’ (= ‘she’). Grammatically speaking, this is the third-person plural form, and, as a subject of a sentence, it takes the third-person plural forms of verbs and possessive adjective/ pronouns, even when talking to a single person. On social media, however, this might come across as a bit goofy and over the top. 

But Germans don’t care. 

Now, a typical German comment on a political platform is written such as: 

“Fräulein, with all due respect, the only reason Trump—whom I consider a danger to society thus far—is not bankrupt is because he serves as a money launderer for oligarchs from Russia and elsewhere. One should consider isolating the USA politically as long as Trump is the President.”

And as for a typical American comment: 

“Lmaooo, get cucked, you liberal snowflake. Everyone who doesn’t agree with you is a Nazi now? Fuck off. Also, Trump is rich $$$.”

when you talk to yourself, what POV do you use?

I talk to myself in first person plural. “We need to go to bed.”

I’m sure first person singular or second person are more common.

“I need to eat before school.”
“You should finish that report before the deadline.”

I’m sure the preference is a sign.

Sometimes I talk to myself by name. I never quite slip into third person fully.

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rians fucking lying like why the fuck else would "jedi" be plural in every other language is the sw marketing that incompetent ??? i mean probably but REALLY?

ya know whats becoming my least favorite thing about star wars? the tired secretive/ lets make everything dramatic/ tell lies to keep the audience on the edge of their feet until december thing they have going… it;s just so overdone and boring. whats the point of lying about the title? and if not… i guess they just need to fire some ppl? w/e man what is wrong w/this series?? 

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hi this might seem like a weird question but what does "sanduel" mean? "duel" pluralizes words (like hyung-duel, which means "more than one hyung"), and "san" means mountain (in korean). is sanduel's stage name "a lot of mountains"??

no worries, it’s not a weird question at all~! 

And yes actually, that’s basically what his name means lol. I believe it also takes the meaning of a ‘gentle mountain breeze’. He went with this because he wanted to give off a ‘refreshing’ and ‘cool’ vibe… like a mountain breeze. (If I’m remembering correctly– this is going back a while lol)

Even for past April Fool’s Days he changed all the top pictures on his Instagram to mountains so yup! He’s our gentle breezy mountain boy~

so basically to sum things up:

  • jj abrams wrote tfa thinking only of one movie and not an arc for the whole trilogy and just passed the bar for rian johnson to fix it
  • rian johnson did the exact same thing so colin trevorrow will be the one to deal with what they have left for episode ix
  • we got a trio (poe, finn and rey) who hasn’t even had one scene together yet and they’ll likely be split for tlj
  • the title was the first thing rian chose simply because he liked that and he sees it as one jedi, while most languages translated it to plural
  • we got new cast members (laura dern, benicio del toro) who will likely have supporting roles while other actors (gwendoline christie, domhnall gleeson) haven’t even had the chance to establish their characters well
  • since this is a space movie i’m kinda amused but not in a good way that there haven’t been many actual aliens as important characters (re: maz kanata)
  • the plot for tfa was very similar to anh: a planet destroyer weapon, someone is kidnapped, a mentor dies. the premise for tlj is very similar to esb: a main character gets training while the others go on another adventure. not very original

like… yall are quick to criticize the prequels but this is not looking very good scoob

Human Sardonyx(es?)
as lawyers ready to go on their lunch date

I really don’t feel like coloring this, but at the same time, I don’t believe it needs colors? It has been a long time since I did a black and white pic. Also, Leticia Curi is my real name! I’m figuring out how to sign it in a cool way. 

Also thanks everyone who send me helpful messages, I’m ok, I’m just on a “meh” state! Sorry to worry you guys!