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God please more festival headcanons. Yes please. And please make Shouyou the (surprisingly good at everything that involves festivals. Like henna, body paint, style, and flowers.) Sunshine child. He also gets laid the most bc everyone wants a piece of that sunshine ass😉

Yay! I love applying festival and rave stuff to these characters! And, just we’re clear, Anon, the headcanons you’re referring to (here) were written by the lovely @rubysfavorites. I just wanted to clarify before I jumped in here!

But I’ll do some general rave headcanons and I hope that you like them, Anon!

P.s. Hinata WOULD get laid the most!

Sawamura Daichi: Shows up early and always manages to find the quickest best lines when getting in. Like, doesn’t matter what he’s carrying in his camel pack - it’s alcohol - they let him through with a cool handshake and a smile. No one knows how he gets away with it. Never bothers wearing a shirt in with the foresight that he’ll loose it and always says yes when someone asks to draw/paint on him; it’s like he gets to take the experience home with him.

Sugawara Koushi: Literally lives by PLUR (Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect) and has copious amounts of kandi bracelets with it and other affirmations on them. He’s one hundred percent the person who will ask anyone standing alone or looking down if they’re okay and even play the friend/boyfriend part to get anyone out of a troublesome situation. (Of course, it always leads to an actual friendship afterwards, lol!)

Azumane Asahi: Always trying to get some good aesthetic shots of the stages and decorations; while he succeeds, he always mumbles afterwards that the pictures never seem to live up to the actual experience. (p.s. those photos go on his “Rave/Festival Jesus” Instagram account - dudes, he’s real, btw!) Seriously is the unintentional start to any and all cuddle puddles. He’ll just be laying there on the grass and someone will walk right up and lay their head on his stomach and then there’s no going back!

Ennoshita Chikara: He’s the guy that everyone trusts all their stuff with because they knew he won’t lose it; his pockets are just filled with chopsticks and IDs. Oh, he’s also the one who - after the group splits - always gets calls and texts asking where he’s gone as though he were the one that left them. Surely a game of hide and seek ensues as he tries to find him and they in turn try to find him. Giving up, he’s learned, is the only option, considering fate always manages to bring them to the same stage anyway.

Tanaka Ryuunosuke: Hardcore Kandi Baby. Seriously, this boy has those bracelets on every inch of his arms from wrist to shoulder, plus he’s got necklaces and some clipped to his belt. His mission: to give out the experience of that grand event to as many people as he can! Doesn’t even trade half the time, he simply gives them out to people and he makes ALL of them himself - well, Saeko helped a little!

Nishinoya Yuu: Ya know that guy in the crowd that hears his song come on and SHOUTS before just busting into the most intense dance solo? That is this boy at almost every stage. He’s so freaking excited to be there and it only grows with each cool light show, confetti rain, and bass drop! Probably the one taking molly, actually, in which he’s always asking Tanaka or Asahi for head massages various times throughout the night.

Yamaguchi Tadashi: Opts out of kandi bracelets and has both of his arms - from the tips of his fingers to his shoulders - covered in henna design. His smile shines so bright whenever someone compliments it, which allows him to launch into a conversation with them. Water conscious boy, he’s always checking that everyone around him is staying hydrated - probably passed out once himself and been on top of it ever since.

Tsukishima Kei: Constantly complaining that the sound isn’t as loud as it used to be - he totally started out being a part of the underground rave scene and it always lamenting about how it’s not the same. He is a gloving master, fingers creating the coolest show perfecto in sync with the music. So many people ask him for shows, he asks for payment in return, they think he’s joking, he’s not. (Lol, he gives them one anyway - he immerses himself in PLUR when he’s there).

Kageyama Tobio: Totally stiff and only resorts to toe tapping when he first arrives. It takes being jostled around by some bodies, a little bit alcohol, and the best musical experience of his young life to loosen him up. Before anyone knows it, he head banging and creating his own circle so that he had dance; and he doesn’t stop until there’s no more music to dance to. Though that doesn’t stop his grin as he focuses in on the beats reverberating in his ear drums.

Hinata Shouyou: Plans his outfits months in advanced and has the perfect accessories for each of them - once he went with the most beautiful glitter design done on his back. His excitement is infectious from the moment he steps anywhere at the venue and he’s always got people walking up and asking if they can ‘be lost’ with him. Just loses himself in the music all the time, which actually leads to him being lost in someones arms. The night doesn’t end at those gates, if you know what I mean?