plur lifestyle

P.L.U.R. Clarification

There seems to be a little misunderstanding with P.L.U.R. with some ravers. Some throw it around as just another acronym to use as their twitter bio, ig bio, etc. However, it is more than just an acronym- It is a lifestyle. 

Peace- spreading positive vibes to everyone no matter their size, lifestyle, habits, and race.

Love- love the music, love the people, love the experience. No hate!

Unity- as a group of EDM lovers we all come together as one. No matter what. Unity is the glue of P.L.U.R. it keeps us strong.

Respect- simple as that. Respect everyone, everything, and the music.

P.L.U.R. is a very serious lifestyle and it should not be mistaken as an acronym to make you look hipster. 

Live by peace. Live by love. Live by unity. Live by respect.