plur and shit

another post abt my high school bestie who was also the kindest drug dealer ever:

when i met him sophomore year he was rly into the rave scene and loved making bead accessories. he had so many beads and tons of elastic string. i’d ask him abt raves and plur and shit and he’d tell me what things meant, how people behaved in raves, codes of conduct etc. i told him the bead bracelets were beautiful and how i wanted one but i’m bad with crafts so he offered to make one for me over thanksgiving break!! i told him what colors i wanted (pink and green, black and white, some glow in the dark ones) and to surprise me with the pattern.

when he handed it to me a week later he apologized, because he’d made it the previous night and was really really high. there was a pattern near where he started, but is slowly turned to weird interspaced colors and involved red and purple?? there were originally 6 or 7 rows of beads but the string work became just flat out wrong and he accidentally made it into 4 rows near the end.

i loved it then and i loved it now. it’s the wrongest bracelet/arm cuff ever and i still have it and it means a lot to me.