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Recently, I was asked a similar question, if I could give a list of most Squiddles. That post can be found here: (x)

However, you’ve asked for backstory. What I’m going to do is give you backstory on five main characters, Plumthroat, Princess Berryboo, Creamsicle, Skipper Plumbthroat and the Elder Squid. I apologise, but it just takes far too long to give a detailed analysis of every character. If you’d like to look at the wikia, there’s a link on the main blog.

That being said, let’s get to it. Long text post coming up, spoilers abound.

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Plumthroat, or, P - Plumthroat’s mother is suspected to have been close with one of the few human characters, Skipper Plumbthroat. It’s said she grew up with him. However, she died giving birth to P (a fact which was only briefly spoken about in one episode), having only enough time to name her Squiddle son after her friend before passing away. P grew up believing that his mother’s death was his fault, and he’s very angry, guilty and sad because of this, although he hides it well.

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Princess Berryboo - Berryboo, being the daughter of the Queen of the Squiddles, grew up receiving anything she wanted. She stayed in the castle all the time, trying on her jewelry, playing with her expensive toys, forcing the servants to play with her although they hated it. She was very spoiled, snobby and bratty (and still is at times), causing most of the castle to develop a deep disdain for her. She was very sad because of this. One day, she swam away from the castle and met Plumthroat. Although she was rude to him, he introduced her to the rest of his friends. With their help, she discovered what friendship truly is, although she’s still hitting some snags along the way.

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Creamsicle - We don’t know much about Creamsicle’s backstory, despite her being a main character. What we were told though is that she is Plumthroat’s lost sister (found in season 3), separated from him at birth and sent to live with her father. 

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Skipper Plumbthroat - Piecing together small, fleeting facts spread throughout seasons, it is discovered that Skipper Plumbthroat used to be friends (perhaps more) with Plumthroat’s mother before she had children. It is suspected that he was in love with her, but could never say, as a human/Squiddle relationship would have been condemned. When she died giving birth to Creamsicle and Plumthroat, Skipper developed a deep hatred for them, despising them for taking his friend/love from him. That hatred is still fueled today.

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Elder Squid (also known as Grandpa Squid) - the Elder Squid is a very mysterious character. All that is canonically known about him is that he is Berryboo’s maternal grandfather. He is a community leader and is always there to help the Tangle Buddy group when they need it. He is arch rivals with Skipper Plumbthroat, something which seems to stem from childhood (going off of a quote from the sixth season). It is rumoured that both he and Skipper had a rivalry over Plumthroat’s mother, a rivalry which is still going.

Phew! That was very, very long, even with only five characters. I hope that’s enough for you, Anon, and if you ever want another one, just send me an ask. I might make a page on the blog that has information about each Squiddle, since I get asked about them quite a bit (not a bad thing)!

Sorry for clogging up anyone’s dash! Photos are taken from the Squiddle wikia.



Man, was this show the fucking best show I watched as a kid. I literally woke up at like, 6 in the morning just to watch this show. It is seriously up there with Sesame Street and Blues Clues as the greatest kids shows ever, and for a kid show it had the best morals and stories ever. Remember the episode where Plumthroat had to give up his dream of being a singer to help Booberry with hers of become a fashion squid? That is a true fucking friend right there who sacrificed his dream to help out a friend in need. Not to mention literally everyone who was involved in this show went to the top. The guy who voiced Elder Squid? He is now the voice of Ganondorf. I am not making this up. Also, remember the episode Soonki was introduced in? Guess who wrote that episode? Matt Chapman, the man who went on to make Homestar Runner. Not to mention Hussie wrote for it a bit and he went to make FUCKING HOMESTUCK! DO YOU KNOW HOW AWESOME IT WAS TO SEE THE SQUIDDLES IN HOMESTUCK!?!? I Am so fucking pumped for the re-boot of this show. I can’t wait.

omg you guys, quit with the controversy about plumbthroat. yes, skipper plumbthroat was an antagonist who tried to catch squiddles, and yes, plumbthroat was a squiddle too. do you even remember the episode where they introduced plumb? the main seven found him in skipper’s trap, rescued him, and called him plumbthroat from then on. jeeeeeez ppl, get your squiddle facts right!!

Aaaah! I have a lot of feelings about Moony Mystery, but I’ll put them in a nutshell because I’m procrastinating right now.

Moony Mystery makes my heart hurt. How he was ridiculed and put down for so many years that he just expected it from everybody. He lost all hope in Squidmanity, and it breaks my heart. I wanted to give him a big squeeze and forever repeat, “YOU’RE AWESOME, DON’T BE SAD, HAVE SOME ICE CREAM!”

I was happy that his character and persecution made Plumthroat think over his attitude, though. As I said in a previous answer, I love how they’re inserting slightly adult topics into a children’s show, but not in a harsh, obvious way.


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