Showing YOI to my male friend

Episode 1
“The opening is cool - damn I want those shirts.”

“Oh the poor sinnamon roll - he’s got those giant tears like in Myazaki’s movies”

“Yup he’s plumpy alright - in anime they’re usually all so skinny”

“Isn’t that gay already?” - the skating sequence

“Yup, it was their intention from the start” - the pronouns of “Stammi vicino” being referred to a male

“The kids have something creepy about them.”

“I don’t get what… Oh. Oh I can’t watch. Geez. Didn’t see it coming, couldn’t you tell me?!” - the last scene

Episode 2-3
“Oh. Come on! Okay, this is gay…. I don’t see the romanticism yet but he likes him, definitely.” - about Victor touching Yuri’s chin

“Those sport shirts are so cool, you don’t find them at Decathlon.”

“Eh… Oh please.” - Victor’s sexy smile

“Wha…. Are they being serious?” - about the katsudon Eros

“I really want one of those shirts for jogging.”

“I think… There’s something … a little something gay … About ice skating… As a whole… NO AMERICAN FOOTBALL ISN’T GAYER STOP IT.”

“I can’t believe it.” - yet again about the katsudon Eros

Episode 7:
“Victor loves him, but he still doesn’t know he loves Victor.”

“That’s a girl?” - seeing Guang Hong

“Honestly it’s not as gay as you said, only two characters are.”

“He’s the one with Instangram?” - about Phitchit

“They aren’t gay, or at least you can’t tell” - about Phitchit and Leo

“You mean he’s the hetero one?” - seeing Georgi’s costume

“She’s a bitch.” - about Anya

“Are you actually showing me this?!” - at Christophe’s performance

“Yup. He loves him.”

“They’d never let them do all of this in the actual Russia, you know.”

“There’s an Audi there.” - when Victor and Yuri are in the parking lot, what can I say, different priorities

“He made him cry, what a jerk!”

“Oh.” - after THE KISS, and I don’t know what to make of this either

“So they had to confirm they actually kissed?!”

“Now Yuri loves Victor.”

“This last episode wasn’t so gay you know.”

Update: I was always the plumpy child in the family. All the cousins were pretty and slim and I was just fat. But I wanted to feel pretty and beautiful too and after dealing with so much I can finally say the weight loss has not only helped me with my health but also the way I see myself. It is so important to love yourself and not limit yourself because of how much you weigh. 

Sadly we live in a society that puts people down based on their appearance and all I have to say is… To each their own. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. If you don’t like your weight trust me you can lose it like I did.

Always believe in yourself. You can do anything.


two blueberries and a cherry tomato

sans wants his AU counterparts to embrace their skelly bellies

my hand slipped. three times.

see i said i can draw traditional

although i’m tempted once i get my stylus back to color the outline of this on the computer

go and find a girl, one with whiter teeth, fake your smile to her and she’ll face it with fake smile of her own
it just works like this
find a better girl free of inner mess that could give you more that demands much less, with less plumpy hips, graceful like a vine
when you kiss her lips never think of mine
please don’t think of how I would love you when you just can’t allow me to love you
please don’t ask me why just stand up and leave - leave me here to die, leave me here to live
shivers down my spine - take them back
you’ll see
eastern wind of mine never gales your sea

Stranger [V smut]

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You are not that kind of girl. You are not the kind of girl who have sex with a stranger. It was not you. It was him. His sexy brown eyes, that deep look that made you melt inside everytime, his hair, falling over his eyes, looking absolutely perfect, almost inhuman.  His tanned skin, so soft, making impossible to take your hands out of it. You wanted to caress every single inch of his body. And oh god, it would be much better if you could stop thinking about those lips. It’s pure porn. Those pink plumpy lips, so desirable, and the way in which him get them wet make you wet.  You are getting wet right now only picturing him, and you didn’t even started to remember the way that those hungry hands felt exploring your body that night. Those beautiful, delicate, strong hands travelling all way up your thighs. God damn it. His wet fingers pressing your clit, first so slowly, making you shiver, crying for more, and then faster and faster, leaving you breathless, a moaning mess.

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Tea Rose Lipstick with teeth

Hey guys ♥

i’m back on tumblr :-) with a new lipstick♥

If you like natural and super matt lips with teeth this lipstick is perfect for your :D

    - this lipstick works with ALL skins. (S4Models skin, S-club skin, EA skin ,M.i.l.k and more xD)
    - this set have 11 colors (dark red,pink mauve and super nude)
    - looks realistic
    - good pigmentation
    - soft and plumpy finish

    Have fun and i hope you like it  :)

    External image

    I’m proud to introduce to you my very first font, Pumpkin!

    Pumpkin was created by using FontCreator v9.1. I made this as a tribute to my dad who passed away last August 15, 2016 and also to the spookiest season of all, Halloween!

    Why not try and celebrate this season with plumpy characters? This font is under Donationware, meaning I’m offering it for free but am also requesting for donations (purely optional). If you feel the need to support me and my fonts, you can donate any kind of amount to my paypal at

    ★ DOWNLOAD PUMPKIN (Google Drive Link) ★

    I’ll be creating more fonts in the future so follow this blog to keep yourselves updated. :)

    In For Real (Jay Park Scenario)

    In which he proves he’s in for real.

    Glancing at the scale on the floor you sigh again. At first you were angry and wanted to throw it out the window, but then it all washed away in a silent sadness that made you hide in the darkness of your room. Why was it so hard on you? Why couldn’t you stay motivated enough to keep yourself on the same track and not fall into temptation? Maybe it was something with your DNA…

    The TV on mute plays Jay Park’s last MV, “My Last”. Sure, he’s sweet and goofy towards a girl perfect from head to toes. He’s not ashamed to declare his love towards her in crazy ways and glances since she’s looking as if she stepped out of the Vogue cover. Annoyed, you turn off the TV and stare into the darkness. If it weren’t for people imposing models for everything and anything, then being oversize wouldn’t be a problem. However people stare, people laugh, people point fingers believing all you do is eat fast-food and noodles all day long. But you jog, you drink over 2L of water per day and eat only home-cooked food, almost nothing fried. Do they know that? Of course not!

    The blinking screen of your cell phone interrupts your thoughts.

    “Hey, babe! ≧^◡^≦ I’m coming home! 🚘Want me to buy something on my way there? ᵔ.ᵔ says the text and you just stare at it. It would be great if he’d be there to hold you, caress you, tell you that everything was ok, that it was alright not to look perfect, that he still loves you. It hasn’t been long since you started dating and yet you know that he’d look at you with different eyes, as if measuring your fat. And that would be the last drop that would make you lose it.

    “It would be better not to…” You type and press sent, lying on your bed in the darkness. Darkness is good, darkness doesn’t point fingers at you but engulfs you in absolute silence.

    “What do you mean? Did I do something wrong? ૅ.ે

    “Just… go back to your apartment! I’m not sure if I can handle Jay Park right now… sorry…”

    ಥ_ಥ You see the screen blinking right before the phone starts ringing. “Babe…” His voice is low and persuasive.

    “Don’t ‘babe’ me, Park Jaebum,” you clench your teeth to hold in your anger. “Listen, it’s not you, it’s me. So leave it, alright?”

    “No,” he says calmly, “something’s wrong. Tell me, please! We promised we’d always be sincere with one another, didn’t we?” He makes use of that one day when you made the rules for your relationship.

    You sigh deeply. “You always said it was my ass that attracted your attention. What if,” you unwillingly gulp, “I were fatter?”

    “Would your ass be bigger too?” His laughter tickles your ear.

    “Park Jaebum!”

    “I don’t know why you’re asking that, but I would still be attracted to you, babe.” He’s serious, but you still doubt. “Your ass is just one of the bazillion of things I love about you. It wouldn’t matter if you’d be paper thin or obese to be honest.”

    “Liar,” you whisper, tears rolling down your face. “Is that why you always rub yourself against model-like girls?! Because looks don’t matter, but what’s on the inside?! Damn, they must all have such beautiful souls then!” You yell at him before hanging up. And then you yell into your pillow, tears of frustration rolling down your face. All of a sudden, the darkness is no longer so welcoming, but you lay still, crying into the pillow with your fists closed tightly.  “It’s not fair! It’s not fucking fair!” You mumble, sobbing.

    “Oh, babe,” the bed screeches a little as he sits down next to you.

    “Leave me alone,” you retreat from him. “I told you not to come,” you quickly wipe away your tears, keeping your back turned on him. “Why did you come, Jay?”

    Turning around you find him looking straight at you.

    “What happened? Did I do something? Did I say something? I’m sorry,” he apologizes, reaching his arms to touch you. But you retreat, afraid that if he were to touch you, you’d break down again.

    “You really want to know what happened?” You whisper, walking to the bedroom’s door. “That happened!” You point at the scale on the bathroom’s floor. “This happened!” You pinch your belly fat. “It happened that I gained weight and my jeans no longer fit me. It happened that I was so happy in my cocoon that I didn’t even realize when it happened. It happened that I gained weight right after you said you’d reveal our relationship. I can’t go anywhere with you looking like this!”


    “Why you ask?! Because people will point their fingers at me and whisper and mock you because let’s be honest, I’m nothing like that girl in your last MV and you could always date someone like that. Which you should do,” your wipe away your rebel tears with the back of your hand. “I don’t want you to be ashamed with me, Jay. I’ve never been skinny or even slim, but right now I feel like a pig. And people –”

    “Fuck people!” He frowns, approaching you. “I don’t care what people say. They’re not important. They’re not the ones making me laugh when I’m down, they’re not the ones that take care of me when I’m sick or that look at other than my looks and money. It’s all you. They can say whatever they want and long as you’re comfortable with being yourself, I am more than happy, babe,” his hands on your cheeks don’t allow you to move from under his graze.

    “I wish I looked like that girl from your MV,” you avert your eyes, “I hate myself.”

    “Don’t you ever say that, alright?!” Jay’s hands force you to look at him as he wipes away your tears. “There’s nothing wrong with you. This,” you feel his warm palm on your belly, “is you. And it’s beautiful. This,” his hand stops on your hip, “is you as well. And it’s just as beautiful as this or this or this… or this,” lastly, his hand returns from your chest to your face. “There’s no wrong and right in beauty. And people don’t matter,” he shushes you down when you open your mouth to protest, “all that matters is what you think about yourself. If you are okay with how you look, you dress, you speak, then they don’t matter. And I would love you no matter what. Because you’re you, the one I fell in love with. And your ass doesn’t count,” he smiles cheekily.

    “I still wish I were slimmer,” you sigh, closing your eyes in his embrace.

    “That’s something we can do together if you want,” he smiles genuinely. “We could go to the gym together. C’mon! It will be fun!” His eyes sparkle. “I never told you, but I won’t ever let you down and I am going to help you achieve all you dream of,” his fingers intertwine with yours. “Sorry, but I’m in for real and there’s no escape.”

    “I’m not sure if that’s the most beautiful confession I ever heard or the most scary threat,” you laugh, realizing that he’s sincere despite his cheeky smile.