Building for the Levant Fair, held in Tel Aviv, British Mandate of Palestine, which finished construction in 1934. x

The Levant Fair was a biennial international trade fair held between 1932 and 1936 in Tel Aviv, British Mandate of Palestine.  The fair grew from a small exhibition titled “Exhibition and Fair for the Promotion of Goods Made in Israel”, which took place starting in 1914, to a large and international event.  

The fair was organized by local Zionist organizations and represented both Jewish and Arab businesses, produce, manufactured goods, and artists.  In the 1934 Levant Fair, 600,000 people from 30 countries visited the fairgrounds.  Notable attendees to the Fair included the British High Commissioners Herbert Samuel, Herbert Plumer, John Chancellor, and Arthur Grenfell Wauchope as well as the Arab mayor of Haifa, Hasan Bey Shukri, and the president of Lebanon at the time.  The last Levant Fair took place in 1936 and it had a small attendance due to riots in Jaffa that marked the beginning of the Arab Revolt.  This would be the last year of the Levant Fair with continuation of the Arab Revolt and the outbreak of World War II.  Though the fairgrounds have mostly been dismantled, parts of the Lebanese pavilion can still be seen in Tel Aviv today.
Republicans have no real answer for the collapsing US coal industry
(Brendan Smialowski/Getty)On Tuesday night at the Republican National Convention, Sen. Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia went onstage and railed against Hillary Clinton's "anti-coal agenda." Her kicker: "I weep for the fabric of my state."Capito’s right that West Virginia’s coal industry is collapsing, mining jobs are vanishing, and it’s genuinely hurting the state. She’s also right that the industry will likely keep shrinking under Clinton, who plans to tackle global warming by further curtailing America’s coal use in favor of cleaner energy sources. ...
By Brad Plumer