Hey everyone! Sorry for the long absence, but I just got back from a trip and BOY was that exhausting -_-

Anywho, here I have a request pose pack for plumbobswithapassion. It took a while but it’s finally done :) She originally asked for male-male poses, but I thought I’d throw in some male-female poses for the rest of you lovelies.

From left to right, the pose codes are:

a_yemuffin_requestplumbobs6    (hug)

a_yemuffin_requestplumbobs7    (hug)

a_yemuffin_requestplumbobs8    (standing)

a_yemuffin_requestplumbobs9    (sitting)

a_yemuffin_requestplumbobs10   (sitting)

a_yemuffin_requestplumbobs11   (lying- top)

a_yemuffin_requestplumbobs12   (lying- bottom)

For the male-female codes, everything’s the same except the numbers: 6a, 7a, 9a, 10a, 11a, 12a

Like, reblog, and all that jazz if you liked the poses. Don’t be afraid to tag me in any pics that you use ANY of my poses for so I can reblog them and feel all warm and fuzzy :3

Private download for about a week or so, so plumbobswithapassion can use the poses first. Now public!




I finally cleared out my inbox and there’s a lot of love I have discovered in the progress. I’m really terrible at replying to messages and comments, but I just want to say a huge thank you for all those who took the time to send me such sweet messages!

I do love running Sim Designs but as I always say I don’t really do the hard work, without the many talented simblrs this blog would be empty. All the thanks should go to them.

I have a bit of OCD so I do try and keep everything as organised as possible, with 8,500 posts that is a bit of work sometimes especially if I change or add a tag.. 

Oh and I’m sorry that I do not wish to post my follower number. I don’t really see what the point is, other then to look like a bit of a prick. They’ll always be others with more notes, more followers and more admiration, There’s always going to be ‘better’ and 'bigger’ things than yourself. I don’t compare myself to anyone and don’t need recognition or admiration to make me happy or feel good about myself. I think the key to running a good tumblr and being happy with is it to pretend like you have no one watching or looking and just do what makes you happy.

I started this blog off with 0 followers and it was a place where I posted my Sim rooms and reblogged others that I wanted to have a record of designs and houses which I really liked and could take 'simspiration’ from. To this day I still do that, the fact that I have an 'audience’ now is wonderful but irrelevant in terms of how I run this simblr or what I post.

Anyway long post is long, but thanks for the love! <3 

anonymous asked:

who is you favorite simblrs? :) need ppl to follow for mine new blog

Well…if I had to choose off the top of my head..

plumbobswithapassion, slamasim, pocketfulofpixels, simsalways, sectumsimpra, gracefulshores, simtasmic, simswhen, sweetsimsations, touchmypixels, hisuily, ilikeyourfacesims, notcreatingsims, pixelddump, titosims, ladysimaholic, simsiguess, simsanctuary, klauseconfessions, sperosims, randuhxx, simdew, trulylovinsims, shockshame, thedarksimblrrises, tumblinrob, bigbangsimory, simsxolove, fanaskher, simty, simstaplease, kaleekalo, creaturefearsims….etc, etc..

there are SO many more that I could list, but these people have amazing sims as well as hearts ♥♥


idk I had to share this, this is so sweet ; A ; I felt like crap the past few days after figuring out a simblr was lying about complimenting my blog for a follow but this pretty much erased most of that memory

thank you, it made my day, you deserve a hug you wonderful thing you