And now, Elizabeth Wren, a contestant for @plumbboxx‘s Big Brother challenge!

Slob - Creative - Good

Elizabeth is a pretty chill gal from Oasis Springs, ready to turn over a new leaf!!!

She’s up on my gallery at 1Dugawinduncan - make sure to check the include cc box! She’s free for anyone to use, and do whatever you want with her - change her name, face, whatever, just please don’t claim her as your own. I’d love if you tagged me in posts using her as well! CC list under the cut.

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plumbboxx  asked:

I am so sorry to hear about your divorce! My parents separated when I was 17 and their divorce was finalized about 5 years ago. I've honestly never seen them happier. It WILL get better <3

Thank you honey. I am so glad I won’t feel like this forever. <333


Ok so….this is my first time doing a Photoshoot thing there, and i’m doing Emmy’s one!  So here it goes, i’m honestly not sure if i like this or not…..anyway this is one of the triplets Kate and i will be using her for this Phootoshoot, i’m very bad at decorating also! 

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plumb-boxx said: hi Sumie I never unfollowed I knew you’d be back <3 I am sorry all that happened to you.

omg i loveee ur blog its so cute! and adorable..and its okay i got over it :)