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  • Ali Plumb: I'm still giddy over Dunkirk.
  • Nick: Soooo good.
  • Ali Plumb: Harry Styles' magnum opus. I just can't believe- Look, this film is 2.5 hours of agony and yet, everyone's watching it. I gave it 5 stars, and Harry Styles is genuinely really good in it.
  • Nick: It deserves 5 stars! I predicted 5 stars, did I not???!!! Fifi, how much would you give it?
  • Fiona: Five! I wanted it to be longer.
  • Nick: Me too! That was the first time when I sat at a screening that Radio 1 made me go and see when I thought 'Wow. I hope this doesn't end.' Usually, I'm like 'Well, this is absolute garbage.' But this was really great! It was so so good!
As soon as our party had ceased firing, it began in the centre, and then upon the right, but as I was not in that part of the army, I had no “adventure” in it, but the firing was continued in one part or the other of the field, the whole afternoon. Our troops remained on the field all night with the Commander-in-chief; a regiment of Connecticut forces were sent to lie as near the enemy as possible and to watch their motions, but they disappointed us all. If my readers wish to know how they escaped so slyly without our knowledge, after such precautions being used to prevent it, I must tell them I know nothing about it. But if they will take the trouble to call upon John Trumbull, Esq. perhaps he will satisfy their curiosity. If he should chance to be out of the way, (and ten chances to one if he is not,) apply to McFingal, Canto 4th.

A Narrative of Some of the Adventures, Dangers and Sufferings of a Revolutionary Soldier by Joseph Plumb Martin

Unfortunately I can’t really go and ask John Trumbull, but I still really want to know what Martin’s talking about here.


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Part 10

Members : All of BTS

Genre: Pretty much everything fluff, angst, smut 

Word Count: 2361

God.Damn.It… JungKook and I were nothing. He was not my boyfriend. He was not even a friend, technically. However I could not allow him to be under such a pressure when I was the one to save him.  She knew I was not going to leave JungKook with the debt. Even though I did not want to admit it YeonMi played her card well. Ignoring my head starting to hurt I reach fort he card. She pulls it back for a second, face glowing up but somewhat serious.

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things no one can fix, a playlist for the mother of the Rebellion

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