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I was asked to list my favorite Sims 4 blogs. So I decided to share some in case anyone else was curious and would like to follow some quality blogs!

@inabadromance@dani-paradise ♥ @sixamsims ♥ @berrynooboosfour
@berrynooboo@tinysimmies ♥ @meowlr@siminycricket@boocreek @thenooboocrew@niquesims@thegoncalves@zauglom@thesimths @wafflekone@heihu@plumb-barb ♥ @nenpysims ♥        @sul-sul-nooboo @the-shimmering-silwermoon@simxnoire  @pickypikachu ♥ @bustedpixels @wildlyminiaturesandwich@rinvalee@cyberqueen-13@tainoodles ♥ @sweetsimsationz@keenpea

plumb-barb replied to your photo:

you always edit so cooly

you really think so?? omg thank you ;__;

i just like incorporating strong colors and effects into my screenshots, mostly to evoke emotions or personalities or themes. i over-edit everything, about 99% of my screenshots are shot with the same dark gray backdrop but i use different in-game lighting and photoshop to change the effects.

Let me get cheesy for a minute. 


There’s so many of you that have inspired me this year; that made bomb ass CC that will never leave my game; that make coming back to check in and be a part of this community worth it; and a few of you that I consider friends. In spite of some of the absolutely bat shit crazy balls-out insanity that occurred this year I had a great year here and am looking forward to what 2017 is going to bring.


So in no particular order imma tag some beautiful people that I hope never ever leave… or at least not before I do <( ̄︶ ̄)> (and some of you need to stop slacking and come back already):

@sympxls || @daturaobscura || @loch-pearl || @talesofascrewup || @cultsims || @sanoysims || @13pumpkin31 || @zingssimblr || @seventysimself || @furiouslydecaffinated || @michelleabstuff || @leo-sims || @inabadromance || @infinnlily || @ninjaofthepurplethings || @nisukiye || @buckleysims || @katsujii || @lazysunjade || @peacemaker-ic || @firstladyofcasterlyrock || @luchiatores || @thecrimsonsparkles || @paisleyavenueredux || @butterbunss || @femmesim || @junipasims || @plumb-barb || @plumpball || @goodnightlittlewing || @ichosim || @la-mia-grande-famiglia-italiana || @savage-sims || @xmiramira || @mxims || @sweetcaffeinesims || @nativeafua || @aikea-guinea || @annon-in-gelydh || @novaneptune || @baufive || @angrycathere || @aroundthesims || @rubyred-sims || @jenba || @m0xxa || @lis0

And I don’t like doing these because I always think I’m going to leave someone off and I know I did but just know that I love you guys, if we talk, if I show up in your notifications, if you show up in mine there’s nothing but love from me to you  ❤ ❤ ❤


OC’s BEST OF 2016
Post your fave OC’s screenshots from 2016 and tag your friends!

I was tagged by @aod4909 <3  Thank you! ^_^

I didn´t include Susie because I felt like I already done her in a way :P Click pictures for name and date lol

I tag @azuremermaid , @ziva-sims , @ice-creamforbreakfast , @ninjaofthepurplethings , @soloriya , @silverowlblog , @rollo-rolls , @simplyimaginarypeople , @my-simension , @theothersim , @plumb-barb , @cualquiere , @novapark , @mimisapje , @katsujii , @mypixelchronicles , @pixelsinmyveins, @alverdinesims , @verakasthethird and literally anyone else of my lovely followers who wants to do it!! 

Happiest of new years everyone! Shout out to some of my favorite people! @sixamsims @romeo-and-simulet @gowiththeflowxx @sammthegiraffe @inabadromance @theothersim @boocreek @morgibritt @hexdrawz @aikea-guinea @tainoodles @cuteplumbbies @plumb-barb @dagdag-qwibqwib @petite-fox-simmies @iliketodissectsims @peacemaker-ic @simsfosures @bustedpixels and tons of love to all my followers!

May 2017 heals our hearts and bring us the sweetness we all deserve!

alienpod, alfalfalegacy, ameowls, bellesgrotto, bemykingofthesims, beaverhausenx, beautyandthesim, berrysweetboutique, berrysimlish, blindingechoescathilark, catastrophicpixels, checkmar, catlover800, colormepixeled, cookiemonsterrsims, cuteplumbbies

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I am almost positive I forgot some. But I have been compiling this list for awhile. These are my favorites who fill my dash with so much loveliness. Never stop simming! ♥ ♥

So since Im not doing a BC, I am going to be starting a legacy with Luna, maybe not the usual legacy style but I want to start a new save in Saint Greer and start a family, similar to what @plumb-barb has done with Toby and Navy, I want to grow with her, start a family, a career and just basically have her life on my blog. I will be taking sims for the save, maybe around 10. If you want to send me a sim then could you either send it in sims3pack or pack it with cc, I want your sims to look how you created them. They will feature alot, I want luna to be friends with them, have them in the background in pictures. You can follow the tag grey legacy <3

1. @deliciouslystupendousyouth (sent)

2. @comeletsplaysims (sent)

3. @pixelatedpretties (sent)

4. @simboat (sent)

5. @thesimperiuscurse (sent)

6. @simmingeternal (sent)

7. @calipsoheartbreak (sent)




these are a few simblrs that I am so thankful for and who really brighten up my dash! 

@cocooni / @nillabeansims / @smeli / @blitz-en / @gohliad / @sims3melancholic / @plumblobs / @plumb-barb / @pleyita / @lina-cherie / @shambalasims3 / @pickypikachu / @keenpea / @sixamsims / @nixels / @pxelbox / @pixelsforce / @eversims / @heihu / @freysims

but really, all the blogs I follow are amazing so if you’re on my blogroll I love you too!