plum68 reblogged your post: I bet there’s at least one copy for each lost film…

think they should make a law that everyone…planet has to go through their basements,…

omg absolutely YES! I totally agree with you, it could be fine.

that’s what I want to do one day: go to Cinecittà and search all their archives, I’m sure there’s a lot of forgotten and precious footage, maybe another version of Cabiria *_*

ok, I’d better stop dreaming.

people, search your basements, please.

uhm, well well well… I think I’ll go for Tempest. Because I need to start to read something about him from another point of view, not only by his side… but I promise next I’ll buy his autobio. Or his interviews! D: OR THE FAMOUS BOXSET I HAD TO BUY FOR XMAS!

I wish I had a million dollars