“the plum tree in our back garden has withered because i have not seen the sun for five days. i have been worshiping at the cradle of her hips 

father, she has cleansed me with those hands and those eyes, i do not know how to turn unless it is towards her, i do not know where to go except in her direction.”

- azra t // take me to church

Hunted | Yoongi

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Genre: Angst (sorta?) | Slight fluff (?) | Action | Mafia/Gang!AU

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader (ft. Got7)

Warnings: Violence, shooting, mentions of dead bodies, cursing/swearing, etc.

 Word count: 2251

Request: Hello! I would like to request a scenario! Instead of writing blah, blah, blah I will make it easy to read: 1. Yoongi (with Agust D personality - you know, a bad, sassy, rude boy) 2. A mix of genres, whatever you feel inspired for but please - not 100% fluffy. 3. Triggers are alright, they make the plot even more interesting! If that’s okay with YOU ofc. 4. The AU totally depends on you! I thought about something like poor producer AU, drug dealer but I’m up to anything! 5. THANKS

 A/N: I’m finally back after the hiatus! Please leave me feedback as always, I hope this came out okay? I’m not sure, but feedback is much appreciated! 


Your arms slung loosely around his slender shoulders, your lips gently pressed to his neck as you chuckled softly with a mischievous tone, and Yoongi couldn’t help his mouth from curling up ever so slightly, a hint of a smile dancing on his lips.

“Aish, Y/N, stop making me so soft,” he complained half heartedly, swatting your hands away as he leaned forward on his desk, his fingers intertwining, clasping his palms together on the hard surface. His phone buzzed repeatedly against the desk, and he sighed, hooking his finger onto the object and flinging it closer to him.

“What, is our big bad gang leader going all soft and gooey for me, hm?” You teased him, wanting to see how long you could keep this up, a smirk tugging at the corners of your lips with the knowledge that only you could make him this soft.

Yoongi wasn’t the soft type. His own gang members held a certain fearful respect for him, their heads ducking in a nervous nod under his piercing, cold gaze whenever he strode past any of them, his pistol always swinging around his finger threateningly. They had all witnessed his incredibly short temper, how he would easily flip the trigger on anyone who insisted on pushing his buttons too far. His wrath was particularly evident when a rival gang made a puny, futile attempt to threaten him, or back out on a deal, it was safe to say they’d be seeing nothing but darkness from that moment onwards, their bodies lay limp and decorated with wounds. His work was known clearly from his signature mark, three shots; a shot in the head, in the mouth, and straight in the heart, the chilling preciseness of the wounds instilling fear in anyone who saw the cold, emotionless, steel look clouding over his eyes, as he’d cock his head to the side with a small smirk, observing his work.

For someone who seemed so emotionless and sociopathic, his stone heart held a lot of love for you, no matter how much he tried to hide it in front of others. You were strong, skilled, a valuable asset to the gang as well as his beloved, the one person who could soften his stone hard heart, who could melt away the cold glint in his eyes, replacing it with a warmth barely seen by anyone. He couldn’t help but let his mouth curl up onto a smile every time he watched you walk past confidently, hair bouncing effortlessly, your eyes always sparkling with an inquisitive, curious look. You could be just as ruthless as him when needed, the sparkle in your eyes glazing over and becoming steely, much like Yoongi. There was a reason why no-one had attempted to use you as a threat towards him; not only would you have found a way to murder them where they stood, Yoongi’s full wrath would truly be enticed out of him, leaving no-one standing, their bodies hanging as an example for anyone who tried such a stunt again.

That day, you left Yoongi reclined in his office to make some phone calls, waving at Jungkook and Jimin as you walked past, two of Yoongi’s most skilled hitmen. You confidently strode through the halls, spinning your favourite dagger in your hands, and eventually slipping out through the front doors of the huge manor house, making your way towards the safe house in the back. Peering around the place, you suddenly felt a prickling feeling on the nape of your neck. Something wasn’t right. You stopped in your tracks, cocking your head to the side as you analysed your surroundings, your posture defensive, dagger gripped tightly in your hand.

“If there’s someone there, you might as well come out now, does it look like I have all fucking day to play with you? Whoever ‘you’ is?” You spoke out, tapping your foot impatiently as you continued to observe your surroundings, listening intently for any noise.

“Well, I guess you caught me out, huh?” Jackson, a member of a growing rival gang, stepped out from behind you, chuckling darkly with a raspy tone. “I always knew I could never sneak up on you, too quick for me.” He tapped his nose with a wry smile, his eyes inquisitive as he looked you up and down, tutting at the glare in your eyes. He spun guns in both hands, tilting his head at you in a deceiving puppy-like way.

“What the fuck do you want? Get it over and done with, you piece of shit,” you spat at him, clearly aggravated by this trespass onto Yoongi’s premises. “It’s either, you get out now, or this knife is going straight in your heart, you’re testing my patience right now.”

Jackson simply chuckled at your words, one eyebrow raising in a perfect arch. “Too bad, wouldn’t want to hurt Yoongi’s girl, hm?”

You were so preoccupied with glaring Jackson down, you didn’t notice Jaebum soundlessly and stealthily approaching behind you, until you felt a strong hand clamping over your mouth, his other arm wrapping around your waist in an attempt to restrain you. You felt a fire quickly burning up in your chest, and you skillfully spun the dagger in your hand, stabbing back into Jaebum’s side, causing him to double over and release his grasp on you. You threw the dagger like a dart right at Jackson, aiming for his heart without second thought, but he was quick to dart out of the way, just about, his gaze now furious as he clenched his sharp jaw.

You were about to sprint back to the manor house, if another of their members hadn’t pressed a cloth to your mouth, the dizzying scent leaving your eyes fluttering shut, your body weakening and dropping like a stone onto the hard ground, your limbs crumpling uselessly as you lay in an awkward position, passed out.

Jackson gestured towards your unconscious body, the other men quick to scoop you up, carrying you away from the scene before someone caught on what was happening.

“Little shit,” Jaebum cursed, pressing his hand to the wound, and wincing at the murky, sticky red liquid dripping from his fingers. “She knows how to use that knife, why is it always me who has to restrain them, while you just stand there having the fucking time of your life watching?” He glared at Jackson, quick to follow the other men sneaking off.

“Stop complaining, just get Youngjae to patch you up when we get back.” Jackson rolled his eyes in retaliation, strolling off in the same direction, but not before peering back at the manor house with a devilish smirk tugging at his lips. “Let’s just see how long it takes lover boy over here to realise we have his girl.”

➳ ➳


Yoongi’s hands shook violently, his eyes obsidian with how much they had darkened, flames seemingly flickering and licking up in his gaze, his stare piercing right into Namjoon’s soul as he stood there, shifting from side to side.

Namjoon sighed, pushing his plum coloured hair back with his slender fingers, his own gaze finally returning to rest back on Yoongi’s smouldering gaze, watching him clench and unclench his jaw in complete fury.

“Say that again… I dare you,” Yoongi threatened, his voice laced with a terrifying tone that was only ever heard in moments like this, when those he loved were threatened. When you were threatened. He swore he was going to kill those sons of -

“I said, Y/N is missing, she’s nowhere to be found, not answering any calls or texts, and we found this in front of the safe house…” Namjoon slid the small white card across the table, Yoongi slowly picking it up and spinning it in his hands, crushing it in his fist in realisation.

It was a simple white card, a single black hexagon in the centre, circling the number ‘7’. Yoongi’s fist shook harder, as he grasped the crumpled card in his hands, wishing death on all those who had just crossed him.

“Those fucking… they’re going to fucking pay, believe me,” Yoongi spoke coldly again, his gaze fixated on the desk, cogs whirring in his head as he contemplated how to get you back safely, into his arms, into the manor house where he’d make sure no-one could ever dare to hurt you again.

“Taehyung managed to track the bug he planted in her vest, he thinks he has her location… of course, it’s not going to be easy to get her back, they probably have the place highly secured, security guards watching any possible entrance to the place…” Namjoon assessed all the possible layouts of your whereabouts, only to be interrupted out of his thoughts by the sound of a fist slamming into the table.

“Whatever it takes,” Yoongi breathed heavily in anger, furrowing his eyebrows in frustration, slowly rising from his seat. “We save her, and teach those motherfuckers a lesson, got it?”

Namjoon simply nodded, pulling out his phone. “I’ll inform the others, gather a team, we won’t let them get away with it.” He smiled warmly in reassurance, dimples indented into his face as he left the room, leaving Yoongi tossing a book at the wall with a frustrated sigh.

➳ ➳

“You fucking shitheads.”

You breathed heavily, your chest quickly rising and falling as you sat restrained in a rusty chair, the room dark apart from a dim light in the centre, shadows seemingly crawling across the walls as several pairs of eyes fixated on you. You hadn’t stopped cursing them out since they - with great difficulty - tied you to that chair, your eyes shooting daggers at them since then.

“Hyung, she’s so annoying, can we just let her go?” Bambam complained, earning a hit on the back of the head from Jaebum, much to his protests.

“Are you stupid? She’s our key to finally overtaking Yoongi’s gang, and taking all their shit,” Jackson leaned forward, a rather cheerful smile on his face considering the fact he was holding you hostage.

“You really think that’s going to happen?” You leaned forward in your seat, scoffing at the thought. Your mind had been racing with plans to get out of there, weighing your chances of escaping, and analysing the situation as you had been trained to do. While you kept them distracted with small talk, your hand was reaching as best as it could to pull out the spare dagger you always carried in your back pocket, smirking at their carelessness. Your hands were tied behind your back, allowing your body to shield what you were attempting to do, your hand finally clasping onto the cold blade. You began to hack at the duct tape keeping your hands together, the rest of your body remaining convincingly still, as you continued to talk at them.

“You think you can take over Yoongi’s gang that easily? You lot really are clueless as hell, huh?” You shook your head at them, your hands now free and working at the rope tied around you. You would’ve managed to free yourself, had the door not burst open, Yoongi standing there, leaning on the frame, one eyebrow cocked in curiosity. He was accompanied by his main men, along with some others, and you peered behind him at the carnage of bodies scattered in the hallway.

“So,” Yoongi nonchalantly swung his gun around his finger, his eyebrow still raised at their surprised faces. “You thought you could just kidnap my girlfriend and think I wouldn’t find her? Fucking idiots.” He yawned casually, stretching his arms out and pointing his gun right at Jackson. “Okay, I’m bored with you all.”

The first shot rang through the air, grazing Jackson’s arm as he dodged out of the way, and chaos soon ensued as Yoongi’s men and Jackson’s men began to shoot violently at each other, knives flying through the air, and bullets speeding. You managed to free yourself in all the mess, jumping up and kicking Jackson right in the crotch with your boots, causing him to collapse in pain.

Shots continued to fire through the air, Jaebum pressing his hand to a wound for the second time that day, except this time it was located right above his heart, his eyes rolling back into his head as his body collapsed, lying limp on the floor. Jackson cursed at the sight, clutching his own wounded arm as he tried to fire everyone down, and yet he stood almost alone, all his members either dead or too injured to fight.

“Give it up,” Yoongi pointed the gun at his head once again, tilting his head and cocking his eyebrow at him. “You won’t last a fucking day without the rest of your gang.” You helped up some of your own injured members during the exchange, helping to usher them out and glancing back at Yoongi.

Jackson glared at him, coughing up blood and groaning in pain as he clutched his arm, stumbling from the pain. He glanced around at the carnage around him, sighing as he realised he’d have to admit defeat.

“Let this be a warning to you, you fucking touch any of my gang again, and I’ll make sure you’re not standing either.” And with that, Yoongi walked out with you in tow, ducking expectantly as Jackson attempted to fire at his head, Yoongi spinning around and shooting his other arm too.

“You never learn, huh?”


G A M O R A - G U A R D I A N S - O F - T H E - G A L A X Y

Many of you would have anticipated the recent release of Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2 after having watched the first one back in 2014. 
Zoe Saldana plays ‘Gamora’ - an orphan from an alien world raised to be a formidable weapon!

When the first Guardians was released many of my friends insisted I watch the movie as they were adamant I resembled the character, Gamora.
I think it’s probably down to the face shape and the fact I used to sport Plum coloured hair a few years back. 
Anyway, after years of being badgered to create this tutorial I decided it was time to don the Green and embrace the character - so here it is! 

For your reference, here is the image I used for my reference: 

All the products used for this tutorial have been listed in the description bar of the video. 


Shonagh x


Series: Yoongi | Jungkook | Namjoon | Taehyung | Jimin | Jin

Genre: Angst, but a happy ending; Soulmate!AU where you lose color vision when you meet your soulmate

Pairing: Hoseok X Reader

Word Count: 3.3K

Originally posted by jitonic

“Which color is this?”

You glance over at the thing your mother is pointing at, and shake your head at it in disgust.

“Ew, no.” You say, tugging her away from the hideously colored, zesty orange scarf, “That is gonna look absolutely terrible on you—don’t buy it.”

“Relax.” Your mother rolls her eyes, still letting you guide her to the… safer section of the store, “It’s not like your Dad’s going to mind, sweetheart.”

“Yes, but,” You shrug defeatedly, “That’s because Dad can’t see how hideous the color is. I still can.”

“I thank you for the sentiment, honey.”


The two of you share a private grin, before your mother hums delicately and busies herself looking through racks and racks of shirts, feeling the material absently. You only watch, noting to yourself sadly how she frowns confusedly at certain shirts of the same design, but different colors. You sigh then, propelling yourself forward.

“Take this one.” You push the plum colored shirt back onto the rack, and press the maroon one into her hands, “It suits you better.”

“Oh, thank you sweetheart.” She says gratefully, smiling gently at you, “What on earth would I do without you?”

“I ask myself that every day.” You mutter to yourself as you watch her make for the changing rooms, “Indeed, what would you do?”

Sighing, you take out your phone, trying to preoccupy yourself with one of your apps so that you can pass the time away. No matter how much you play, though, you can’t get your mind off your mother’s predicament.

Why on earth would people actively look for their soulmates, if their vision turns grey the second they do? What on earth would possess them, for them to do that? It doesn’t…it just doesn’t make sense.

Your mother comes back, by then, clothes bundled up in the shopping bag. You take it from her and, sighing at the ugly orange scarf at the bottom of the pile, make your way to the cash counter with her so that you can pay.

“Good morning Ma’am!”

You trace the countertop idly as your mom exchanges pleasantries with some guy behind the computer. You don’t look up, not until your mom nudges at you to hand her wallet over. Fishing it out, you present it to her, before lazily trailing your eyes upward, locking on surprised cocoa brown ones, before everything turns grey.

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Forgive me father for I have sinned,
I have loved a woman more desperately than I have loved God. I have looked to a woman more reverently than I have the sky. There, in the sulk of her bottom lip, I find myself talking about a heaven that only exists when she is looking at me,
father she has not been forged between the dip of my teeth, she is not my rib, or my left side, she is my entire stomach, she is my spine.
I have been searching for prayer, father but I have found that I can only say her name
Dear God, let me have her
Dear God, let her rest with me
Dear God, let the sky turn red from how we burn
The plum tree in our back garden has withered because I have not seen the sun for five days. I have been worshipping at the cradle of her hips
father, she has cleansed me with those hands and those eyes, I do not know how to turn unless it is towards her, I do not know where to go except in her direction.
—  Azra.T “Take Me to Church”

Vampires weren’t seen as charismatic pasty noblemen until they were introduced to Western European literature. Originally they were just bloated plum-like people coming back from the dead to see their loved ones again.


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•Cloak colour is plum
• Family crest is on his back
• EXTREMELY close to his older brother Johnny, they love doing everything
• Prince Ten and Prince Johnny tease all the other Princes, no matter what age
• Prince Ten always makes desserts with Prince Johnny
• He gets scolded for not washing his hands
• Has matching family crest phone case with Prince Johnny
• Does aegyo to get what he wants
• Cutest smile!! (A flower blooms every time he smiles)
• Draws all the time
• Draws the palace he lives in, the garden outside
• Paints sometimes (he really likes art)
• The Kingdom adores him! They find him extremely cute, and handsome
• He is the “adult baby’ of the 17 Princes
• Always attempts to share a bed with Prince Jaehyun
• No one hardly ever sees him outside the palace~he always babysits his younger brothers
• Plays pranks on everyone with the help of Prince Chenle
• Looks after Prince Chenle like a son, they are similar
* Tries his best to be the “cool” older brother
• Always does something clumsy at Royal Events
• Always tries to showcase his dancing skills

       ♡~Love Life~♡
• You were a dancer, you went to perform at the Royal Showcase in front of the whole kingdom
• You were chosen by the KIng’s representative
• You danced to 2 traditional songs
• Everyone loved your dances, especially Ten
• After the showcase ended, he made sure to catch you
• “Hello, I’m Ten.. Your dance was beautiful.”
• You were shocked. You admired his dancing. “Oh, Hello, I am Y/N.” You gracefully bowed.
• “From which Kingdom does such a lovely Princess hail from?” he asked
• “I’m not a Princess.” you replied
• “But you’ve got the beauty of one” he said. He made you blush and gave a charming smile
• “We should talk more.. I’ll send for you.” He joyfully cooed.
• “Oh.. of course.” You timidly replied, trying not to be too obvious that you were so happy
• You told him he could simply find you in the village, and he walked away saying;
• “See you soon Y/N” and smoothly winked

I hope Ten recovers soon 💕💕~~ Admin Peach 🍑

title: through a cloud of steam (we’re chasing the train)
alcohol consumption, implied and (borderline) non-explicit sex
note: i’m not a fan of the franchise so my knowledge is limited. set a day before the scene in the gif below
length: 4.1k words
prompt: lights down low - MAX (ft. gnash) (for @themusicplayedherlife​)
beau: bucky barnes

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“How much?” The Romanian merchant looks at you blankly, and you curse. “Uh… Cost? Costa… Costă.”

“How much; cât costă?” a new voice asks from behind you.

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Pan’s Pet pt5

WARNING: violence, yeah that’s about it

word count: 1,659




I didn’t think of where I was running I just ran. I ran past the spot the pirates were gathered and toward the nearest hidden place I could get in the water.

I rounded a corner in the path and found a little cove hidden by trees and rocks. the water spread maybe 5 meters across but looked deep.

I didn’t even bother taking of my shoes or clothes i just ran past the sand and dived into the water.

I was warm but soothing. Not the usual cold shower I usually had in this situation but it felt nice and I calmed down a little bit.

I sat on a rock by the water and waited for my pulse to return to normal.

I closed my eyes and listened around me for anything suspicious. I wasn’t expecting to hear anything but I did.

I heard a heart beat and careful breathing on the other side of the cove.

I opened my eyes and looked around. I saw pieces of a face looking at me through shrubbery. 

Their blue eyes glowing in the sunlight. 

I stood, not recognising their eyes. I couldn’t smell them due to the sea water between us.

   “Show yourself!” I shouted at them. 

Their eyes widened in shock but they stepped out of their hiding place.

She was maybe 5′5 and she was thin but toned. Tight leather pants clung to her legs and her black boots reached just under her knees.

She had a black corset that matched her pants over a white shirt.

Thick blonde curls fell over her shoulders to her bust, which was exaggerated by the corset.

Her large brown eyes were lined with charcoal and her small but plump lips wore a dark plum rouge.

   “Stay back,” I warned. I knew she was a pirate but I couldn’t help but stare. She was beautiful.

   “It’s alright,” her voice was like a wind chime. Musical and breezy. “I’m just looking for drinkable water,”

I eyed her. I was still unsure if i could trust Pan but I wasn’t about to go and trust a pirate I just met. not matter how attractive she is.

She’s probably a distraction. 

   “Why’d they send you?” I crossed my arms over my chest. “You’re not much bigger than I am. Can you handle yourself out here?”

   “I’m tough,” she huffed. She reached for her belt where her sword and dagger were sheathed..

   “Hey!” I lowered myself to a defensive crouch. “Hands where I can see them!”

She laughed.

It was a very pretty laugh. She held her hands up but turned so I could see the canteen on her hip.

   “I’m trying to find drinking water remember?” she smiled.

   “You can’t drink this water,” I pointed to the cove.

   “Well point me i the direction of sutable water then,” she put her hands on her hips in exasperation.

   “I’m sort of new ish kinda here so I actually couldn’t if i wanted to,” I shrugged. “Which I don’t by the way. want to,”

   “Why not?” her elfish features screwed up in a frown. “I’m not picking a fight I just want a drink,”

   “We were given specific instructions to not speak to the pirates,” i explained. “No contact what-so-ever. But i think this is an exeption seeing as you were spying on me,”

   “I was not spying!” She half shouted, much to my ammusement. Her face turned a slight shade of pink in her exclamation.

I laughed at her, my first moment of pure laughter since being here.

   “Why are you laughing?” she looked at me sideways, the frustrated pink turning to a deep embarressed red.

   “Don’t worry,” I smiled. “I’m Y/N,”

I jumped from the rock I was stood on to the sand by the water’s edge and walked about halfwayaround the water.

She looked at me cautiously but copied my actions and met me halfway.

   “I’m Amity,” she held out her hand which I took and shook with a friendly smile.

I caught her scent now. She smelled like seawater and rain.

   “Honestly though,” I grinned. “I’m not supposed to be speaking to you and I really don’t know where the drinkable water is,”

She was about to respond when there was a yelp in the forest a little way away.

I turned my head quickly in search of the direction it came from.

Suddenly my nose was assulted by a strong rusty scent.

   “Alfie,” I whispered in fear. I recognised his scent in the blood.

I began running away in search of a scent trail when I heard Amity following me.

   “Go back to your ship,” a deep snarl ripped up through my throat.

I turned a flashed my blue eyes at her but felt guilt when I saw the fear in her eyes.

   “Go,” I snapped again.

I didn’t wait for a response. I turned again and sped away leaping over tree roots and logs as i searched for Alfie and the others with him.

I came to an abrupt halt when i heard voices to my left.

I lowered my self to a half crawl and as fast as i could in that position, i made my way to the edge of a small clearing where i saw Alfie, Curly and Devin surrpounded by 4 older men.


I could feel my wolf side trying to show itself.

One of the pirates was missing a hand and in it’s place was a silver hook. This Pirate hand a long black coat over a black crocodile skin vest, under which was a dark red shirt. His face was young. Black stubble covered his jawline and mouth and his blue eyes were lined with charcoal. He probably gets all the women.

And here I was expecting Captain Hook to look like a pimp.

My wolf side was pushing to be revealed. So i let it.

I stepped though the bush i was hiding behind as my eyes glowed blue.

   “Y/N!” Alfie cried in relief. I noticed that he had a long gash running down his arm, which he held tightly.

The pirates turned to me and began to charge until they saw what was happening.

I decided to make my transformation more dramatic. Freak ‘em out a little.

I cracked my neck and rolled my shoulders at weird angles to make me seem even less human.

My ears poked out through my hair in fuzzy points. My hands swelled and my claws extended from my fingers. I let my tongue fall from my mouth as my canines grew to large sharp fangs. Fur spread down my jawline and over the backs of my hands.

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The pirates all looked shocked and a little scared.

I knew i could take them but I didn’t want to lose control and scare the boys. So I played again on my dramatic transformation and signalled any other lost boys with a loud thunderous howl tearing up from deep within my chest.

I saw the surprise in the pirates faces and prepared to pounce.

I stepped back a few paces and then ran toward the pirates. They backed away in fear but I jumped high over head and hit one in the chest with my knees as I used my elbow to strike his head and knock him out cold.

The pirate fell in an unconcious heap and landed me between the pirates and the lost boys.

   “You stay away from them,” My voice was low and scratchy as i growled at the pirates.

   “Looks like Pan got himself a guard dog,” Hook’s snark broke through his innitial fear.

   “I’m not a dog,” I snarled. “But I will protect these boys so unless you wish to lose your other hand i suggest you back away from them,”

It turns out my signal worked because before Hook could reply, lost boys began pouring from the trees. Pan ran in with Felix and the older boys in tow.

And much to my surprise, Amity, the girl i met earlier ran in from where I had been before.

She saw me and the situation and her face contorted in what I could only interpret as fear, for me.

   “Well well,” Pan’s voice distracted me from Amity’s gaze. “It would appear the sea rats have returned to wreak havock on our island,”

Pan looked around and saw Amity in the back. “And it looks like you’ve got yourself a new recruit,” He chuckled.

   “A stow away really,” Hook said as if he were bored.

I looked at Amity in surprise. She looked back at me with a sorry expression.

   “Why?” Pan’s question appeared to not only confuse me.

   “Why what?” Hook asked.

   “I’m asking her-” Pan pointed.

   “Amity,” I softened my voice when I said her name. Pan looked at me curiously but didn’t question my knowledge of her name.

   “I’m asking ‘Amity’ why she stowed away,” Pan finished his sentence.

   “I don’t know why she stowed away on my ship,” Hook had a nasty smirk on his face. “But i know what she did for a living when she lived on the docks, and what she’s good at. Quite the beauty isn’t she? It was such a relief to have her on my ship. We spend so many nights alone after all,”

There were ugly laughs and whistles from the small group of pirates that had also joined in the clearing.

I looked at Amity and the sad, shameful look on her face showed that there was no lie in Hook’s words.

   “Pig,” i spat followed by a threatening snarl.

Hook looked genuinely fearful and took a step back.

   “Easy now,” Pan whispered to me, suddenly by my side.

He put his hand on my shoulder, startling me.

I growled and snapped at him, immediately regretting my action when i saw his face, and those of the boys around us.

I looked at Pan apologetically, then I threw Alfie over my shoulder, leaped over the small crowd of lost boys and sprinted away from the pirates.

Anything for you

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Pairing: Bone x Reader

Rating: teen?

Characters: Leonard McCoy, Reader, Violet McCoy

Summary: Reader is super busy with Violet and doesn’t notice that it is Valentine’s day. Bones surprises her with a romantic night

Warnings: UNEDITED, Kissing, Bones being a great husband, and a great dad, implied sex

Tags: @yourtropegirl

Author’s note: I had to do a holiday themed fic. Going to try and write one for my Kirk series too!

Part One, Part 2, Part 3

“Violet May, get your cute little butt back here!” You yelled as you chased her around your quarters. Oh, how you missed when she could only walk. She was growing far too fast. It was the 4th month of your extended break. You were going to keep working, but after the knife accident you decided against it and took time off from work. Finally, you caught up with her and scooped her up. She giggled and squealed as she tried to wiggle down.

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anonymous asked:

Hey hey, I love your headcanons! They really make my day ❤ I was wondering if you could do the RFA reacting to an MC who would /like/ to be in a romantic relationship with them, but they're downright terrified of being hurt/something going wrong?

(*♡∀♡) I’m glad I can make a part of your day, or anyone’s day for that matter! I added in V and Unknown because I feel like I owe it to you all to add those clusterfucks in.


  • Yoosung is just like an adorable puppy with you
  • you two have lots of hangouts at his place, study sessions in the library, or lunch in the cafeteria
  • Zen teases Yoosung about how much he dotes on you
  • you started to fall for his boyish charms and his overall preciousness
  • but you could never muster up the courage to say anything about your feelings to him
  • especially since he told you that he’s had offers but he always turned them down
  • like what if he turns you down what then???
  • but it wouldn’t hurt to try??? 
  • he talks about how much he wants to be with someone
  • you have literally told him, “Yeah I want to date you Yoosung wink wonk”
  • and this dense nugget
  • “Oh that’s nice! I wish I had a someone to be with”
  • om was he not listening to you
  • Zen was there in the background in SHOCK with this look like wtf boy
  • and you’re just like ouch bye  (/ˍ・、)
  • Zen has to explain what you were just doing
  • !!!
  • screams into his pillow
    • you blew it bro
  • he manages to muster up the courage to text you later and asking you out on a legit date!
  • hot dog you’re there!


  • why did you have to have feelings for the hard working woman
  • you wanted nothing but to profess your love for her 
    • scream it from the rooftops even
  • but you came up with a whole list of why you couldn’t be with her
    • she doesn’t have time for you, she’s too pretty, she probably thinks you’re immature
    • or the worst one
  • all were valid reasons but you feared for the top of the list
  • you did not want to be verbally friendzoned to your face so you just kept your feelings tight-lipped
  • it was s o o o o hard until you couldn’t take it anymore
  • when Jaehee finally had time off, you just stood in front of her door until she answered
  • at that point you were a nervous wreck so what came out of your mouth was gibberish
  • “Please date we go restaurant good???”
  • she forced you to say it again coherently
  • “Do you…want to grab some lunch?”
  • you express your feelings by keeping the bill away from her hands and paying for everything
  • she starts to get the hint and asks to take you out to dinner to repay for your generosity


  • this marshmallow flirts with you almost every second of the day
  • but you always figured it’s just Zen being Zen
    • you flirted back for poops and giggles
  • but recently you’ve started to really like it when he flirts with you
    • oh no!
  • you completely overthink your situation
    • he’s a well-known actor
    • and you’re a potato
    • he’s the most handsome man you’ve ever set your eyes upon
    • and you’re a potato
  • you convince yourself that no relationship is possible between you two
  • plus he’s a cool friend to have so you just settle on that
  • so you restrain yourself from the flirting
  • but it never crossed your mind that there could be a REASON he’s been flirting with you???
  • it drives him CRAZY that you stopped flirting with him
    • are they bored of me??? what gives???
    • LOVE ME MC!!!
  • he decides to be upfront about it and asked about your sudden change in attitude
  • then you tell him about your recent romantic feelings towards him and how you thought it would never work because of the different dynamics
  • he just sighs in RELIEF and grabs your hands while assuring you that he thinks you’re the most charming person he’s met
    • and doesn’t give two figs about what anyone thinks
  • (つ✧ω✧)つ


  • you freaking hate yourself every second of the day
  • because you caught feels for this donut
  • he’s absolutely the LAST person you thought you would have romantic feelings for and you think you’re probably the last person he would have any feelings for
  • there was just no way that he would ever feel the same way because the two of you practically in two different worlds!
  • regardless if you’re the only other person on this planet that truly understands him
  • the thought of confessing DID cross your mind but you decided against it
    • that man can be brutally honest and if you were being honest with yourself, you weren’t sure you could handle that kind of rejection
  • but this donut basically fucking tells you that he has romantic feelings for you too but it kind of goes over your head
    • talking about that fuzzy feeling he feels when he’s around you
    • and DREAMING about you
  • speaking of dreams  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • during one of the RFA parties Seven, Jumin, and you were talking about dreams
    • Seven talked about a recent dream he had where he was driving in his car at the top speed and he ended up jerking himself awake
  • then Jumin talks about this dream he had with you in it
  • Seven brings up about when you dream about someone else, it means that person was thinking about you before they fell asleep
  • “MC, were you thinking about me yesterday?”
  • *nervously pats sweat*
  • your face was heating up like a toaster while they were waiting for your answer
  • “Yes…In fact, I think about you all the time”
    • go big or go home am I right?
  • when you think the worst he replies, “I do as well. Am I in your dreams?”
  • Seven is there just like  (°o°) as he watches the confession


  • wowie Seven is something else
  • you two were friends for a while before you started to develop feelings for him
  • once you came to terms with it, you were absolutely positively excited
  • come on it’s Seven! 
  • but then it hit you like a truck
  • 〣( ºΔº )〣 !!!
  • and he’s a spy so what if he puts you in danger
  • or what if it just doesn’t work out in the end and now you just lost a friend???
  • you aren’t willing to take that risk, even for Seven!
  • Seven is just a friend that you coincidentally have feelings for
  • no big deal
  • but on the track he’s going
  • you were going to pull your hair out
  • so you decided it was time to confess
  • you sat down with him and for once you’re serious
    • and this scares the living shit out of him
    • because any of his attempts to make you smile wasn’t working
    • are you broken???
  • the confession shook him
  • it takes him a hot second to realize, oh shit I like them too
  • but you make it clear as day for him how scared you are that shit will go wrong, or at least you convince yourself that
  • and even then he doesn’t know what to do because yeah he would totes date you but there’s all this baggage
  • are you even prepared to go to space?
  • in the end he just holds your hand
  • “I don’t care where it leads us. You’re all I need sugar plum.”
  • you’re holding back a smile and Seven is willing to do whatever it takes to get a big smile out of you
  • tickle fight?


  • those feels hit you like a TRUCK
  • you just HAD to like the dude with the most baggage?
  • you sat yourself down in quiet contemplation how disastrous you two would be
  • plus he’s not ready to have a relationship
    • damn that snake
  • so you just stay tight lipped about the situation
  • let V live out his life you know?
  • but you were certainly not expecting how you were going to confess
  • you were just having a casual conversation with V and Jumin
  • your feelings about V was or wasn’t knowledge in the RFA
  • and that donut hoe just CASUALLY says it in conversation
    • maybe he was just giving you that gentle push
    • later he said he was just throwing you in the water
    • but it was more like he was throwing in shark infested waters without a lifesaver
  • “I-is this true?”
  •   \(º □ º l|l)/
  • you fucking PANIC
  • I’m going to slap Jumin with kimchi!
  • *internally screams*
  • you just nod because anything you end up doing is going to just add onto the situation
  • V smiles
  • why is he smiling???
  • “I was hoping you would say something”
  • (ノ*°▽°*)


  • you convinced yourself your feelings for this gumdrop was a result of nightingale syndrome
  • for a long time you thought it was so
  • but even after, your feelings still lingered
  • wtf
  • and you KNOW how much of a clusterfuck the relationship would be
  • those are shark infested waters you weren’t sure is good for either party
  • just overall bad
  • but for months it was killing you slowly
  • so much you couldn’t even be around him
  • aaaghhhhhhhhhh
  • you knew you weren’t going to say anything
  • but one day you were just doing some work on your desk in your room and he comes through your window
    • without breaking lol
  • ???
  • “You answer my texts and calls but you’re not willing to look me in the eyes?”
  • oh shit
  • he’s pretty serious so you just spill the beans
  • all your feels are out in the open including all your doubts
  • he’s silent for a hot minute
  • ok yeah I fucked up aw man
  • but he seems pretty cool with it?
  • he admits he’s had feelings for you too, even with all the brainwashing shit but he never knew if it was real and healthy
  • but he’s willing to take it slow and give it a shot with you
  • ٩(♡ε♡)۶
  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: once again, everything looks fine on the surface. But everyone is traumatized. Yukine is traumatized. Nana is sad. Yato is hiding his pain behind a smile. Hiyori is still worried about her friends. Glad plum princess came back, but what are the implications behind this and heaven's ability to reincarnate its sacred treasures? Kofuku can't stop crying and feels guilty. Why can't everyone feel good again? I want this traumatizing arc to go away and for heaven to truly understand and accept that it was wrong. This is going to cause so many problems in the future because heaven cannot accept its wrongness so easily and what about Yato's new nickname, don't know what it means but it didn't sound nice from the way they were talking about it. At least Ebisu came out unscathed the cute little kid and his milk was just adorable-

It wasn’t until I was eight years old
that I realized what men wanted;
they desired to pick plums
from the bottom of my back,
to sink fingers deep between
flesh and bone and
fish out what little comfort
they could find
they wanted something new and old
at the same time,
something fresh to the world
but old to pain,
weathered from too many
“bend overs” and “open ups”
yet bright eyed and slobbering
with the prospect of mature love

they wanted cabinets full of food and
no one to fight
when they came
hungry and thieving

—  onniki pooka, this kitchen is empty
Weapon XX: Part 4

Pairing: Reader x Bucky
Word Count: 1.2K
Warnings: (Mentions of) forced starvation, angst

A/N: I’m so happy that everyone is loving this series!

Feedback is always appreciated. Let me know if you want to be added to the tags list.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

~~Bucky’s POV~~

“Woah, what the hell happened?” Steve exclaims as Bucky shuffles into the living room. He hardly heard Steve, deep in thought about the mystery assassin that just tried to kill him. Natasha, Tony, Sam and Steve were all staring at him, wide eyed,

“Those plums finally bite back?” Sam quips. He was smiling, but his eyes told Bucky he was concerned with the state Bucky was in,

“I got attacked,” Bucky explains, “In that little cafe I like near the market,”

“What?” Tony pipes up, looking more intrigued by the turn the conversation took,

“I don’t even know. I felt like someone was watching me the whole time, and when I entered the cafe, everyone left… except a woman. She attacked me,”

“Who was she?” Natasha asks, cocking an eyebrow,

Bucky shakes his head, “Her face was covered. I could only see her eyes,”

“Hydra,” Steve deducts, no question in his statement,

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Signs as things they remind me of

Aries: Danger. Fire, lava, warmth, Fall. The different leaves crunching under your boots. Walking to “Do I Want to Know?” with your hair back and thick rimmed, black glasses and high heels on.

Taurus: Content. Having a restaurant meal at summer, outside at sunset, after a long, long beach day. Seeing your love after a long day of work and cuddling. Coming home to play with your dogs or sleep with your cats.

Gemini: Electrifying. Dance clubs. Bright lights with crowds, dancing drunkly. The little feeling of excitement and danger, the feeling that you know you will probably die, or live to be a legend. Either way the story will be told. Also shades of green and yellow lasers.

Cancer: Death, loneliness. Yet, roses, lilies, flowers, dotted with water drops in the crisp winter air. A cloudy day. Clad in coats and glove. Seeing the sky darken and feeling drops fall. No umbrella.

Leo: Adventures. All day hikes through mountains or along cliffs, then going into the city for meals, with friends or a loved one. Staying up late to go on any website, or just to talk to someone you care about. Or just go on Tumblr.

Virgo: Beauty. Those indie aesthetic posts of boots, flowers, coffee, books… Also the feeling of power only because of how you look. Perfect lipstick, eyeliner, outfit. Enough confidence for the next guy.

Libra: Opposites. That one friend who comforts you and will defend you, yet barely has a backbone for themselves. Feeling hideous on the inside, being gorgeous on the outside. Having love for themselves, yet hate everything they do. Yet are still better than anyone else.

Scorpio: Fear. Confidence only around your friends, and love ones. You still shy away so much. The feeling of just making it through the day. I think of them as a forest in the winter: dead, yet still has a beauty to it. Snow, softly trickling down, attaching to fur or collecting on the ground.

Sagittarius: Strive. Always striving to be better, always improving. But never looking in the mirror to see how perfect you actually are. How far you have come. How much you have accomplished. Like the metaphor “having a plum on your back.” You don’t know what you have, but everyone else sees it.

Capricorn: Jokes. Trying to be funny through outrageous acts, and doing it in such a way that it’s hilarious. Striving to make others happy while pushing down your demons. The need of a friend. The need to cry. The need to feel happiness that is real. Not faking a smile. The soft touch of your loved one you needed so desperately.

Aquarius: Nature. The starry sky, the rolling waves of a gray sea. Space. You don’t exactly know what it is, but you love every bit of it. You stare at it every day, every night, and God does it scare you. But it’s beautiful. You can not pull away from it. Feelings of determination, love, and power.

Pisces: Perfection. Petals floating on a pond, couples feeding each other on blankets, green grass, blue almost clear skies. Spring. Plaid scarves, tights. Fireworks in the sky, or in a kiss. Feeling after finishing something difficult and finally sleeping. Happiness.

Look Guz and Plums are back :D


Oliver: Bro, Zatanna, Pea, Mimi and Ororo… Those are the names carved on my heart! And the ones who back up this attack! This is gonna hurt!
Incineroar: …I am not too proud to admit you have defeated me here brother. It will not be so easy next time

Guzma: Holy -censored for the kiddies-
Plumeria: Did he..?

Burnet: Oh dear, if Kukui lost I won’t hear the end of it ^^;

Olivia: Ty! Did you see that?! I think..! Snap out of it >:U
Ty: @//u//@

Baloo: Aaaaah hot stuff did you see that?! Did yooou? That Brave Bird was epic!
Kiawe: Ye I did. Baloo please mah neck

Lana: He did it! I knew it! Yeah! -much proud-
Harper+Sarah: -you like him a lot don’t you sister- ewe