• what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: once again, everything looks fine on the surface. But everyone is traumatized. Yukine is traumatized. Nana is sad. Yato is hiding his pain behind a smile. Hiyori is still worried about her friends. Glad plum princess came back, but what are the implications behind this and heaven's ability to reincarnate its sacred treasures? Kofuku can't stop crying and feels guilty. Why can't everyone feel good again? I want this traumatizing arc to go away and for heaven to truly understand and accept that it was wrong. This is going to cause so many problems in the future because heaven cannot accept its wrongness so easily and what about Yato's new nickname, don't know what it means but it didn't sound nice from the way they were talking about it. At least Ebisu came out unscathed the cute little kid and his milk was just adorable-

Violet Backed Starling

The violet-backed starling (Cinnyricinclus leucogaster), also known as the plum-coloured starling or amethyst starling, is a relatively small species of starling. One of the most striking of the world’s 114 starling species, male amethysts are clad in a deep violet set off by a brilliant white breast.  In the sunlight, they are, like most starlings, as iridescent as any hummingbird. This strongly sexually dimorphic species is found widely in the woodlands and savannah forest edges of mainland sub-Saharan Africa. It is rarely seen on the ground, but instead commonly found in trees and other sources away from the ground.

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“Sensitive Bore” jacket patch, a la Joanna Newsom

Total time: approx. 5 hrs

My first embroidery project is finished! My own patch was inspired by the merit badges made by Tumblr user milklake (whose blog seems to have been taken over by a spambot, otherwise I would link). I had a great time and made the thing all in one go!

Vampires weren’t seen as charismatic pasty noblemen until they were introduced to Western European literature. Originally they were just bloated plum-like people coming back from the dead to see their loved ones again.


Bog leveled a droll look at her, arching an unimpressed brow. “Aye, because banning Love truly demonstrates a willingness to trust others –" Marianne gave a somewhat exasperated huff. “Okay, fair enough, but diplomacy with us definitely does.” She looked away from him, her fingers plucking at her skirts as she continued on. “And…I mean, from what it sounds like, your dealings with the Sugar Plum included quite a betrayal.” She looked back up at him, her eyes both nervous and frank. “And nothing hurts an open heart as badly as broken trust.”

-Between the shadow and the soul, chapter eight.

Best fanfic ever made by the lovely @suzie-guru 💕


It wasn’t until I was eight years old
that I realized what men wanted;
they desired to pick plums
from the bottom of my back,
to sink fingers deep between
flesh and bone and
fish out what little comfort
they could find
they wanted something new and old
at the same time,
something fresh to the world
but old to pain,
weathered from too many
“bend overs” and “open ups”
yet bright eyed and slobbering
with the prospect of mature love

they wanted cabinets full of food and
no one to fight
when they came
hungry and thieving

—  onniki pooka, this kitchen is empty
These coal country voters backed Trump. Now they’re worried about losing Obamacare.
If poor white voters who lose Obamacare feel betrayed, they're right.

  And yet, they voted for the person who said he would dismantle the Affordable Care Act. Hang on, let me see if I can find some sympathy for you.

  The ability of the Republican Party to convince people to vote against their own self-interest is fraking genius!

“Yuri on Ice” idea:

Yakov’s team has to do a charity event and Viktor who, because he has coached the great amount of one skater, wants to take over and have them perform an act together. And then Lilia takes over and makes them perform an abbreviated ice skating version of the Nutcracker 

and to everyone’s surprise, it turns out that Yuuri did make an ice skating version of the “Sugar Plum Fairy” for his senior debut (which won him Nationals back in Japan btw) so he already kinda knows the part and Lilia just gives it to him no problem 

and since Clara is supposed to be a child and Yurio is still the smallest one he ends up being given Clara’s role, he is mostly ok with it at first but then Lilia suggests for Viktor to be the Nutcracker and he is “I DON’T WANNA SPEND THE WHOLE PLAY DEALING WITH HIM AS MY PARTNER!!” 

and Viktor, surprisingly, turns down the lead role and instead asks to be the Cavalier that accompanies the Sugar Plum Fairy so that he can pair skate with Yuuri again. Lilia agrees, simply because she knows that they already have good chemistry on stage and that this makes the job easier.

then Mila insists on being the Nutcracker since Georgi would make a better Mouse King (Georgi agrees cause he just really wants to do his own make up ok); and any extra role is simple performed by the kids at Yakov’s summer camps since it works as practice for them, both in the dance studio and on the ice. (Yurio is still kinda pissed btw but since this means he gets to be the main character he will take it)

the play is a success (overall) and videos of it spread like wildfire all over their social media ok, Minako calls Yuuri like 5 times just to tell him how proud she was that her teachings were worth something, Lilia almost cries, and Mila’s Nutcracker gets her an even bigger fanbase,  Yuri’s angels get real tough competition in terms of media presence for a while.

Georgi even works part of his Mouse King costume into his program for that season and his only complain is that Viktor and Yuuri nearly made their duet look like foreplay.

P.S: all the black texts include links to videos for what the numbers would kinda look like ;)