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things not to say to a polyamorous person

  • isnt that cheating
  • no one will want to share you
  • are you just afraid of a commitment
  • which partner do you like more?
  • are you sex crazy?
  • does ____ know that you have other partners!!
  • youll find someone you really love one day
  • youll settle down one day 
  • that’s not real relationship!

because all we hear when you say that is “my opinion about your relationship probably matters to you even though i dont understand what polyamory is actually about”

so according to this post @guardiansinferno‘s angel persona is named Scarriel and mine is Biohiel … the rest is history lmao

Plum Punch is one of five main characters in Hyper ChuChu Love Me EX Alpha 2, an arcade fighter with a WICKED hangover!!

A runaway at a young age, Plum left home to join a biker gang. After roughing up pubs her entire life, she bid farewell to her biker buddies in hopes of carving her own path at Hyper ChuChu Highschool, where even the strangest of misfits are trained to become world class warriors.

As a student, Plum is very well-versed in fighter strategy and terminology but is a severely underpowered combatant, earning her a spot at the bottom of the school’s ranks. Paired with a foolhardy determination to become the toughest fighter in school, she is considered by most to be a moron.

Although often times loud and brash, Plum cares for those around her and is fueled through the spirit of fighting.

Matte Plum
Gem Type: Pearl
Pronouns: She/her
Sexuality: Bisexual
Special Abilities: Storing objects inside her gem; and is trained in battle combat
Personality: Matte Plum Pearl is a cocky, sassy, and an extravert Gem. She’s sensitive but likes starting fights. She is extremely loyal to her diamond, pink diamond. She’s not very social.
Extra Stuff: Matte Plum Pearl is one of pink Dimond’s servant and assistant.