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Summer Fruit & Berry Wedding Cakes

When the orchards are bursting with summer produce, why not add some fruit to your wedding cake?

Blueberry & Cream

Much like strawberry shortcake, this simple fruit and cream wedding cake is a delectable conclusion to a summer wedding day. Each sponge cake layer is topped with whipped cream, blueberries and a light dusting of powdered sugar. Just remember that whenever you have a dessert with whipped cream or delicate frosting, that you keep it out of the heat at a summer wedding.

Lemon & Raspberry

When searching for berry wedding cakes, look for tried and true flavor combos. Lemon and raspberry complement each other well. Rather than using a heavier buttercream, this cake calls for a meringue frosting to bring out the delicate taste of the raspberries.

Strawberry Shortcake

Desserts do not get more summery than classic strawberry shortcake. This wedding-ready version uses sponge cake instead of scones or biscuits to hold layers of fluffy whipped cream.

Blueberry & Lavender

A sweet blueberry filling is sandwiched between three layers of lavender cake underneath this dessert’s watercolor-inspired swirls of buttercream frosting. Wouldn’t this be a fantastic choice for a cutting cake?

Cherries & Cream

Like a trifle surrounded by ladyfingers, Cherry Charlotte is such a special dessert. End the evening with slices of this dessert and red wine or coffee.

Strawberry & Rhubarb

A mousse cake like this one is better for indoor summer receptions because of its delicate texture. The cool pattern on top is created with thin slices of pretty rhubarb.

Plum & Blueberry

Rustic wedding? If you are planning a dessert table filled with pies and tarts, you might want to add this simple charmer to the list. Featuring dark plums and blueberries, this upside down cake is easy to serve.

Lemon & Lime

Brides that appreciate a great margarita will love this fruity summer wedding cake. A citrus layer cake topped with a tequila lime frosting, this tasty baked good would be right at home at any warm-weather wedding.

Raspberry & Champagne

Searching for a showstopping bridal shower dessert? Use a Victorian tradition of “cake pulls” inside of a raspberry champagne cake. Fortune telling charms are attached to ribbons. Each guest selects their ribbon and the corresponding charm is revealed when the cake is cut.

Blueberry & Ginger

Angel food cake is a favorite nostalgic dessert, and is used especially at vintage and retro events. Give this lovely cake a splash of extra flavor with a blueberry ginger compote.

Blackberry & Chocolate

Want a more traditional wedding cake? Berry wedding cakes can also be moody and glam. This stunning woodland wonderland-themed cake features handfuls of blackberries dotting layers of chocolate buttercream.

Fig & Blackberry

This luxurious topper is a beautiful combination of figs and blackberries, all with a drizzling of decadent chocolate sauce.

Shattered Glass Smiles

Note: This is my first fic I’m posting on tumblr! I hope you all enjoy (feedback always appreciated)! Hopefully this will end up being multi-chapter! :D

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Synopsis: In which the year is 1959, Feyre is engaged to Senator Tamlin Greene, and Rhysand is the head of a notorious mafia dynasty called the Night Court. 

Chapter 1: “Hide Your Bruises, Senator’s Wife”

Sometimes I wondered what my life could have been—if there was ever a time, a place, where I did not go to sleep with a knife tucked beneath my pillow, a loaded gun on my bedside table.

Some people, I was told, kept books on their nightstands—candles, reading glasses; half-empty mugs of tea.

Rhys and I put our guns and knives on our nightstands. Burner phones tucked in the drawer, emergency first-aid kits open on the surface, half a dozen passports in a hidden compartment; cash for fifteen different countries in a miniature safe.

Maybe there was a life where I seldom did not sleep through the night, where I knew what it was to be happy and unafraid.

But that was not this life.

Rhysand handed me the gun that day, but I already knew how to shoot.

November 1959

Westhampton, New York

God, I hated these parties.

The car drew up to the curb, Hart’s gloved hands twisting the wheel. “Here you are, Mr. Greene,” he said, grinning at us in the rearview mirror.

Tamlin smiled at him. He’d donned his senator’s smile tonight, polished and smooth: golden hair cropped and parted, teeth even and white, shoulders broad, chin dimpled. “Thank you,” he said, checking his watch. “Pick us up at—eleven-thirty, say?”

“Better make it midnight,” Lucien said, straightening the lapels of his jacket, immaculate as they already were.

I winced, though neither of them noticed. The idea of staying at this function until midnight was enough to set my teeth on edge, but—it was campaigning, I reminded myself. For Tamlin, for the next election.

“Midnight, then,” Tamlin amended.

Hart nodded, easing out of the car to open the door for us. Tamlin stepped out onto the curling drive leading to the Hampton estate first, Lucien hot on his heels. I was last, grabbing fistfuls of my dress.

“Thank you, Hart,” I said, offering him a weak smile.

He tipped his cap to me, cheeks a bit flushed, and shut the door with a snap, heading back for the wheel.

I paused for a moment, inhaling. The night air felt good on my skin, cold and bitter and brisk, full of November bite, grounded by the stars’ faint, present glow.

A hand ghosted along my back, the faint scent of nighttime erased by the stronger, more pervasive aroma of Tamlin’s cologne. “You look lovely tonight.”

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@arelyhb your Seb wedding collection

Pic 1: of coarse we have to start out with the bride’s look. The ring is my idea of your ideal villain ring and a plum :) and that ring becomes the center of this collection
Pic 2: Sebastian’s, the groom, look. He looks absolutely perfect in that suit, I would only replace the tie. And of coarse his ring goes along with yours.
Pic 3: looks from the groomsmen and bridesmaids….carrying along with the gray and plum colors
Pic 4: ideas for the ceremony and reception. I see it being outside on a cliff over looking the ocean. Plus I thought the ‘our story begins here’ sign was perfect for you